Only Connect 3x10

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    Only Connect Season 3 Episode 10
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    1. Pjotre

      Why do all of them wear the same glasses?

    2. Navaneeth K

      10:28 *Victoria: "... pseudonyms of writing partnerships" *The Hitchhikers: "Oh oH 0h,... of course...." *Postgrads: :-| (just look at both the Chrises...😆)

    3. mubutukinkeke

      I didn't do great with this except for the bit where she was adding 3 and 4, which I knew was 7 almost immediately.

    4. Julius


    5. M P

      Amy has a beautiful accent

    6. Tonuka

      This woman is completely unforgiving and it makes me cringe at every mistake so much harder

    7. Anson Sieu

      that's not a red shirt

    8. Gray Saltine

      Most iconic image of Clint Eastwood in the history of cinema appears... "Oh god uhh do you know who that is Amy? No.." Well well well, look how the turns have tabled, mr. smart people...

    9. De S

      ‘Or you can simply join us the next time where you can simply watch other people do the struggling and sweating while you point and laugh’ She’s tracking us

    10. Casey Almas

      Just started watching these clips today... what the hell is snooker????

    11. tim kohler

      Why was I marathoning only connect at 1 am

    12. Madge

      Nearly half the people on this screen are named Chris

    13. Timothy G Smith

      I'm still not sure why they don't just automatically say next in the first round as soon as it starts. They often waste 5 seconds just talking about the place.

    14. Matt Briggs

      I have a love hate relationship with this show

    15. Niko Ivan

      0:27 Finnñnnnnnnñnnnnnñnnn

    16. Gondamar

      2:39 pizza time

    17. Angel Cleva

      Mad captain Tom

    18. Andrew Chang

      How to figure out which is the next episode with Tom Scott in it the easy way.... Look at the number of views

    19. NorthSeaHero

      Tom Scott: **Wears a non-red shirt** Something's wrong, I can feel it

    20. dressbitch

      If I ever get a "that's interestingly wrong" as a response I'll take it as a compliment 😂

    21. Solestian

      This is the most British thing I've ever seen

    22. John Elcome

      Just when i thought I’ve seen all of Tom Scotts content

    23. FlashMeterRed

      13:53 - I got a totally different, but legitimate connection. The dates are: 1st/4th, 2nd/8th, 3rd/12th.... so fourth would be 4/16 (the golf shots one was also unrelated to the birds in the actual clues). So if it had to be a date it would be... 4th of Sapril.

    24. RobS

      4:00 is that 50 cent? LOL

    25. The Great Salad

      Vote for Nico :)

    26. Филипп Тучак

      The end of the game where Tom's team is saved by the bell is 100% like the Real Steel final fight where Atom is getting hammered by Zeus at the very end of the round only to be saved by the magical 'ding'

    27. Omri Ofek

      06:50 tom probably remembered this moment when he did the video on why the iphone crushes when you set the date before 1970

    28. defenastrator

      Tom Scott on camera not in a red shirt wierd

    29. luiz appel

      Is no one going to mention the SEAMLESS transition from 22:40 to 22:50?

    30. Fire Mouse


    31. James Foo

      haha "Is it, err, things you can't do in a court room" ... "die" lmao

    32. Sir RickSol

      The answer to the first question of the famous last words round would have been Bambi

    33. Rachel Lam

      you may say that bambi is the famous ladt words of brasenose

    34. calgar365

      21:40 The term West Lothian question wasn’t coined by Enoch Powell, it was coined by Tam Dalyell, who was the MP for West Lothian.

    35. Duatia

      He's not wearing a red shirt. Where is the real Tom and what have you done with him?

    36. Patrick Byrne

      Holy shit. Ok yeh Tom’s a very bloody knowledgable bloke. I’m lovin this

    37. Patrick Byrne

      SHAME ON YOU .. for thinking two rappers look the same weirdo BROOKLYN ZOO

    38. Ethan Rushton

      4:24 how do they not know who Clint Eastwood is?

      1. ᴊɪᴍ ʜᴀʟᴘᴇʀᴛ

        They ain't 'Muricans

    39. adam comerford

      1:41 Ladies and Gentlemen, the Lady-Killer.

    40. Remchaill

      I knew who Judith Hart was because of a Spike Milligan poem from the sixties: Judith Hart once made for me An early morning cup of tea It isn't every day that one Is waited on by an M.P.! 😂

    41. David Farrell

      Bringing a music major who never knows the songs

    42. mrcydonia

      Every time I think I'm kinda smart, I watch this and I remember that I very much am not.

    43. bzqp2

      I like how every time Tom is introduced with a totally different, imaginary profession xdd

    44. Toby Stiup

      I thought the month one was they all divided to get 4 or 1/4. So 4/1 = 4 for April 1. 8/2 =4for August 2nd, 4=12/3.

    45. Jason Lantier

      Come on Tom, only yesterday were you telling me about Jan 1 1970, you should have known that

    46. Darude Sandstrom

      Fiona is a music student but never has a clue when it comes to the music questions

    47. Justin K

      I'm too dumb to even just watch this quiz show.

    48. SHIRO Suit

      The fact that tom scott did not get the baselines one and i did surprises me. I would have expected him to get it :(

    49. Liam Chuen

      The first time I’ve seen Tom not in a red shirt

    50. badass genius

      the girl Ami Koenig is very beautiful

    51. Techno Spyform1

      I found the first video without Tom Scott in a red shirt

    52. James theslayer5

      I'm sorry tom runs wHAT?!

    53. Alec Van Vlerken

      Why is she so bonne

    54. Sam Strawbridge

      I will be unreasonably proud of myself if I ever guess one of these right

    55. Mandarth

      Cursed video of Tom not wearing RED

    56. Mr. Apollyon

      No wonder she's the wife of David Mitchell :DDD

    57. Kavin Ravishankar

      Tom didn’t get the midnight 1970 clue and then made a video about it a few years later. This man learns from everything

    58. HallowedPumpkin

      Something about Tom Scott in a shirt that isn’t Red is unsettling

    59. Olly

      im here from 3x04, go tom!

    60. hosanna chan

      im australian (and from brisbane no less) but chris' accent is here so jarring to me hahaha

    61. Arachnodose

      The only thing I got correct was all of these have teeth and the grouping that has teeth

    62. Raw Lobster

      Good lord this episode was British

    63. Nicolas Nicora

      the cut at 22:49 is so smooth i triped over and broke my hand.

    64. George Doty-Williams

      I GOT THE PSEUDONYMS QUESTION RIGHT!!!! Well, half of it, I guessed they were just pseudonyms of some sort

    65. Videos

      tom scott did so many cool things iys unbelievable

    66. 仮面埼玉

      He's not wearing red...

    67. Lewie895

      "whats west lothian" **Cries in Midlothian**

    68. Thomayo

      Came for Tom Scott episode 2, stayed for Victoria Coren

    69. Ivo Trausch

      The rare sight of a wild Tom Scott not wearing red

    70. Ankit Agrawal

      Chris White... Dude why you there?

    71. Nathan

      This guy is obsessed with jumpers

    72. Matthias Falzon

      Watching this makes me feel like I'm an absolute idiot

      1. Nunny The Dog

        It's meant to be absolutely brain destroying, these things only have the slightest and most confusing connections so don't worry about not knowing them- that's the point, it doesn't mean you're an idiot at all lol

    73. kim phi

      The guttural H habitual rose outstandingly train because traffic effectively borrow near a violet daisy. nimble, dear dresser

    74. Buschnaga

      the odb question was the best

    75. Temmo Rijken

      it's not the algorithm bringing us tom, he's just in every episode on youtube

    76. Kaspito [ESC]

      doesnt a rake have teeth as well?

    77. Water Under The Bridge

      I was thinking 4/1, 8/2, 12/3 and 4/4 next with the months

    78. Water Under The Bridge

      Tom looks both older and younger than now for some reason

    79. Peşeng Deniz Genç

      Olum çok zor bu

    80. Jordan Hayes

      Don't you just love that seamless cut between teams on the connecting wall.

    81. TRDPaul

      Tom Scott started the British talk like a pirate day?

    82. Grapes1314

      Got through 11 minutes before I realized that was Tom Scott 😂

    83. Lucas Salviano

      Are there only three tom scott episodes?

    84. Neo Stylo

      Tom Scott = Messi in football, carrying their team to win

    85. ouss_mco

      This moderator has some James Bond-esque charisma to her and I love it

    86. tsuki

      he-he wore blue. how could he?

    87. You are soul

      I think Chris L is fanboying Chris T.

    88. Mien Thao

      Tom's not wearing a red shirt. Something's wrong I can feel it

    89. Asher S.

      Was this before or after toms student government years

    90. Sofia Bergström

      I love when ther walk very awkwardly towards the connection wall

    91. Morgan

      I bet they wouldn't let Tom wear a red shirt twice in a row

    92. Hubazuba

      14:34 the month one. Didn't do it in alphabetical order I just added 4 to the months and 1 day to the days, would have gotten wrong answer

    93. Valley Scharping

      Change the thumbnail on this to include Tom Scott, and you'll likely get several hundred thousand more views on it.

    94. Darcy Inwood

      so cool to see Tom Scott before “Tom Scott”

    95. RealEmolga

      i look this. i feel intelecc

    96. Grant Reid

      Tom actually went on to work with the writer of the questions of this show if I'm not mistaken, for his own quiz shows here on FIblock. He's also done videos covering the topic of the computer epoch and measurement of sea level. I fare thee random stumblers upon this video well

    97. Jacob


    98. Stephen Giles

      3:54 They thought that was Hannibal Burress...and I did too!

    99. prski

      Tom is in episodes: 3x04 3x10 3x14

    100. John Warwick

      Koenig was by far the best one in the postgrads but they never listened to her. They let Lustri dominate proceedings who isn't as clever as he thinks he is.