Nate and Nick Diaz share a joint at the UFC 263 Post Fight Press Conference

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    1. loveganjaa

      The irony.

    2. source de vie

      0:45 look at nick face he was like " wtf my nigga that's how you do my promo for my come back ?? ,give me that joint!!


      They talk about these two loser fighters smoking more than winning

    4. Murad 1988

      Are they fighters or junkies

    5. Martina Srna

      Nick in the Nirvana t-shirt man. Just one more walkout to Deftones please and I can die. Fkn crush on him for ages.🤦‍♀️

    6. William Stalvey

      Ridicolous and so unprofessional

    7. R l

      I could watch Nick and Nate press conference everyday😎

    8. Sea Side

      Scarface: Fok the foking Diaz brothers fok em all Nate: Me… I always win the fight…. Even if I loose

    9. chriser555

      Nate doesn't inhale

    10. Baby aliyah

      u can smoke joints on live tv now this makes ufc looks so ghetto looking like a crackhead backyard bash

    11. Working out for Jesus

      And they smoking pot doesn't make you stupid😐

    12. Bray Allen

      My brother is the best fighter of all time. Love the Diaz brothers

    13. Josh Conn

      I think Nick is gonna fight mosviadal

    14. Rene Molestina


    15. Saul garza jr

      Bro. That shit is too crisp. Y'all mfs just too real. Do it all w ease. Just flows very naturally . I felt nick was gonna pass me the spliff next. Bambacloddd.

    16. North Bound

      He just makes shit so real

    17. Allan Wanless

      The only winner is ,his speech therapist, punch drunk junkies, promoting drugs to young vulnerable kids, lmfao

    18. Joe King

      Nicks like: dont be holdin the joint pass it on little brother. Thats what I'm talking about, now carry on!, pufffff!!!

    19. Indiana Dirt

      Say what ya want Nate and Nick Diaz are TOUGH!!! always fighting some savages too.



    21. Confident Proactive

      Weed smokers are like kids lmao seriously grow up it’s just a blunt

    22. icio-Suomi


    23. Richard Drewery

      All the weed smokers know nick was like Nate pass that shit you babysitting the weed mannnnn 😂

    24. Luanmondi Nuhaj

      In usa nate is wooow in The rest the world he is Normal..🤣🤣😅😅🤣

    25. Hunter Slavings

      My 2 all time favorite fighters. True warriors. These guys will fight anyone anytime no matter

    26. Saurav Dhungana

      Diaz brothers💪

    27. arikat1

      I get a feeling both Diaz bros will stop fighting for good soon

    28. John Doughnut

      I wonder why he loses every fight....

    29. Ivo Lovric

      Two idiots! If someone of you guys who comment this video have son or daughter in adolescent years, but they MMA and every day go to the training and show to parents what he/she learn and have potencial to be good in sport which they love, do you show him Nate or Nick how they share joint (without suspending), do you like parents told to your son or daughter, "Look at Diaz brothers, they both are legend"?!! I am interesting to hear how many parents which children loved and training MMA, how many of you will share this video with your children and how many of yours told to your children (watching this video) that Diaz brothers are LEGENDS !????

    30. HighSociety1995

      Nates undefeated in the 1000 mg division

    31. Grady Duncan

      from a 5 year suspension for smoking weed to sharing a joint with his lil bro after a win at a press conference. never thought i would see the day. fuck yeah!

    32. sskkuuddrraa


    33. abandonship

      Wow, two grown men smoking joints. Groundbreaking.

    34. Y Pure

      why you all think smoking is so cool. it ain't.. it us just smoking..go ahead n enjoy...

    35. Que Mcrae

      They know how to go viral 😄 lost the fight and still winning

    36. J Wizdum

      This is why UFC is the best, any other sport, this happens and you're probably just gonna get kicked out of the press and fined like 1.5 million 😂

    37. Jeffrey Wright

      Nick and Nate are awesome

    38. Estrangeiro

      O que eles está fumando 🤔?🧠👎👎👎

    39. Daywalker____ ____

      Nick legit waiting for him to pass that joint lmfao

    40. Aj Keyz

      As soon as Nate saw Nick walking towards him, he immediately knew what Nick wanted 🤣🤣 real brothers!


      Nate need to get in the ring and start taking over with Nick. What a duo the two would make and they would take over.

    42. Carlos Santiago

      The realist 💯% Da Diaz brothers

    43. adam clark

      He looks up to his big bro so much. Nick is a god to nate.

    44. Isireli Solo

      Diaz legends

    45. LostAmmo

      Thats too much smoking come on we get it you don't give a fuck

    46. Ron McDon

      nick like ok you're on that a little too long, pass that shit.

    47. jayanth gowda

      Nate Diaz ❤️

    48. Shane661

      Gosh, how cool.

    49. Myles Scott


    50. Nesfield J

      Nick deserves a Connor Payday 💯

    51. Veronica Sandoval

      Why doesn't nick ever inhale lol he was blowing on the joint like a whistle no hate

    52. Montesa

      Disgusting that they allow these professional athletes to smoke drugs on social media! What the HELL kind of example is that/

    53. Big Facts

      Nick vs jorge. Give him Perry first to get back with it?


      Hey hey hey, SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY! 💚🌿🌬️

    55. lucas goupil

      A Diaz show would be the shit.

    56. ambulldog111

      I assume weed is legal in arizona?

    57. alexmike22ify

      Nate Diaz is a West Coast gangster

    58. Terell Blair

      Most real fighters ever probably lol

    59. Hunter Ellis

      209 period!

    60. michael stipe

      EMINEM in UFC

    61. Simon Sauter

      Cbd joint haha yeah right! 😂

      1. Chucho Chingon

        😂😂 Frl

    62. michael love

      Lmfao I’m so weak that’s a blunt not a joint. The Diaz brothers are awesome but I think it’s hilarious anyone put Stockton on the map. No offense I used to love their asparagus festival back in the day

    63. Nunyo Bizwax

      They are obviously smoking CBD bud. Zero THC, so it’s not like they’re getting stoned. It’s just for show, pretty much an act to make them look like stoners when it’s not even THC bud. Super lame.

    64. frosted flake

      Weed is cheating think not.. it numbs the pain thats why cancer patients use it should be put on the same level as steroids .. its cheating on so many levels .. think not get the Diaz sober for three months then throw him in there for a fight ..Guaranteed he does not fight the same and gets Knocked out .

    65. Dan Stone

      Here we go..... the diaz's bros for president 2024 . Fuck u how bout dat. Wasssup!👊🤚👊

    66. Sam Jay

      This guy is genius 👏

    67. Nok Su Kow

      Real life legends

    68. Based Kaiser

      Damn even when he loses, he wins.

    69. Twenty__ Five__

      Diaz Brothers all day. 💯💯💯

    70. borz shimaev

      I want some

    71. 808 Cavero

      Only the Diaz brothers can smoke there 😂😂 I would get kicked out and fined.

    72. southern boy outdoors

      There will never be another .......

    73. Last Chance

      Nate Diaz for the Hall of Fame

    74. Kolya Brown

      Neither of these guys have won a fight in years. Legends? When it comes to fighting? Nah. When it comes to ripping tokes, sure.

    75. be dd

      damn nick looks skinny as hell.

    76. ThatRandomguyCommenting

      I don't smoke but I hope he's successful as Conor with his business endevor.

    77. Joe Thornton

      Nick put it out.Thats what happened.I think Nick is in killer mode!

    78. Jerrid French

      That's what I'm talking about the Diaz brothers I don't f*** around

    79. Nigel Thornberry

      I honestly think it’s so funny how many posts i see about Nate passing nick a blunt it’s like some of you have never seen someone smoking before 🤣🤣🤣. That’s usually what happens when two people smoke a blunt they pass it to each other 🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s like when a kid sees something they have never seen before so they don’t shut up about it or in this case you make a million videos just because someone is smoking 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 oh it’s hilarious 😆

    80. Max verstappen fan.

      That's why I like guys like Evander holyfield. No drugs no alcohol just a normal person, and fit like hell. Body always in good shape. This guy nate Diaz pathetic.

    81. Silver Back

      Grown up men trying too hard to be cool smoking a joint. Great role models for the kids watching 🤦

    82. Landon P

      Pretty sure he’s just been smoking CBD. Just like he did the last time he fought

    83. Bibek Gurung


    84. ALEX

      A little disrespectful to smoke inside of a closed facility since some people don’t like the smoke or the smell but still badass how these dudes can do whatever they want and Dana don’t say shit about it lol

    85. Abdur Wyatt

      He loves his brother. That shit is mad respectful.

      1. soccer star⚽

    86. Banking warrior 2.0

      Either you should quit UFC or you should quits this fucking smoke .... That's reason your not winning ... Dude

    87. Roronoa Zoro

      je veut un combat Diaz vs Adesanya

    88. Mark Brown

      The Diaz brothers keeping the "puff puff pass" rolling. Respect.

      1. soccer star⚽

    89. Greatful Deadlifts

      Wow they smoked a joint that’s pretty edgy for 2010

    90. Jack Hunt

      Makes me laugh how humanity makes a big thing out of smoking a joint. This planet is so bizarre

      1. soccer star⚽

    91. Elisa R.

      Lmao he smokes like a crazy

      1. soccer star⚽

    92. RisenFrom youtube'sAshesAgain!

      Nick all serious, walks over to grab the scoob, walks back and starts puffing. Lmao! As a kid, I only dreamed of being at this stage of Mary J acceptance. Its so crazy too, as at least its an all natural, God given, Earth grown plant with hardly any ill qualms surrounding it. Alcohol kills many, yet its available in any store or bar. Weed causes munchies, so it's ILLEGAL!!!!

    93. John Smith

      He's entertaining and a fan favourite but lets be honest sport is about winning and hes a lovable bum

    94. Nuuh Ali

      MMA and the UFC need to stop promoting this crack head. We don't need this behaviour of smoking drug in public press where children may be watching. The UFC is not setting a role model for children/young people who want get into MMA by show this guy and his brother smoking.

    95. Ale D'Agaro

      real G over here

    96. B Shelton


    97. Michael Bailey

      Nick is literally standing in the back like “this dudes talkin on the joint again.... you know what, I’m not waiting I’ma go take it” no matter how famous, a smoker is always a smoker 😂

    98. LR266

      Nate vs Tony or Jorge 2 next. They make sense and are fun fights.

    99. Adam C

      Layoff the weed and maybe he'd win

    100. Justin White

      Nate and nick win or lose always steals the night from the rest of the ufc fighters. Thats real champ status belt or not. You could announce every fight and then nick or nate step out and the camera hits them, the entire crowd forgets who the next fight is.