Pressure Pad 1x03

Marie T

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    BBC1, 6th Novermber 2013.

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    1. Staceys Email

      They only made 555 U.S dollars each.

    2. Edmond Scott

      Impossible to hear conversations with stupid music.

    3. Drew Conway

      Worst team evarrrr

    4. Jennifer Kelly

      Since when was Cork part of the British Isles?

      1. Brandon Martin-Moore

        The British Isles includes the full islands.

    5. Wheatley the core

      hope they bring it back

    6. Panda Q

      42:03 Smart move.

    7. Panda Q

      39:31 *P E R F E C T*

    8. Kaitlin Bilous

      Deadline is like the head to head in Rebound

    9. ToastOnEggs

      Such a slow game!

    10. Rose mokami

      All that pressure for only 2000 participants are nice people I guess

    11. Dimitris Savvakis


    12. Mark Morales

      £2000 split 5 ways! Their bosses better start looking for new employees.

    13. kat

      i think it's stupid how in that first challenge the time runs out even while the host is reading the question. if a person gets a longer question, they have much less time to answer.

    14. Tenzin sonamsan

      only 2000 wtf.

    15. Joey2015

      I could hear a little bit of John's accent

      1. Louise Ricketts

        fiyero51 Mostly he sounds American and then all of a sudden a bit of Scottish kicks in.

    16. tiamta

      You don't know who JRR Tolkien is? HOW?

    17. justinhaynes89

      This show is too intense!

    18. Gráinne

      the british isles and the first question is to do with Cork in Ireland?!! in case you dont know we aint part of the british isle!

      1. Louise Ricketts

        Ireland is part of the British Isles. It is a geographical term rather than a political one. Google it.

    19. Gráinne

      anyone else watch it just for john?!😅🙈

      1. Joanne Kirby


    20. svampebob007

      hooold on that's the guy from doctor who!

      1. Charlie Patterson

        svampebob007 Yes it is!

    21. Faith Arnt

      Blah PRESSURE PAD blah blee blah PRESSURE PAD blahhhhhhh blahhhhhhhhhhhh Katy perry PRESSURE PAD

    22. Im iCY

      Yeah no we get it, its called Preassure Pad....

    23. James Hallbart

      Lesure?? lol, I say leesure

    24. James Hallbart

      Anyone else thought that the sides question in round three was sicles, not sides?

    25. beaubrent

      You get so sick of the American host saying "pressure pad" the thousand times he does.

      1. Louise Ricketts

        beaubrent He's Scottish.

      2. Charlie Patterson

        beaubrent I can never get sick of his voice

    26. Perspicacious Simpleton

      2013 was quite the year of games shows...

    27. Sparky

      whut. she doesn't know who JRR Tolkien is!?

    28. Oshy


    29. Vire70

      Only 2000 pounds? Pretty weird prize money.

      1. Louise Ricketts

        PIX Promos & More It was a daytime show.

      2. svampebob007


      3. Thomas

        yeah, worth fuckall now

      4. Pctt123

        Do you know what pounds are?

      5. PIX Promos & More

        +Vire70 Unless this is a Daytime show, then it makes sense. If this were a nighttime show, the budget would be bigger.

    30. emmab110302

    31. Danielle Lewis

      Do you have series 2 episode 1 ?

    32. TheMrRama214

      5:34 He said 'Babuska' with stress on U, but it has to be on A and its pronunciation is like [a:]. But it was so suddenly. And I liked it. P.S. I am from Russia, if anyone didn't understand...

      1. Albert Kingston

        Русские вперед

    33. Dan B

      check 17:59 for Barrowman's real voice when he says 'nervous'

      1. Dan B

        Yes :/

      2. Julia Wiltsie

        He's from Glasgow Scotland

    34. MrMuppetLover

      John Barrowman doesn't sound very British...

      1. Julia Wiltsie

        He was born in Glasgow Scotland until he was six, then raised in Illinois.

      2. Julia Wiltsie

        He was born in Glasgow Scotland until he was six, then raised in Illinois.

      3. Kitty Grimm

        He's originally from Scotland, but his family moved to America when he was very young. He only picked up an American accent because the kids in school were teasing him for his Scottish accent, but he reverts back to it when he's with his family or partner.

    35. UltimaMan

      I was on this show a few months ago and our episode is being aired on the 25th September 2014! I'm really excited!

    36. yabbaguy

      Thanks for the upload! Connection totally should've had the graphics flip around as appropriate so the pink player (you) didn't have to step so awkwardly all the way across.

      1. Eiameiam22 Gaming And Some Videos Roblox Videos

        😀 nice comment

    37. Ciaran Damien Bradley

      Hope this comesback :D

    38. JD Shadow

      Hmm, the concept is good, and I like the elimination style mechanic for the show, but I'm not too sure about the payout. It seems very low for the amount of work they have to do to get that. I think it would be better if the purse was higher.

      1. HenryTube!

        100,000 pounds / euros?

      2. Comedians, actors and all

        It’s for fun Plus that’s plenty, I don’t know how much you get payed but most of us struggle getting what we want but just get on with our lives

      3. Fat Ginger

        Keith Panton yeah like Catchphrase is one of a few game shows I can name that doesn’t do an All or nothing. There isn’t many anymore though

      4. Sir Moovenstein

        JD Shadow It may be low but at least they don't have to do an all-or-nothing endgame just to win something.

      5. JD Shadow

        Maybe not for a half hour game show, but we're talking about a show that is on for a full hour, and has some pretty elaborate set design going for it. I think they can afford a larger payout (don't have to be millions of dollars, but SOMETHING better than what they did. And for the work they had to do to EARN that money, they could've been able to part with more than what they were willing to.

    39. Andrew Hain

      The reason John sounds more American than British is because although he was born in Britain, he moved to America in 1975 and spent most of his life there. He still has a very thin part of a British accent as far as I'm concerned.

      1. Eiameiam22 Gaming And Some Videos Roblox Videos

        I was thinking was that

      2. Charlie Patterson

        Andrew Hain He can switch accents at will. He still has a thick Scottish accent.

      3. Shadow in a Cave

        I wonder how much of a Scottish accent he still has, though. The couple of times he attempted one in this episode, it didn't sound very natural. I'm Australian and went to high school in the US, and though I've been back here for years, I still haven't got my accent back fully. When I'm tired (or drunk!) people tell me I sound American.

      4. Julia Wiltsie

        Born and raised in Glasgow Scotland until he was six, then raised in Illinois.

      5. Randy Derricott

        John Barrowman was born in Glasgow, Scotland and raised in America. He learned an American accent after kids made fun of him for his original Scottish one. He still uses his original Scottish accent when speaking with his relatives or, at times, with other Scottish people.

    40. Pink Bällchen

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