Official Trailer: 2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

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    Welcome to the official trailer for 2000 Days!
    I know you have all waited a long time to watch this video and it's coming very soon! Make sure to show up on premiere day to watch 2000 Days with me LIVE for the first time!
    2000 Days Premieres live on FIblock @ 12PM CST on 12/19/2020
    If you have any questions please comment below and I will make a FAQ section here!
    C418 - Minecraft
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    1. Luke TheNotable

      2000 Days Premieres live on FIblock @ 12PM CST on 12/19/2020 If you have any questions please comment below and I will make a FAQ section here!

      1. Kara Campbell


      2. Toni Reuter


      3. Zallow

        If you press the F3 button you can see how many mincaft days you’ve played

      4. Zallow

        Idea for 3000 days give your house a copper trim so the house ages

      5. Dominga Nawen

        At last

    2. Nathan Vo

      Ì ñêêÐ §ðmê†hïñg ñêw/ßꆆêr... ¢råþ...

    3. Sandy Yu

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    4. Alex Leary

      December 19 is my birthday

    5. bruh plpp


    6. Sabrin Mahjabin Saba


    7. Jamie JamieMinecraft3 Emmons

      There was a villiger noise and his world at 2000 days 0:09

    8. shezarvince dofz

      I live in Philippines

    9. Nathan Vo


    10. ShadowZ

      Not as good as the 1000 days trailer, but still a trailer.

    11. Arsen Here

      luke thenotable, thank you for giving me the courage to try hardcore. after getting blown up i followed ur instructions and am now on DAY 3 of a hardcore world. got really lucky and got over a stack of iron in a huge cave system. before watching ur vids i had seen all the "funny clips" showing good streamers die in hardcore, so i never wanted to give it a try. the pain of losing work was too risky for my feeble mind. anyways thnx man you got some great vids keep it up!

    12. Ayaan Punit G-VII


    13. Slimonetic

      before clicking on the video i knew what music he's gona be using

    14. mr_ plantje

      Where is 3000 days

    15. Sleepy Leo

      I love ur videos so much so I’ve probably watched every single one of the hard kore videos three times I love ur videos so please keep uploading ur vids I love them😁👍

    16. NotRainbow

      Why did luke include philippines time Well guess cant complain my country flag is here

    17. Luis Enriquez

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    18. Foxy playz

      If this comment gets likes then pepole come here everyday

    19. ScytheFN


    20. Anna Fedorska

      Wtf booooooommmmm!!!!!!!!!

    21. melissa low

      3000 day trailer

    22. Brian Karcz

      I love your videos

    23. Orval Ealy

      Watch this whole video in 0.25 playback speed the music is very odd

    24. TheBuzzer63

      Well that’s a very good trailer

      1. 6000

        For someone who... just watch the recent videos about drama

    25. Crazy_ Carson

      Me over here in eastern time

    26. good gaming studios

      Do 100 days in terraria

    27. MEP mep

      This is going to be insane on luke THENotabel vedeos

    28. MeekDegree Inc.

      You should do 100 Days Terraria

    29. Hakyfuzz

      People tell me i look like this guy. Can you please go to my Channel and Q&A video where i revealed My face and tell me if i look like this guy? Cuz the comment section went crazy with it

    30. Elimination Plays


    31. Lance Caballero


    32. Zallow

      If you press the F3 button you can see how many mincaft days you’ve played

    33. Zallow

      Idea for 3000 days give your house a copper trim so the house ages

    34. potat

      You know its going to be good if it has a trailer

    35. Wendy's_ Anime

      U should log in a spectator account to overview the world as u work for 3,000 days

    36. Zain Nasim


    37. Mohammad Shuaib

      Turn play speed to 0.25 then the music will sound very very creepy almost like some thing is screaming

    38. SwagToastBoi 64yt

      This came out on my birthday!

    39. NOify


    40. Stable

      Hey Luke I have an idea for even better PROFITS. You don’t have to do this but I think it’s a good idea. Infect and cure some clerics because they buy rotten flesh.

    41. Matīss Visockis

      I timed at the firwt try

    42. Helorocino

      Good day everyone... Good clips you share. This channel is one of the reason for me to try make my own. Can you guys also support my new channel. Sorry if the content still noob. Please guide me. Thanks mate

    43. TheAAngryOne


    44. t3mpst

      I’ve watched every video this has been such a series

    45. minecraft_commands_123


    46. Brayden Gosse

      I am 230 day in to a hardcore Minecraft world

    47. Renfred_Abot

      done watching 2000 days hardcore now i need to wait for more

    48. Rainbow Paradox

      Can’t wait for 3000

    49. poopy head


    50. 10_Firman Ramadhan Hutama

      This trailer can make the most strongest man cried

    51. Ana Dee

      3000 day pz

    52. Holiday DuckYt

      This is so satisfying at 2x playback speed!

    53. Mr Doylee

      You should make a emerald city

    54. Pepe

      I’ve been here since day 1

    55. Xgaming


    56. Xgaming

      I’ve already seen 2000 days and I’m still tryna phase to see it

    57. Cluckboy_55 Games

      Who’s here after the 2000 days video

      1. The Bot King


    58. ThePikachuBoy & Friends

      I can make you a resource pack!

    59. Jenny Chen

      Dec 19 is my sisters birthday

    60. The Unknown Beast

      Who is watching after premier Like this comment

    61. Jayavani Tekkale

      IT CAME OUT :oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    62. xiamjakex

      This all began because this notable man felt he wanted to play minecraft for maybe 30 minutes.

    63. Lou Seager

      Oooo it comes out on my brothers bday÷

    64. visionary gamer


    65. visionary gamer


    66. Pope Francis

      3000 days when?

    67. BRUH


    68. Mercy

      Hereafter the whole 2 hours 2000 days episode! 🔥

    69. kman the coolest

      who's here after the video is over?

    70. Bradzz Yt

      It’s on now go watch

    71. Tee2yCD


    72. Miaa


    73. Blue 26

      Me: Time is going so SLOW! My mom: aww are you excited for Christmas? Me: ...ya...Christmas

    74. EXE Velocity

      doesnt put time in est

    75. Airboi 14

      At 0:14 is the new base! Just keep it paused

    76. Endi Garcia

      Me to

    77. Sire loris

      Aren't you rec now when is it donneee

    78. Enraged Ultra Instinct Gaming


    79. abcdefghijklmnop tea is the best

      0:04 0:08 0:13

    80. S M

      It's today

    81. Allen Layague

      Can you please have/get a skin for your own minecraft character plssssssss

    82. Cloney Fishy

      What time eastern is it

    83. Sølary

      0:14 pause and set to 0.25x E M E R A L D W A L L

      1. Abbie Colley

        0:13 because pausing at 0:14 is after it disappears

    84. Joelle Bin-Saris

      What did I just watch?

    85. Green Amaw

      Gotta stay up late tonight

    86. Mrpizzarolls 727


    87. Anam Tahir

      watch at 0.25x and play pause at 4:00 and 9:00

    88. B Socore

      Aaaaaaahhh can’t wait

    89. AaronRobloxYT


    90. Abdelrhman Talaat

      2000 days is so fun 🤩

    91. Abdelrhman Talaat

      I’m so Excited for 2000 days

    92. Fitzy 752

      Anyone else slow down the video to pause and see his base

    93. Noob the no vid

      Yep still waiting

    94. Ken

      Ok time to wake up at 1:00 am i will definently not go back to sleepand watch it in the morning

    95. alexvhan 123diego

      bruh for me is des 20 1 pm in the morng

    96. mariusz milkowski

      I’ve been a fan of you for quite some time and I’ve been waiting for the 2000 day hard cor Minecraft

    97. bugiano100

      on philippines is actually december 20

    98. robert hurley

      Ok come on Luke that's not enough literally two clips come on I love the show it's so good 😀

    99. Naruto

      I’m late asf

    100. Josie Sabariz

      How long did it take you?