OFFICIAL TRAILER #1: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

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    Now you can start asking us about season 6. Rick and Morty return for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
    Stream seasons 1-4 on HBO Max.
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    1. Adult Swim

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      1. bershibek

        @Alejandro Garcia yes, only on HBO

      2. Alejandro Garcia

        Will season 5 be available on HBO as well?

      3. bershibek

        Why? Only on HBO? Idiots...

      4. SirEvilestDeath

        Wow what a really dumbass joke to start things off with. They should have left that part out of the trailer and just been quiet, too quiet to hear.

      5. mandy sonay

        :o didn't know!

    2. Mookie Stewart

      Lol love the Jurassic park reference

    3. Chris 216

      rick kinda dosent sound like rick

    4. sam delorenzo

      I hope they don’t give too much screen time to summer

    5. Wyeil Arbukle

      Rick ventures for the whole family.

    6. kingkaga898

      Seasons 1 and 2 were great, season 3 was forgettable, season 4 sucked, so I don't have high hopes for this

    7. DruThe TurtleDude

      ayo why was jessica in their house😳

    8. Tr1f

      is it gonna be on netflix and when i go to adult swim website theres only 5 episodes a season i dont understand pls help

    9. DieJules

      And as always... excellent choice of music!

    10. random commenter

      Where's the other beth

    11. Jonathan H

      F**KING VOLTRON?! 😅

    12. Just Edyn


    13. Ake EatBat

      master piece

    14. v4d3rm4n

      you son of a bitch.............Im in

    15. Anonymous Person

      OH MY GOSH! 💖

    16. Retro Gamer


    17. Xad Kile

      "Nah ah ah"-> this meme will be great

    18. Ashton Ingram

      The only way I want rick and Morty to end is with a movie against evil Morty

    19. A Ridiculous Production

      At 39 seconds shows a universe where Morty is a rick!!

    20. TheySayImChosen

      I literally just watched the show for the first time and finished yesterday and it’s a new season coming already thank god I need this😭

    21. senku

      jerry is the best charcter.

    22. Anon Ymous

      Literally the best show on

    23. rotflolextreme

      You dont release something during the Solstice unless you mean business babbyyy

    24. Luca Pelo

      Idk this season looks kinda bad

    25. bing bonk

      We all want to know when it hits Netflix so tell us

    26. Diego Franceschin

      I now learned the importance of not making an early announcement

    27. lrc17

      My will to live is restored

    28. eren yeager

      coming netflix????

    29. Jackson Gibbs

      "Nuh uh uh! Nuh uh uh! I said don't touch my shit!" had me rolling.

    30. Ralpha Male

      Can't wait for the 48 minute breakdown of this trailer on some nerd's channel.

    31. Ghost_Control

      ABOUT FUCKING TIME!, now bring back metalocalypse

    32. Ronni Arbitiaas

      Nice as usual, have no idea what is going to happen until it happened.

    33. GD SaurmaneX

      But does anyone really care?

    34. evil soldier


    35. IxterXD

      This is the best animations series I ever see.

    36. dean lean

      This show saved me

    37. TeddyToons


    38. Official Rz

      As we can see in the trailer, Morty is becoming more and more cynical, ruthless and doesn't seem to give a fuck. Not much fazes him anymore. Does he remind you of a certain someone?

    39. nieooj gotoy

      I hope this trailer is satirical.. there’s no way this is what we’re gonna get from our favorite writers/animators

    40. Nicholas Smith

      Can they have this show as an infinite series

    41. Ryan Morgan

      Most laziest creators on this show

      1. nieooj gotoy

        This show went super downhill

    42. ciggybebs

      fk I can’t waitt

    43. Thomas Svane Hansen

      Must have..... must see!!! me want... *Remember, your an adult...* F**k it, gotta see this...

    44. shady morsi

      Get the bugspray...there are a lot of bugmen here

    45. Christian Bokelman

      I really hope we get to see what's happening on the citadel after all this time

    46. Adelaide Ghati

      I hope season 5 has interdimensional Cable 🤞

    47. Pizza Time

      It sucks how i can only watch on netflix and it takes months for it to get on there

    48. Sgtviper Gaming ᛃ


    49. Yuki _

      I'm calling it, they're gonna do a Namor lusting after Sue Storm with that mermaid guy

      1. Chang Siah Lim

        @Yuki _ oh okay nevermind

      2. Yuki _

        @Chang Siah Lim ik it isn't Namor, I'm saying they are going to do a story similar to when Namor tried to steal Sue but with this guy and some other character, probably Beth

      3. Chang Siah Lim

        that not namor

    50. Egemen Kaya

      You can watch in the German AS channel for uncensored version Also yeah it’s in english

    51. Nikkixx


    52. davidD

      Haven't heard The White Stripes in a series since Peaky Blinders, +1.

    53. Eliot Wilde

      This. Looks. INCREDIBLE

    54. Dovahzuul

      Rick and Morty vs Rick and Morty cant wait

    55. Metta

      This show went super downhill

    56. Nishant Avadhani

      Lazier and Drunkier.. just the way i like it

    57. AudioslavedBeast

      This is gonna be great birthday present !!!

    58. TGH PABLO

      Hopefully there are enough episode, but it take you long enough

    59. Dovonni H

      Can someone explain the beginning. “ it’s too quiet “ “You skipped quite “ Be he didn’t, I heard him say quite

      1. Dovonni H

        @Coolidge Dollar thank you

      2. Coolidge Dollar

        Reference to the trope when someone says, "It's quiet ... _Too_ quiet." He didn't say the first part.

    60. Zander Meyers

      Where is space beth

    61. Sien Beck Cohen

      this just looks really cheesy

    62. José Castillo


    63. Mert


    64. Abdullah Abohana

      yo tha shi look bussin

    65. Danock Xd

      Neta que chingooooonnnnnnnn!!!!!!! Xd

    66. quelorepario

      I am starting to see the Simpsonification of Rick and Morty. The first three seasons were golden, now they are turning it into a milking cow.

      1. quelorepario

        @invisiblehands what I am saying is so over your head, you are the typical sheeple who would convince themselves that The Big Bang Theory is smart and funny.

      2. invisiblehands

        Shut up toddler

    67. david jr Locilento

      So what happened to the Clone

    68. Ky11

      Super pissed they killed all previous material and have gone with some entirely new story arc that thus far has been utter dog shit... see how it goes I guess, don't have high hopes personally.... "Solar opposites", that's where the comedy went

    69. ashlesha paliwal

      omg June!!!1

    70. Pierre Boyer

      Season 1, 2 & 3 were epic, I just hope they put in a little more effort in season 5 than season 4.

    71. noah torres


    72. kidfr3sh supreme


    73. Joeshar

      0:46 Hellraiser Beth?

    74. Tryhard Terry

      Season 5 is gonna suck 😫

      1. Xavier Herrera

        Nope I won’t hater

    75. Too Unique

      idk yo, shits looking pretty cringe

    76. Too Unique

      I hope they got rid of whoever wrote the last seasons finale. what a feminist garbage bomb that was. look everyone its castrated rick

    77. Mike Bruhh

      Not saying Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon can’t do it but i think even they said in an interview that (I’m paraphrasing) they aren’t down with pumping out episode after episode with little to no real plot practically making them more space opera Bs like star wars

    78. Mike Bruhh

      I hope this trailer is satirical.. there’s no way this is what we’re gonna get from our favorite writers/animators

    79. Elmo


    80. Kid Savvy


    81. Hawk eye

      Hell yea !

    82. BitterVoid

      You can already tell Rick is nicer in this season. Feels good. Get that character development. Also mermaid boypuss

    83. Wolf Plate

      Yeah I bet none of this will end up on the actual season 5...

    84. Stephanie Francisco


    85. Gabzzz _isme

      Wheres other beth?

    86. CappedOff 9141

      We are getting closer to Rick getting his Schecwan sauce again

    87. ASARADEL

      im hungry

    88. Catch A Case

      I gave up on the Ceres they kept dragging it out and doing short Seasons I like when the creators this creative and interesting I just really hate suspense and the guy that buys all 9 Seasons at the end never watching an episode

    89. David John


    90. Bruno

      We just wanna see evil morty again

    91. The nuggster

      i was here farst

    92. J Zip

      Wabalabadubdub! Can't wait !! 😁

    93. Cezar Lacusta

      Can't wait to see my favourite characters

    94. Joshua Bonifacio

      please. stop.

    95. Ovqixi

      a reason to stay alive.

    96. Emoji Mr

      It's mr poopy butthole he's back 😭😭😭

    97. Kauã Matheus


    98. Michael Mendoza

      Cant wait to season 5

    99. Saurabh Tewari

      Existence is pain

    100. xRAYTayman12