Official Trailer: 1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

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    It's taken 1,000 Days to get to this point. Like the video for 1,000 more.
    Make sure to watch "I Survived Hardcore Minecraft For 1000 Days And This Is What Happened" April 18th 2020 at 12PM CST.
    C418 - Minecraft
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    1. Luke TheNotable

      Like the video for 2,000 Days. See you on the 18th! Stay Notable

      1. Prince Castaneto


      2. robert colon

        Yes sir

      3. Yu Ishigami

        make 3k days

      4. Barbara Montgomery

        What about 1 million days? 10 million days? INFINITY DAYS?!?

      5. Jenica Galloway

        Do day 178

    2. Brittney Thomas

      The game is fun.

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    54. Sammi T

      I am your number 1 fan

    55. Sarah Goodwin

      I would die if I was playing Minecraft for 2,000 days 😑

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    60. Josiah Riley Cruz

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    61. Pretzel Playz

      1000 days was uploaded on my birthday

    62. Zachary Boyd

      Hurry! Type AJTHEBOLD into the search bar! They killed his Minecraft dog. Twice.

    63. roblox amelia QwQ

      You mean 100 days?

      1. Dynamite

        Bruh 1000 days in Minecraft

    64. KD Dickens

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    65. EnergyPlaxo

      Issa good one

    66. Erik Pauling

      Who is here after 2000 daysa>

    67. Tatum Martin

      I Hated that A lot it was so short I don't like short vid,s

      1. Dynamite

        This better be a joke, or else you are an idiot

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    84. Dan Eleazar Gilbolingo

      What is the music?

    85. Susana Hernandez

      Disappoints video ever I seen I hate it

      1. Dynamite

        Idiot! This is just the trailer, ever survived more than 10 days in hardcore Minecraft?

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    95. Lucie Mccabe

      Who watched all 45 seconds?Cuz I did but I'm curious so respond with yes or no

    96. The Dolphin

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