Playing Halo 3 at 240 Frames Per Second!

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    In this video, I play Halo 3 on PC at 240 frames per second. It was super smooth and fun!
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    1. Zachary Kern


    2. Miles Hemingway

      Senko D:

    3. Hi

      Halo is the best

    4. Moksha Sharma

      I literally have never seen a video on this game or played this game, but I like it now cuz of this video 🗿

    5. Snapshots

      The fact that you can dual wield maulers scares me

    6. Meliodas The Love

      You’re so good!

    7. Office of naval intelligence

      PC specs?

    8. GSH1649

      Halo infinite 100 drops when it comes out????

    9. Truppe4

      I thought Id love your Minecraft series but f me I love the Halo series even more

    10. Isaiah Tadeo

      I like how the human eye can see at 60fps

    11. Nathan Bohanan

      Yes more halo

    12. SKS R3peat_

      His eyes look dead but his mouth is happy

    13. Legend Network

      Other people: Face Cam Luke: Head Cam

    14. Dark Jad UU

      I had a Xbox 360 along time ago and I hade every single Halo this brings back those memories 😭

    15. Phoenixy

      Do you play on xbox?

    16. SoFGR

      runs at 240fps - uses a controller ...

    17. Ethan Hallam

      i would love to see more halo

    18. Yahudah

      I rlly wanna play halo 3 but my pc sucks lol

    19. FandD Bricks

      Lets be honest we all miss the halo vids

    20. Mark Pierce

      You're wearing a green suit ? Nerd ! Lmao jk pretty cool honestly ... No wonder you're blowing up

    21. Sufiama

      I really enjoy you coming back to halo but you can notice the views are much lower, which is really sad to see

    22. Luck

      The final sentence is the one that hurts me the most "See you in six years, when I will make another one"

    23. Josh

      You gonna trademark this video too?

    24. Waggly Carp

      I would love to see some more Halo 5 tips vids

    25. Maple Super Syrup

      Games that will never die: Minecraft Halo 3 Call of duty

      1. ihatesniperjackals

        @elgeneralsebas xd go back to playing fortnite. Halo is a REAL game

      2. elgeneralsebas xd

        Halo and Xbox are shit

      3. MDS Noob

        Ngl call of duty is going to die soon.

    26. TdCsOgGyBoY

      i love all of your vids luke bur the halo ones are the best in my opinion

    27. KROV Raider

      More halo plz

    28. tekgeekster

      Been working on a project myself lately. Trying to prove that controllers with gyro aiming are viable so I've been using a ps5 controller with KB&M emulation. The results are pretty good so far

    29. Volts PC

      Actually you have over double the resolution and eight times the refresh rate, the original Xbox didn't even output 720 P 30, it was some weird 600 P thing

    30. Timothy Tatertot


    31. Azz Azz

      Playing bot lobbies to look good

      1. Delta

        there are no bots in halo multiplayer

    32. Mango

      thats a very cool way to use a green screen

    33. TriggerFlix

      Halo 5 plz

    34. fatmansmemes

      me watching you play at 240fps in 75fps: hmmm interesting

    35. Epicc gamner

      Just realized there is a Tau player in the first match

    36. Michael King


    37. Ironic Bobcat

      literally 8x the frames

    38. eriplayck games

      Ltn recording at 240 fps FIblock: 60 take it or leave it

    39. Anmar Hejazi

      Who's just looking at his floating head?

    40. Ryan

      The fact that Im watching a guy wearing a green screen play halo is frightening and amazing

    41. Xtreme Dew

      So nice to see Luke play Halo, can't wait to see him do Halo Infinite tips and tricks like he did with Halo 5.

    42. CABOOSE27x

      so you wear a green screen cape or poncho infront of a green screen to stream as if you have a floating head ? lol but why XD

    43. Minecraft Kelp

      Fortnite noticed I’ve been playing more halo so they gave me an ad

    44. Giblit Gaming

      yes bring back halo

    45. Owen Is Cool

      At 4:53 if you look around the area of the top right corner you can see an “L” made by a wall

    46. hailee Peterson

      Carl azuz?

    47. Itspop4real

      whys the highground map from halo 3 like the desrt map in bocw?? lol

    48. Caleb Souls


    49. Jason Kelly

      I love Halo so much. Halo 3 is just the best

    50. The Court Fool


    51. J Hirayama

      Please can you do halo 3 ,💯 drops thank you.

      1. Delta

        better idea 100 drops on the entire mcc

    52. Erik Gerbst

      Halo intro pls?

    53. Loci Nuttall

      So much better than fortnite

    54. Donald Mynes

      I want more Halo plz

    55. christopher garrison

      All Microsoft gotta do now is make a mcc for gears of war and that would be awesome

    56. Abraham Yanes

      Imagine halo 3 in VR

    57. Luri

      He looks like Rayman

    58. billy bill

      Never thought I’d watch Edgar Allen Poe play halo 3

    59. SergentOdin634

      butt chin

    60. Bad Dub

      9:18 that kill brought you back 13 years lol

    61. Jaimini Norath

      I had no idea how much i would enjoy watching a guy play Halo 3 in a green suit sitting in front of a green screen.

    62. YoshCTGP

      The beginning was like Brain Age

    63. King Qasmoke

      a floating head

    64. Whistlers Father

      Dude you're 25? You look like you're 40.

    65. Bainmayn

      i actualy love halo and you playing the game its pretty fun to watch

    66. Carson Wheat

      down below

      1. Carson Wheat


    67. cinamick

      UH OH :0 2:25

    68. uBOOM

      back to halo

    69. dent lolibop

      im just glad he did the thing i subbed here for over 3 years ago. still wish there was more halo videos. the Can you Beat series was great. hope you do more sometime =)

    70. microfg4

      *240 FPS* and *CONTROLLER* do not go together in any game other than Rocket League... Like, what a waste!

      1. Delta

        in halo you need good accuracy and since luke is used to playing halo with a controller it makes sense why he would do that

    71. Eg Head


    72. Youre Dumb

      240 frames calm down jemale dont pull out the nine.

    73. SethV.

      only 240?

    74. travis scott

      Idubz I’m gay ltn I must honor his legacy

    75. Robert Rinne

      I play halo against my dad and I always talk and win

    76. Noble Six

      really diggin this video with floating Head of the Notable moving around.

    77. The Rookie

      LTN the map you played on at 8:10 was a remake of the map Chill out from Halo Combat Evolved

    78. KodredCud


    79. Eddie Garcia

      Halo is the best. Halos muscles are the best. Halos moves are the best.

    80. Anarchy

      While he is playing in 240 fps and we're watching in 30 fps and 144p

    81. vbxl


    82. Luke Crowley


    83. iamalwaysthere

      Miss the luke the notable halo videos. This was great

    84. Yotube gaming

      Good thing is to see you Bad thing you are invisible

    85. i i i

      More halo 3 it brings me back to the good days lmao

    86. Jason Odom

      More halo less non halo

    87. MassLuca007

      last time i watched a video by you, you had like 300K subs. whaa happen???

      1. LLama & Sophia Productions

        He played friken fortnite -_-

    88. Cameron Wilkinson


    89. HyperMOTO Vlogs

      Okay your actually good only reason I can watch not better than me though!

    90. JOX

      I remember playing Halo 3 Beta on the 360, the nostalgia. PD: I even didnt knew what beta meant.

    91. Big Boy Lumpy

      When master chief is coming to fortnite.

    92. Trizzie Brah

      I'm playing at 1440p at 240hz and its great. Halo reach also reaches 240fps and halo 4 sits around 210fps on my rig.

    93. Cortex Flargglesnaff

      Saw you on my friend list and thought “woah what’s he up to?” I’m glad I looked

    94. Kuba Ribeck

      And remember you can get all your halo lore on audible click the link in description for a 1 month free trial and one FREE book you can keep forever.

    95. Ethan Rafael

      Halo 3 at 240fps...on controller :|

      1. Keanu Reeves

        The only way halo should be played is on controller

    96. Miguel Peña

      Watching this at 1080p60fps pretty much makes it pointless to upload to FIblock, lol.

    97. Soggy Pickle


    98. Thinking Tech

      Frames per second frames per second the new nonesense.

      1. Alex


    99. superflashboy videos

      When are you gonna do 200 days with tors in Minecraft and when are gonna do 2000 days in Minecraft hardcore

      1. LLama & Sophia Productions


    100. Tech Omg

      Good video