My Unlicensed Hovercraft Bar Is Technically Legal

Tom Scott

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    If you want to sell alcohol in England, you need a license. But the Licensing Act 2003 has some unusual exceptions. • Thanks to Marc and the team from the Axceler-8 Hovercraft Centre: • Behind the scenes:
    Licensing Act 2003:
    Filmed safely:
    Camera: Matt Gray
    Logistics and original idea: Jonty Wareing jonty
    Thanks to: Rob Hiseman
    Editor: Michelle Martin mrsmmartin
    Audio mix: Graham Haerther
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    1. Tom Scott

      As ever, thanks to everyone who helped out with this! In particular Marc, whose hovercraft will have had a faint smell of beer about it for a day or two afterwards...

      1. Rimothy Logbone

        Travel the world finding legal loopholes. Start small with things like this; work your way up the ladder, covering more-complicated subjects; eventually teach us all how to pull off white collar crimes and get away with it; we all get caught anyway, but go to prison at Martha Stewart's house and hang with her and Snoop for 3-5.

      2. Andrew Kelly

        Great video. One minor point... How are you defining a "journey"? Questions brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood statistician!

      3. Joeyjoeygloob

        I need one

      4. MAGA


      5. Hope Rock

        You should colab with CGP Grey

    2. beedubree

      this feels like something they would have done on Top Gear

    3. Alec Ver Bunker

      Is this where rotating restaurants come from?? 😂

    4. Sebastian Gorka

      u need a loicense

    5. Aye CarambaPoker

      The measuring of spirits is another grey issue. A cocktail is a mixture of 3 or more liquids so adding lime juice technically makes it a cocktail and negates the need to measure the gin out

    6. Interrobang

      that reminds me of overcooked

    7. DrAmericanCheese

      hoverpub gonna beat the taverns

    8. O W E N

      The sparkler goes to the bottom of the cup, that'll be why it was 70% head lmao

    9. User Unknown


    10. Raul Tavares

      Would Tom had set up any kind of business, to be able to legally perform comercial transactions?... ;-) Or the point would be only about the legality of selling alcohol, instead of the legality of doing one-time business? :-)

    11. Raul Tavares

      So, I believe the law is not clear about the seller and the buyer having to be both *in* the moving hovercraft at the moment of the transaction?... :-)

    12. Riley Carpenter


    13. Cnehuvjwkkc Smhcjencnf

      As a licensing officer, I’m not even mad, I’m impressed! See you in court

    14. jake gardnr

      Wait does this technically include buses then because that seems more efficient.

    15. kywarai

      That's why I love British people.

    16. James Tilsley

      This feels more like an episode of classic Top Gear.

    17. Ramen Chicken Flavor


    18. jammasterjay


    19. Ian Swartz

      does speed matter? I mean if the hovercraft was moving at say 1km/h, the pub could be viable

    20. Caterina Mastrogiacomo

      1. It's nice to see Matt is still spending time with Tom even with the pandemic 2. Tom really reminds me of a geography igcse teacher that's got too much free time outside of classes.

    21. Truth-teller

      This could pass as a classic segment of Top Gear cant even lie. Damn I miss it so much

    22. Johnny Carcinogen

      1:00 I mean, but you are TECHNICALLY doing this all just for show. You're doing it so you can show us. You wouldn't be doing any of this if you didn't have your youtube channel...

    23. Wannam Milkon

      The chunky knickers holoprosencephaly raise because basket tentatively influence afore a gabby plant. outgoing, husky knight

    24. Keylup Veintisiete

      Ammm ok 👍

    25. Karan

      A Backbencher

    26. Alyssa 27

      They out here tokyo drifting in a hovercraft

    27. Lalhmangaihsanga Thomte

      Dads version of roleplaying

    28. thatjokerperson

      So technically if i set up a mini train in a building i can drive table to table taking orders drive back around and deliver them and be legal?

    29. Pulsaur

      oh my god the captions are changing color

    30. Captain Pålegg

      Technically legal. The best kind of legal.

    31. romrom83

      Please explain me: how are the subtitles *COLORED* ??

    32. Toy Jesus


    33. 5271

      1:26 ballon boy laugh with reverb

    34. Xuruiyu

      "THAT WAS LEGAL!" is going to be my catchphrase after doing the most common things possible xd

    35. Julia Browne

      Look at how he’s grown, from a criminal carrying wood to a perfectly pub owner

    36. Oyave

      No one: Americans: Noted

    37. Cody Clark

      Why has the grand tour not done this gimmick?

    38. Bloodhands Fin

      What if you have multiple hovercrafts doing a circle on a circle track, perhaps bit modified to be less loud and slower.

    39. Classy Squid

      Tom screaming 'that was legal' is terrifying

    40. Big Don

      Since you only have to be on a journey to sell the alcohol, I assume it would be legal to make the beverage whilst stationary and then proceed to move whilst you complete the transaction

    41. Simon Opdebeeck

      i have flashbacks to that time they did some morse code at a famous tower. "this is not technically illegal"

    42. Nathan Glover

      Me: You can't be super dumb, super nerdy and super legal, all in one video! Tom Scott: Hold my hovercraft.

    43. Daniel Linden

      Everyday I’m Hover-inn!!

    44. Death OfTime

      makes me wonder if those mini trains i rode around the parks as a kid would count. their slow enough it would be much easier. though it is a long route around the park and all. to bad i think they shut all of them down around here. of course there might be ethical concerns too

    45. Black-Photon

      Next problem is to check the buyer is 18 while you're going around!

    46. MR. PRINCE

      Who is crazy enough to Attempt this? Tom Scott: hold my coat 🧥

    47. Gull Lars

      I know this is a bit old at this point, but. Would this mean you can sell alcohol in a taxi? And does it have to be served in a glass and be consumed while on the journey, or could you sell for example a bottle of vodka or a six-pack to-go? I suspect the definition of a journey here might involve traveling between local jurisdictions, as if you stay inside only one you probably should get a license from them.

    48. Eisen Kursk


    49. Throttle Kitty

      How is this not in Florida?

    50. William Spatz

      if I ever get served beer and the person immediately starts yelling that was legal I don’t know something in my brain tells me that its probably not

    51. cowmaan 4

      oi mate you got a loicense for exchangin al' co' hol for 20 quid?

    52. theaxehandle1

      This week on "Technically Legal". That's a series I want to see

    53. zeitgeist909

      Does the hovercraft have to be moving? This might have been a LOT easier. Even if it does have to be moving, it doesn't state how fast. You could have a large hovercraft moving very slowly in circles and it's still technically on a journey?

      1. Antan

        It has to be moving

    54. milomc 123

      That was the weirdest top gear episode I've ever seen.

    55. Fitch Gamer

      Does it state what the journey is relative to though because technically we are all on a journey around the sun, does it also state a minimum speed or could you be moving at 0.1m/h?

    56. Neku900

      Hey it's matt!

    57. O O

      I went to that hovercraft place

    58. Funny Memes

      Huh when was this filmed?

    59. Ruben Ardelean

      Great excuse to ride a hovercraft😂😂

    60. Mistah Fox

      Imagine telling someone that you have legally drifted an unlicensed pub...

    61. SongForYall

      technically we're all constantly moving we're on a journey around the sun.

    62. Shanley Shoupe

      sell alcohol out of one of those trains made from barrels on the back of a tractor

    63. RobMacKendrick

      "Who's going to be ridiculous enough to sell alcohol from a moving hovercraft?" As if Tom were naïve enough to believe his followers aren't going to unleash a tsunami of "hold my beer" jokes.

    64. LoudSonicBug

      you are

    65. andy kirkness

      Brilliantly stupid

    66. IamTow

      Jeremy clarkson vibes

    67. elliotlofi

      classic tom

    68. PsychedelicFoundry

      I mean couldn't you just set up a train that went in a circle and sell alcohol on that? That actually sounds like a more reasonable business idea, although not as cool as a hovercraft.

    69. icedragonair

      You didnt as for id...

    70. 506 independent VIDEO

      the way that you trample on the flags...

    71. parodysam

      Great ad for that phonecase

    72. puschelhörnchen

      Has this something to do with the vetting laws and lobbying for changed by the queen? In all the news you can read this as a fringe example. Meddling in laws to secure their feudal rights ok, but what interest in meddling in hovercraft legislation can the royals have?

    73. Nacho Pascual

      I can see a company buying second hand old red buses and setting up a moving-pub service all around London!

    74. backyard

      anyone else think a vodka and coke sound disgusting?

    75. Awesome Aasim

      Licensing Act 2003: _exists_ Hovercraft bar: *Am I a joke to you?*

    76. Indecision

      Hover Craft Beer, the latest hipster trend.

    77. i don't want to think of a name a

      Even tho I watch this video because they're entertaining and also informative i also watch them because Tom being happy makes me happy, idk why

    78. gnuwaves

      This seems like it took a lot of fun out of riding the hovercraft. This should just Bern a physics video on hovercrafts

    79. davimurph

      Serving drinks from a moving hovercraft is like something they would have made the contestants do on the Generation Game

    80. Sebastian Forbes

      ha ha... awesome !

    81. Sean Murphy

      Guy orders a vodka and coke. That should be illegal. 🤮

    82. RoboNator

      okay, yes, this is insane, but couldnt you make a giant rail loop, put like one room on it, keep it rolling at 1km/h or something else, and have a walk-on single room bar?

    83. Malu P

      But the customers weren’t on a journey, only the bartender. Is it specified in the law who has to be on the journey?

    84. Conall

      That is the best title I've ever seen.

    85. David Maslak

      Well you

    86. Darren Lee

      This brings a whole new level to drunk driving

    87. Caroline McGreal

      Ha, Ha, could this be an answer to the lock downs maybe ?

    88. _Nines

      Don't drink and hover :]

    89. L T Mundy

      Hold. My. Beer.

    90. M C


    91. Stu is a Lemon

      My hovercraft is full of eels

    92. Mike Miller

      Why? Just: Why? Go to a gas station and get as much alcohol you may like.

      1. Mr. Hat

        You seem fun at parties.

    93. ManjushageP

      Throwback to the "technically legal" morse code on Clifford's Tower ;D

    94. TKOG: Alfiesgaming45

      the title says it all

    95. David Apollonius

      The real question is can you make any money doing this?

    96. Sunshine

      With the hovercraft from Portsmouth to the isle of Wight this law makes sense

    97. Richie P

      Obviously the hovercraft is impractical, but if liquor licenses are as hard to get in the UK as they are in some places in the US, maybe a very small train (which can move at a snails pace around a small circular track) could actually make sense.

    98. Diego Queiroz

      Technically legal is the best kind of legal =)

    99. AJ STYLES

      british laws seriously? moving hovercraft selling alcohol is perfectly legal, like wtf.

      1. Mr. Hat

        Makes perfect sense, cross country travel like airplanes, trains and hovercraft, shouldn't be required to have licence as licenses are issued locally.

    100. nullFoo

      "I did not bring a change of clothes" Yes we all know that red shirt is the only thing you own

      1. nullFoo

        @mince pi how the hell did you find me

      2. mince pi

        rip grey hoodie

      3. Betzalel Sacks

        Or the grey hoodie...

      4. Endurable _Alex

        him buying that red shirt was a better investment than gamestop was