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    Official music video for “STORY” by NF.
    New project CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) out now.
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    Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
    Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

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    1. russki

      Starburst are trash, but great song

    2. Brooke 26

      Soooo did the cashier survive

    3. Audrie Harrison

      At least his roommate has rent money now

    4. sehhi vooty


    5. Zoulkif KAHAPIT

      This is astonishing, wow 😲

    6. Agent8450

      This is a wonderful piece of art. Thank you Nate!

    7. Isabel thomson

      Makes me Glad I don't live in America 👀

    8. AurasAddiction

      Welp...this was awesome.

      1. sehhi vooty


    9. Akalbila Ishak

      Someone gives this man an award, heck make it two. Song and video are fire. Nf is one of the best rappers in this century and possibly the next

    10. Angel Brooks

      Woah I straight up was speechless

    11. Fenn Al Qawafi


    12. Shalom Digwu


    13. Trinity Watkins

      Holy shit this hit me like a bag of bricks, and I realized I was holding my breath the whole time near the end

    14. Kairie Anderson

      I keep listening to this song Nathan, the video and the music both have so much emotion behind it, I rap with you, following along, but at the end of it I'm tearing up.

      1. Kairie Anderson

        The cashier bro..... WHY DOES THIS SONG MAKE ME FEEL LIKE THIS

    15. Rare Embrace

      Straight Anxiety watching this. ( I was robbed at gun point in a gas station this was so well written I felt like I was right there)

    16. ᴀᴜɢᴜsᴛ


    17. Kairie Anderson

      This song FUCKED me up bruv, The way you get quiet at the end I get so into this heckin song mate. This is absolutely a work of art.

    18. ExitValid

      Very awesome movie 🍿

    19. Gabbe

      In love

    20. NightOwl980

      Yooooooooooo! 😳😳😳😳🔥🔥🔥🔥

    21. Taa MeR

      جامد جاامد ♥️♥️✨🎵✨♥️♥️

    22. Twiss Gaming


    23. cregular -_-

      If only she didn't see the ash tray 🤦🤦🤦🤦

    24. Zapper Con


    25. Brebs

      woah wtf

    26. MxEli41

      That was cool af of how he rapped it but its also somthing that happens irl

    27. Kristina Arlauskiene

      I am a big big fan of your song's and am realy sorry what happen in your life time

    28. Пажилой Карась

      Get real

    29. Drew Orf

      This is next level when it comes to song writing and the ability to tell a story and make it all rhyme and make sense. NF my man you are on a different level when it comes to being a true MC. You are in a different class. Bars for days, weeks, months, and years. Keep it going loving the Journey!

    30. Michael Feliu

      NF. I don't know if you see this or not but I look up to you and you are my idol. I plan to be a rapper when I grow up named MF because of you. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

    31. VapeNation

      Yooo ik i am soo late but when the line "I am tryna choke him" you can actually hear him choke

    32. Alazay Delao

      this song goes so hard bro i swear

    33. Kekoa in Cali

      Hate to bring this 🤡 dude on NF channel but he can’t hold NF’s cleats .. keep hating EM you PC sellout

    34. itz coffee_ bear gacha

      Good job love your music

    35. Alyssa_the _Noodle

      The terrible thing is I make up stories like this in my head and then cry at the end like they are real. Anything to escape my own pathetic reality right? And then other people will experience it for real and I feel like shit

    36. Little flower

      That was intense and I love it. Storytelling at its finest.

      1. CHROMA

        me 2

    37. Akinnagbe Olamide

      This guy is a genius 👏👏👏👏👏

      1. CHROMA


    38. reeegirl _008

      I love this.

      1. CHROMA

        me 2

    39. Destiny Nichole

      Uhm I have goosebumps I have no words😭😭

    40. camron reynosa

      jesus christ this one gave me chills....

    41. Moon Lighter


    42. Yellowxx Sunset

      Why did I think she was dead

    43. Therealnova X

      What happened to Anamoly that made him rob a gas station

    44. Marcel

      Rewatching it for the 5th time in a row and it‘s still thrilling Wow

    45. Ciliyah Neita


    46. Ciliyah Neita


    47. IRONIC CGA

      I Wish All Movies Were Like This if so, I'm Bingeing Every Movie in America's history.

    48. Terrance Reffett

      I just got a ad for the song

    49. Jason Beige

      How can this dude sing a story so fast without swearing I would swear

    50. miko foin

      Anyone else get chills when you realized it was the roommates boyfriend??? Every damn time

    51. Said Tahir

      We need a story 2

    52. Stories and Tales

    53. Behirsebi


    54. Adam W

      When you're angry...just play story....and rage Nate's lyrics out of your system ...feel better? I know I do after this

      1. miko foin

        I dont know why but the first robber is NF I think idk for sure you can see it for yourself if you pause it at 2:35

    55. rb Terry

      Ну нифига себе, в клипе происходит то, о чём читается в треке. Нейтан ломает клип-индустрию.

    56. FURBA TAMU

      Who want to listen and see more?

    57. Varya

      Plot twist - The robber in the shop was Nate...

    58. Platinum Keyz

      NF is just a lyrical genius

    59. ItzEclipse

      Shoulda grabbed the twix

    60. Jordan Marlins

      Came here for a song and this dude delivered a screenplay.

    61. Денис Ткаченко

      interesting story

    62. JeRiXX


    63. Elissa O'Brien

      I'd how many of you have been in an actu as l armed robbery but this is quite literally EVERYTHING that you feel and think. BRAVO NF. I mean I haven't felt anything in years I m so incredibly proud of you. and congrats on the baby

    64. TkSharma


    65. Aleksejs Miezis

      Bruh I got a ad about renting a room when I watched this.

    66. Solo 7

      You know how good it is when you don't want it to end!

    67. Eseagwu Benita


    68. Raynick Maduro

      I dont know why but the first robber is NF I think idk for sure you can see it for yourself if you pause it at 2:35

    69. WhipShip GM

      NF at it again with the bangers...

    70. the queen

      Yorumlarda hiç Türk yok :(

    71. Jake


    72. Arisen Prestige

      Moral of the story: Quit smoking

    73. Bhaddiex baby

      Can we just talk about the actress she played that character really fucking well

    74. Moonrise Oversunset

      Anyone else feel like they're having a panic attack while watching this?!? Cause I am

    75. Sony Saju

      I would like to appreciate how well the acting is.

    76. Sony Saju

      So good... I feel the emotion in the rap... The video goes well with it too

    77. Aubrey Marie

      Bro how does he give such a vivid and clear description of what’s going on it’s so crazy

    78. VoidSaber

      I got an ad!!!

    79. Happy

      wtf i was watching it on fullscreen and i thought it was like 10-15 minutes but its only 5 well done man

    80. Walther HaskiLL

      It’s way cooler then “False Alarm”, this story is a god damn novel 😍

    81. Amy Kelley

      Damn, that’s deep as as far as I want to go. WOW..I wouldn’t expect anything less from my NF. Always dropping what’s real and speaking truths that need to be heard! thanks Nate 🙏🏻 🌊

    82. Dekay Nihilus

      One doesn't need to cuss to tell and show a dark story.

    83. BlackoutStudios

      Think about what would happen if the cashier didn’t have a gun of his own. Yet people are trying to say he shouldn’t. Choose your leaders wisely people

    84. EnderCake

      I wanna animate this soooo bad

    85. Bryce Wolf

      I’m not sure what I was expecting from an NF video but this sure wasn’t it... Well done NF, this is a work of art

    86. Sam

      I want to sleep but I can't, I'm addicted with his music

    87. Natasha Gustafson

      Nf one of the best of the best

    88. MoJo

      This man is on another level of lyrical skill

    89. Jesus Escamilla

      The music video made me cry a little ngl but the song is hype I actually cried towards the end of the video sheesh

    90. Joshua Caspillo

      King von if he was white

    91. II Ninja oG II Gaming

      Holy shit I watched this high and what a fucking trip.

    92. naada3

      Shit man this is good didnt expect this from a insta add

    93. bob bob

      amazing camera work, vocals, and performers! very confused what to think of this though; like this isn't really a song, but it's music with vocals describing an event envoking a emotion. definition of a song

    94. kobe waxman

      Felt like this a movie

    95. Fanaticgiant547

      My favorite thing in music is when it tells a story, so this is a very awesome listening experience.

    96. TheJumpingJake

      fuck me it was her housemates boyfriend. (not the girl, but the guy asleep on the couch on the 0:36)

    97. gordo20325

      First time hearing omfg this dude if fire like holy shit I feel like I was in the damn video I dead ass finna put my boys on to this shit

    98. Glen Anderson

      So who all asked themselves... Wish i had a gun versus who said if guns weren't legal

    99. Nqrw

      Ayyyy from gold age :) ❤🙂

    100. Wave

      I tought this song was like 2 minutes, I usually listen on spotify so I never noticed the duration