NASA's Perseverance rover successfully lands on Mars!

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    Watch live as NASA attempts to land the Perseverance rover on Mars! Confirmation of a successful landing at Jezero Crater is expected around 3:55 pm Eastern (20:55 UTC), if everything goes to plan. The NASASpaceflight team will be providing live coverage of all of the critical events leading up to landing through to (hopefully) the first images from Perseverance on the Red Planet.
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    1. yuoop noke

      Lol imagine being a Martian living there, watching this thing fly over and land 🤣🤣🤣🤣. “Wtf was THAT?”

      1. Ethan Bennett


    2. abbsnn cose

      great stream guys! you always have the best one to watch even better then NASA

      1. Ethan Bennett


    3. miko foin

      Watching from SWEDEN.

      1. Ethan Bennett


    4. 00 00

      Would have been great if the 1st picture back from Mars was of Matt Damon standing there holding a potato.

      1. Ethan Bennett

        @yuoop noke bot

      2. yuoop noke


    5. doliio volay

      great stream guys! you always have the best one to watch even better then NASA

      1. Ethan Bennett


    6. Virginia Utberg

      Watching from SWEDEN.

      1. Ethan Bennett

        @abbsnn cose bot

      2. abbsnn cose

        Je schneller alles "den Bach runter geht", desto eher endet dieser absurde Illusion. Dass die Welt so ist, wie sie ist, ist kein Zufall. wir-kl-ich-keit de 🧐 💙

    7. Brassmanjo

      Trying to get excited about this, but can’t. Seems like NASA has been doing the same thing but different for the last 20ish years. Let’s get humans on there, that would be exciting....

      1. miko foin

        I like 1. The longer one is better

    8. bilishu aliss

      The rover has landed on mars Me Wooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeah Baby that i have been waiting for That's was all about

      1. Ethan Bennett

        @doliio volay you and the op are bots

      2. doliio volay

        Praise the lord and pass the peanuts!

    9. Mike Conlin

      This just in: The Belters have seized Perseverance and are demanding equal rights from the inners

      1. Ethan Bennett

        @miko foin bot

      2. miko foin

        2:16:00 Das, I want you to draw me like one of your French rovers...

    10. halcyongeezer

      Would Perseverance have seen 𝐁𝐄𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐄 𝟐 on its way down? I think Beagle 2 is about 500 miles ESE of Jezero, but which direction did Perseverance approach from? Could it have shot the only sub-orbital photos of Beagle 2? I’m interested as I’m from the UK!

      1. Ethan Bennett

        @miko foin bot

      2. miko foin

        2:07:29 LOL

    11. Betty Swallocks

      Fantastic project and congratulations on a successful landing. I understand that, once Percy had been successfully deposited and cables cut, the Skycrane was scheduled to fly off, presumably to crash (soft land?) onto the surface of Mars. Percy is scheduled to collect up to 2 rock and soil samples from the planet, which will be secured in tubes, to be deposited in a cache for later collection by another mission, loaded onto a small rocket, sent up to an orbiting collection vessel, which will then be returned to Earth. Would it have been possible to install some additional experiments on the Skycrane, provide it with more fuel for a soft landing? In particular, was it considered to provide this mission with a sample return capability, using the Skycrane as a collector / launcher? It seems a shame to haul the mass of the Skycrane all the way to Mars, only for it to do one job and then destroy itself.

      1. Ethan Bennett

        @bilishu aliss bot

      2. bilishu aliss


    12. Bob Lefevere

      I like to watch you guys so much more than the official NASA stream. You have to-the-point, knowledgeable commentary rather than NASA’s endless yada-yada of pleasantries: “Here we have Jack, he is head of the thingymajig in JPL and he answers the question of Jill, who asks: is there a toilet on the Rover?” -Thank you Kelly, and first let me say how delighted i am to be here” -“Yes Jack and we are so happy to have you, thank you for your time!” -“Well Kelly, you are very welcome and that question of Jill is a great question and I am so happy you asked” Yada Yada Yada and it goes on and on with every new guest on the programme. PLEASE! BE NASA! DO NOT BE A SPACE TEA PARTY!

    13. Nevaeh Markham


    14. Bobs Youruncle

      I'm 78 years old and I remember when Chuck Yeager first hit the speed of sound.. We have come a long way.

    15. Ultratuber

      It’s landed!

    16. raymond paine

      how many man made machines ie robots are on mars. and how many work. thanks

    17. Grimjaw X

      I'm only waiting for James Webb's launch and hopefully this time they won't delay. 31st October 2021.. fingers crossed

    18. Polaxis


    19. Medo Aljaburi

      I like the video

    20. Liebe IST • Physische Unsterblichkeit

      Je schneller alles "den Bach runter geht", desto eher endet dieser absurde Illusion. Dass die Welt so ist, wie sie ist, ist kein Zufall. wir-kl-ich-keit de 🧐 💙


        I was deciphering your comment and thinking the same... we're facing this plandemic because the usual distraction tools are not working. People are waking up. But there's a big chunk that still sleeps. Netflix, NASA, sports, the usual suspects still keep the masses sleeping. Take care.

    21. Jean Roch

      2:07:29 LOL

    22. Tommy Vaske

      2:16:00 Das, I want you to draw me like one of your French rovers...

    23. Tommy Vaske

      Praise the lord and pass the peanuts!

    24. PuniSherOP

      Great work. Waiting to get some more information about Mars from Perseverance's POV😄

    25. Steven McC

      100th comment

    26. Roland Gruber


    27. Ed L

      Now the Anxiety for the people on the ground can dissipate.

    28. CustomName

      Congratulations to those involved

    29. Maida Beslagic

      I cant wait to compare the video of ingenuity with actual Jezerce in my country.


        There will be no real video. Only computer-generated graphics. This is a show, it was created to distract the people.

    30. The Name Is Irrelevant

      They use Webex? lol :)

    31. Percy Lipinski

      I hope they did all measurements in Metric lolol

    32. Rohan

      Can someone explain why black and white photo in 2021

      1. Fred Planatia

        That is an engineering camera for assessing system status and giving a first peak after landing, and , like Harry said it uses less bandwidth to send black-and-white


        Take a guess. Look up "I'd go to the moon in a nanosecond" by Don Pettit

      3. Harry Stranger

        It uses less bandwidth. Colour photos will be here soon :)

    33. makespace


    34. Pomifera Does it work?

      I got my Das art shirt 😎🥂

    35. MrJruta

      Lol imagine being a Martian living there, watching this thing fly over and land 🤣🤣🤣🤣. “Wtf was THAT?”

      1. Edwin Jansen

        What the fuck 100 year old technology is that!

      2. Mart Steensma

        I wonder if the martians have an area 51 of their own to hide "alien" invaders. I hope they found the first mars rover and he is safe in a hangar (18).

    36. Marcel Gerber

      pity Mary was not there on Mars to film the landing in high res, with detail shots on the equipment, Martians and and a drive by........we want Mary........

    37. NagaHumanbeing ZooOfParticles

      Though I'll never go to mars at least my name is there. Thank you perseverance

    38. Rowan Wilton

      NASA go!

    39. Richard G

      great stream guys! you always have the best one to watch even better then NASA

    40. Broccoli_32


    41. Two Neighbor Kids

      we got a rover on mars with HD cameras but black and white images?!?


        It's all a fake, sorry. They didn't even go to the moon. Look up "I'd go to the moon in a nanosecond" by Don Pettit

      2. Wouter De Vlieger

        It takes a long time for better images to be transmitted by a satellite orbiting Mars to our planet. The bandwith is really low. Patience.

    42. Nomi Khan

      They has to be different creature der cuz it's a different planet

    43. Sanket R

      Someday, astronauts in starship will go through 11 minutes of terror. And the look of Elon's face after it's successfully landed will be gold.

    44. Amphaka Singkaew


    45. Gary Swift

      lol, eleven minutes communications delay isn't great, but I think that if you sent a Roman Empire army out and had to wait months to hear how the battle went would be worse.

      1. Wouter De Vlieger

        @T. Mitchell but probably less complex than managing Roman legions.

      2. T. Mitchell

        In all fairness, Perseverance is a bit more complicated than a chariot or a trireme!

    46. Mike Holloway

      How do parachutes work in an atmosphere that is approx 0.006 the Earths?

      1. Fred Planatia

        The chutes are an important part of a multi-component landing system which decelerates from 1000MPH to 200MPH, therefore saving on propellant that would otherwise be needed by the descent stage to decelerate from 1000MPH to 1.7MPH. This allows for a heavier payload to be deployed on the surface of Mars. The entire system worked like a charm again: (1) aerobrake in a heat proof shell from 20,000 MPH down to 1000MPH with thrusters on the backshell for steering, (2) deploy the house-sized parachute to begin deceleration from 1000MPH to 200MPH, (3) release the heatshield, and at 7000 ft, cut parachute, (4) release backshell, and transition to powered descent, decelerating all the way down to 1.7MPH, and (5) skycrane the rover for the last 70ft or so to avoid disturbing the landing site, where upon the rover cuts itself free as soon as wheels touch the ground and the powered descent stage diverts and crashes at a safe distance. Parts of this landing system has been developed during the last rover missions and refined some more. Thus NASA could land the heaviest object ever on another planetary body (1t). This time they used range radar to determine the best time to release the chute, and the descent stage used a new system called relative terrain navigation to pinpoint the landing site which is the smallest region ever targeted.

      2. Pomifera Does it work?

        It knocked it down from like 1000-150 mph so I would say it works pretty well.

      3. User 2C47

        @Mike Holloway Still a lot more drag than the heat shield, definitely something worth having.

      4. Wouter De Vlieger

        @Mike Holloway getting rid of that speed propulsively would need far more fuel than the mass of the parachute. So Percy would need to be a lot lighter to compensate for that.

      5. Mike Holloway

        @User 2C47 Seems like a waste or even a risk with very little effect.

    47. Nadeem Khan

      Congratulations NASA....... Fantastic job

    48. Josh Lodder

      This is an amazing occasion. Excellent example of Mankind's ingenuity. I hope our Lord God blesses Mars exploration like this which is only possible through him who allows it. Great coverage guys at Spaceflight! Keep up the good Work!

    49. Rajan Mudliar

      There is always an Indian spot in every successful space mission 🤣

      1. Alejandro Pérez

        Every mission is tight on a budget lol

    50. Starhopper

      Imagine if it had failed... that would not have been good

    51. MIX Master

      i fell asleep while waiting.

    52. FRienDO

      Bravo! NASA

    53. Даниил Светлов

      Поздравляю NASA's Perseverance rover с прибытием на Марс!

    54. hawkdsl

      Everyone likes to say that the Star Ship maneuver is crazy.. but NASA has that beat hands down... Twice.. Just imagine the meetings.. "Ahh, so.. you want to take a multi-million dollar robot rover, stick it in the middle of air bags.. and bounce it around until it stops... Get OUT!".. or "Ahh, so you want to give a jeep sized rover a ride down to the surface with retro rockets.. I get that part.. but then you want to drop the rover down on cables.. turning the retro rocket pack into a space age Huey helicopter, set the rover down while hovering with the retro rockets.. cutting the cables, and flying away... get OUT!"

      1. Mark Hobbs

        Done so that the lander does not start its mission covered in Martian dust !! Not a good look, and bad for doing any science.!

    55. Dennis Acklin

      It don't take 11 minutes to get from Mars. It only takes 8 minutes to get from the sun , Mars is not that far

      1. Fred Planatia

        Just a simple calculation. Earth is 1AU from sun (8 light minutes), Mars is ~1.5AU (12 light minutes), but if they are both on a line with the sun and the same side (closet approach of the two planets, that's only 0.5AU or 4 light minutes. We launched Perserverance when the planets were closer together and they have been separating since then. At their greatest separation Mars is opposite the Sun to Earth and then the distance between Mars and Earth is 2.5AU or 20 light minutes, so it makes sense that after Earth and Mars separate during Perserverance journey, the distance lies somewhere between the minimum and the maximum (4-20 light minutes). All of this is just approximation to give a ballpark value. In reality, the two planets are not traveling in perfect circles but ellipses, and they are not even orbiting in exactly the same plane, so in fact the distances are somewhat more variable. The shortest and longest distance between them (occurring rarely) is 54million km and 401 million km, or 3 and 22 minutes, respectively so you see the conclusions based on my guestimation that 11 light minutes is reasonable and possible are not affected.

      2. Dennis Acklin

        @Pyro_ MNL well son, I stand corrected 😁😁😁🙏

      3. Wouter De Vlieger

        The signal is sent from Percy to MRO, then to the Deep Space Network. That adds a lot of time

      4. Pyro_ MNL

        @Dennis Acklin yeah but Mars is now already nearing towards the other side of the Sun hence you can see Mars now past overhead the sky just after sunset.😏

      5. Dennis Acklin

        @Al Dunlop yes sir, I had forgot that. But wasn't Mars close not that long ago? 🤔

    56. Clarence Hopkins


    57. jhonny's 5

      Why does nasa only show videos and pictures in black and white???

      1. Mark Hobbs

        They have explained all this. The 1st images were sent from the cameras (Front and back) used for navigation. They still have their (transparent) lens coverings in place. They used these, sending low resolution pics to confirm the successful landing. HR cameras are on the arm, which has not been extended yet. Expected within next couple of days once all the systems have been checked out. The High gain Antenna has yet to be deployed so bandwidth is very limited .. given all the information that has to be sent and received using a UHF antenna.


        Take a guess. Look up "I'd go to the moon in a nanosecond" by Don Pettit

      3. movie info

        Yeah.. low bandwidth connection probably. Black and white low resolution picture is fast to send for a first test.

      4. My3dviews

        The rover has color cameras on it.

      5. randomnickify

        Because color is waste of data bandwidth.

    58. Mladen Pecovic

      "Jezero" is Serbian (and Croatian, Bosnian, etc) word for "Lake" / i don't know who is the explorer who named the crater a long time ago, but i'm glad he left a mark telling the world who he is, where he (she?) is coming from and who we are aside from the mainstream media picture of us. Whatever, nice seeing it in the context of such a feat! Kudos to the whole team. It is almost unbeleieveable that humanity is capable of performing something like this landing so smoothly and reliably.

    59. K&C Consulting miller

      Excellent NASA/JPL one giant leap for AI kind 👍

    60. Nate Walking

      I like this Steve Mars guy. Cool that he’s named after the planet.

    61. Jose Muniz

      Congratulations guys, congratulations NASA, congratulations America, Congratulations Humankind.

    62. Richard Sanders

      Sweet! Who are the 195 dislikes?

      1. User 2C47

        Dislike bots.

      2. My3dviews

        Flat Earthers.

    63. Mike Kemble

      love the commentary enthusiasm, nice one lads, from the UK

    64. slartybartfarst1

      i hope they put the memory card in the camera hahaha

    65. arnold smith

      watched replay was very busy while landing

    66. Flashy

      This was so incredible!

    67. Agriman86

      Mark Watney called. He wants more space toys!

      1. MOLE

        And no more potato’s

    68. Black Noir

      I cant wait to see the video of ingenuity flying in hd color

      1. Black Noir

        it was an 11 minute lag to/from and a 22 minute lag to and from. Don't quote me on the next part because I only thought of this: the rover only has 110 watts of continuous power available from its fission reactor so its batteries need to charge up so that it can deliver powerful radio bursts for sending data. Because were dealing with a limited power source, transmission is going to be capped at some theoretical rate proportional to what the reactor is putting out (less and less each year).

      2. I'm beachedwhale1945

        @The Aviationist Khizr They had something like seven different cameras filming the landing. As I recall, rover looking down at the ground, rover looking up at the skycrane, skycrane looking down at the rover, skycrane looking up at the backshell, backshell looking down at the skycrane, and a couple of these are doubled up and one has a dedicated microphone. Some were stored on the rover and some were stored on the comms relays. All the footage is saved, and we expect to receive these over the next few days. Today we expect one still from the rover-to-ground camera, for example.

      3. The Aviationist Khizr

        @Boom Boom Pants ohhh that's exciting if they did

      4. Boom Boom Pants

        @The Aviationist Khizr I'm pretty sure they did film the landing just not live cause of the 5 to 11 minute delay and should get released till later also i wouldn't be surprised if SpaceX does the same. I'll eat my words if NASA didn't film the landing though

      5. The Aviationist Khizr

        @Boom Boom Pants yeah totally curiosity only had a 2mp camera. perseverance has 20mp camera. However they didn't film the landing like SpaceX will and it will be awesome

    69. Keeszify

      12:10 Das Art

    70. Dawn Phoenix

      Awesome to see your handsome faces, gentlemen! I've spent so many hours with NASASpaceflight watching the SN launch/crash journeys, I feel like we're family. Keep up the excellent work, and thank you for all you do!

    71. Mike Kemble

      glad it landed safely, until JPL and their 'live' coverage which had the craft about to enter the air, when it was already down and reported on national media and social media.

      1. Mark Hobbs

        I think the guys watching the Telemetry figures in real time saw that it had landed, and just reacted with a cheer ... whilst the girl giving the commentary was waiting for the confirmations. Once they all erupted however she just gave up and announced it was down ok .. as we could all see for ourselves .. lol.

    72. Jeffrey Bue

      Great coverage guys and congrats to the JPL team. So excited to see what perseverance discovers on Mars.

      1. Ola Rak

        Green small creatures? 😀😀😀

    73. Vishodhana SumaVinayak

      It landed!!!

    74. Sasha's Potato


    75. Dan Mclaugh

      Why are the double-masked people hugging and shaking hands?


        @Nate Walking they certainly do work! They help you asphyxiate and breathe back in your own waste :)))

      2. Nate Walking

        But masks work don’t they?

      3. CaptainToyota

        Emotion excitement overwhelming the new way we interact. Remember these people have put years of their lives into this

    76. FR Rapp

      think they will just drop Ingenuity down from under Perseverance

    77. SeekNKnow

      I mostly watch to see all the geeks and nerds cheer for stuff. 😁

    78. Hankyu Kim


    79. Humberto Vale

      Congratulations on the outstanding job, Guys!!!

    80. icy purple

      11:49 for Das art

    81. yunnados vlog

      The rover has landed on mars Me Wooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeah Baby that i have been waiting for That's was all about

    82. KaktisBalaktikakel75

      what was the discount code for the tshirts?

      1. Keeszify


    83. avflowers

      if its Thursday this must be Mars

    84. Tigre Demon

      Love it ! That's so incredible we're able to do that ahah

    85. Starcrafter HD

      This was amazing. Congratulations to everyone involved. ♥️

    86. Craig Hansen

      Feels good to see progress, even with all the other advances in space exploration going on I have felt a void in my life since NASA retired the shuttle program.

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    88. IronPlays KSP

      And i will be second

    89. B N

      2:03:16 Chris G, Michael Jackson is proud of you.💫☺

      1. SKM

        Oh BN...

    90. Remedy eSports

      Now I will be second

    91. Andrew Goldfarb

      now i will be first

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