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    #Syrekx #RainbowSixSiege #CrimsonHeist
    In Todays Video im going to show you all Rainbow Six Siege Operator Videos including Flores!
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    1. Diego Veloso

      I've never played R6, so excuse me. But Warden looks like Commissioner Gordon from Batman

      1. The senate

        The senate agrees

    2. Liberty_Prime777

      Fucking laser sights

    3. Barra Tansey

      Why do rook and twitch sound so American?

    4. AstralDemise 558

      time stamps would be nice lol

    5. Damned Bersagliere

      An interesting Doc

    6. Jakub Karban

      why maestro look like fidel castro

    7. Antonio

      Nokk trailer is so creepy

    8. jun

      where the hell is aruni's video

    9. DrollSiamang

      Bandits different than I remember

    10. Mantha Mantha

      “fOoKiNg LaSeR sIgHtS”

    11. SKULLZ


    12. JockSaltire

      So let me get this straight. Rainbow was reformed, gathered the best of the best of each tier 1 unit, Eradicated a terror and biological threat from a university, and fought off an alien species and are now doing the special forces version of the Olympics? How confused are the devs with their own game?

      1. Nero Jester

        You expect a game with no actual campaign to have consistency? Siege is a mess and has been since the beginning, it's just becoming more obvious. If you want lore I'd say to read the books or play the older games though.

    13. Dylanthebaseball Player

      You forgot neon dawn

    14. Brenden Golik

      Fucking lazer sights🤣🤣🤣

    15. Foxy Salaxin

      im not 100% sure if this was the goal or not but i think it was a joke on bandit's name that he stole doc's operator video

    16. 10k without Videos

      1:24 fookin laser sights

    17. Cream pie ♡

      You forget aruni :(

    18. maple heeheop

      Oh man I thought bandit was not that chunky but aight

    19. BloodWolfGaming92

      The only issue I have with this is a good chunk of them don't even show you what they do or even give you a clue as to what their "special feature" is. For real, I haven't played R6: Siege since like Velvet Shell. I have never heard of any of the Operators after that and even after watching their trailers, I have no clue what most of them past that point do.

    20. Ethan Salazar


    21. Jeff B-c

      Twitch is not french I guess?

    22. nothing much

      She sucks

    23. nothing much

      I fuckin hate twitch

    24. nothing much

      1:23 Me when I get flashed

      1. Nitrous NOX

        Bro what

    25. Birb of wisdom

      Fucking laser sights

    26. Griffin Sanders

      are we going to ignore the fact that Goyo is the biggest simp?

      1. Delta F

        Wdym lol

    27. Top Scream

      Twitch talkin a lot of smack for a drone that can’t jump eyy. Even Flores explosive drones can jump

    28. Jeffrey Kvecher

      Nice bandit

    29. jesús

      5:40 doc has a 3 hole ski mask🤔

      1. Tendiboi

        its so when hes out of healing darts he gives you SUC and it heals you up

    30. Netollo YT

      Aruni: and me?

    31. Blake

      focking laser sights

    32. Mythic


    33. mommy 8889

      Mate, I love how Bandit got stims and got French while Aruni quite siege.

    34. dragor607 vlogs

      1:23 for safe keeping

    35. Chris van Ommen

      18:06 we know what ubisoft did there

      1. kam!


    36. Victor Bautista

      Where’s aruni?

    37. Don Salieri

      Where is zofia?

      1. 許文瀚


    38. Haarunen

      you forgot about aruni

    39. It's Good But Not Quite

      So Aruni didnt happen for this guy lol

    40. INF1ty BLAde

      poor Aruni, everyone forgot her

      1. Sammich

        @arcader dude i do lmao i just dont use proper grammar online

      2. arcader dude

        @Sammich Why does Aruni suck Ela? I think you mean Aruni sucks, Ela for life.

      3. Sammich

        Aruni sucks Ela 4 Life

    41. Brady Hack

      Bandit equals doc confirmed

    42. Vinh Huynh

      no way bandit is doc

    43. DRsushipsycho Path

      *sad aruni noises*

    44. Domek TV

      where Aruni

    45. Raidger

      Were aruni?

    46. LOR_SOLAR

      Remember black beard shield was actually strong

      1. Nathan Quintal

        @7th Hokage one now

      2. 7th Hokage

        True now it takes two shots to destroy the shield

    47. Pokemongenix Coffman

      Smoke is my favorites

    48. Lemon

      Honestly Ubisoft should just give some of the dlc operators their own videos when you unlock them. They already made the videos, why not?

      1. Hamza Biçer

        New ones arent cinematics. Cant compete with the old ones. I wish money hungry sons of bitches would release cinematics for each op. It is so hype when you unlock old ones for the first time.

    49. Alex Senpai

      Damm idk thatcher and smoke where the same

    50. banana bread boi

      Sledges video is just him with a go pro on his sledgehammer

      1. Ninja Knucles

        @Barra Tansey oh yh sorry I forgot

      2. Barra Tansey

        @Ninja Knucles he's Scottish

      3. Ninja Knucles

        @Wilby Sot ngl I’m British and that’s something I would say If I was him

      4. Wilby Sot

        sledge in general is just: *ill bash ye fookin ‘ead in i swear on me mum*

    51. Toxic Karbon

      The amaru and the goyo one made me happy made me smile

    52. olaivito

      Like you can tell which videos were from older time and which firm now

      1. XxMilkPeaxX

        It starts from oldest to newest

    53. Gery

      Where's Aruni? 🤔

    54. hell in a nutshell

      Hmm who woulda thought bandit and doc are the the same person

    55. Furkan Ben

      I love IQ

      1. Furkan Ben

        @Veda 😃😃

      2. Veda

        ayarlayalım kanka

    56. 「DUM」 Glitch

      I got a different video when I unlocked Bandit. Weird

      1. Rokwin

        He used docs video for it.

    57. THE 3 IdIoTs


      1. THE 3 IdIoTs

        Ik it’s sad

      2. It’s Practical

        What’s worse is that the removed tachankas video because of his rework

    58. Zane ling

      Yo maverick on xim

    59. Obama Bin Laden

      Unmanned drones

    60. ChrizZone

      That’s a cool bandit

    61. ً

      Twitch be talkin' alotta shit when her drone can't fucking jump

    62. Apache Hey Hey


    63. Jakub Fišera

      Ehhh but where is Aruni?

    64. Reco Raccoon


    65. WTG Jay


    66. Jacob Lenton

      Why does rook's teammate cock a double-action revolver?

      1. Jevier Lesmana

        @jose alfredo ruiz a colt peace maker? Are you dumb mate?

      2. Nero Jester

        @Takuma Anzai I've had friends through the marines and in the navy refer to it as a charging handle, people I know who build and repair firearms refer to it as charging handle, even on the designs for most modern style rifles they are labeled as charging handles lmfao sorry your bud got screamed at for being right, im sure nobody ever gets yelled at in the military over nonsense tho bro so don't feel too bad 🤙

      3. Takuma Anzai

        @Nero Jester it really is, and it’s amusing how annoyed you are getting over this 😂 Been in army cadets, and tried a few years as in infantry, and one guy said he was charging his M2 and got screamed at for it.

      4. Nero Jester

        @Takuma Anzai not too sure where the fuck you live but even gun channels across FIblock like Forgotten Weapons and InRange will refer to it as a charging handle lmfao Its a pretty commonly used term dude and its surprising that you're acting like it's rare or unused.

      5. Takuma Anzai

        @Nero Jester I never said guns aren’t charged, I said nobody calls it that, it’s an improper way of saying it, in Canada and the US. we say the gun is “Cocked” and we call it “Cocking Handle” not charging handle lmfao. Charging even sounds dumb asf

    67. Jesús Vázquez


    68. David Parker

      Dead by daylight why did the nurse kill a patient what the hell why

      1. Nathan Quintal

        Bruv wrong game

      2. Onion


      3. 기본 쓰에기


    69. SKITE ART

      I am so comfuse if amaru its from peru and goyo mexico why they speak in english ? If bought speak spanish wtf is same like an american and british speak in germany

      1. Basically I'm Schlorping

        @SKITE ART maybe because the game is more popular among people who speak English therefore it is more practical for them to make the characters to speak English? It’s not complicated.

      2. SKITE ART

        Jason Tedjojuwono I think you do not understand me in Peru they speak Spanish and in Mexico also as it is possible that between them they speak English

      3. Jason Tedjojuwono

        Literally every operator speaks English

    70. sepehr damavandi

      Just《What's In the canister》

      1. Nathan Quintal

        It’s a nerf

      2. pepefy

        VX gas

      3. 7th Hokage

        Everyone asks what’s in the canister? No one asks how’s in the canister?


        Don't ask

      5. Landon.123


    71. Undisputed Penguin

      There's no Aruni?

    72. Alexandros Tsanaktsidis

      Why no Aruni?Where is she?

      1. Apache Hey Hey


    73. Ethan Staples

      Uhh... Bandit looks a lot like doc

      1. Ethan Staples

        @Azril Shah iq has a good mission, but it's useless in multiplayer

      2. Azril Shah

        I like iq a lot

      3. golden0 egg

        that,s wat i was gona said XD

      4. Zhila Muhammed

        @Takuma Anzai i asked around and i can confirm he got a new haircut. they do look similar ngl

      5. Hugo Špoljar

        They are brothers😂

    74. unsee juice

      Cheeki breeki fuze

    75. AREVALOX 2002

      Y el bandit?

    76. Itachi Uchiha

      You Forget Aruni

      1. Thomas Palombo


      2. Thomas Palombo

        @Waddles actually there's

      3. Waddles

        I don’t think aruni had a trailer

    77. PBR

      and the aruni trailer? fiblock.info/face/videot/f59kZqOArKSmq4Y.html

    78. B1-268

      Fookin laser sights

      1. man

        fookin laser sights

      2. friendly neighborhood slav

        Fookin laser sights

      3. TYUIHAN


      4. Trendmazing

        Fookin laser sights

      5. Highway Honey's

        fookin laser sights

    79. MondoTheK1D

      Does anyone else get the doc Operator video when it was supposed to be Bandit’s?

      1. Zhila Muhammed

        he just picked the wrong outfit. it’s still bandit. or maybe it was a part of his plan since he was undercover

      2. Gaming Much

        @Asprect i main bandit to and I got bi for np7

      3. Trigg Zanger


      4. Juelz Owens

        Not me

      5. olaivito


    80. Sad Kakashi

      nice video

    81. Reality


    82. Noah Shanks

      Does Aruni not have one?

      1. Rusty Shackleford

        Not like the others

      2. Noah Shanks

        @MondoTheK1D Thanks

      3. MondoTheK1D

        She does it’s on Ubisoft’s channel if you want to see it



      1. trettery

        @Tiz_ wow you sound so cool can i be your friend

      2. Tiz_

        @That YEET Boi I should get my facts right? How about you Sort By Newest the comments and go all the way down? Dumbass.

      3. That YEET Boi

        @Tiz_ he is thoug i commented when it said minutes get your facts rights

      4. Tiz_

        @That YEET Boi He isn't lmao

      5. That YEET Boi

        For once someone actually is

    84. leonchis64