Only Connect - Champion of Champions of Champions Special - Crossworders vs Epicureans

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    Only Connect's special, Champion of Champions of Champions. The war between the Crossworders and the Epicureans, between the husband and the wife.

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    1. Jonathan Atkinson

      Imagine thay journey home

    2. Jonathan Atkinson

      This quiz is the best on TV

    3. Rebeca Sally

      how did no one know about the ymca?

    4. Eren Kad

      "You watched a husband beating his wife" - What a line in a public show and there is not a darn thing you can do about it.

    5. Eren Kad

      How come someone sees a date and directly connects it to the French republics is severely insane, I think they might be cheating. :D

    6. samtheking25

      she is such a smug

    7. Brendon Phillips

      'letters upside down' should actually be 'letters rotated 180 degrees', I reckon

    8. Mohammed Alhaj

      i feel that i am totally idiot after watching this o_O

    9. Jean Prouvaire

      I've seen this episode before and I STILL couldn't work out the answers.

    10. j3r3miasmg

      Poor husband will be beaten at home..

    11. Zero

      David Stainer??? He looks so familiar?

    12. TheMeatMan

      Contestant - "They're types of gasses?" Victoria - "In a way, yes. They're programs on BBC Three" Absolutely ruthless.

    13. Ucan Ashtar

      Ive sucked since episode One. What the hell am i doing here?

    14. Irwan Rais

      The host is rude

    15. nikolai rainbow

      I am very jealous of David on every possible level, lucky man!

    16. Paul Rone-Clarke

      33? 9? 2.47? 1,812? That's Numberwang!!

    17. Paul Rone-Clarke

      "Space Invaders 2" had colour strips behind the glass to give the illusion there was colour. A tactic was called "Double Red". Where, because the missile the invaders shot only appeared 2 characters below them (meaning the space directly below them was safe from being hit) you would make a gap between one invader and a block. Sit in it, wait for the invaders to come down so they were directly above you. move tot he side of the screen, then, in one move, move back to the safe "gap" shooting each invader you passed under as you went. If you missed one shot - it was game over. And as you deleted row after row they got faster. In the last row you needed to shoot the one invader you'd left to the side as well. Which meant a pause in your firing rhythm - which was probably the most common cause of failure. The very last invader on the screen getting through. Anyway... the two strips at the very bottom of the screen were indeed red. So Vicky's derision was (slightly) misplaced.

    18. Zeke Edwards

      Like David Mitchell i think David stainer is punch above his weight

    19. Jake Myhill

      Victoria has a cracking rack

    20. Facundo Rodríguez

      "Its not the first time i beat her"

    21. LazyLiam

      We watched a husband beating his wife... savage

    22. Nick Brown

      the host talked too much round 4 wasting valuable time

    23. kalolewalow

      18:52 true love

    24. Eric

      Why didn’t the husband and wife go on the same team tf

    25. u8f7

      "They are all things that begin with three vowels" Me: I can't even think of any words that begin with three vowels

    26. Sukhbir Sekhon

      Love the introductions. Remind me of ice breakers I've come across in big companies who ask you to tell a quirky fact about yourself. Love the row question. The only one I got. And the fact the contestants didn't get it gives me a slight feeling of superiority. Love how Victoria disparaged them for not getting it.

    27. Jonathan

      Bless the dress.

    28. Duane Ding

      I have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, but I enjoy the show somehow...

    29. steve sandford

      I would watch Victoria Coren-Mitchell read the news... (Even the bad news...) xx SF

    30. B B

      Why don't they recognize heidegger

    31. Caleb Anderson

      She is so hot and mean. I accidentally fell in love.

      1. Mako Next


    32. Xin Quiote


    33. FiresBZ

      6:23 Proud of myself for getting this one after clue #2. Can't wait to not get anything else from this episode :)

    34. Danish Teuku

      28:29 " horrible, but it's all over. We know the result, we watched a husband beating his wife"

    35. James Clamp

      Crossworders had 15 points after the wall and got one right in the last round, surely they had 16 points total?

      1. Lakko

        they also lost one point in the last round

    36. moobslikejagger

      This can fuck right off

    37. Eutrophication

      I feel very dumb, uneducated and ignorant when watching them :’(

    38. Sothysen Tuy Hor

      HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE THE CONNECTING WALL COLOURS!!!!! Imma have to agree with Vicky, I am frankly disgusted.

    39. Joel H

      Can you imagine how high brow the Mitchell's dinner conversations must be?

      1. Rod Buchan

        I bet they don't use dirty words during sex.

      2. TRiG (Ireland)

        Or the Stainers'?

    40. ishei

      does he not know what a rainbow looks like

    41. Gui Harrison

      Wow what a shit comment there on hip-hop dancing, hugh? Never forget to pair knowledge with empathy, you elitist lot!

    42. VOYAGEUR

      That connecting wall colours question is the only time I've ever gotten one and the contestants haven't lol

    43. Luke 94

      Row 1 - blue. “Is it red, the gay pride flag?” Hun it’s a rainbow flag, how do you not know the order of colours in a rainbow?

      1. Luke 94

        Dónal O'Flynn I’ve given some stupid answers in my time but I just couldn’t let that one go 🤣

      2. Dónal O'Flynn

        Thinking on your feet (or on your seat I guess) is hard. You'd make stupid mistakes in their position too.

    44. Dan

      Worst possible picture of Kant!

    45. MK Ganya

      26:57 WTF!!!! Hahaha..

      1. Adrián Santiago


    46. Zachery Alderton

      What are the rules

    47. Nick Kiey

      I'm sorry to be picky, and I can't be arsed to check if anyone else has pointed this out, but at 07:17 the letters are not upside down, they are rotated 180°. An upside down "q" is a "d"...

      1. Sudarshan Seshadri

        Upside down means rotate, not flip. Turn a book upside down. Did you flip or rotate?

      2. Deco Dolly

        So glad I'm not the only person who exclaimed "No they're not!" at my screen.

    48. Trawlerfly

      "In a way, yes" Victoria on fire!

      1. Pierre-Augustin Vallin

        That was so funny :D 25:50

    49. Richard Webb

      Plodding, and too much chat. Both teams appear to have needed a telescope to see the clues.

    50. anna

      1:50 'in the red corner' *is purple* ...this show is too smart for me

    51. byron elenica

      The female captain looks as hard as nails.

      1. Tobias Fenner

        like brady

      2. Hamish alexander

        She shaves her arse with a machete

    52. byron elenica

      Great quiz.... Victoria Coren - Mitchell, of course, has nothing to do with it. LOL LOL

    53. tiarnan

      If I keep saying ham sandwich over and over.... one day it'll be the answer to one of the questions

      1. Barbara Joseph-Adam

        Lke Alan Davies and “blue whale”; I wish you all the best.

    54. Monty Cantsin

      No one knew Muddy Waters. :( And David Hume mistaken for George III... I died a little inside.

    55. Ba Gawk

      After the connecting puzzle, none of them even deserve the title of *Champions of Champions of Champions*

    56. Randy Vellacott

      @7:17 2nd letter rotated anticlockwise by 180 degrees or upside down and mirrored?

    57. lucatme

      woof, the looksmatch is real

    58. Eric Komar

      Those are some great breasts.

    59. Moses Amba

      Victoria has awesome humor

    60. R3p

      They made a mistake, the deepest depression on Earth is within me :D

      1. Codex7777

        Let me guess... you're a teenager?

    61. Red Bank

      Bleeding hard

    62. MrWombatty

      Being an Aussie, I've never seen this quiz-show before, but it's brilliant! Also why I didn't know the answer to that sequence of the Only Connect Wall colours!

    63. LoLCollege

      The first question is the only question I actually knew after like watching 5 episodes LMAO this is so sad

    64. Frank Gervasi

      27:55 God damn that quartet came out of nowhere!

    65. Nut Collector

      7:10 I actually got one they didn't

    66. Jacopo Barberis

      0:40 boomer moment

      1. Codex7777

        Fuck off with your sad empty little memes!

    67. oceanfrog

      Fascinating how much US knowledge is required (and how much is shown by the teams).

    68. Llaura M

      That was such a short final round! The epicureans would have won!

      1. Chaz Allen

        Do they cut out long pauses?!

    69. tazmon122

      this is the most terrribly British bullshit i've seen. i mean for fucks sake, can't even color match red, when clearly it's magenta...completely different light spectrum defining the color wheel.....oh and the fackt that the first team thinks Springfield is anywhere NEAR Boston. might as well say The Beatles are from London. i'll take QI, and remember why my clam chowder have a vintage tea flavor to it.

    70. Nathan Kaczynski

      "I like you better for not knowing the hip hop dances" translation "I think i'm better than filthy youths because i have useless booksmarts"

      1. Nathan Kaczynski

        @Robson Neves I don't really give a shit about their trivial knowledge. I'm not saying that it's necessarily a bad thing to know these sorts of things but I do think it is shitty to have a superiority complex over people who enjoy hip hop.

      2. Robson Neves

        Don't come to an Only Connect video and talk shit about Victoria Coren-Mitchell and trivia knowledge.

    71. OJD Creative

      Emo band 😂

    72. Takeru_Takaishi

      @15:10 - I know that one! It's another grey dude, right?

    73. ethan burnside

      I love quiz and crossword, but this is just wicked!

    74. Kenneth Ho

      She was genuinely disgusted with the lot of them.

      1. Milk Tobo

        @Kenura Medagedara She was not upset about the guess, rather the failure to recognise the colours in her own show.

      2. Kenura Medagedara

        'gay flag?' 'I'M DISGUSTED'

      3. Osmosis Jones

        No, just disappointed.

    75. Sebastian Simon

      Okay, I got the cosine question right…

      1. goodsire

        Sebastian Simon well cosine(x)=sin(pi/2-x) so it’s all the same ! :)

      2. Sebastian Simon

        @X Gee, I don’t know, it just says cosine at 13:35 and it actually _is_ cosine, but whatever. 🤷

      3. X

        Sebastian Simon Hate to break it to you... but it wasnt even cosine

    76. Synarus Coaching

      why she lieks them even more that they dont know hip hop? wtf. is this totaly cunt show or whats goin on.

      1. gwishart

        Only criminals and druggies know about hip-hop, so obviously she's pleased that none of the contestants know about it.

    77. Nabby Email

      16:54 that power move

    78. Akhilesh

      Only here because of tom scott

      1. Tom Scott

        Glad I could be of service

      2. Stuli

        Came for Tom Scott, stayed for the sheer Britishness of the show

      3. MichaelKingsfordGray

        I am only here to watch Victoria.

      4. Akhilesh

        @Ahmed Mohamed he didn't but came to know about only connect show due to his thumbnail being recommended.

      5. Ahmed Mohamed

        did he mention this 'battle'

    79. poisoncurls

      "z" upside-down is more like an "s"

      1. poisoncurls

        @mumblejumbo she said upside-down.

    80. 231swift

      either of these teams turn up again?

    81. DealerUmbra

      Bodies Pulling Massive Johnson

    82. Roy Marshall

      These questions sometimes just seem... mean

    83. tinibari

      This is the most British show with the most British comedy from the most British host I’ve yet encountered.

      1. Nathan's Wargames

        never watched Q.I ?

      2. Theodhor Zhobro

        and i love it

    84. Nathan Brown

      This is the ideal massive funland body! You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like!

    85. Jataro Kemuri

      I was hoping that the last row of the connecting wall will be orange.

    86. recentral48

      Is this game played for prize money or just fun?

      1. Barbara Joseph-Adam

        As well as Victoria’s look of approval.

      2. Jane Brown

        Neither. Eternal respect.

    87. Ethan Cheng

      Oh my god my chemistry teacher

      1. kgcolor

        You at Eton? Same bro

      2. Yurii Kotsar

        Lucky you then!

    88. Syf

      9:34 It doesn't have to be a real number. Complex numbers have magnitudes/absolute values too.

      1. Ruth Wang

        Complex numbers have a modulus or a norm, not an absolute value.

    89. Jamie Walker

      “we’ve watched a husband beating his wife”

      1. nathan87

        @Paul Kennedy It's also a lateral-thinking joke, completely in keeping with the program. I'm surprised they even followed it up.

      2. Isaiah Mammoth

        @Sid Arthur you'll lose

      3. Sid Arthur

        Ratlee94 i'll fight her

      4. Ratlee94

        @Paul Kennedy Apparently he/she can! Great, if somewhat controversial joke, but who would be brave (or stupid) enough to get in a fight with Victoria Corren-Mitchell?!

      5. Paul Kennedy

        @Mr Mulhall Good grief. The closing remarks are SCRIPTED. Like the introductory remarks. They don't rely on the host to make those things up on the spot. Regardless, if she had slipped up they would not have relied on her making something else up to disguise/justify/explain it. They would edit it out. You can't seriously think it was an accident.

    90. Mario Mackerelwain

      But they're not computer viruses. They're WINDOWS viruses.

      1. Jennifer H

        Oh yes they are. Windows viruses are a subset of computer viruses. :-)

    91. Chris Whelan

      Vicky Coren gives me the horn

    92. BrutalTurtle

      christ that missing vowel round was difficult. how the feck did they get those?

      1. Codex7777

        That's the round I find the easiest. I find the first 2 rounds really hard. :)

      2. erati

        did they work out which vowels were missing?

      3. Jonathan Hall

        They've watched all the episodes in preparation for it

    93. Salamander

      Lmao I like how he described Panic! At The Disco as "the well known emo band"

      1. Im_Ryan

        @john widdopIt was largely accepted it was from the smiths to the point Brendon had to go out of his way and correct the public. So wasn't really 'wrong' as the information wasn't fully known and was believed to be true. Brendon only stated that in 2016 (i think, don't really remember) way after this aired.

      2. john widdop

        This is one of the times Only Connect got it wrong. Panic at the Disco didn't get their name from the Smiths song, it's from a band called Name Taken, although the song is also called Panic.

    94. Alec

      EMO BAND!? Fuck off

    95. Cyan

      I immediately knew they were the colours from the wall but when you know a lot of things you tend to think around too many corners. :D

      1. nikhil reddy

        This is the first time I am watching the show and I was confused as hell what friggin wall they were talking about and why was she so crossed. Then, later on, came the wall and I was all....aaaaaah.

    96. Ethan Ma

      Wow, what a close one. Very impressive game

    97. Sean M

      Basketball was invented in Canada

      1. Nabend1402

        It was invented by a Canadian, while he was teaching in the US.

      2. MegaHariboboy

        First played in Springfield, MA

    98. Brave Little Pixel

      is a quiz champion but doesnt know what the rainbow lgbt flag looks like?

    99. g2macs

      entire quiz....2 plus 2 'connections' .......I'm not thick but boy do I feel ignorant.......

    100. sirprintalot

      The only question I got right all episode was at 18:25, the meta Only Connect question. Made me feel clever.