[풀버전] ♬ MIROH - 스트레이 키즈(Stray Kids)

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    [풀버전] ♬ MIROH - 스트레이 키즈(Stray Kids)
    전설이 되어라, WHO IS THE KING?
    매주 (목) 저녁 7시 50분 본방송

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    1. Carolinaskz

      Vamos Stays por esos 11 M


      Lesgoo monster streamers

    3. qoukka알리시아

      8.8 let's get itttt

    4. Choco Latte

      Cause I like youuu

    5. Gen G.

      STAY, IT'S ALREADY MONDAY! we have to reach 9.5 M today. we have to make it faster so we can reach 11.1 by thursday! 500k per day now just to reach changbin's goal! stay hydrated and eat lots! we need more energy this time. if they call us monster str3am3ers, then we have to prove that.

    6. I'm Jarvis SKZ

      ya siento más cerca los 9M :)


      799,136 let's go lleguemos a los 11 para el jueves aunque sea

    8. yo


    9. nayely romagnoli

      Menos de mil, no se contar

    10. Ale A.

      8.8 here we go

    11. wi jon

      have a great day stay

    12. Choco Latte

      Hiii ._.

    13. Huaa Hauu


      1. Ssaaa


    14. nayely romagnoli


    15. marhgelly conde

      Lptmr recién vamos 8M :c

      1. mayra ramirez

        Sii :C

    16. wi jon

      9M PLEASE

    17. BLCHHFSI

      8,796,220 - 15 mins ago 8,799,136 - now

    18. chill sea

      tired of streaming? Here's a motivation: "Thank you for everything. We believe in you guys." - Chan

      1. emikibum


    19. annyeonghaseyongbok

      it's taking us 4days to reach 9M...we couldve done it just for a day or two...pls stre4m harder. chan believes that we got their back so let's show them

    20. Novi assyadiyah

      Omg dikit lagi hahaha

    21. c c


    22. Sasafi Hana


    23. febrii ID


    24. asli damla

      i have 15 whosfan accounts how about you guys ??

      1. asli damla

        @Choco Latte WOW ill make more too im currently trying to have more emails

      2. Chari

        I love all of you so much

      3. Choco Latte

        I have 17 accs and will make more :D

      4. Novi assyadiyah

        20 :D

    25. Sekar Azhani


      1. Choco Latte


    26. Alif Rakasha

      8,798,401 Progress: 79.2% We're not done yet. Please come back here every hours. And also please stre4m God's Menu on Spot!fy.. THANK YOU STAYS!

    27. Drawa 544

      Semangat Stay!

    28. Frida annn

      yo todavía no superó la presentación

      1. mayra ramirez


    29. Ssaaa

      Good morning stay, have a nice day♡

      1. Chari

        I hope you have a wonderful day love

      2. Choco Latte

        Have a nice day too ♡

      3. hanjilicious

        good morning, you too !!

    30. SKZ FTW

      hihi im back

      1. Chari

    31. annyeonghaseyongbok

      stre4m harder

    32. 사랑한

      Ayo semangat terus, jangan kasih kendor STAYs!

    33. Ada Gabriela


    34. Shavvlia

      pick up line of the day: Harum wangee canteq berseriy harini aq naq makan kariy eh ayam

    35. Ada Gabriela

      Esto es otro nivel😳

    36. cynthia deborah

      sisa 3 hari ayoo semgt str34m nya

    37. aira lim

      filo stays pls press the thumbs up button..para malaman natin ilan tayo dito.

    38. Shavvlia

      ay im bacc

    39. momo hwaa

      god i cant wait for next week stage

    40. I don't Know

      Una pregunta, se puede hacer $tr3@m en 2 cuentas?

      1. Frida annn


    41. robin!

      스키즈 킹덤

    42. robin!

      스트레이키즈 킹덤

    43. 이리노

      please keep on str3aming remember that binnie said he wants 11mil and keep on making more accounts on whosfan. we are the only thing the boys have !!

    44. Ari

      Keep creating more accs on whosfan, we have to do this for skz~

    45. Lee Do


    46. Dama 544


    47. HEMIRA_23

      2.4m closer to our 11.1 goal.. FIGHTING EVERYONE WHO NEVER GIVE-UP STREAMING :)

    48. I am You

      Stray Kings

    49. kuan yin


    50. Sasafi Hana

      Selamat pagi stay, walaupun ini hari senin dan awal pekan :') tetep semangat ya.. Besok juga udh masuk bulan ramadan, buat yang muslim, selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa ^^

      1. Ssaaa

        Kamu semangat juga yaa^^

      2. cynthia deborah

        kirain hari ini puasa nya:((

    51. Putu Yiyin Tan

      Have a good day or night guys~

    52. WANGMEORI 03


    53. lovelinomotion

      don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help navigating whosfan! we’re in this together STAY... whether you’re a K-STAY, C-STAY, J-STAY, or I-STAY. We are ONE for our boys. and just like bang chan said, we’re unstoppable when we work together :]

      1. maysarin phiangphor


    54. syntax

      Simplemente ICONIC

    55. syntax

      Cada día mas impresionada de lo talentosos que son

    56. tyas nfara

      hello monster streaming :D

      1. Ssaaa

        Oh hai (´・_・`)

      2. Shavvlia


      3. hizyntaa


    57. Bri브리

      C’mon STAY we’re not finished with Changbin’s mission and on top of that when we are done we shouldn’t stop streaming

    58. hizyntaa

      gemes bgtttt ≧ω≦

    59. Sasafi Hana


    60. ᨳ. Stream Going Dumb ⸒༅

      bueno, sigo haciendo strim

    61. B Sung

      SKZ are out of this world

    62. yo


    63. hvvangvely

      sO CLOSEEE

    64. BLCHHFSI

      8,790,512 - 40 mins ago 8,796,220 - now

    65. Jamielyn Fausto


    66. sofia dafirst

      whos a midzy and a stay here?

      1. Pino Knockknock1


    67. clarence t a

      kangenn hyunjeannn

    68. Laná

      i miss hyunjin : (

    69. Laná


    70. Jowy

      Knp gw stan SKZ? Gw gk mau bahas visual/dance (krn grup lain pasti ada) Menurut gw ini grup yang paling lengkap, dari suara terendah smpe tertinggi ada, suara lembut sampe suara keras ada, rapnya? Gk usah ditanya lagi, lagu ballad? SKZ makan semua, lagu2nya bisa dibilang paling variasi genrenya. B sidenya bagus2 semua,inspiring dan temanya macem2, dari masak masak, gk bisa tidur, mata ke tiga dll. Terutama paling bikin gw jd stay itu, semua lagu2 mereka yg ciptain sendiri. SKZ memang gk ada obat.

      1. Pino Knockknock1


      2. hizyntaa

        Benerr bngettt:)

    71. lovelinomotion

      when it comes to outsider votes (votes from account who don’t follow skz), skz came in last with only 80k votes. that’s 100k+ less than the group before us. the other fandoms are trying their best to stop us from winning so we’re gonna have to work harder stays! let’s keep making whosfan accounts~~

    72. Novia de Straykids

      Thank you, I am really very grateful to all the stays that voted on the whosfan, those who do not know do not hesitate to ask for the following votes, but other than that, thanks to all the stays that are still here making this promise possible, this is for binnie and for all the boys we love so much, thank you I really love you, kiss on the brain, have a nice day

    73. Goose Goose 5.O


    74. Goose Goose 5.O


    75. Park _Sunmi


    76. Imatinaivlis

      8.795.548 Ahhh 5k more to 8.8M!!

    77. Jinlix Kim

      WoW esto es realmente sorprendente, Stray kids world domination, lleguemos a 11 millones plis nosotras podemos porque ellos se están esforzando demasiado para darnos las mejores presentaciones haci a sacar las pilas stays tomen agüita y cuídense

    78. Novia de Straykids

      gracias , realmente estoy muy agradecida con todas las stay que votaron el el whosfan , las que no saben no duden en preguntar para las siguientes votaciones , pero fuera de eso , gracias a todas las stay que todavía estan aqui haciendo esta promesa posible , esto es por binnie y por todos los chicos que tanto amamos , grcias realmentes las amo , un beso en el cerebro , que tenga un buen dia

    79. Fita Yuniar


    80. #LoveSKZ8

      Selamat Pagi STAY

      1. Ssaaa

        Pagiii bestie♡♡

      2. hizyntaa


    81. rheina emily

      Cant wait for the next ep,,,,,

    82. sinta

      Semangatt stayy♡♡

      1. Ssaaa


      2. hizyntaa


    83. Jun Jun


      1. Ssaaa

        Semangat, have a nice day♡♡

      2. sinta


    84. dwika mariniputri


    85. Mcdonut

      other fandoms called us monster streamers and voters is this enough to gain y'all confident? So keep streaming and make multiple whosfans acc if you tired take a rest but make sure watch this video^^

    86. cari lixie

      saranje staaa

    87. 3RACHA SAUCE

      Being slow like this makes me worried about how our str34ming will be for the next upcoming episodes :((

    88. Love Stray Kids

      Baby photos fighting!

    89. lalay ¡!

      llevamos todo el día en 8,7 se me va a reventar una vena

      1. Nek0zume_

        Sii >:(

      2. Haru Haru

        Siii ಠ_ಠ

    90. Moonlight Egoist ツ

      Vamos st4ys!!! Nosotr@s podemos!!!!!

      1. • A i t a n a •

        FAIITINNN!! ^^

    91. Claudia


    92. nachimbun

      as much as we want that 11,1M... remember to not act like a bot and please follow the str34ming guidelines! keep up the good work, baby stays. and don't forget to take your rest!

    93. hanjilicious

      Estancias, estamos cerca de los nueve millones vamos que nos queda super poquito por los chicos :((

      1. • A i t a n a •

        Hagamos hasta lo imposible por los chicos ánimo Stay no lo hagan por nosotres háganlo por los chicos Faitinn!!

    94. Sasafi Hana


    95. Karla González


    96. Nirahai Widjaja

      wakey wakey c'mon it's time to wake up

    97. Oktri Wahyuni

      11M sayang

    98. felix sunshine

      LETS 8,8M DAN KAWAL 11,1M

    99. skz legends

      we're stuck in 8.7M

    100. Kasandra Brata