NEW ZRG 20mm SNIPER IN WARZONE!! IS IT GOOD?? Ft. Nickmercs, Cloakzy & SypherPK

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    1. TheSoullux

      I love how a 20 millimeter anti tank round doesn't blow someone in half when they get shot

    2. Sleepy_ Boi

      Ayo I got the sus add

    3. alex thorn

      Imagine being hit by a 20mm CANNON and it doesn't even break your armor. Lol

    4. TheLalizzle12

      Stick to gaming, not comedy

    5. DogOfWar Alpha

      Lol. A 20mm anything shouldn't have a hit marker. 🤣 a hit marker should be a missing limb.

    6. KL4P5 007

      when I heard they were putting in a sniper I though it was the Locus

    7. bandogeiddy

      Apex is better than warzone. In apex you don’t get rewarded for being a bitch

    8. Vincent Meyer

      Title: "best sniper!! Is it good?" Bruh

    9. Stephanie Rhea

      Omg this was to funny😂😂😂

    10. JoJo Hamilton

      Bro I'ma miss his versaaaaaaaaaaansk when the new map comes out

    11. GoldenWolf Gaming

      Increase it to 5 bullet mags and u safe also for range aim 2 notches up

    12. GoldenWolf Gaming

      Dude that sniper rifle made cold war actually fun cuz its a one shot kill

    13. Robert Forneris

      5:50 has me rolling bro... LOLOL

    14. Stripysniper 187

      They ran towards you because you were on a enemy loudought drop

    15. Cameron Challengers

      2:21 sounding a bit sus

    16. Kristián Kutarňa

      The singing at the end was lit

    17. Brett Abbott

      U need to try the ax50

    18. Player_1

      Verdant Danes!

    19. 8C_Michael Christian

      I think the zrg 20mm sniper is based of the Denel ntw-20 which is the most powerful anti material rifle in the world i believe

    20. FlukXFN

      This is probably the most sus video by tim

    21. Djdeepsoundz

      The amount of time got downed is crazy.

    22. Matthew_ma_mo

      I got an ad for mavix gaming chairs, they are like 1000 dollars so have fun, they r better or whateva

    23. Gumoweuszko

      Hehehehehehehey i must tell you something i have the best finn setup that lets you not have recoil 1 xrk m309 stock 2 xrk longshot 3 tac laser 4operator foregrip 5and mono supressor

    24. Red Riveroo

      shut up idiot

    25. Dylan DuFresne

      My first thought when you started the video was “Kevin’s gone”😂

    26. BlinkyBill_

      "holy shit that gun was healing him" I lost it lololol

    27. Scarce Dragon#6829

      You don't say

    28. Anthony Brooks

      oh yea 2:49 tim must love dem cheecks

    29. Ares

      This is one of my favourite videos

    30. Helons

      11:12 Tim missed a guy getting his loadout

    31. jaysonpeters

      you should try out the sniper again after maxing it out and putting the proper attachments on it. The version you get from the bundle is ass

    32. Dak Dak

      Subbbbbed today!!! You are great bro! Keep it up! Wholesome af

    33. James Lamon

      Everyone hide your screen, we don't want them to know we're landing back window of superstore.

    34. V01dz ._.

      Since i have nobody to say “i love you” i love yall🤗

    35. John Paul Smithdeal

      Syph has the personality of a mud guppy

    36. Gerren Snell

      TIMM NOOO, dont ever say the tundra like that again. it always should be called... THE TUNDRA in a country accent

    37. TheEliteJ

      imagine putting 20mm in the name but it’s dog shit. i’d rather use the pellington

    38. david jenkins

      Wait till you level it up. Theres a barrel that has better distance and damage, larger mag so its not constant reload and stock makes ads a little better

    39. Lil Shady

      That clip at the beginning of the game was a lil suspicious

    40. WanG ClaN

      LETS DROP INTO KEVIN, VERDOOOOOONSK............Ooooooooooooo

    41. Chuckyluvscheese

      No this sounds like atom bomb song from fall out 4

    42. ThespartanKing 22

      Did they do crack before this video damn

    43. Sultan Al Touqi

      Tim runs double time perk to run faster

    44. Bill Man

      1:22 me and the boys vibing the. 1:35 when one of the boys plays Rick roll

    45. Bob Lawblaw

      Yo i was so mad at these attachments, like who does this. who puts a short barrel on a sniper rifle with the heaviest bullet? Worst blueprint they have made. Hands down. Now when you strat putting real attachments on it................ its doo doo . don't use my gun, all you little meta kids don't ruin this fucking gun like yall ruined the aug and FFAR. use the HDR, and KAR 98, don't use the ZRG.

    46. DaWgLeSgAmE

      I've got mine already level 44. No matter what attachments you use its still ass. It takes 3 shots to the chest with full armor, or 1 to 2 shots to the head. Its inconsistent and in my opinion, it should be a one shot stomach and above. With its incredibly slow chamber rate and ads it NEEDS to buffed.

    47. Quiickscopped99 Stream

      I love watching Tim’s videos just to watch him spectate all the other guys gameplays that I’ve seen all before I watch Tim’s pov. All jokes love the gameplay!

    48. Popular Elite

      What is that car bundle??

    49. Lawson23

      The sniper is god awful

    50. B Toddler

      I love Tim, but like....he just stand in front of people as he's getting melted....

    51. Thot Police

      Yo Tim is cheating 1:33

    52. Gilbert 4 Days

      Is Tim gay?

    53. Sickle _18

      Anybody else getting Kraber vibes from apex?

    54. FoD M

      Where chow!

    55. Jeremiah Baxter

      Multiplayer is where that thing really shines

    56. Alex Wilde


    57. Winifred Howe

      No more fortnite lol

    58. Alex Peet

      7:48 the body flop had me dying

    59. Christopher Loretto

      Nothing like smoking a joint and watching tim

    60. Pc Nood

      At 11.13 you can see that guy to the left how did he not kill Tim?

    61. Person Guy

      Zrg in my opinion is kinda..... Good.

    62. itz nicohlai

      God loves 💘 yall

    63. Jackson McGeachy

      3:30 made me dislike the video

    64. Derrick Distler

      Ok Tim I’ve never seen any warzone streamers or players playing multiplayer when do you or nick ever play multiplayer to level up weapons to use then

    65. Evan Baranowski

      Wtf was that ouuuu🤣🤣🤣

    66. Mason Ritz

      Where Is The KEVIN plushy? 🥴

    67. Joshua Husher

      Only pussies use FFAR if you were actually good at warzone you'd build the worst possible AR and SMG and still do well

    68. GhostyBoiSenpiClapz 119

      It’s good u need better attachments

    69. Ghost of easy E

      Tim u ignore your comments wtf u ask to support creator code.

    70. 1Petal

      Hey Tim just Searched the Internet and apparently There is a Thing called sit-down comedy after all.

    71. Blitz Curve

      When Tim started moaning my mom looked at me

    72. GoodBoi

      Too lazy to watch, is it really one shot to the chest on warzone?

    73. Moises Chavez

      Sus Tim Tim sus

    74. anonymous gamer

      tbh now that i watch your game play i realize you just get really unlucky a lot 😂😂😂😂

    75. Macca1510

      His intro at the beginning sounded exactly like Nick

    76. Jesse Hamilton

      Tim was putting on a clinic for how to buy your teammate back

    77. Drew Rhodes

      At 2:50 Roze got that cake 🎂

    78. anonymous gamer

      bru put feather falling on your boots no more fall damage 🔥

    79. Cody Richardson

      I was playing Cold War some dude already had diamond on the new sniper it was the day it came out anyone know how

    80. Danny Howard

      when u new to the channel and don’t hear the punchline 😢

    81. tom tommy

      This sniper is nothing special thats forsure

    82. Water sheep

      Does 20mm stand for 20millimeter?

    83. R3ggz

      Oh I’m sniped... oh fucking pain is all I feel😂😂 I was cracking up

    84. Fabsters fabsters


    85. SSSkizz

      3:28 AYO 😳

    86. Chroom Dooger

      It’s funny how in the literal description of this gun on the game it says 1 shit chest shoulder and head but I saw so many shoulder and chest hit markers here

    87. mr dead pool

      Question whats everyone's favourite sniper I like the m82 n ax50

    88. Tyler Elliott

      Oh my goodness. It's not a clip. It's a magazine. A clip only exists on m1 garland and a few other guns. It's a stripper clip. Look it up.

    89. DoodleDoomed

      Tim says m m instead of millimetre

    90. Partytime Official

      ive used it and this blueprints attachments are kinda ass theres much better builds for it

    91. NiceGuyReacts Shorts

      These intros are actually making my day every day

    92. elijah payne

      Is it just me but the sniper looks like something u build with lego

    93. Sภiקz

      So like who possessed tim in this vid cause he acted real sus

    94. Macklin Wright

      Why can’t they just give you the gun as a whole

    95. Enzoking

      Nice 👍🏽

    96. Enzoking


    97. Jolyne Cujoh

      This videos vibe just zoomed to the top with absolute chaos

    98. Tim Kranwinkel

      This one es very funny, thanks for make my day😂

    99. Apex_Assassin 1

      The fact that Tim said 20 em em instead of 20 millimeter bothers me 😂

    100. Jerry James Pham

      Tim! You ran past that huge ass bag the first time! Lmao