Playing Guitar on Omegle but I take song requests from strangers...


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    1. Clueless

      Beta as hell

    2. Kebab King

      its crazy how much better you have got on guitar since you started playing :) so clean well done

    3. sweeperchick

      Dude legit farted on Omegle and purposely included it in a video 😐😂

    4. hyejooluv

      THE GIRL WHO SAID PLAY THE GUITAR THEN SKIPPED??? is so mean what the Fuck

    5. #SingingismyPassion

      You are the reason I started learning guitar

    6. Mazin Zahid

      Hey what is ur guitar model?

    7. Rockunderthemoon

      Request on your next Omegle can you play rage against the machine or gun's n roses songs please

    8. F_R_E_E_Z_E

      4:14 Needs a Full Version

    9. Michael McGrady

      Dooo I've been going through your vid again and I wanna say thank you for making great content. It's been helping me through a tough time. You rule dude!

    10. Dia

      2:24 im dying inside whyyyyy he didn t ended 😭

    11. Caleb Schoepske

      *playing guitar on omegle but doing what i usuaully do*

    12. King-_-WarBoy PS4

      'PLAY THE FUCKING GUITAR!' I was crying bruh

    13. Overlord Maniac

      Next Video 1min Guitar playing, and 9min Raid SHADOW LEGENDS

    14. AU Automation

      You should start playing songs in games again to get reactions, that was great as

    15. Luciano Rosica

      His version of Digital love by Daft Punk is very similar to the David Escobar version, great!

    16. Yusoff Amer

      Aot song pls

    17. fdz 2

    18. Fan Fun Gaming

      5:46 that's pretty damn

    19. PlayWithPanda

      Imagine post malone reacts to ur rockstar cover :D

    20. Minor Gamer

      i Is your guitar bass or electronic

    21. silver knight

      Plz make a video on ran online -old theme song if you can

    22. Melih Ünal

      6:01 +the dooo? -yea *disconnected

    23. oz Aksu

      7:13 is no body going to talk about how good this teen is dancing 😂

    24. Lance_ playzYT

      Dooo is like marcus veltri

    25. mayo naise

      November rain solo's sir 🙏

    26. john vang

      so what tf does ppl even do on omegle? like do they just expect some hot person to come and is dtf? lol

    27. Austin Shoemaker

      Can you play the intro riff to the song walking contradiction by Green Day, and the man who stole the world by nirvana, that would be awesome.

    28. kennydunk

      Can you do a guitarist request please

    29. Chris Baker

      that gold floyd roze is fucking beautiful

    30. Tronman63

      When the improvised versions sound better than the originals!

    31. Arctic Anders

      I have waited ages for someone to ask for Arctic Monkeys and then they ask for 505 🤦‍♂️

    32. Jeffrey Brown

      The likeable gram curiosly land because belief expectedly mix vice a subsequent south america. heavenly heavy hellish, sore butcher

    33. Kameron jenkins

      POV: you just now find a new video since he doesn’t post😐

    34. Leon Wulf

      Mary had a little stroke is my new fav song

    35. Super smash Like button

      BOOO WHAT A SIMP! jk love ya vids man always make me laugh

    36. ol

      How are u good at playing guitar and u do not know artic monkeys😂🙁

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Plz cover the rockstar , i love the dooo version🤟🏻

    37. Vincent Renfroe

      I feel like this man could make a video by just going out in public and like being that dude that takes requests. "I dont know every song but I bet you $5 if I listen to it I can play it"

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Seeing as i would most likely never encounter you on omegle I'd love to hear you play a real classic: At Dooms gate.

    38. Liam Vegeli

      Yo do you do guitar lessons?

    39. Koda

      I saw the daft punk and go so happy :')

    40. ElJota

      what songs do you can play? TheDoo: maybe every song

    41. Tshering Nidup

      Dk why but are you dream?

    42. Suhas Manjunath

      He is just to awesome 🔥🔥🔥

    43. Naabun

      I wanted to be the 5 millionth sub but you said "if you haven't subbed yet..." How can I deny your request when you fulfil all ours !?

    44. Cell Phone

      "Naw, thats beta as hell, im not gunna wipe" 🤣

    45. Frank Dillon

      I believe that I have a man crush on you Mr The Doo. Stop being so talented and I may find females attractive again

    46. Cyberpunk53

      Stoner blonde Chic @ 05:47

    47. SAUCE tv

      Everyone start preparing for the economic collapse and the tribulation now please ead this warning get prepared mentally,physically and most importantly spiritually and to trust in the most High God the KING of kings and the LORD of lords KING JESUS always. be blessed

    48. Bogdan Panaite

      i would like to see u play animals as leaders - wave of babies

    49. Rishi Baria

      where are your thigh muscles bruh

    50. Alexander

      Seeing as i would most likely never encounter you on omegle I'd love to hear you play a real classic: At Dooms gate.

    51. Shahoo Tabarzady

      Plz cover the rockstar , i love the dooo version🤟🏻

    52. Wilfred Juerwendrex Aguinaldo

      i literally watch your video on speaker 🔥 from PH🇵🇭

    53. Spooksy.

      Really wanna hear him play “rock you like a hurricane”

    54. Khanan Fahriansyah

      Please reaction alibata

    55. bryan fabriga

      new sub here man, please tell me how'd you do all of that? I need to serenade my wife back.

    56. nieooj gotoy

      Two things that made me laugh hard. First “marry had a little stroke” and second “nah I’m not going to wipe that’s beta as hell” this sir is comedy gold for me.

    57. Jaren Ford

      Bro song suggestion for thedooo- rapstar by polo g that’d sound so sick if he spiced it up like he does

    58. Frank Jaramillo

      I wish you would jus play the regular version of the songs

    59. Daniel Fox

      Letttssssss gooooo, the doooo is back with the Omegle videossss....I’ve been waiting for this to come back🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤪

      1. nieooj gotoy

        9:21 “Mary had a little stroke” wth-

    60. jerry mouse

      Fellas in paris????

    61. Raven Wood Works

      Just pure happiness from those fans towards the end.

    62. gay frog

      ok but that last song was actually killer

    63. Wrenlin Whitelight

      TheDooo is going to be an international celebrity any moment now. Because this channel is blowing up faster than my future after he inspired me!

    64. Jeff Annabi

      Does anyone know what pedal he was using for the weekend for that synth effect?

    65. Brandonm147

      that end fuckin killed me lol

    66. French Fries

      I would KILL to hear him play My Chemical Romance.

    67. Rodrigo Dourado

      face reveal 5 M subs

    68. ass monkey


    69. jhon dhoe

      DUDE, Arctic Monkeys good taste in music, i love too see that, and your my friends now :)

    70. Cons

      7:53 whoever requested that song i fucking love you

    71. OnXyReaper15


    72. Juri Vikström

      7:06 those moves was sick

    73. Aka Praise

      Your videos are fire!!!!

    74. LillyPlaysRblx

      9:21 “Mary had a little stroke” wth-

    75. CarlosS_TV


    76. CarlosS_TV

      play teddy picker please oby artic monkeys

    77. ༒ 93 Dᴀsʟιᴇッ

      Wow! That was so sickkk 😱! New sub here, btw 🤘.

    78. jaizer nadal

      Listening to thedooo play arctic monkeys palm-slapped me back to college

    79. Charlie Fauerbach

      The juice wrld guy was hilarious “go do that to some b$$$&’s LOL

    80. Mythical Games

      dude the doo is like the best youtuber, because he is nice, inspiring, really good at guitar ha, AND funny. its just something tells me that people just don't care that much and skip dis man so fast. ahahah

    81. Ayesha Saiyad

      The 4th one bruh I'm shocked iv been trying to play the guitar 🎸 and ik classical and plzzz help me learn loan molane plzzzz

    82. Nanfa Khuntawee

      Ur outro make me think of smth familar.

    83. Lunas

      n o c r a b s i m I d o n t w a n t i t.

    84. Mikel Alvarez

      "What songs do you know how to play?" TheDooo:"Yes"

    85. sehhi vooty

      Is it me the only one that wants an actual artist and bring this man on stage

    86. Denuso beats

      Slap that like button 😆

    87. Jonte I

      Can we get a mary had a little thunderstruck full version?

    88. Alex Black

      Doood Mary Had A Thunderstruck sounded so epic! 😱

    89. Ryan

      can someone please make a loop of the all girls are the same part

      1. sehhi vooty

        Can you play My Lmanburg on Acoustic

    90. MemeMachine

      *Play the fucking guitar* Immediately skips 🤔

    91. Huston Evans

      I want to hear slipknot

    92. Tanishq Rawat

      "im gonna play some juice wrld" of course u are" hahah that was good

    93. Edwin Estrada

      Me: saying I'm not good at playing guitar. My over supportive extroverted friend: 4:47

    94. Luke Markham

      5mil in three months calling it!!!

    95. Meme Quest

      The fact those girls know the arctic monkeys is the most impressive part of the video.

    96. Rajkumar Chitaranjan Singh

      bro I love ur videos but i hate that sponser videos🤣

    97. Braedon Lewis

      Sounded like joe Swanson fkn called my name lmfao

    98. rebecca thompson

      To play by ear is really hard to do. You are super talented to do what you do.

    99. Fernnggonzalez-_- yuh

      Dooo's skin looks like he doesn't go outside

    100. Brandon Thomas

      TheDooo knows he can pick up gurls w his guitar skills but JEEEEZE, he's happy w himself sooo I'm jealous