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    1. ScereBro PSNU

      It's the end of YEAR 5 of R6! Who is your favorite operator by far!? ' Still Bandit :) Don't forget to drop a like! Let's hit 1500 LIKES! :D

      1. Zeltron

        @DEVIL ek roaster Wamai isn’t Indian only kali

      2. SpookySioux


      3. Crusader Kight

        @Shepard Avi yo what

      4. Scott Ford

        @Shepard Avi I will try it out right now. Seems promising :)

      5. Gayus Natanael

        @Shepard Avi *dokkaebi in nutshell*

    2. Bahdussy76

      I, for some reason, would appreciate if they added a Division Agent or two.

    3. Marc Gatke

      So we all know that the best Video is from kapkan

    4. Albert Diaz

      So amy midrolls!

    5. Julian Espinosa

      old tachanka😢

    6. Sweaty Burritos

      7:27 THE LORD

    7. Jre4stGaming

      Man I miss old Glaz

    8. Pizzaberto

      Why so much ads?

    9. It’s Practical

      This is our only proof of a tachanka video, rainbow six removed his video In game

    10. Gabe Collins

      They ruined tachanka and the house map

    11. ste ellis

      Dam I got blinded and I'm on half brightness by that 0:53

    12. SMD Trolling

      18:24 cloaker vietnam memories comeback ;-;

    13. Jerremiah Wall

      Ghost recon future soldiers: amatures I said it to start shit lol

    14. PlumRex Supreme

      Can we agree blitz probably has the coolest video

    15. Jon Bong

      everyone else: gadgets, gear, skills tachanka: BIG GUN oryx: B I G M A N

    16. Jack Snacc'

      Gets cringy, especially in the later videos.

    17. deathtrap555

      I've just realised Tachanka's video music is based on the Russian Folk Classic "Kalinka"

    18. gloop

      FOoKIn LAsEr SiGhtS

    19. A Bathing Grape

      I love how Tachankas old operator video is just him spinning in a circle shooting walls

    20. Wes Lye

      Where was jäger

    21. Huto Hutowski

      20:27 coronaviruses

    22. WelshCrusade

      so siege is an anime now?


      Lets appreciate both british and australian accent

    24. Zixorus

      Bruh IQ got a shotgun.


        And ash elite soundtrack background

    25. MozzieGaming

      Guys the comments are funny but can someone please actually tell me what is in the canistuh???

      1. 1_VIsJe

        Lost nerf arrows

    26. MozzieGaming

      28:20 *Me when I hear the oven alarm sound exactly 12 minutes after I put pizza rolls in the oven*

    27. Matified

      I remember when vigil had a white mask, good times

      1. Matified

        @Horey shet it’s a joke xd

      2. Horey shet

        He never wore a white mask..

    28. memezo shitmada

      12 km of internal wiring yet the shit cant jump.

    29. Harry Leddings

      Idc if he’s not the best, wardens operator video is incredible

    30. Robin

      Now we know why Jordan(thermite) got those scars on his hands

    31. Lucien Trudeau

      Maestro zapping people for fun😂

    32. Jade

      D I T A I L S

    33. ST FU

      Lmao Clash cool intro but always ban as for jakal

    34. engineer gaming,

      At the end of the cinematics when it shows the characters you can faintly hear a sound that sounds like heavy from tf2 going yudta data, da...

    35. engineer gaming,

      The twich drone zapped the screen so hard i got advertised:(

    36. The Casual Guide

      Most operator videos: let's show what the ops have and do calm and collectively! Blitz: OH MLG 360 NO SCOPE MONTAGE!

      1. Creeper Daniel

        Bandit: DRUGS

      2. Vostroyan Admiral

        Tachanka: Gun make big *bang bang*

    37. problem?

      animators: so what do we do for the blitz cinematic ubisoft: 2015 minecraft mlg compilation

    38. Tandem Camden

      Who do you think has the best friendship with their defender or attack counterpart I'd say Goyo and amaru my defense main

      1. Patience Nicole Productions

        Kali and wamai

    39. charlie moth

      The fact that R6 Siege doesn't have a story mode when it has all these characters with different personalities and backgrounds is depressing.

      1. vitor

        just like team fortress 2, i mean there are the comics, but i would be so glad if they made a movie or a story mode about it.

      2. Cryptic H.R

        Id kill for a story mode

    40. Elliot Rieff

      Really wish they put as much effort in the new operator videos that they did with the first ones

      1. Elliot Rieff

        @Nero Jester yes I'll admit blitz vid is dogshit but all the other ops are pretty good. Better than watching the new characters walk through the new map

      2. Nero Jester

        @Elliot Rieff if Blitz walking through a blank room while dubstep plays is higher quality/more effort than Hibana and Echo chasing eachother down then idk what to tell you bud lmao

      3. Elliot Rieff

        @Nero Jester how? The original ones actually had a really good cinematic cut scene for the characters

      4. Nero Jester

        The first ones are no less lazy than the new ones tho

    41. Sakuta A

      It would be nice if there were time stamps...

    42. Monster Victor

      Sam Fisher aka Zero with the Sam cam

    43. ImVannox

      Cringe anime

      1. ImVannox

        @Tom Fincham The latest operator videos would have been better, if they instead sticked to 3d photo realistic animations.

      2. Tom Fincham


    44. luis alvarado

      Guys let’s honor tachanka the fallen king no longer has a operator video let us share a moment of silence

      1. Wilby Sot

        does he not?

      2. Zalzoriano

        It’s sad that in all these videos, it shows operators breaking brick walls and all. But In game, only paper walls you can break. I’m over here thinking, “What? Why can ashes round break a whole brick wall, but barely be able to break down a WHOLE wall in game.

      3. Paul W

        But I prefer I decent operator than a decent video 😅

      4. Paul W

        Yes... yes we should

    45. Sergeant Griz

      I’m so happy I’m British when I see SAS in this game

    46. Waters Way

      remembering old tachanka

    47. مركة فاصوليا

      28:20 When your friend says there is a monty on the other side of the map and you are oryx

      1. Rul Kinda Sus


    48. Doc

      Lol I know what is in the canister

      1. Doc

        @The Crusader perhaps

      2. The Crusader

        @Doc yes

      3. Doc

        @ASHRAF MOHAMED you right silent but deadly

      4. Doc

        @The Crusader I’m willing to bet cyanide these are terrorist and cyanide is easy to come by as it is in some pesticides

      5. The Crusader

        @ASHRAF MOHAMED ba na n a n a n a na na B A T M AN

    49. Paul Kim

      You can see the improvements and dedication Ubisoft puts into these. Respect it a lot

      1. Alejandro Antunez Muñoz

        Improvements? Let me proceed to "xd"

    50. Cyrus Sanzone

      28:18 when the Dino nuggets are ready

      1. MozzieGaming


      2. the cool guy936

        Before I look I bet it's Oryx Edit: I was indeed correct lmao

      3. SNiPes ‘N stUfF

        @Austin Leavell ikr

      4. Austin Leavell

        Underrated comment

    51. MemeBuster3641

      Me and every other Canadian cringed when it said "Hudson Bay" and not Hudson's Bay.

      1. Grimprime01

        I mean ubi is in Montreal!

      2. Captain Canuck

        Leave it to Quebec

    52. Clarence Garside

      Australia's SASR is cool for me. Big sis Gridlock and Bro Mozzie

    53. colacao_i_nesquik 1

      20:27 Finka predicted all

      1. Void

        Its actually Ash who said that

    54. Zachary Berney

      im sorry but when echo speaks and his look is just ooooooohhhhh myyyyyyyy

    55. markiller 2020

      20:27 coronavirus

      1. MozzieGaming

        Chimera viruses

      2. Steve gast

        It says camera virus

      3. Mcop Pwd


      4. Thaddeus McQuestionable


    56. Seyi Ewebiyi

      If rainbow had an animated series I’d 100% watch it

    57. Sample Text

      bruh so like zero is finka boosted and just runs though smokes gas, shouldnt the mf be on low health and would have been taken out by my man oryx?

      1. Skye Mori

        One explanation of how he survived a "gas" is because of his resistance to drugs and poison, which he survived for 1 week in a lab then escaped there while under the effect of such drugs before becoming a member of Splinter Cell Operatives. Then about the Hand to Hand Combat, Sam has background of defeating enemies in quick succession because of being a black belt in Krav Maga. I don't know about Oryx that much but i know he can held his own but to a Legend, he was just someone.

      2. Nero Jester

        Itt: plebs who never touched splinter cell

      3. J and j studios

        Ikr how does he beat orxy at hand to hand combat??

      4. bazinga bazanga

        He is sam fisher what do expect

      5. Not Steve

        It’s an animation nigga

    58. YTGgmanplaysLIVE

      20:29 corona

      1. MozzieGaming

        @Steve gast Chimera, but you had the idea

      2. YTGgmanplaysLIVE

        @Lenny ma g why u takin it serious m8

      3. Steve gast

        Not corona. Camira virus

      4. Lenny

        my guy look at clash's vest

    59. Enes Göktürk Şahin

      My country has one of the worlds best SOF units but still ubisoft doesnt include them to the game


        @Alejandro Antunez Muñoz they are already announced that the new character is from Argentina. Hong Kong (YING-LESION) is country occupied by china, so Chinese operators still didn't exist in team rainbow.

      2. Alejandro Antunez Muñoz

        @ASHRAF MOHAMED sweden argentina and china are taken my boy mohamed


        @Ruslan Huseynov I thought it's from Palestine


        Not just turkey also Sweden,China,New Zealand,Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Pakistan,Chile ,Argentina,Israel, Romania Colombia

      5. cpisy egk

        Get ubisofted

    60. Gamer Gaming

      Gps satellite, unmanned drone, fooking Lazer sight

    61. зомбяра котяра

      I like Russian operatives

    62. David Goodenough

      A comment

    63. Letupita124HD

      Rainbow six siege has some unrealistic operators now but hey you have to keep with other game and still fun to play jerk funny friends as teammates lol

    64. ATom Grav

      Canadian operators have Far Cry Blood dragon for intro music ...

    65. farish_トレーサー

      man, when do they gonna make an operator base on my country, probably 50 years later ;(

      1. Patience Nicole Productions

        What country?

      2. Magisk

        What’s ur country?



    67. King Mango

      I would love them to have a show

      1. Mute main

        There are some shows. We'll its hard to find and I would just call the episodes.

      2. iplayssomethin78 2

        @Jac Powers original

      3. Jac Powers

        Anime or original style

      4. iplayssomethin78 2

        i think theyres a small movive about them

      5. Sam Nejberger

        i’m pretty sure they’re in a video game

    68. Luke Robleza Music

      Gives me AHS trailer vibes

    69. stealtho ghost

      Fookin lazer sights

      1. Jay James


      2. the cool guy936


      3. DQ Plays Games

        Fookin laser sights

      4. Ty Gallacher


      5. Akiko Burnett

        5:12 is when it happens

    70. Sam Fisher


    71. Nirvann e

      Lets goooo

    72. Staš

      Remember when r6 ops were based on real CTUs and were at least semi realistic? Yeh those were the god days

      1. Deamyn Uhrig

        @Not Steve Yeah well some of like realism in shooters

      2. Clarence Garside

        No offense, yeah Nighthaven is cool

      3. Clarence Garside

        @Connor Cortez Yeah, but the Main purpose of R6S itself is semi realistic with CTU in all over the world. 1 year without real CTU kinda off from Ubisoft goal. Last real CTU i know is from Goyo, Mexican FES

      4. Connor Cortez

        @Clarence Garside Kali is pretty cool though

      5. Not Steve

        Real life is boring, we want cool shit

    73. A. A. Nenortas

      Aye early on a future viral video!

    74. Devin M


      1. Abe lincoln


      2. Magisk

        Who asked?

      3. stealtho ghost