RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Full Movie Cinematic (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Military Shooter All Cinematics Trailers


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    RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Full Movie Cinematic (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Military Shooter All Cinematics Trailers
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    1. Jayden Sonnier


    2. Martin Vácha

      Good video boys

    3. No3scape

      Pulse failed to clutch 1v5 cuz hes a simp...

    4. Nothing Special

      Zis iz wundeful

    5. Liam

      That is Amzing!

    6. MiuWRLD

      gg ez

    7. Ashley Hutchinson

      If I was kali an shot ash in the ear it be not a purch to da face she be dead 100- points gone she ain’t getting up but this different story 😂

    8. Brendan Cash

      This shit is genious LOL!

    9. [BR6] Loddix

      14:14 next year: attackers wins and caveira wasn't here xD

    10. Rhys Courtney

      Damn Pulse choked the 4k

    11. ShadewMane

      Aruni uhhh.... uh.... Looks solid in CGI.

    12. Kendrick

      wenn ihr euch bei dem game nur annähernd so viel mühe wie bei dem film gebt dann wär das spiel spielbar fickt euch

    13. sushiibaa

      am i the only one who thinks ash looks like april kepner from greys?? 😭😭

    14. Cmelacek 20

      When the aruni puncher thermite, i trought it was oryx at first ngl

    15. Seventh-Seraph-CQC-12

      *I had enough of this shite* Skidi bop em da da *BOOM*

    16. GHOST Y

      In the second one if pulse just pulled the trigger on hibana defense could a won

    17. Hugh G. Rection

      2:08 -10 damaged teammate

    18. Travis Maguire

      Ash is just an American crying for attention like the rest of that country, it’s simple kali had what it took, she did not.

    19. Kevin Peters

      Pulse: Gonna get my ace real quick Dokka: Hold my Phone

    20. Lyon Amana

      17:47 Suicide Squad crossover???

    21. daniel

      im a simp for mira

    22. fad uddin

      The fuck happened to next year cav

    23. Zumifey

      For a second I thought this was real xD (aka reaL life”

    24. Liam Woodruff

      8:11 who's the person in yellow and green btw whoever it is looks like a character from the mandalorian

      1. MeHaveBigCheeseYumYum

        I think is Caveira

    25. Bion

      Damn Thatcher saw heaven between them legs

    26. Piotrek

      Aruni is fucking amazing

    27. Leo Wilkins

      Wait is this real

    28. RobStiPator

      who knew rainbow would come this far? their gameplay, the cutscenes, graphics....all so amazing and its so cool to have played rainbow six when it is still growing to be one of the greatest games ever made. if they made a story mode for this game i would totally be down to play it. and no i dont mean their tutorial missions.

    29. OriginalName

      casual wear dokkaebi got me feelin some typa way bro....


      is there any lore for this about how they all arent dead in the arena scenes

    31. UltimateKage


    32. Pedro Jacome

      Seu corno kkkkk a caveira e fod4

    33. Denal

      We need a movie of r6

    34. Lemon Juice

      Ash is Ellie's mom change my mind

    35. tommy cheung

      4:51 Dok is so damn hotttttt

    36. John Williams

      21:18, is this what corona virus part 2 looks like now?

    37. Z13RK

      3:08 Mozzie just makes the scene so much better, he's like a literal child.

    38. cheezy sun

      It’s funny how sledge just comes hammering in like “What’s poppin?”

    39. tsai

      Bro u cant tell mw this is animated it looks so real

      1. Activision

        It’s a CGI

    40. Roblox Demogorgon

      6:40 ello nick, how your mum?

    41. Timothy _Gamer28

      Dang look at this Defender defending for Kali, while Attacker with Ash

    42. Pony Power

      the r6 they are real one rated a plane

    43. SAN1C

      If only a match in r6 would be that amazing

    44. noli

      4K Graphics

    45. Voice of Veriks

      Too bad it cut out Thatcher's bar fight.

    46. Dylan Agreda

      mira so cute

    47. Phenomenal Mario Bros

      Cav: THERE IS NO NEXT TIME Also Cav: I’ll be here next year.

    48. jwalton_1418

      This movie is actually so cool

    49. Bread_Maker

      The fact that they made Thermite breach a soft wall... It just doesn't sit well with me...

    50. EL YOSE

      6:30 “FOCKING”

    51. SmikkY

      Pulse almost got a 1v5 clutch but he simped and fucked it up...

    52. strider man

      22:22 covid in a nutshell

    53. Mohamed Alsheikh

      Ash was removed from the game for team kill

    54. God

      You cant even jump and back slide on the ground why they doing this 😭

    55. Shiny Tomcat

      So we’re all just going to ignore that pulse almost aced?

    56. Tiffany Sallows


    57. xau on softaim

      this is sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    58. Meтe Ялчынкая

      Where can i find the official FIblock video of this?

    59. 78WoundsTaken

      So they watch people die for entertainment, this is just Modern Medieval matches

    60. Matteo Matteo

      mira is really cute wtf

    61. LastHelllo

      Pulse with a 4k

    62. Maximilian Bima

      cant wait until ubi made a movie from this game, it would be great

    63. Andrew James

      "full movie" you mean all cutscenes mashed into a video

      1. The Soviet Dog

        They even cut some scenes

    64. PewDiePie69

      Ngl thatcher is one bad ass

    65. human human

      so i dont get it are they shooting like airsoft or something?

    66. mas nospmoht

      18:26 the one time cinematic makers got mouth movements right

    67. sl_20_04 _

      So is no one gonna talk about how pulse almost aced?

    68. Ryan Tuparan

      Man, they always do Pulse dirty

    69. Mocha Chan

      *airsoft be like*

    70. Mr. Nobody

      God this Looks amazing. The graphics and everything. Can we take a moment and just look at how fair gaming has come?

      1. Orenthal Mudbone

        This is cgi

    71. Patryk Zimny

      we gonna ignore how fucing *FINE* mira is?!?!

    72. fzlowwkeyy On Twitch

      R6 quarantine?

    73. Anurag RB26

      Why was Cav and Wamai cheering for Kali when the attackers won? I get Wamai since its Kali but I thought Cav was kind of a sore loser?

    74. EARN MONEY

      May i ask, why pretty much every ops exist here but not the spestnaz ubisoft?? Whats your problem? Ok if you dont want tachanka the "useless" operator in these (according to the ash main community) But why not kapkan? Glaz? Fuze??? HA??

    75. flowers

      kinda wanna see a full version of the first clip

    76. Kenneth Robert

      Ubisoft due Tom Clancy a favor and give us the real rainbow six 3 back b4 the reinforcing, remember call of duty copied you guys not the other way around.

    77. Hunter Hess

      Are the real people or animated I can't tell

    78. Agrius_Playz

      I wish this was real but with paintball guns that would be fun

    79. AfricanWarlord

      Can we take a minute to appreciate how badass Pulse was during his almost clutch?

      1. Nolan

        Before he went simp mode and lost

    80. charlie moss

      Are those like sand bullets of blanks or something

    81. Copperhead Airsoft

      Where’s the maverick??

    82. LeXmen

      Did ash actually had a hitbox?

    83. Alec Rubay Brown

      I love this so cool

    84. MozzieXD

      Attackers won again :(

    85. MH

      the 4k is sad to see

    86. Gage Fields

      You know that pulse was flaming his team for not getting a single kill

    87. Antonio

      I miss the outbreak event😢

    88. giacomo koko

      Who thinks like me that operation chimera was the best in r6 history

    89. Musty Man

      Am I the only one who thinks ash shouldn’t be leader of r6

    90. Naktron636

      They tried to make kali useful

    91. FURY A-32


    92. Caleb Kent

      Wait these multiplayer games are just simulations

    93. Sports4u

      No such thing as coincidence, it’s God’s plan

    94. Sports4u

      Don’t disrespect God, He loves you and sent His Perfect Son to be tortured and killed for us

    95. Aljohn Lepail

      2:12 -5 points friendly fire

    96. Sea1s4L1fe

      Damn pulse almost hit that 1v5 clutch, almost sledge shit on him

    97. Guitar robot

      Its weird how the accents switch between cinematic especially dokkaebi

    98. Connor Bennett

      After seeing caveria in ghost recon shes still a fucking coward and her brother is a coward too

    99. Long Trần

      no spawn peek, yike

    100. Captain Almario

      I sweat I'd love to watch a Siege movie. Or a series.