RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Full Movie Cinematic (2020) 4K ULTRA HD Military Shooter All Cinematics Trailers


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    RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Full Movie Cinematic (2020) 4K ULTRA HD Military Shooter All Cinematics Trailers
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    1. Joy Bormon

      Pluse op

    2. Gurt Chen

      I love that Tachanka is looking at a bunch of different LMG’s and guns on his phone

    3. Hunter Fett

      We need either a Netflix series or a God damn campaign

    4. flowers

      pulse cheated lmao, he got shot by a shotgun and he didnt even flinch

    5. Nick Wagner

      damn mira is bad

    6. Nauseous

      tom clancy rolling in his grave if he seen this today

    7. TRX- SANSY

      We need a full on series with these

    8. LilToad


    9. Axel Milan

      That's what you get for being soft, Pulse

    10. Sleepy Beserk

      I swear if harry was my psichologist half of my problems would go away in the spam of days

    11. Bentley Whitfield

      Jesus saves JLY✌️

    12. Santy Bautista


    13. kayru wijaya

      15:00 tf?? angela bassette??

    14. Mr DMIID

      This is awesome nice job 🤩

    15. Salt the Space Cadet

      6:56 Me when my mom ask if I did Homework

    16. ScootDusty

      What are they shooting at each other definitely not bullets cause they survived

    17. xXDarKPlaYz

      Pulse jammed

    18. Chuyee Moua

      I watch this so many times thanks for this full movies

    19. Tiger 1

      Might have to get this game to play with the campaign now I'm starting to take a liking to these characters Hello Nick hows your morning xD

    20. Fluffius The Great

      Pulse: put down the gun I dont wanna shoot you. Hibana 30secs later: BRRRR

    21. Some Things

      i like how tachankas just browsing guns

    22. Limitless Kobe

      Mira is bad asf lol

    23. CK Nugs

      “We’ll get them next time” “THERE IS NO NEXT TIME, THERE WAS NOW AND WE FICKED IT UP” Literally a few minutes later “There’s always next year” Also gotta congratulate Pulse. Ma dude almost aced

    24. Log

      “We’ll get ‘em next time” Sounds familiar

    25. Yews

      22:31 they meant 'express' as in 'fast' but used the word for 'express [thoughts/feelings]' 🤦‍♂️

    26. KempEbass


    27. The majestic Pineapple

      I love how cav said it like 6 you get me me here k

    28. Honey Money

      What show is this

    29. Rossel Roos

      Can someone please tell me what song was playing in the bar while thatcher is beating up those guys 3:15

    30. Chosen Tv

      I need more

    31. Yoyoak1 Potato

      Here’s how they can make a movie/series of off rainbow. War, a war with something that unites both defenders and attackers. For example, Aliens. Defenders will be deployed at strategic locations to protect humanity’s resources and attackers form strike teams to take over/invade the enemy’s locations and footholds.

    32. Darth Binks

      So this video is the reason why thatcher is banned every game?

    33. Nikos Kalo

      At 5:14 there is a writing on the wall between the greek and canada's flag "ΠΑΡΑΜΕΝΕΙΣ ΕΝΑΣ ΣΤΟΥΣ ΧΙΛΙΟΥΣ". It translates to "You remain one among thousands". The complete phrase goes like this: "You remain one among thousands. One that for a thousand I wouldn't change". An interesting detail I noticed and wanted to share with you.

    34. 星川ひかり Hoshikawa Hikari

      Arknights led me to this~ XD

    35. Frzao

      When you only use American voice actors who try and fail miserably at doing accents...

      1. Born2play Fabi

        @Thomas Bürger blitz was so funny

      2. Thomas Bürger

        Can just speak for the german accent of blitz that was really good

    36. Frzao

      My god, these trailers are so cringe...

    37. Ollie Bailey

      Can we appreciate the fact that pulse just took two shots close range from a shotgun and barely flinched

    38. Bladeax03

      These videos make me want to play thatcher more than I already do

    39. Jd Maltar

      Rainbow needs a campaign

    40. Michael Gibson

      Unknown bio chemical weapon uhh false smoke knows what it is

    41. Rudra Sarangi

      GG for Pulse ...almost had an ace

    42. VpZ Sh4dow

      The lesson of today is . DON'T BE A SIMP

    43. Chase Ogden

      if you look in the background in the first video at 4:17 you can see the for honor helmets from each tribes.

    44. Darth Revan

      Pulse had the greatest clutch or kick situation but he failed because he is a SIMP

    45. îMßĀDツ

      So that uh 4k by pulse kinnda nice

    46. Luke Montibeler

      I think thatcher is a hammer to all the girls of r6

    47. iVxTo -

      Six is going to be the last operator watch

    48. Danny Halligan

      I have a stupid question: if there shooting each other in the stadium how do they not die?



    50. Daniel Sorokin

      The collage one gives chills

    51. Thomas Bürger

      Blitz be like: im even more german than germany can ever be

    52. niz 32

      6:58 Why this girl looks like exactly like me?!?!?! What the HELL?

    53. Jaime Ramirez

      the graphics are just outta this world bruh soo mf good

    54. Oli Williams

      I love this and it makes it even better that it is in 4k

    55. Oscar S

      That article 5 cutscene is still my favourite in the whole game

    56. Big Fat Neek

      Anyone else notice how the dude that runs that stadium thing has a warden helmet and a kenseis helmet (im pretty sure they're the main characters helmets but i cant figure out which one is the one on the right). also 6:50 is pretty funny.

    57. Legion Gamez

      smoke during article 5 : 👁👄👁

      1. Legion Gamez

        I’m talking about cause he also uses gas like that

    58. SPARTON 1O1

      I fucking love Harry. He's hilarious

    59. Armani Caseau

      cavi a badass

    60. Iced Tray

      These are so cool I love how they are giving the opps personality

    61. Austin Yap

      Unrealistic. Who the heck brings the shotty on Sledge lmfao? What a troll

    62. Micky Maus

      Fuck of ubisoft and fuck of this fucking shit game ❗

    63. Inabitmate

      first time ive seen a pulse even come close to getting an ace

    64. Luis Alba

      Fookin ale -Thatcher 2020

    65. Jokez

      Is this fr l

    66. Oomp Oomp

      Thatcher: hows your mom? Nick: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dont kill me please!

    67. Nicholas Hernandez

      pulse almost got the ace p a i n

    68. Leshc Orayl

      Pulse actually thrown away an ace just for being a simp

    69. Resov Prochentska

      Why is dokk so damn cute

    70. Slavic LC

      The only operator that isn't fleshed out enough that would be crucial to rainbows character building is Lion he is a guy who has had pain and fights for his own pride and to make amends for his past he also is the only operator I know of that hasn't been apart of any animations despite having character interactions in the lore. Vigil hasn't really interacted much with anyone but Lion has and he also has beef with doc like some good solid beef. I may be biased though because he's my favorite op not for his ability but his story is the best in my opinion

    71. Maximus Patrignani

      I like how cavs getting all angry and shit and docs in the background like fuck you gonna do

    72. Big Smoke

      They would won if they had Tachanka

    73. Dinda Gustina

      I need their movies like a real, damn hot!

    74. PlayStaion.CRuzR.


    75. PlayStaion.CRuzR.


    76. MaD_DOG 007

      So I can watch this but I can't watch the individual videos

    77. Victor Zapata

      Thatcher would be a good ufc fighter

    78. Virtual Kingdom

      As a Ghost Recon guy here watching this... man if only GR got the same love as Rainbow Six in terms of cinematics and storytelling

    79. sac Pally

      still seeing pulse throw a 5v1 all for his gf is fucking infuriating

    80. Elite_ Exotix_yt

      anyone else think in the thatcher fight scene the guy in the red shirt looks like sledge

    81. panitofisial

      everyone freaking out because of the virus or whatever that thing is. Chanka: ah yes, guns

    82. bert


    83. Ben He

      leision the most picked op in rank gets no love because the hongkong situation is too hot .. too bad could use cargo pants in these cgs

    84. John Howard

      I kinda miss the game having the serious story angle of countering the bioterrorist, idek what the story is about anymore.

    85. Gabriel Moody

      It’s emotional seeing how far this beautiful game has come, seeing article five after 6 years hits somewhere special for me, even tho most will never know about it, or care about it.

    86. Mars_Gamez

      love it keep up the great work!

    87. owenjonesreet

      Thatcher scrapping to elephant is just class

    88. Siegel Gaming

      22:32 Tachanka is shopping 👀

    89. Siegel Gaming

      Theres always that one guy that trolls the planter and loses because of it

    90. Gulfcoresrfr Gaming

      Who is ready for Rainbow 6 Parasite!!

    91. yosef Alka

      damn even ash called him majesty

    92. Michael Dovahkin

      22:31 Tachanka rework leaked

    93. Jaden Vicious

      Honestly had Pulse not simped it up for his girl the defenders would've had that.

    94. Jaden Vicious

      Why aren't these a series yet?

    95. skull wund

      this remember me rdr 2 lol

    96. Adah


    97. Hermanitos Elizalde

      Thatcher , dokkaebi , slege , hibana , blitz. Mozie , doc , Mira , caveira , pulse

    98. emma


    99. Human Being

      Siege rlly caring more abt these animated shorts than their entire fucking game

    100. Henry Rodriguez

      Why is Mira soooo fineee😭😭