NHL Game Highlights | Blackhawks vs. Blue Jackets - Apr. 10, 2021


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    Alex DeBrincat had a goal and an assist as the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-3.

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    1. Ilkka K

      Laine 10, PLD 9

      1. Ilkka K

        @Reagan Harder you're right and one of PLD is also before trade

      2. Reagan Harder

        Though two of Laine's goals were in the one game he played before the trade

    2. Ариан Назаров


    3. Игорь Федотов

      Бревно задорнов, годится только в виде вантуза

    4. javier book shadows contributor du

      23rd comment

    5. Davis Linkaits

      Columbus had 10 shots in the first two, and then Chicago topped that with 3 in the third. Marvelous

      1. Chesterfield The 3rd


    6. Bender Bending Rodríguez

      Laine scored!!

      1. Leewi

        @TRU Winnipegjets and i think its tortz fault because hes trying to make Laine an 200ft player wich dosent work

      2. TRU Winnipegjets

        Only took him 15 games to do it. Lol

    7. Alex E

      Patrick Laine finally scored! Maybe he’ll do it again soon

      1. Alex E

        He did. Twice in fact. Including a beauty

      2. EDE 20052

        No. Now torts can say that Laine didn't play for team and bench him

      3. velipulla


    8. Konstantin Donskoy

      Natural goal scorer 12 🙂

    9. Kimberly Duncan

      CBJ played better than I thought they would with all the injuries & "new" players... 💖

    10. Aaron Fernandez

      Go Blackhawks

    11. BludFan

      There should be a seizure warning on this video

      1. Draco 22

        Lmao was thinkin tha same thing wtf

    12. Russ Broda

      Saw Laine in today’s game. A goal no less.

    13. AzureTiger

      Шикакаааааа !!!

    14. Wallace McDonut

      As a Hawks fan I just have one Q. Can we please get a goaltender that can stop any puck . WTF was that Lankinen?

      1. ChiTown FRED

        He 2nd in rookie win hawks history he has 2 shutout also dint alow another goal the rest of the game lmfao

      2. Daniel Krilov

        Shut up boomer 🗿

      3. Mark IV

        Which one is the soft goal? I mean the first one is probably redirected from blueline, it's almost impossible to react to since there's traffic and it goes up and he's already down, second one luckily bounces of a player coming from behind him while puck is suddenly thrown to front of goal and the final one is one-timer by Laine of all people requiring lot of lateral movement. If somebody needs to look into mirror, it's the Chicago's defence especially in the second goal.

      4. Matt Moore

        @Stray the second goal in the first period is evidence to support your comment. Completely agree, Lank has been a key contributor this season so far.

      5. Stray

        Lank has been the backbone of this team yet the defensemen still leave him out to dry

    15. D Animates

      Feels like Laine has not scored in YEARS!

      1. D Animates

        @K Harmanen Patrik Laine is not actually good. He waits.... and waits..... and finnaly scores on the powerplay

      2. K Harmanen

        Feels like everyone plays solo on this team, no passing, not one tic-tac-toe no nothing, all of them are lost. Have a look at how 29 scores, need the pass and there arent any.

    16. Andrew Pawlack

      Laine goal!

    17. Hock-eye

      The jackets announcer is so unenthusiastic lol

      1. KingQuis K

        He’s a leafs fan

      2. Kevin Crabtree

        Would you be?