Rating National Anthems #2

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    I've never heard these national anthems before BUT THEY ARE SUPER CATCHY?!!
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    Rating National Anthems #2
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    1. Ali Ruzgar Ozcan

      im from turkey :)

    2. Andria

      GEORGIA also

    3. Patrick Gheser

      Why isn't italy here? Cmon

    4. Batodo

      We need a part 3 with Brazilian anthem

    5. Matthew McCallion

      There are more boisterous renditions of Flower of Scotland, especially at football and rugby matches. Look for the one by Ronnie Browne singing before a match, he was part of the group who wrote the song. P.S. Please do my country (Ireland) next!

    6. Cutie Cupcake

      Love from the Philippines OwO

    7. Shashwat Shukla


    8. Ayuni aot

      14:13 *me about to skip the end-* wait.. that's my country Malaysia :V we got 6.5/11? HELL YEAH

    9. Francis P

      Germany's anthem was indeed tweaked after WW2. Before it had things like "Germany above all in the world", "From the Maas to the Memel" which are rivers in France and Lithuania respectively, and "From the Etsch to the Belt" which are a mountain in Italy and the strait of Denmark respectively. So yeah, _very_ offensive.

    10. Dead shot

      Im waiting for soviet union iconic anthem btw:im afghan

    11. Cjay

      Guess he didn't know the Philippine history HAHAHAHA lol. And what is the meaning of the Philippine flag

    12. JAH

      From the Philippines

    13. Georgina _

      Fun fact about the German one: it's a poem from the late 1800's but we ONLY use the third stanza (because of obvious political reasons and also it's geographically incorrect, also the 1st stanza served as the anthem during the n4zi regime so it's a big no no to sing it but it's not forbidden to sing it, just very frowned upon and you will most likely be classified as a n4zi).It didn't become the official anthem until like 1980 or so

    14. Ibrahim Hamed


    15. Jayson Taguba

      Roomie: Sounds like thier country(Philippines) will never be invaded. China: *coughs* 😢🤣😢🤣😢🤣

    16. Marvin Abedes

      Why some anthems include god to protect their land even thou they stole it from the natives😂

    17. Geo Critic

      When Turkey tops Russia:

    18. Adventure With AhM

      I need indonesian

    19. Adventure With AhM

      Timestaps pls

    20. Scarlett Maxwell

      Aside from my country's national anthem but I also like the Panama and Turkey national anthem 😀😀😀 Okay Filipino singers get your mic ready... sing and re-record our National Anthem 😀😀😀

    21. Aditya Wiraprazha


    22. Hobby Bugs

      Funfact: Sealand has the best national anthem. Funfact: Sealand is the only country where you can walk from one side of the country to the other before their national anthem finishes

    23. {Hunter}

      I'll have you know Roomie, as an Australian that is not our national anthem, what you listened to is a sham, a fan project, unofficial. Our actual anthem is Down Under by Men at Work, I'll have you know.

    24. rezwannur siddique

      that part where he was almost talking to turkeys national anthem is just the same way my mom react to national anthems hahahahahahahaha

    25. Cyrille kate Domingo

      When it got to my country Me : 👁️👄👁️

    26. JaCobraGaming

      i am pipino 🙃🙏💪

    27. Samsung Yt55

      Deslike : )

    28. AJPOTZYT

      filipino here

    29. STARabelle

      joel: 6.5 for the Philippines me: come on joel, we deserve better than that😄 as a Filipino, i have to raise our flag and i’ll show you how beautiful our national anthem is♥️ let’s be realistic, it doesn’t feel the same if you don’t understand the lyrics or know the story behind it. right?🤗 hence, the english version. however, i think you can’t just play&listen to the tagalog version then read the english version because revisions were made over the years. besides, there are 2 english versions which is actually made from the spanish version🙂 my point is, each version can be interpreted one way or another and may give you different impression. since you can’t understand tagalog, maybe it would be better if you could have just played the english version alone (not together with tagalog version)😊 allow me to be a little more specific: (english version) Child of the sun returning (tagalog version) Perlas ng Silanganan Perlas - Pearl Silanganan (from the root word “Silangan”) - East does “Child of the sun returning” and “Pearl of the East” gives you the same feeling just by mere reading them? i don’t think so. please look at the bigger picture and see it as a whole😊 when you said, “basically this whole lyrics is just ‘we will never be invaded’”. well, you’re ALMOST there🤗 but not really. and i don’t blame you. let me simplify the tagalog version for you😊 we will not be enjoying our freedom right now if it wasn’t for the Filipino Heros who sacrificed their lives for the love for our country. we refuse anyone from taking it from us. we will fightback and continue to raise our flag. it will be an honor to die fighting for you, our dear country. and about what you said as to the melody dynamics. for me, national anthem is a representation of the country and the countrymen. each has it’s own interesting history. and i think those are what makes a national anthem sigfinicant😊 also, i believe Filipinos are very much proud everytime we sing our national anthem because we love it as it is♥️ you may search videos of Filipino artist when they sing our national anthem for Sen. Pacquiao’s boxing fight. and see it for yourself. i suggest, kyla’s performance. each word is full of love for our country💕 you might also check the meaning of our flag. then, you’ll see the beauty of the Filipinos and the Philippines as a whole. i hope you’ll meet some Filipinos too i’m sure you’ll appreciate everything even more🥰 i hope my efforts pay off😆 you may listen to the different versions of your national anthem too and see if you feel the same😊 stay safe joel, happy streaming🤗

      1. STARabelle

        @Samuel Then hi, i respect his opinion🙂 i just want to tell him that there is so much more about our national anthem😊

      2. Samuel Then

        Sorry to say, but you have to respect his opinion anyway.

    30. Herta Schneider

      *The German one you started it off at a weird place, dude, it's better if you start it at the beginning hah*

    31. Timothy Sajot

      I like that one from Tajikistan. From: Philippines.

    32. Joanne Gay Teodoro

      Fun fact red means war and blue means peace

    33. Joanne Gay Teodoro

      Fun fact red means war and blue means peace

    34. Devoided

      Roomie: looks like their country will never be invaded Me: **Flashbacks**

    35. RiotousChair 113

      When Roomie Reacts to your National Anthem: :)

    36. Darelyn Fabiculanan

      Don't judge

    37. Johann Theultragamer

      Me: is filipino Also me: i speak english and have trouble with filipino

      1. Devoided


    38. Frauline Zitroh

      I have been waiting for my country to come, and it did. Though he rated it a 6.5 but it's fine😊. 10:10

    39. GamerBOB roblox

      Go Canada! 🇨🇦

    40. Barney Stinson


    41. Guide

      The english lyrics is not a translation of the tagalog one, they used the english version when america used to rule us.

    42. carla

      waiting for brazil

    43. Deutschland Über Alles

      Maple leaf forever should be our national anthem.

    44. Narmin Gurbanli

      Love from Turkey&Azerbaijan, Romie 😍💖🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

    45. Theodosis Karitzis

      You're right about the German anthem, they didn't change the lyrics, they just removed the first two verses

      1. Thrust Thrust

        @Theodosis Karitzis the worst is actually israels anthem just sounds way too depressing (or maybe i just dont like israrl)😐

      2. Theodosis Karitzis

        @Thrust Thrust tbh it's the version he found that's boring. As an anthem it's actually nice

      3. Thrust Thrust

        its BORINGGGGGG

    46. Junno Claridades

      Phillipines is our country the name of our National Anthem is ''Lupang Hinirang''

    47. Maria Jennifer Sophia Lazo

      *Saw the Philippines Flag* Me: *Interesting*

    48. Albani Adhitya Dirgantara

      Indonesian 🇮🇩 ?

    49. Sheree Ayanna Wales

      Whos filipino here :) | V

    50. Seth K.

      Germany had 2 other parts of the anthem during the Nazi Regeem but those were cut from it after world war 2. And 2nd of all after Iceland, you said be angry in the comments because of the Score but i am more anstonished that you did put Turkey above Russia because on my Opinion, even though i am from Germany, the Russian National Anthem is one of the Best in the World.

    51. Group budak saujana

      Saya dari Malaysia

    52. Group budak saujana

      Im from malay

    53. Lugaw

      Pota ina signal

    54. ᴇsᴄᴀɴᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ sɪɴ ᴏғ ᴘʀɪᴅᴇ

      Roomie : sounds like their country will never be invaded America , Spain , Japan : Really N!gg@? WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!!!

      1. Devoided

        Why. Please stay far far away from me

    55. The waffle that fell over

      bruh i finding it so hard and i finally found my country Malaysia then you only give 6 :(

    56. Finnick Andrel Official

      "we will never be invaded" well we do get invaded but never lost a war

    57. littlemy


    58. Socialistique Partïe

      3:09 dancey dance

    59. Alagahit Philline Franchette Valeska

      I saw the Philippine flag👀 That's why I clicked faster than lightning😊👌🏻 10:40 Me as a Filipino: *literal what face*

      1. Devoided


    60. T U R T E L

      "Sounds like their country will never be invaded" The Filipino soldiers who fought Spain, America, and Japan: *am i a joke to you?*

      1. Devoided

        Don't forget that china is slowly invading and Mr. President don't give a shit

    61. Darelyn Fabiculanan

      Pilipilines is good ba ka

    62. Darelyn Fabiculanan

      What 6.5 im pilipinas

      1. Devoided

        Tbh I'm from philippines and I think that his ratings are somewhat accurate, the overuse of "thou" and so on and society is kind of ruining the beat



      1. Devoided

        No he didn't, what are you even saying it's just his personal opinion and you're attacking him?

    64. Easy A

      Roomie as well as the other viewers The never getting invaded part you said was an educated guess But what it really means is that our fire will never be snuffed out We will remain here ,even if we have to bow down for a period of time After that storm has passed we will be here,but the storm wouldnt be The music may be average to you but the meaning behind it is strong The translation doesnt even make sense

      1. Easy A

        @Devoided lol if it makes sense explain what it means in english not in Tagalog

      2. Devoided

        Yes it does, it was sung when the americans invaded us, so the translation actually makes sense my guy

    65. MPM Gaming1337

      Hi from malaysia🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

    66. Faith Kathoka

      the canada anthem got me singing

    67. Joshua Sante

      I'm from Philippines and it's a third world country where no matter how you excel in everything, you still get low salary.

      1. Devoided


    68. fire


    69. Kaden Ling

      the 1st and 2nd verse was actually removed from the german anthem. dont wana know why

    70. Kaden Ling

      give france another chance

    71. 23 Azriel Seif Ortiz


    72. ria raymundo

      Yung ina abangan KO ang Philippines !! Pero ang baba !! 😅😅

    73. Se Lit

      I was waiting for Saudi Arabia 😔

    74. kenny.


      1. Devoided

        Ooh! Ooh! I found a brazilian! Perfect!

    75. Mr. Pianoman

      Woohoo someone rated the national anthem of Philippines!!

      1. Devoided

        Thank you, a fellow countrymen who isn't complaining about the rating, thank you

    76. TheSturgon

      Actually, Canada's national anthem did say all of us command, but it was in French, when it was translated to English it was put as sons as an accident.

    77. Gotcha Girl

      😡😡😡😡😡 you for got Nepal 😡😡😡😡🤭🤭

      1. Devoided

        Yea, if you do it like that he ain't gonna do it

    78. jd darkrer

      National anthem of panama sound like an opening song from attack on titan

    79. DeathRyuu

      I was just waiting for my country to come, now I need another episode with my country in it. (Italy)

      1. Devoided

        Yooooo dude can I get some of that pizza my guy?

    80. Maria Liza Macatangay

      Rommie forgot about japan

    81. Alex Mateus

      Where is the brazil anthem?

    82. ITS ME MARCO!!

      Why is Philippines on the thumbnail

      1. Devoided

        Because he rated it??????

    83. Akari Masuda

      Misheard egypt: Be Ready Be Ready Be reeady

    84. Unsolicited

      As a Canadian I feel like you got ripped off listening to this version and not the sweet acapella version by The Nylons

    85. Rafighter

      Fun fact: he chose to ignore Brazil, the 5th largest and most populous country in the world

      1. Fortaleza - Zombro

        Damn and he probably ain’t gonna like it anyway xD Maybe in part 3?

    86. Ross Baillie

      I hear the German national anthem far too much. I watch formula 1 and the Mercedes team just keep on winning

    87. AleYu Gaming

      Thx for putting Panama in 7,5! Im from Panama

    88. WolvesHeart

      Australia all let us rejoice for we are young and free with golden soil and wealth for toil our home is gurt by sea our land about in nature’s gift of beauty rich and rare so advance Australia fair

    89. Nahin Hasan LXIX69

      Next time plz try Bangladesh

    90. BaronVonGhost

      the Turkish Anthem was written right after the War of İndependence, so that is why its so dark in terms of lyrics. its my favorite anthem of all time, im ofcourse biast because ima Turk, but still.

    91. Krishna Bawdekar

      Damn I was surprised wen my country Samoa came coz it's like a small island

    92. Matheus Neves

      Do Brazil Anthem next. It so modern

    93. Konstantina La

      do greece

    94. Spiffleh

      I could have swore Canada had changed "in all thy sons command" to "all of us command" to it may just be an older version.

    95. Yugicchi

      I truly agree if someone looking for timestamp so do I

    96. Yuan Mendoza

      Fun fack: Philippines is invaded by Spain,japan, and America Spain invaded Philippines 300 years

      1. Devoided

        That spelling and grammer my guy

    97. Skylar Brebrich

      Roomie, Canada changed that sexist lyric back in 2018! You're using an old video!

    98. Hannah Alejah D. Casuncad

      His reaction to my country's anthem made me crack up! Never be invaded huh-

      1. Devoided

        Yes, the flashbacks

    99. kook kook kook kook

      ok i thought Malaysia isn't going to be in this one but yes Malaysia, done.

    100. Ondřej Plachý

      Rate Czech republic anthem