Project Binky - Episode 34 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbocharged 4WD Mini

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    In episode 34 of Project Binky we start the reassembly. But before it gets too exciting, we need some sound deadening, heat management and rust proofing. The painted shell begins to take shape as a car and not just a selection of parts.
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    1. Bad Obsession Motorsport

      Lots of people asking for the carpet so this is what we're using in this episode:

      1. Kas b

        Wow! the price honestly isn't that bad for how flexible the stuff is.


        @Yama Fanboy Glasgow born and bred I know a bit about "shite" weather.

      3. Yama Fanboy

        @FULL THROTTLE I'm assuming you've never been to the UK?


        @Yama Fanboy You actually think Binky will be going slow enough to hear rain on the roof? lol

      5. Robert Harvey

        Glad to see Woolies in the mix. They have things I'd never thought of.

    2. greg h

      why not just buy a seeleeka?

    3. Datsun510zen

      To get in behind the dash again you'll need to fill out a 27B-6. Harry Tuttle... Heating engineer at your service.

    4. Furian76

      Never seen your channel before. But this has me hooked.

    5. jackie chen

      What is the anti rust spray your using? I own 80s toyotas so I need to know 🙃

    6. sehhi vooty

      Literally paused another video, going put kettle on and sit down for this half-hour of greatness. Edit: Can confirm it was greatness, cheers lads.

    7. richards projects

      Fantastic work , just keeps getting better , you guys should be proud 👏

    8. alan paisley

      mmm what can I say....great stuff

      1. alan paisley

        @sehhi vooty ???????????

      2. sehhi vooty

        Should be "A hose testing kit" Not an. Whatever though.

    9. Tyler Bentley

      I just found your channel at the weekend, binged watched the binky project thus far and thoroughly enjoyed the content as well as your style. Keep up the good work

    10. john Weelands

      How long do we have to wait for next installment

      1. 1BigBen

        until its is done and cut together into a video by guys that have a full time jobs and are doing this project in a cold shed at weekends.

    11. Rapee Sirisinha

      I can't wait for wiring. #breathinbinkybreathoutbinky

    12. overbuilt automotive

      heavy is good road hugging weight and the car will fell better being heavy

    13. Giovanni Testini

      Does anyone know where the carper is from? I want to fit out my defender?

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        See the pinned comment.

    14. Michael Henriksen

      First time I kissed the woman who has now been my wife for 27 years was in a white Mini. The windscreen steamed up sufficiently that I could write her phone number on it and thanks to the crappy ventilation system it stayed until I got home to grab paper and pen.

    15. Don McIntyre

      love this show ,and these two !. can u hurry up with next video don New Zealand .

    16. Rock girl

      Literally paused another video, going put kettle on and sit down for this half-hour of greatness. Edit: Can confirm it was greatness, cheers lads.

    17. muttley bn

      This series is the very definition of being conflicted. I want to see binky finished and being driven but I just don't want this series to ever end.

      1. Rock girl

        Where’s the transporter

    18. Dave Key

      Hello all, this is my first post on a Binky video... I'm not sure if I've won some sort of competition, but I only discovered BOM and Binky at 10pm on Friday night and I finished watching ep34 last night at about 11pm!!! Amazing, exceptional and brilliant stuff guys!! Please could you up the release rate a bit though... Any chance you could crank out about 8 episodes a day from now on??

    19. Kyle Beard

      22:42 Nick's "toite" followed by Richard's low, in edit, "yeaahh" is the reason why we are all here; satisfying car assembly and sexual innuendo all neatly wrapped up in an MCM approved format. Long-time viewer, first-time commenter! Can't wait to see it ripping around those backroads!

    20. Robert Loo

      Now that Binky is getting closer to finish, please do not load it into Escargot via Michael Cain Italian Job style. You will probably ruin the paint.

    21. aftonline

      Shouldn't that be "ate all the pork pies"? (drops obscure 80's Mini movie reference)

    22. Jeffrey Marshall

      yes, safe overtaking. That's definitely the reason.... :)

    23. Based Redpill boycott coke products

      Should be "A hose testing kit" Not an. Whatever though.

      1. Based Redpill boycott coke products

        I'm just a grommet watcher.

    24. tasty

      I have been watching this from the start so much has changed in life but I really can't wait to see this finished I have loved the over engineering on everything and to make it as it was a mini 4wd and not just a floor of a celica welded in hats off to yas would love to see it in person when it's done

    25. john beer

      HOORAY, it's Grommet Time!!!

      1. john beer

        ps: oh my gawd Nik made more custom stuff and what's most amusing of it is i expected nothing less

    26. yavuz camo

      Simply great guys. Keep up the good work.

    27. Skyline Av services

      Good to see the end is nigh

    28. Steve McIlroy

      The 'get-away' car is nearly finished.The Fed's will never catch you.

    29. Joshua Stankiewicz

      3 years later we get the next episode of this.

    30. Bob Pegram

      Oh yes, Tavarish has finally made it into Binky videos. 8-))

    31. Bob Pegram

      Those British funksters need to get an injection of US Black Soul. Hope they can visit the motherland of Funk soon!

    32. Pete Smith

      Ffs 7 years since episode one. Not really that obsessed l!

      1. Ailsa Ni

        When Binky is complete petrol cars will be banned with everyone driving electric cars. C'mon guys hurry up!!!!!

    33. Martin Lewis

      Where’s the transporter

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Gentleman......simply CAPITAL , Can't wait for first start....Moltó Cheers!

    34. Koito rob

      Is 'spaffing' a Shropshire word? It's a new one on me, here in Bromsgrove. Here, i think the appropriate word would be 'bollocking'.

    35. Thorsten Wanoth

      Is this seriously 8 years in the making? If so, I may have missed the point.

      1. Lewis Heard

        @Bad Obsession Motorsport Binky is a truly special project. Seeing all the parts go back on got me a little emotional so I went back to episode 1 and rewatched the entire build over this bank holiday weekend. I really hope I get to see her(him? It?) at a car show one day. I hope you've enjoyed working on it as much as I've enjoyed watching you over all these years!

      2. Flat4Buggy 2

        This is truly a case of "Built, not bought." 80+% of the parts on this car has been custom fabricated. Watch the whole series, and you'll understand why it has taken so long.

      3. Bad Obsession Motorsport

        Yes. And there isn't one.

    36. Bryan Sager

      Its coming together splendidly!

    37. Graham Mills

      What was the rust blocking spray/cavity wax you're using there? (Edit: scrub that, I got it: XCP Rust Blocker) I still can't find the nylon pipe clamps/saddles, though!

      1. Bad Obsession Motorsport

        We made the saddles. Obvs.

    38. Martin D A

      How many guys are gonna look in at various parts of finished car and ask, ''Where can I get one of those?'' ''Do the brackets come with it?''

    39. tasmedic

      I reckon you're going to finish this around the same time that internal combustion engines become illegal. "Binky, Episode 322: The Zimmer Frame"....

    40. Fernando Souza Soares

      Fantastic (and Herculean) work!!!

    41. Megan A.

      I so want to buy Binky before you race her and end up twisting that sister into a knot.

    42. James Hisself

      You guys need more patrons. Seriously though, an embarrassment of riches. And well deserved.

    43. William Kerr

      You blokes just good ,or is it O.C.D?

    44. Pj L

      When’s the next episode !!!! Legit spent two days watching from episode 1 to now. And you have a new subscriber.

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        Episodes are typically 1 to 3 months apart. (Sometimes longer) You'll now have to wait like the rest of us.

      2. Ailsa Ni

        2:37 thanks for the weight in ounces LOL

    45. Ants

      I suspect "the start" will actually be the beginning of the end.

      1. Ailsa Ni

        I have not seen a hammer written on it: bigger reset)) Apart from that, good job!

    46. Peter Mackenzie

      The fabrication, now finished and painted is absolutely exceptional. This is the best car build ever posted on youtube.

    47. Brendan J Walker

      Gentleman......simply CAPITAL , Can't wait for first start....Moltó Cheers!

    48. Old Boy goes AWOL

      When Binky is complete petrol cars will be banned with everyone driving electric cars. C'mon guys hurry up!!!!!

    49. Road Runner

      I saw Binky, I click

    50. Philip Breading

      Guys - I’m 56 in July. Any chance this is gonna be finished before I retire?

      1. Bad Obsession Motorsport

        Wouldn't bet on it.

    51. Philip Breading

      GUYS! Where’s no 35??????? We’ve been waiting literally fucking years for this damn mini build!!!!

    52. NHOrus

      What's a car? A miserable pile of brackets?

      1. NHOrus

        @Lewis Heard it's Castlevania reference

      2. Lewis Heard

        Why miserable?

    53. Ry8ean

      Lanes of Shropshire eh, I'll keep an eye out O_O

    54. mojojojo928

      As a former mechanic myself am thrilled this channel came up in the sidebar. Frankenstein-fabber porn w/ dry humor garnish is a tonic 🛠

    55. chris kelvin


    56. John

      this, was the most satisfying thing ive ever seen on youtube. ive been dreaming of redo'ing my car like this just no funds/time atm. so fucking clean tho, and the dynamat placing was just. sheeesh

    57. Joel Rehmann

      There was a bit too much progress here for my taste.

    58. figjam56

      With. Boot /trunk rubber would of had the join at the middle bottom not in middle top . just will stop water leaking in.

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        That's not the final install. It was just there to protect the paint.

    59. ktp

      I have not seen a hammer written on it: bigger reset)) Apart from that, good job!

    60. khawajadotd

      2:37 thanks for the weight in ounces LOL

    61. Fabio La Rosa


    62. KarlosH

      Peter Sellers pimped up Mini from the 1960s has NOTHING on Binky. Binky (when finished) must be the most valuable Mini IN THE WORLD !!! (in a Jeremy Clarkson voice)

    63. MrSir

      Ive been saving this gem for the weekend. Not disappointed in any way. Love it.

    64. Ferry

      Dynamat must be laughing their ass off... Something like 30% is enough on a panel, but people always tend to cover 99,9% as "more is better". But that is only partially true. Only their sales figures will show a measurable difference.

    65. Ailsa Ni

      guys and thanks for what you do.

    66. No, I won't tell you my name.

      I just discovered Project Binky about a week and a half ago, and now I'm caught up and have to wait for more episodes. Goddammit.

      1. 1BigBen

        @No, I won't tell you my name. there are more build channels, but these guys have set the standard so high that it can be hard watching others.

      2. No, I won't tell you my name.

        Aaaaaaand now I'm done with all those. Now what am I supposed to do with my life? It's already too hot to spend any time in the garage working on my own projects...

      3. No, I won't tell you my name.

        @1BigBen Not yet- those are in the queue, though.

      4. Based Redpill boycott coke products

        Just imagine how us 7 yearers feel. This project started before EVERY advertising campaign was a nonWhite and the news openly wanted america and Britian to be totally nonWhite. Anyways the next episode will probably be this fall.

      5. 1BigBen

        have you also watch "Howie Did It" " The Outtakes " and Q&A? and what about The Escargot and Bargain Racement here one you may have missed CREATORS UNCOVERED - Bad Obsession Motorsport

    67. The Amish Rectal Oculosis Research Center

      I love these guys and their magnificent content . I am only in my 50s but I am wondering if I will be around when Project Binky is eventually completed . I'm just impatient it will be the best Mini on the planet .

    68. N K

      Can you do this with the modern (BMW) version of the Mini?

    69. Márcio Henrique Sousa Oliveira

      That is the best car build documentary ever!!! Thanks a lot for your efforts guys!

    70. Holset Mcbarryboost

      Another 6 months to wait lol

    71. Galaxanz

      That application of the dynamat was so epic. I have applied it before, and it’s a pain in the butt to work with. The job you guys did is unreal!

    72. Ajay Vekaria

      Dear Nik and Richard - I wish I was in your garage helping work this project - I have watched many other car restoration project but never seen the work done to perfection with such passion -I have watched every episode and who ever finally end up having this mini is very lucky. Well done and thank you!

    73. iain Adams

      Exciting times!! looking for ward to seeing it together :)

    74. Tavners

      Well done lads ❤️

    75. James Davis

      I hope you boys have written a manual, complete with sketches for this.

    76. Andrew Jones

      Since episode 34 was released I have watched all the other episodes, again. I will now start watching them all again at 1/2 speed, except for the sped up bits which will be watched at 1/4 speed. Thank you BAD OBSESSION MOTOR SPORTS.

    77. maddkraut03

      total and complete first class workmanship.

    78. rausage1

      Still the best thing I've ever seen on FIblock

    79. tehbonehead

      1) Weigh Binky shell 2) Compare to Mini shell... disappoint. 3) Compare to Celica... Yay! 4) Proceed to add enough dynamat to make a Mini weigh as much as a Celica... 🤣

    80. Tom Chappell

      Great episode as usual Nik and Richard! How’s the Escargot going?

    81. GrayRaceCat

      @Bad Obsession Motorsport, Will you be Ceramic Coating the Exhaust system?

    82. Ad's Mini Build

      Blower system is just a work of art! 🙌

    83. Mike

      that interior shot with the dynamat looks like the camoflage manufacturers use to hide the new models when testing. my eyes hurt looking at it.

    84. TheGalacticArachnid

      That custom HVAC system might be the most impressive part of the car tbh.

    85. Dinard H

      1 min into video *smashes subscribe *

    86. BadBoy Bubby

      This has taken longer than the Apollo program

    87. Max

      So... The after-credit-scene says you got a huge task looming over you? 😅🔌

    88. djbadandy1

      10:04 i freakin lost it XD

    89. Malte Sumpf

      A three ton mini. Two tons of brackets and a mini

    90. H-J. K.

      Seen you guys go grey over this build,,, bet you didn´t think youd´e be adding sound deadening to it when you started?!

    91. Ebbin Martin

      Tavarish, AvE... how many other youtubers can you reference?

    92. Karl Roberts

      Brilliant. Why the coloured anodised special spanners for the fuel lines?

      1. Lewis Heard

        The fittings are made of aluminium, if you use a normal spanner you risk the fitting getting all chewed up. So aluminium spanner it is! :) the anodising is to help you tell it aprt.

    93. Leif Hietala

      Speaking as an HVAC pro, that duct plenum is a thing of beauty. I am very, very impressed.

    94. MrMaze

      That kind of paint protect wrapping can cause harm to the fresh paint in some cases. I think in this case the paint have been dryed enough. But yeah, just litle fact.

    95. TheVladimusPrime

      I literally blitzed through all 34+ episodes in a week. I've caught up. I am in awe of the sheer amount of fabrication and bracketry. Now I wait.

      1. Dave Key

        I'm with you bro. Can't believe it's never found this before, but sooo glad that I have

    96. Karl de B

      Soo. I've FINALLY found the porn section of FIblock. Shexshy shtuff.

    97. Eric Keane

      Lads the videos are great, the intro on the other hand...

      1. Lewis Heard

        That intro has been with us for a long time :) I think the rest of the guys who have been watching from year one would be sad to see it replaced. I'm sure the next project will have a revisit :)

    98. Ashley thomas

      Loving the references to other youtubers in your vids did I catch ave with skookum .I knew tavarish was coming when I seen the gold 😅 great show as always 💪💪💪

    99. Thomas Krauskopff

      hey what kind of wrench did you use to tighten the AN fitting? They look looke they wont leave marking on the fitting like normal wrench and lool pretty too! Had a look on google but did not find a set exactly like yours.

    100. Top Quark

      Life is going to be a little boring once Binky is finished. But hey, thanks for the good times!