NHL Biggest Hits Of All Time

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    NHL Biggest Hits Of All Time! Let me know if you guys wanna see a part 2!

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    1. Delta Highlights

      Let me know what other hits to put in for a part 2!

      1. Richard Dury

        how about the Pat Quinn hit on Bobby Orr ?

      2. Matt Zavislak

        @errbt yes! that's the one i was referring to. but you're right!

      3. errbt

        @Matt Zavislak There's more than one, but this one is the best: fiblock.info/face/videot/lohkqaChpHaYfXY.html

      4. errbt

        Dan Cleary on Dion Phaneuf, 2007 playoffs 1st round game 3. It lead directly to a Wings goal, but more importantly it was the moment Phaneuf and the Flames lost any mental/physical edge they might have had over the Wings in the previous few years. Hopefully you can find it in better than this 240p crap footage: fiblock.info/face/videot/laCYeKSLhaivnoY.html

      5. Andrew Elliott

        Brady Skjei on Jesper Fast

    2. Dylan Mangan

      Here because of Tom Wilson

    3. JoRoWi83

      Let me guess. Scott Stevens rounds out the Top 50?

    4. Daniel Spear

      No Stevens hit on Shane Willis?

    5. Max Luciani

      When I think of big hockey hits I think Scott stevens.. and I always will haha

    6. Tristin Lester

      this is amazing all in for pt 2

    7. Thomas Gladders

      The “no helmet” hit from Torrey Krug on Robert Thomas is legendary- Especially now that he’s a Bluenote!

    8. LUKEYB0Y

      Tuckers hit on Kap will always be legendary. Always

    9. GoGoSqueezeX

      Dude I got on my knees and started praying after one of these

    10. Billy boat bluff

      The stevens hits were clean because back in the day if you had your head down it was known what would happen. Notice how u didn't see gretsky getting smashed

    11. Harry Hogstew

      Nah bro they just using sliders

    12. Thomas Cardone

      I miss watching Byfuglien and Kronwall annihilating people on the ice

    13. Fred Watkins

      do best NHL goals

    14. phoney

      11:40 hahahaha 1v3

    15. phoney

      so many suicide passes sheesh

    16. Bobert

      Too much maple laffs content, I down thumbed.

      1. Delta Highlights

        Let go of your hate against the Leafs man just because you don’t like em doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good hockey hit. It’s far better to appreciate than hate, trust me.

    17. titanium man

      Lindros hit yes, Kariya hit was late. Both had their heads down. I love that hit on Marchand from PK.

    18. Avs Rock

      3:35.... pause..... can someone please explain why there was no suspension on lucic here.... clearly jumps up and skates are off the ice at the point of impact.....

    19. Matthew Brundage

      Started it off with arguably the best hit in NHL history

    20. mjgasiecki

      How the heck was Korea allowed to return to that game?

    21. MalWave

      I forgot how hard Darcy Tucker used to hit people...jesus

    22. Zander Lopez

      Watch the repeats there were at least 3.

      1. Delta Highlights

        Would love for you to point them out

    23. Bigbuck 69er

      10:25 Dang!

    24. Caleb Shimp

      Scott Stevens never made a clean hit in his career

    25. Frank Clough

      Stevens hits were dirty as hell.

    26. Anonymous Rex

      I'm surprised there weren't more hip checks from Keith Ballard in there... one of the best I've ever seen at upending people.

    27. Isaac West

      This is why we love hockey.

    28. Jon Fowler

      I wanted to say "more Kronwall", but you got some good hits in there. Scott Stevens was always a dirty shithead. That last Chara hit was dirty as well

    29. Brendan Miller

      Hard to say with Stevens because even then hockey was so different and much more physical. Then, yes they're clean, now, not so much.

    30. Mac Sam

      That Hardy hit almost made me gasp. I could watch 10 parts of this. Keep em coming!

    31. Gary Gemmell

      Stevens hit on Kariya definitely not legal

    32. Nathaniel John

      F@%k Scott Stevens. Dude did nothing but headshot night in and night out. How many concussions has he given? How many careers has he ended early?

    33. Aryn Anthony

      The minute that brad Marchand turned into a RAT 33

    34. madpizzzaman _

      The announcer on the towes hit: clean hit me: he is half dead trying to get off the ice and had his head down

    35. Richard ter Veen

      Missed Darius Kasparaitis against Lindross and against Lemieux

    36. Ryan

      4:11 bruh Chara was ready to drill that man

    37. Clayton B


    38. Lone


    39. Michael Swanson

      Potvin sucks !!!! Since 1979

    40. Michael Swanson

      The fights after clean hits make no sense

    41. AKA_Lizxrd

      The Flyers are so bad, the San Jose sharks ate them up!!!

    42. James P Gray

      Scott Stevens was an amazing player, but dirty AF. Open headhunter.

    43. YT Nat

      As a Detroit fan, I miss Kronwall terribly ... He was a hitting machine in his younger days!

      1. Jon Fowler

        As soon as he back stepped when somebody was coming out of the zone you knew it was going to be trouble. It was a thing of beauty. Him and Datsyuk were so much fun to watch. Two different types of beautiful

    44. Sex Pistols

      11:42 that is the funniest play ive ever seen lmao. its like that one dude who slaps everyone who comes at him

    45. Ryan Donnelly

      To be fair most of Scott Stevens hits weren’t clean

    46. EK Lazar

      The hip check with ovie and p.k was so slow

    47. Tyler VanEvery

      Modelled my lacrosse career after kronwall. Love his positioning and timing

    48. Flavored Liquid

      someone: HoCkEy Is NoT a ToUgH sPoRt! Me: watch this them: i was wrong

    49. bmt65

      Stevens on Kariya is the nastiest hit of all time. And every hit on here that was below the waist is cheap as fuck.

    50. Wade Shmekle

      It’d be like being in a head on collision

    51. bmcallister1974

      Really great collection of hits bro!

    52. bmcallister1974

      I could watch the hit on that rat Marchand every day. Glorious

    53. Charles Grady

      that phaneuf hit on sauer ended his career

    54. Charles Grady

      beat your w if e potvin beat your w if e

    55. Mr. Foot

      I always laugh when I hear people talk about "physical" basketball plays

    56. Danielle Eanes

      Say what you will about Dion, but that dude absolutely crushed people

    57. Weston Pierson

      Exelby absolutely HUMILIATING the Avs is primetime entertainment.

    58. Weston Pierson

      That Tootoo hit is SO DIRTY. Yikes. In today's NHL that's a misconduct for sure.

    59. LoKei13

      4 minutes in and I anticipate several more Kromwall hits cause that guyis a beast.

    60. Kevin Gajdos-Farley

      Alternate title: 19 minutes of brain damage

    61. Scred-K

      5:58 Markström respect !

    62. askmitch

      sure was fun watching all these people get concussions. Somehow the speed of modern hockey makes big checks like these pretty rare, and that is probably a good thing

    63. Thomas Levy

      massive hits

    64. Fat Clyde

      Exelby knocking over Av's like they were dominoes :) 11:40 Also a shout out for Robinson. The way he knocked people into another dimension while looking so casual. It's just a job.

    65. Wills Power

      Marchand needs to be suspended for each and everyone of these including the one on himself.

    66. MetalDetroit

      The umberger hit is the hardest I’ve ever seen. Also Kronwall on Havlat

    67. DJ InstincT DetroiT

      “He was Kronwall’d” 👏💪🐙🏒⛸🔴⚪️

    68. Sousuke Mitsuba

      are these Scott Stevens hits clean? short answer is: back then, yes, they were haha

    69. Michael Purcell

      So it seems like the best hits occur when you check a player who is not expecting contact and completely defenseless. Congrats.

    70. Zoltan604

      Stevens was always clean

    71. MagnaRider 33

      Scott Stevens hits were mostly clean but the lindros and kariya hits were late and elbows. and messier threw more elbows than sog

    72. Chris Stack

      15:29 bruh how do u hit someone like this when you're up 10-1 like what's even the point

    73. apollo 8171

      "hockey is easy"

    74. robert Last

      1 weak ass Douglas Murray Hit no Marchment Hits no Mcsorley hits?? do you hate the sharks???

    75. PoopsSweetCandy MissSmile

      The only highlight of Subban 😂

    76. Brian Donovan


    77. wantsome7655

      The hits by Stevens on Lindros and Kariya were legit.

    78. Zero Her0

      Man Oh Man some of these hits are just SCARY!!!

    79. Turko7326

      I think the NHL has done some good work cleaning up the play and emphasizing athletic play over just the old school bang and bang. But I still love to see good clean hitting.

    80. Android Hero

      Oh... Good)

    81. tareva1

      Almost every Scott Stevens hit was dirty. He’s the Tom Wilson of yesterday.

    82. That Guy Aric

      There's no such thing as a "clean Scott Stevens hit". Everything he ever threw was high.

    83. Luke Breckenridge

      Man i miss when you could make hits and there wasn't a call on every one, or you didn't have to fight for anything. Good old days.

    84. faded ghost

      I'm not even a jets fan but byfuglian is by far one of my favorite enforcers

    85. Sarah Grassi

      the stevens lindros hit ended lindros career. im from jersey and a devils fan. followedthe devils when they won the cup with stevens and broduer. stevens was notorious for jumping into hits which now is a penalty if not removal from game.

    86. The Puck Smasher

      Bone Crushers got nothing on The Puck Smasher

    87. Willian Cardoso

      Man, I LOVE TO SEE OLD SCHOOL HITS!!! Unfortunately, there's not so much at these days. Hockey became softy when we compare with the Golden Years.That's why I like to see guys like Wilson and Lucic playing a really tough hockey style. Sometimes those guys are dirty, but it still worth to see those kind of players in NHL.

    88. Oto Naď

      R U kidding me?... 19 minutes and just 1 hit from Chara? :( :O

    89. Old Red Sled

      Hit's not hard enough until limbs fly off of bodies

    90. Frank Silbermann

      Why do you even ask, whether those 2 hits of Stevens are clean? They are clearly not, certainly the first one is interference

      1. Frank Silbermann

        @Delta Highlights These people must be fans of Matt Cooke or other dirt bags!

      2. Delta Highlights

        Just wanted to see people’s thoughts on it. I had a good amount of people who said they were clean hits.

    91. Spiny Norman

      These kind of videos are really bittersweet for me, I love seeing the open ice hits but I hate all the scuffle and penalties that ensues most of the time. If the hit is clean then just stop bitching about it and play the f-cking game the way it was meant to be played!

    92. J.R. Puffin Master

      First clip is the textbook definition of a Hockey Poster

    93. Matthew Trivett

      How is there not one Brad Stuart hit in here???

      1. Matthew Trivett

        @Delta Highlights his hit Umberger? Or the one on Gab Land? Smoked Crosby once (not massive but still notable). Anisimov hit. There are for sure a few... was the most underrated hitter in the league!

      2. Delta Highlights

        Brad Stuart isn’t exactly the first guy that comes to mind

    94. Matthew Trivett

      Markstrom is the real MVP!

    95. R Peluso

      Like always piece of shit boston bruins . What's the matter bitches can't take it.

    96. Rice Crispy

      The moral of the story is skate with your head up.

    97. KJ

      Where's the Wendall Clark hit on Bruce Bell behind goal? A classic

      1. Delta Highlights


    98. Joseph Kannak

      where's Bill McCreary's hit on Gretzky.?

    99. Andrew Elliott

      There needs to be a part 2 because Brady Skjei’s hit on Jesper Fast in the playoffs last season deserves some attention

    100. Feck Eric-Schmidt

      I like how even when the hit's clean, it's rare for anybody to take it in stride, instead the whole team just immediately drops gloves and dogpiles the guy. What a bunch of chickenshit losers.