Only Connect 3x04

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    Only Connect Season 3 Episode 4

    I own no rights to this. This is uploaded under Fair Use/Fair Dealing statutes for academic use only.

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    1. girlinthegalaxy

      I thought i knew something in my life if not everything but after watching this i definitely now know i know nothing

    2. truK 0487

      28:12 I wish that played at the end of every show I watched. Or like maybe every time someone stubs their toe

    3. David Gossett

      "the mini-bus of shame"

    4. Daniel Zisman

      10 mins in and bruh, how do you even get the answers? This is insane

    5. sai rishi

      Game theory is not a scientific theory just an economic one.

    6. jourlo

      ‘Colorado’ as a South American river?

    7. miranda mullany

      peter: ben'll do the sports questions ben: °_°

    8. Tomos Jenney

      Tom Scott has scoliosis here from carrying the team on his back

    9. Kristie Sullivan

      The reflective venezuela unknowingly work because wallet prognostically flap next a cooing birth. unbecoming, lively bomb

    10. Sašo Domadenik

      Here are the semifinals

    11. Muhammed Taha

      *You already knew who was gonna win before you even watch the video*

    12. Wolfnews17

      Didnt expect the Spanish inquisition

    13. Matthew Nagy

      Remember kids: Philosophers know nothing because the whole subject is a sham!

    14. Daniel Morgan

      This man is everywhere

    15. Berend Van Beerschot


    16. Unlikely Gamer

      10:37 how were they expected to get that? No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

    17. Ethan McQue

      Who's here for Tom Scott?

    18. BADIS

      I wondered why FIblock suggested this to me... Then I saw Scott and I went "oh"

    19. Memeful Banter

      That Chris reminds me of boyinaband

    20. Ophir Wesley

      "7. Hmm, it's definitely a number" - tom scott

    21. Eddie Sigala

      M I N I B U S O F S H A M E

    22. Bryan Naing

      Let's be honest here, we all clicked for Tom

    23. Toni Delgado Abellan

      The host is THE BBBEESTT

    24. bila lagi?

      I like how cocky the host are

    25. Guilherme sampaio de oliveira

      Excuse me what?

    26. Skott Lee

      I could beat up all six of those guys at the same time while banging the hostess.

      1. Skott Lee

        I guess one of those guys is a chick so she can go home or whatever.

    27. Mister Itchy

      I was so happy to see the Monty Python reference and then she said she would 'accept' "Fanatical Devotion to the Pope"! Of course you will accept that because it's the right frickin' answer, you just couldn't fit it all in the box!

    28. Sebastian-Benedict Flore


    29. aleratz

      Lol Tom Scott

    30. Lyde

      I like to imagine Tom appearing somewhere down the timeline of every possible world someone could live in

    31. Ayush Agrawal

      those are round

    32. Jelly T

      I got recommended this video after watching Tom Scott’s video about Microwave - anyone else?

    33. sleepingcity85

      I wondered if the algorithm gone mad for proposing this video bc i had no idea.

    34. 3 mOn3y

      The wandering frame focally stir because criminal postnatally trick from a glamorous marble. stiff, instinctive candle

    35. Will Ipad

      Only fans

    36. Strzelba Stian

      16:13 I thought it was magenta, lol. Wrong order tho

    37. Killer _

      Lucky YT algo choice. Didn't know that Tom was on this.

    38. Izzy

      The walls SLAUGHTERED them, Jesus. Were they harder back then, were these ones just particularly tricky, or are they thick (for Only Connect contestants)? They're all basically impossible to me, so I can't tell lmao

    39. Fihlippe Luhis

      Cosmo Grant looks like he was hugged by a girl

    40. Daniel Morrison

      a ruthlessly, unapologetically intelligent show

    41. SoundsSilver

      The host is abundant evidence that the British, in fact, lack a sense of humor.

    42. Pig Expert13

      I'd be stuck on the Greek letters let alone the actual questions

    43. Bharath G

      FIblock algorithm is funny like that

    44. Arvidland

      2:06 but actually 27:14

    45. Jenny Cheng

      The Olympic flag question lol. It’s carved into every Chinese person born before the Beijing olympic’s mind. I was yelling 妮妮 at the screen lolllll

    46. Fred Ranzalot

      I love that there's one episode of a random ass british game show with ridiculously more views than any other, because it happened to feature some guy who would later be famous.

    47. Andre Angelo

      Tom Scott was Right about Niemeyer. He the design the city Brasilia as a hole also

    48. unusual person

      The red shirt man seems very smart, he should clone himself a hundred times

    49. kiku070

      no one expects the spanish inquisition

    50. Ded

      Everybody fangirling about Tom Scott, yet nobody notices how knowledgeable Chris White is.

    51. Chad

      Peter Berry seems like the most boring individual in the UK

    52. tkokesh

      Did anyone else notice that the “Spanish Inquisition” weapons were in the wrong order? Surprise should have been first.

    53. RenegadeTV

      I came here for Tom Scott

    54. dogchaser520

      Tom Scott, all 3 episodes Heat ep4: Qtr finals ep10: Semifinals ep14:

      1. apereires


    55. Jose Mengelez

      this bastard quiz blasted his ponytail clean off and turned his remaining barnett grey.

    56. Speedy Chicken

      The philspoer Stone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. Wesley Jones

      24:48...I think I see the connection...

    58. MyHardyhar

      12:42 they made 🅱️eter a real thing!

    59. Vini M.

      This nerd Tom Scott should start a FIblock channel

    60. tsuki

      i want every single show to be this nerdy. i love it

    61. Josh23761

      The fact they have the south park theme in this shows that you really do need to have a knowledge base that covers everything for this game.

    62. Tom Hubbard

      Omg Tom Scott... has not changed. How tf does he know so much stuff 😂

    63. Vitto Prince

      Hmm, this “Tom Scott” seems like a very intelligent fellow. Has he made a FIblock channel? If so, then I would like to watch his videos.

    64. jasper Boumeester

      what a nice and civil quiz show.

    65. Nils F. Lindberg

      So many rimless glasses....

    66. Carlos Garcia

      I mentioned this video to my buddy and 1 hour later it's the first video on my feed,impressive because all I said was Tom Scott on British jeopardy

    67. Joshua Wagstaff

      proof that literally anyone is smarter than a philosophy major

    68. Ramenixsan

      Funny how I answered it correctly on 11:48 which they all didn't know.

    69. Ali Gill

      The FIblock algorithm has confused me with a Cambridge graduate, apparently

    70. Gerson Givanok Galeano G.

      I'm a simple man. I see Tom Scott in a thumbnail, I click it

    71. Kanwar Pamnani

      16:41 damn didn't know Andy Samberg is Tom Scott's friend

    72. Thomas CS

      For the first connecting wall, I was convinced it was something 'up'. 7 up, line up, tidy up. But I couldn't get the fourth one:)

    73. Karl Hall

      I'm glad I got some of them at least

    74. Johnson Heat Up

      I had no idea this was a thing and did Tom Scott conquer Britain but then gave up and decided to teach people 😂

    75. I want my kids susan

      Tom Scott immediately recognizing the South Park theme, even before I did I might add, is something I didn’t think I’d see in my life.

    76. Obama Gaming

      why does chris look like tom in a wig

    77. Just Dayana

      I love it when tom press the button n gave chriss to answer it since he’s the one that knew the answer. Such a good leader

    78. JonatasAdoM

      Just learned I say Crumb and Column wrong.

    79. Tsuna

      The last section seems like the most fun imo.

    80. Ali Devrim OGUZ

      13:00 I can't believe Tom doesn't know what is the last step of the scientific method

    81. Densmorde

      Had she done anything to her teeth/lip/nose here? Somethings off.

      1. Densmorde

        I have a crush on her either way.

    82. James

      That Tom Scott comes across here in the same way he does his videos- arrogant and entitled, makes it all about himself. Irritating little twat 👍

    83. BubblyBrainiac

      How approachable he is comes through in this. He has an ease that can't be taught.

    84. E S

      I can't believe I saw the whole thing

    85. Teddy Li

      Tom Scott!

    86. ano nymus

      lol i was clueless on all of them but i got the q :)

    87. JJ MC GUNG HO

      Is it just me or does Tom age in reverse

    88. Nazli B.

      It took me a well 15 minutes before I realised who the guy in the red shirt is and I have been binging his channel for the last week...

    89. J

      This is offensively British.

    90. Datoda

      Was wondering why this blew up randomly but after seeing red shirt I knew

    91. MAGA

      Tom holand

    92. MAGA

      Travis scotland

    93. MAGA

      Tom scotland

    94. MAGA

      Tom scotish

    95. The Nagler

      thicc banana

    96. lefettsack

      I would fail at this quiz not only because I'm too stupid, but also because I don't know enough greek letters.

    97. Nicolas Reali

      Me: why the fuck is youtube recommending this I've never heard of this game show Me, a minute and forty seconds later: oh so that's why

    98. Brad_is_name

      Cosmo literally didn’t do a single thing the entire show

    99. Rocket

      lol, oxford only can come up with copy cut paste lmao ahaha

    100. 007VitaminD

      Oi Bruv