New and Notable Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay

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    1. Boris Lulić

      Hey Luke, only UK and Ireland are driving on the left side of the road, and UK is not even in the Europe any more. The rest of the Europe drives on right (correct) side of the road. Do some research please :)

    2. Gabriel Jimenez

      Anyone know where to find Matthew coyne or is he just a random recruit you get from progressing through the story

    3. Ten cent

      I can tell Luke did nit play watch dogs 2 and 1

    4. Faith stewie

      This video made me get the game

    5. Iam_ Maddix

      Nice vid bro 😎

    6. Soggy Pickle


    7. superflashboy videos

      When are you gonna do 200 days with tors in Minecraft and when are gonna do 2000 days in Minecraft hardcore

    8. Something Dumb

      Lol I’ve watched this like 13 times

    9. olly small

      Why did he call the tower of london "the castle"

    10. Llama Boy76

      Please play more

    11. PKL CrayCake

      I’d get an Xbox series x JUST FOR THIS GAME. I really want it and Luke does a great job hyping it up. That and 2000 days :P

    12. chickenoodle

      2:53 I found this castle me: sighs

    13. Flaming Dragon

      Luke the game is the best and good

    14. ElegantFigure Roblox

      Well its out today

    15. Chad Tusk

      Lucky I have to wait until the 29th to play

    16. Emiliano Cruz

      They're made it GTA 6

    17. Ree Kid

      Play watch dogs 2

    18. Bat GamingYT

      Can you please make a 2,000 Minecraft Hardcore world with Tors

    19. Jacob Mcilwaine

      I kinda want to see Luke the notable play the last of us part 2

    20. Jaden Thomas

      Should I buy the new avengers game or The new Watch dogs

    21. whatever

      He probably has a great gaming rig but WD still lags while riding cars. Nothing changes with trashbisoft. Hope he's happy with what he got paid for the rewiev tho.

    22. Xx_RunnerGunner_xX Games


    23. JadeIsGood

      You are the best FIblockr please upload more I love the vids especially the minecraft 1000 day one

    24. Nal-Nation

      Please play most of the game as the badger yeeter.

    25. JADEN HONG

      No wonder

    26. Nolan Estrada

      I hate that pig mask so much

    27. legendgaming12 8

      After playing wd2 for free cuz of the ubidpft forward i pre order this game cant wait

    28. yamo 8012

      Watch dog 2?

    29. Colten Owens


    30. Colten Owens


    31. Joe Campfield

      wasnt a huge fan of the first game, but the second really surprised me with how genuinely fun it was to dick around in the overworld with all your gadgets

    32. HighFashionNB

      I’m so exited to play this game

    33. King Boo Gamer

      7:32 “Everything’s hackable drones cars cameras *people* doors everything”

    34. Matti Plays

      Good vid

    35. UrBoiChipsAhoy

      I loved WatchDogs 2 so im really happy for this game coming out

    36. shar pei gaming

      Luke plays watch dog legions me still trying o finish the original game

    37. Megagamer A

      Europe side of road is difrent than englands

    38. Krutz Ansem Sablaon

      GtA 6

    39. Modern Talking Central

      Ubisoft needs to work on their recruiting system and offer us a semi-hardcore mode, where dead team members can be replaced. Other than that, this game is a 10/10 gem.

    40. AteneoRMDG

      Can you just do 200 days in mincraft with tors PLS

    41. Frankly Not

      Ubisoft was able to to *Heck* the game

    42. Only Skiddy

      Can u play with your friends on this plz answer

      1. sansprosii

        @Shadow ; kid its a single player game

      2. Shadow ;

        When it come out he can

      3. sansprosii

        Think not, it’s a singleplayer game.

    43. Fuzzypants27

      I don’t really like watchdogs and thought this video would suck but then I remembered it’s Luke thenotable so it’s not going to suck at all

    44. Joseph Philpot

      Play titanfall 2

    45. Nicholas Alfisi


    46. 0.1 1.0

      so hitman 3

    47. Marianne Nzuzi Yav

      Can you do 2000 days of hardcore Minecraft please pls

    48. Nick Galvan

      Luke really just said hes excited for features that were in the other 2 watch dogs for half the video

    49. Nick Galvan

      I'm probably the most excited for watch dogs legions this year since I absolutely loved the first 2

    50. Epicgamer9

      I swear this is gonna be like 76 or just epic game or be like no man's sky

    51. Sean The Communist

      Bruh I have watch dogs two and one when does this release

    52. DJKanjack

      Is he playing on ps4 or xbox????

    53. Joanna Doran


    54. Ahlan Malik

      Most London hated you Most of pre-orders hated me.

    55. Muikplaysthings

      luke be like: im a american dont get me slipin it

    56. MrPropsy

      It looks like gta

    57. Andrei SDU

      Im fucking sold

    58. Alex_404_

      0:56 oh americans only the British drive on that side is not European way is only the uk .

    59. Apple

      Bruh I’m from London and am thankful for my life and I haven’t been ran over by Luke

    60. thedegenerate 69

      New drinking game Everytime Luke says choice or take a shot Actually don't you might go to the hospital

    61. TwistedLMFAO

      I love the flat 10 minute mark

    62. Legend101 ANM

      That’s just like Minecraft but with ultra realistic extra steps!

    63. E E

      I’m so glad I grew up with halo Luke, but damn this is better

    64. Me

      Europe is right hand drive! UK is left

    65. Darren MK

      It like minecraft

    66. Darren MK

      Do you now mini world

    67. Callum Rae

      Calls the Tower of London a castle, Me *british anthem intensifies*

    68. Miguel Silva

      The game driving is more of the same, no changes to it it looks like. From this gameplay, I havent seen that many changes on stuff that just look way too silly and poorly coded but its a "Work in progress" so it might change when it releases

    69. TheSTG44Man

      Who wants him to play valorant

    70. Misael Sanchez-Perez

      I play all of the games of WatchDog

    71. Space Guy Bob Productions

      Stop making it exactly 10 minutes just to put ads.

    72. Phasm

      If he gets his hands on ubisoft's assasins creed valhalla he is gonna be unstoppable.

    73. Samuel

      European side of the road? More like uk and australian side.

    74. Zombeystang_EASY

      Man the only problem I have with this game is the removal of permadeath

    75. Blue

      2000 days of Minecraft

      1. aginger7745

        Yeah, hes working on it. It takes a bit to record 1000 days of minecraft, along with him doing other videos. If you look at his twitter location it will tell you what day he is on

    76. L4_ smithy

      They have mini gun in Fortnite

    77. SeriousBeaver55

      Luke should play Terraria

    78. Leo Leo

      I have a idea: 100 days of restaurant tycoon 2 in roblox

    79. Charlie Beute

      name ur dog Dinnerbone

    80. Shoto Todoroki

      As soon as I showed my sister your channel she immediately came up with Luke has no table i couldn't breath I was laughing so hard

    81. Just Jaidn

      I can’t wait till 2000 days hardcore also do 100 or 20 games of Hungry Shark World which is also from Ubisoft.

    82. PotatoeRoss 123

      When is it gonna be released?

    83. Stealtho SwedishGurra17

      0:56 European? Bruh, we also bully the uk for driving on the wrong side of the road

    84. ELUSIVE

      0:12 that sounds like a gun from rainbow six seige but I can’t put my finger on it

    85. HJC UKA1

      Now the Americans can feel our pain They now have to drive on the left hand side

    86. luna cookie

      I love your videos and your hardcore Minecraft

    87. LegoCat

      Damn I don’t usually like this kinda thing but it looks amazing. I love the play as anyone thing

    88. igox . exe

      Hey Luke u can make a 100 days in a game don't starve /don't starve together its my favorite game so I hope you can play it

    89. Tay kianghee

      Make more minecraft

    90. Billiam

      I thought watch dogs was a game where you had to catch wild dogs

      1. Killer Shadow_pro


    91. Shark Gaming

      Hi i just wanna sorry or trying to ivite u to party my acount is that nathanshark acount srry

    92. Braedyn playz

      Can you do another 100 drops

      1. Killer Shadow_pro

        No fortnite is dead

    93. Wjmproductions999

      Can I do a 100 days survival on Minecraft video that you did but I’m gonna do it on Mobile I watched them all and can’t wait for 2 thousand days

    94. Birdie

      For the next 100 Drops he should drop in The Atlantis poi. Like if you agree

    95. Tom Chatfield

      I'm realising how dogshit the car physics are once again.

    96. Danny Taylor

      So when they say that you can play as anyone, does that mean the enemy’s and stuff like that

      1. Mr Green


    97. jako 11

      Could you pls do I completed dungeon defenders 2 in one day I think you will love this game and I love your vids

    98. Acidslay

      Luke you have a beautiful face lol

    99. The Crazy Khajit

      1:07 we found who leaked TF2s source code

    100. juve tenns

      Please new hardcore Minecraft with tors