New York Pro Results - Nick Walker DOMINATES!

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    The results and wrap-up for the 2021 New York Pro.
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    1. Nick's Strength and Power

      Congrats to Nick Walker and Nathan Epler! What do you guys think of the results? Comment below!

      1. Arthes Mendor

        No blessing?

      2. T Dane

        @EKO those guys will not just walk over nick walker this year. If he thickens up his back(which takes some age) I don’t think bonac,hadi, curry stand a chance.

      3. EKO

        @Ari Az HAHAHAAAA

      4. Nuwan Peiris

        thanks to nick walker, blessing have little time @Nick's Strength and Power please do not over talk about blessing. based on Redcon1 ...

      5. mike

        @Mimichris Herrera what does nick have to do with a drug addict?

    2. Manuel Labor

      Blessing was cursed in this show.

    3. Timo Pint

      what a bulking show


      Crazy showing by Nick

    5. NW O

      Hadi would smack nick bro you’re trippin

    6. Atom Tension

      Nick has great abdominal muscles, but his obliques are just naturally just huge. There's got to be a way to keep that in check. When posing, it looks good, but relaxed, very boxy.

    7. Nic Edmondson

      A Nic watching a video made by Nick, about Nick.

    8. Paul Coote

      What the side buldges each side of his abs??

    9. Brezhoneg

      Ugly physiques, all

    10. canIshouldI

      If only his mid section didn't look so weird to the sides (obliques).

    11. soggyjocks11

      Can’t see Nick W’s structure taking him to the very top of the Mr O not this year or any year soon. 15 years won’t change a flawed structure. As for Nick toppling Ramy, not in this universe. NS&P is driving the Walker hype train.

    12. Michonn Michonn

      Why most bodybuilders are munchkins? 70% of women are taller than these "big guys " how does that feel when a girl stands in front of you and you up 😁

    13. Shawn O.

      Top 4? Who’s he gonna beat Hadi lol?

    14. Tony Morales

      Nick was in wicked shape big and shredded nobody stood a chance in this contest congratulations 🍾 Nick

    15. Tanks.N.Guns

      LOL Damn this is what open has come to? Learning how to hide your gut?! Frack they should give the Mr.O title to the Classic Physique winner from now on.

    16. Reymundo Barajas

      Nick can you help tell me why these guys with guts have abbs. Help me make since

    17. dino primi

      Men's open is terrible, these bodies are not asthetic in the slightest.

    18. Luca Brassy

      He deserved this. Im happy for him

    19. MrJPLuthi

      Why his face is pale and the rest of his body is burnt sienna

    20. Dubon Js

      Nick : I don't like how you said that " all they have to do is controll that mid section". I think that mid section shouldn't even be there to begin with. It's like lowering the standards and accepting this flaw. This is just my respectful opinion, thanks for the video , as always they are very informative and the best bodybuilding news source on the internet.

    21. Dimos Paraskeyas

      "Light weight babe " Win for Nick.👌🏻🔥

    22. Quest Infinity


    23. Seth Xio

      4:14 fly away into sixths place little birdie 🐦🦆

    24. Kawaljit Singh

      I want to congratulate Nick for first place here. At the same time, I am concerned about his health as well. Has anyone noticed lumps in both his legs? It does not look good.

    25. Mon Cho

      He was the best on this show. But he needs to work on his right leg it is visible smaller than the left.

    26. Chris Allen

      Man nicks abs... wow

    27. Egor Vrokos

      Nick's future Top 3 Olympia

    28. Mark Standing

      He’s got a bit of Jay in his look…

    29. Romeo O

      Blessing didnt even place damn

    30. eAStwOOd 35

      Gotta admitted i wasn’t a huge fan of nick going into this ny pro but damm even my bank card gave him credit.

    31. Supuran Bogdan

      i hated Nick because of how cocky he was but he proved me wrong .... i guess he proved a lot of people wrong :) Congrats Nick

    32. Ted Trager

      Great for Nick, but he's just another tortoise shell physique IMO. I mean he's got tremendous features, but the midsection is just the same old crap we've been seeing at the top level. What I love about Blessing is that he can do a real vacuum. That is priceless in this weight class and something he can build around. The legs will come and the rest of his body will tweak forward with gradual improvement. He has sky high potential IMO.

    33. Papa Hunter

      Wow I’m impressed with how nick looked

    34. Waqas Khan

      Ronnie DOB May 13, 1964 and he won his first Mr.Olympia in 1998. ( Age 34 )

    35. demil jim

      Nick nailed it! His roid cycle, drug combination and timing, slammed the door shut. See ya at the Olympia champ!!

    36. Rob Johnson

      Congratulations Big Nick!!! You deserve it Brother! Blessings and Good Luck heading into the Olympia!!!

    37. Jammyfish

      Luke Sandoe would've won this.

    38. CHAPO 13

      Nick S&P riding nick hard now that he won lol

    39. Arijit Ganguly

      Blessing lost focus and started looking like a bigger off season physique guy

    40. Kgnandrewgreen

      It truly was a BLESSING for nick to win this event 🏆

    41. doctor atif

      Body builders are often dwarf

    42. G. K

      nice to see a caucasian win for a change!!!!

    43. André Carvalho Miranda

      212 poor level!!

    44. André Carvalho Miranda

      Nick better than Hadi, last year?? Are you crazy Nick??

    45. Dakota Sonney

      Walkernation baby!!!!!!

    46. Corey Thomas

      Look at nicks hamstrings! SHEEESH!

    47. Harshad Parab

      Menn no one can take his her eye away from Hasan menn if he could have come condition from top to toe I'm 100 percent sure he was the clear winner he just needed to be conditioned 🔥

    48. Harshad Parab

      Ye blessing babu only looks good on instagram fucking can't even dominate on stage stupid influencers mujhe laga hi tha ye blessing bohot bada hagne wala hai

    49. Marcel Wolf

      last years I thought that gut was not acceptable.....but when Nick is breathing normal he looks pregnant. Come on guys......practice to get your gut under control??? You should not have a gut at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. micdan8000

      Very happy we are even talking about a bodybuilding show

    51. Dariush Filsoofi

      I think,really nick was better, congratulation to nick 🌹🌹🌹👌🏻

    52. Dr. Whet Farts


    53. Epler Elite

      Thank you bro! 🙏🏼 appreciate you! Let’s bring it in October!!!

    54. SniffingDogArt Official

      Massive props to Nick; he totally deserved the win. Looking forward to seeing him on the Olympia stage.

    55. Mataiasi Vakalala

      I think the question on everyone's mind is , what the hell happened to justin's back lat spread?

    56. Lion Heart

      Nick S&P the same age as Nick walker but calls him "Kid"

    57. asri tampalagus

      not really pretty physique, but still he deserve the win..congrats new champ !!!!

    58. rameez Khan

      Justin should’ve won. His head was significantly bigger than nicks.

    59. Peter Ripuli

      N.Walker is a freak 💪😎🍿

    60. Đorđe Žutić

      Nick is a f***in soldier congrats !!

    61. Stanislas De Nijs

      the boogieman has been put to sleep

    62. Patrick Linden

      The guys coming in lifting the arms of the competitors look much bigger, they would have won.

    63. Bo Rasta

      Bodybuilding a waste of time. Not a sport. Wouldn't put my life on the line for that little money. Taking all them substances.


      It as expected

    65. Dmitrij Skripnik

      He can become Mr. Olympia

    66. Dmitriy

      That midsection is still blocky af.

    67. the TuRncoat

      Hope he stays healthy so we can see him evolve! He is so good!

    68. Steph T

      Top 4 for sure.... very very impressive... 2 years or so... he could win the Olympia

    69. digga27 one

      I agree w the comments in regards to his age.....give this a thumbs up to watch young guys abusing their bodies like they did a few years ago! woo-hoo. Really NSP? This is not a commentary channel its a fan channel. Let's be clear. Nick doesn't want these guys to be upset w him if he really critiques them. First off there is vascularity, and then Nick's lower legs. Fucking disgusting and a result of over supplementation while trying to increase lower body size. This is not regular vascularity...even a million smaller veins is better than this dude's veins below his knees. I would mark him down all day. And lastly, the go to for every bodybuilder who has a blocky/distended stomach issue --AB ETCHING! Get your head's out of the sand. I haven't even heard judge's or ANY pro admit it or even bring it up. I know for a fact it happens and super easy to spot. BUT let's pretend Nick is a prodigy and the NEXT ONE. 🤦‍♂️

    70. Cj Dario

      I called it just like many did.....nick walker was clearly gonna win this show......his size and conditioning was on another level......had this been the mr olympia nick would have been top 6 easy....... blessing is a good man who is funny as hell but he is clearly not in nicks league.....its the quickest end to a rivalry!!!!! Big congrats nick walker 👍

    71. PREFIT-X

      Was there no classic division?

    72. D Harr

      After recently watching a video on Ronnie Coleman, is it worth it?

    73. Seleiman Safi

      Too bad Mostafa wasn't in his best shape. His body is still the most pleasing to the eyes especially his upperbody.

    74. pedrocols

      He has 0% chance against Big Ramy.

    75. Christian Sander

      He looks like an American version of Ronnie Rockel....Yet, all deserved victory!

    76. Angelo Wilson

      This Nick lap sitting is getting out of control

    77. DynamicDiode

      He.... Walked away with that title. Love that line

    78. Joe Shmuckatelli

      I just don’t see the difference between these huge guys. They all look incredible

    79. Allen Pike

      You smoking crack if you think nick walker can beat hadi chopan or william bonac. And thats no shade to nick walker either.

    80. Flexarot

      Blessing looks like Wedge from the movie Class Act lol So Happy Nick brought it though!

    81. Reza Ahmad

      What a body,awesome,next jay cutler,i think he will be better than jay at future

    82. Rolando Torres Herrera

      Nick reminds me of Dallas McCarver, huge potential.

    83. wolololer

      blessing routine is awful he takes like 1 minute to do one fuckign pose then stay in the pose for 0.5 seconds adn start another 1 minute prep for next pose like wtf is that?

    84. LoudDroZ

      i am really interested in knowing why you think this guy can beat william bonac or hadi choopan. he's 10th at best.

    85. Catchy Number

      Props to Walker and coach Jansen!!!

    86. NPCchamp

      Personally, bodybuilding “beefs” are ridiculous because the judges make the final call and all you can do is present the best package (symmetry, balance proportion, and muscularity) , that you have. It’s completely subjective. We’re not playing basketball, football, or soccer were it’s much more objective. So stop with the bodybuilding beefs. Nick (Walker) please don’t get “sucked in” by those who want you to respond to an individual who hasn’t even proven that he’s a worthy competitor. You said it all on stage. You have bigger fish to fry. Congratulations.

    87. ambientoccluser

      I'm just hoping Walker is checking his bloodwork, and heart condition rigorously. Really wouldn't want to see him like Dallas McCarver that he reminds me of. I mean, this is huge mass for relatively short time. Other than that, well deserved.

    88. Abdul Hamza

      Congrats to Nick ! What a great victory Also let's not forget about our brother and sisters in Palestine Keep them in your prayers 🙏 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

    89. E Baker

      Blessing who?

    90. Kelrune

      looking at it. i feel nick and blessing. nick makes blessing look like he needs to be in the next level down

    91. Blaine

      Looks like the next Mr. Olympia to me.

    92. Nate Olsen

      Blessing needs to start worrying about his physique and his posing instead of making crazy videos and calling other people out. He was shaky, flat, his posing was amateur at best. I hope he can use this and come back better but he doesn’t need to create rivalries, he needs to humble himself and get to work or continue being a social media clown and get off the stage.

    93. Joseph Campisi

      “ He did a good job keeping his midsection in check” is a statement you NEVER heard up until pretty recently. I miss real bodybuilding.

    94. ofrosty

      Nick wins 2021 olympia

    95. Count Dregon

      Maybe blessing should go down to 212. But even those guys had better legs.

    96. Johnny Williams

      No denying that Nick looked sick at pre judging. Just amazing. Top 3 Mr O shape in my opinion BUT, I don't like his midsection. His love handles are too big, they can even be seen from his back shots. If he was to sort this I think he could win the Mr O. So complete. Ps I am Irish and Nick is on another planet to Blessing, not even close.

    97. Mike Miller

      I’m not just stoked we’re talking about bodybuilding, but excited to see such a humble hard working guy win & bury blessing

    98. VZ Concepts

      nick reminds me of dallas, hope he stays healthy

    99. Jack Edwards

      Could Nick be a future mr.olympia?

    100. UserFT

      Their guts are like this: ( . ) Instead of: \ . /