Reacting To Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 3 Best Moments!


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    Today @Aldas , @Tommo , and Haydon react to the best moments from the latest Drive To Survive series from Netflix!

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    1. Veloce

      *Everyone involved in this video tested negative for Covid-19*

      1. Rafale 190

        haydon sucks

      2. D B

        @whale oil beef hooked because they have an audience who loves to cancel everything so they are trying to get ahead of the minority that yell the loudest

      3. I don't know What to call this channel

        @GodFoot and friends oh ok

      4. Faydn

        It's extremely sad that you have to post a comment like this

      5. GodFoot and friends

        @I don't know What to call this channel the action is necessary, the comment not so much.

    2. Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

      9:55, I welcomed the Halo back in 2018 because safety is always more important than aesthetics to me (I think F1 cars are not that beautiful compared to GT or Road Cars anyway)

    3. Nemanja P

      Dude survives because of improvement in technology and this guy says its an act of god

    4. Ella X

      Bruh the pain in Ric's eyes at 7:37 is like him acknowledging that leaving Redbull was premature and he should have waited for that new Honda engine.

    5. SGYT Gaming

      Me *coughs on a packed bus because I had a tickle in my throat and tested negative for Covid-19 earlier that day* Everyone *STARES AT ME IN A FRIGHTENED STATE*

    6. Raiden

      Tommo really missed out on it. Valterri Buttass

    7. VOYAGE

      10:00 If the halo wasn't there he wouldn't have had the chance to burn to death because he would have been decapitated.

    8. Kevin Wacharapol

      Hayden: I liked the emotional part Aldas: I liked the funny part Tommo: Butt lol

    9. dmurphy1578

      I want Horner running my team but I'd hate being against him.

    10. LabGorilla

      Bottas didnt do it on purpose. He’s just saying it. However he won the race so good on him. You need to have a mentality of denial to be Lewis’ team mate. You’re up against the best ever. No one has an easy chance to beat him during a season. And no one will be allowed to be in the team who can get close too. Rosberg is brutally fast. He made his point and got out. But Mercedes learned a lesson. They don’t want a driver who takes it to Hamilton anymore.

    11. Anthony Cutt

      Did they do all the interviews in an actual Confession booth? Or a cage?

    12. Brandt Baughn

      I am still shocked people think Riccardo left too early and made a rash decision. With McLaren's base of leadership and Mercedes engine in the back how do you still believe in a few years time they won't be more likely to fight for race wins? Compared to the completely jumbled mess that is the Alpine leadership and that, never has been, reliable engine they produce? Just mind boggling imo.

    13. hanna degerlund


    14. Rex Races

      I see Kimi, I click

    15. Ivar Biek

      valterri buttass

    16. Tenesha Anderson

      The guy in the middle has an excellent voice

    17. Aussie Aussie

      Seb vs Ferrari was the best

    18. Damien B

      Sorry for you but Ocon is quick too, don't forget he was out 1 year

    19. Killian Cush

      Is that aldas's real voice?

    20. CauseThisIsThriller

      Do people generally not like Christian Horner? I've only been watching F1 since DTS season 1 and my favorite team is Red Bull solely because of Horner.

      1. GrumpyKay

        I can't stand the Christian they portray on the show. He just seems too arrogant and soo incredibly petty. How he is IRL is a mystery to me and since I know Netflix manipulates things for drama, I accept that the Christian on the show and the Christian irl might be two different people.

      2. Ella X

        I like Horner in theory but he can be so dramatic sometimes lmao

      3. Oliver Boisen

        Some dislike Horner because of perceived arrogance and the fact he can sound whiney when things don't go his way. I think this season showed him in a much better light as the grid's shitstirrer

    21. somethingsomethingnotsomething

      Best Clip? “I’m the man who walked out of fire” 😉

    22. Valeria Robles

      Personally, I find season 3 entertaining because it had some great good emotional moments, BUT it also had some meeeeh scenes that didn't live up to my expectations, to be honest dull. On the other hand, Netflix making up unnecessary dramas, 2020 season had plenty of memorable moments that didn't even make it to the final cut. Overall, it works as a warm-up to enter this year's season.

    23. Valeria Robles

      Christian calling Checo is cringey but by far one of my favorites. I can't wait for the weekend!

    24. Verena Radonich

      @Tommo , my Valterri Bottas!!! I love youuuuu! I was so pleasantly happy to see you pop up on this video!! @Aldas I am still getting to know you but you are quickly making your way to my heart.

    25. khotsoxx

      Buxton is really great at his job the way he speaks is like a legend in the making... RIP Murray

    26. Mihir

      Christian is perfect for red bull because red bull is all about marketing and Christian does that perfectly in drive to survive

      1. Ella X

        You're right. He really plays up his villain persona for the cameras.

    27. --SPECTRE--

      Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari episode was my favourite!

    28. Mau García

      Christian calling Checo was the best moment by far

    29. Arnav Kumar

      Can someone drop a tutorial on how to do your hair like Hayden's??

    30. Antero Mikkola

      its more like a hobby for me so obviously i dont need to do it if i dont want to

    31. BIG MINI

      I would say Barrichello was not as good or consistent as Bottas. Valtteri has taken more than 43% of of the total points Mercedes have scored since 2017, while in his time at Ferrari with Michael, Rubens took around 35% of points.

    32. Charlie Gaius

      Christian Horner look like the director of the whole seri, he know everything happen behind the scene

    33. Dontworry Aboutit

      Tom is like the David Croft of F1 you tubers

      1. Oliver Boisen

        Him and Josh Revell are the Croft and Brundle of F1 FIblock

    34. Kevin Keane

      Tommo I'm very dissapointed I was expecting to see a tesco cider

    35. TheAfricanToimez

      Good to know I aint the only one who likes Christian Horner

    36. Jacob

      Does anyone understand why we see so much of Carlos's cousin? He brings nothing of value and he's in so many episodes

      1. GloomGaiGar

        Even to the episodes with Carlos in them? Are you sure?

      2. belli

        He is his agent and I assume they spend a heck load of time together.

      3. khotsoxx

        And no Russel... We have been robbed of the sakhir drama

      4. Valéria Almeida

        I guess Netflix people just like the input he provides on Carlos. I find him insightful

      5. World Racing Association


    37. Oki Doki

      Typical American producers COVID-19 is not excised not any driver can get it right? No Hulkenberg that does the impossible thing twice. George is not even in the serie.

    38. Dorleys Flir

      4:40 Looks like Christian has been munching on some spice.

    39. Wiktor K

      netflix trying to fake lando-carlos drama is my favourite ... cringe moment

      1. Niklas Stenhall

        Yeah. By far. That whole episode took a turning point which just obviously isn’t real.

    40. Marty Pemberton

      What a crock this is!! Does Mercedes own controlling shares in Netflix? The top story of the season other than Grosjean's accident was Russell proving that it is the Mercedes car, not Hamilton that is supreme. But apparently Netflix forgot about this.... Utter bullshit.

      1. Damien B

        it's not true, hamilton was good before Mercedes and he help a lot this team.

    41. Ravi de Jong

      My favorite part was that they replaced that f1 journalist

    42. GUS DB

      Netflix made the script for the worst Mexican novel, it seems like a very bad joke. Where was Russell, Max, Leclerc? greetings from vancouver🇲🇽🇨🇦🇳🇱🏁🤟

    43. Branislav Kováč

      Valtteri Buttass is our new crush tbh

      1. HKF1


    44. David Leuchter

      I dont have Netflix 😪

      1. HKF1

        It's popcorn time lol

    45. Marie DBk

      best part: Valtteri Buttass

    46. Jacob Givens

      I feel bad that Williams didn’t get a focus especially the fact that the family has left the sport for the first time in over 40 years

      1. J

        @Benn87 sure they could have, but the show is basically just dramatic story telling. It's not very accurate and if it doesn't have enough content to make a story, they will just cut it. Remember, the show is primarily made as an advertisement to non-fans. They don't really know George Russell or Williams. That's why the bigger teams get most of the spot light unless there's something huge like Grosjean crashing.

      2. Jacob Givens

        @GloomGaiGar I think people were expecting a buyout just not in the middle of the season, especially with the family leaving in the middle of the season.

      3. GloomGaiGar

        Wasn't Dorilton's purchase sudden? No one was expecting a team buy out considering the circustances.

      4. Benn87

        @J But that does not make it better. You could at least have mentioned things like Williams in Monza or Russel in Bahrain. To leave something like that out completely is just wrong!

      5. J

        They decide who they are following before the race. Williams had such an uneventful season, it probably wouldn’t have been a very good episode. They weren’t following Mercedes or Russell for his one race and with COVID, the crew had to stick to one team or two team bubbles.

    47. andersrolig

      As a Norwegian I see nothing wrong with the Valterri clip. Everything else here is kinda alien. :D


        @Wout V it’s not mixed male&female at public bathhouses and such. FYI.

      2. Wout V

        It genuinly made me envious an I consider moving to Scandinavia.

      3. Niklas

        @FEARYOYOYO i think ir should be everywhere like that


        Ofc. In the sauna, no clothes, simple rule.

    48. aZryggs

      Valterri BUTTas

    49. mk


    50. Metrofilmer88

      Red Bull is gonna be so demonized if Sergio is slow this season

    51. Tom Bystander

      The ferrari lady is a nasty human

    52. Wayne Towers

      Episode 4 should be titled: 'Seb Being Fuckin' Savage Towards Ferrari! '

    53. Fnot Abraham

      Am I the only one who nearly cried at the Grosjean episode?

      1. Michael Erisman

        Watching his wife describe the feelings, yes cried for sure. I truly thought he was dead when watching live. If you aren’t tearing up at a situation like this, something is wrong

      2. Sara Franzén

        i cried, hard.

      3. Niklas


      4. Sandra

        Saw it live, know what happens, still cried. It was done very well.

      5. Julian Avallone

        i cried.

    54. Alejandro Arellano

      am i the only one who doesnt like carlos sainz cousin?

    55. Govind Vyas

      4:42 was the best moment

    56. LameCushion37109

      already watched it and loved it

    57. frankieflorence

      Christian is a top tier shithousery. Stirring the pot. Actually, it's amazing to see how Toto, Christian and Zak are completely different from each other but every one of them brings something great to their team.

      1. Margaux M

        Christian is being the Karen of F1😂

      2. bob

        @FEARYOYOYO how have you not heard of him you must not be a big racing fan like me

      3. bob

        @FEARYOYOYO jim horner? Duh


        @jamie ford who’s Jim?

      5. jamie ford

        I like the fact that Toto and Jim get along but soon as its racing they are big rivals

    58. 01Hyp3r

      i hated the fact that they used the audio from the brazil 2019 crash between vettel and leclerc and using it in the styrian gp crash, pretty appaling.

    59. Raman Khabbazbashi

      Alternative title: 11 minutes of Christian Horner

    60. ace matthew ocampo

      I’m done watching it. Disappointed there’s nothing about focusing on George

    61. Ross Hunter

      Tommo has left the flat

    62. Citra Amalia


    63. Nixer Doyle

      I really want to like Drive to Survive, because I've loved F1 for decades, so a series about would obviously be an automatic must-see. But I watch it through gritted teeth, because it's such a dishonest production. I'll put aside the dodgy edits in interview footage, because they seem to be a staple in documentaries these days, especially Netflix documentaries. I've seen complaints about fake commentary and complaints about claims of fake commentary. The show _does_ feature voiced copy written & recorded for the series. Primarily it's used to fit the episode's narrative, but it's also employed to cover (and dramatically elevate) moments that the real commentators miss, or pay little attention to. For example, Esteban's 6th place at the British GP. The real commentators aren't excited enough about P6, so the fake commentary is like Hamburger Helper. It's not _that_ dishonest, because the last 70 years have shown that the biggest problem with fake commentary is how recognisable it is as fake commentary. It just sounds amateurish. There is also the question around dishonest video editing. Example: during Ep 6 there's a bit of a soap opera-like build-up to the moment that Daniel & Cyril meet in the paddock before the Austrian GP. We're shown a two- shot of Cyril and another Renault staffer walking into a facility. Then we see a separate two-shot of Daniel and another dude. Daniel says hey. The implication here is that that was an interaction between Team Principal and driver. And it may well have been. But, given that there are other dishonest methods used in the show, it's reasonable to be suspicious.

    64. Mohamed Goudiaby

      Shame there's no ciryl moments 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    65. twistedVI5ION

      6:30 is brilliant Seb: Its the truth as well. Ferrari: Okay? 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Niklas

        I sadly didnt understand what they were talkinh about

    66. tomeddie14

      Valtteri Buttass

    67. Benn87

      Drive to Survive is basically meant to attract new (especially younger) viewers. I wonder how that will work in the long run. F1 is now behind a paywall in many countries. Imagine Drive to Survive is the first thing you see from F1. You then decide to subscribe to Sky or a comparable subscription that includes F1, only to discover that 90% of the "real F1" is not as exciting and dramatic as it is presented on Netflix. Let's be clear about this. I have been watching and loving F1 since my youngest childhood. (now almost 25 years old) I also find Drive ti Survive very enjoyable. I just wonder how many new "real fans" this series will be able to attract in the long run.

      1. PhoenixGT3

        Wow it’s almost as if short term profits and sensationalism don’t actually benefit long term, who’d have thought of it?

      2. Niklas

        I am watching F1 since 2005 and when i scroll through comments on the Instagram accounts of F1 and teams. The toxic and hating people can hide behind their screens and I have the feeling many new "fans" don't even watch it for the sport, just to see their favourite driver. Watching if something happened with him and then go ln and rant about any drivers that may had colisions and stuff

      3. JURITO1000

        Im starting my first F1 season this year thanks to DTS!

    68. Dimitri Jensk

      That slo-mo shot of Romain moving in the car is astonishing.

      1. nagib. el

        @Matticus Renwood wait, when can you see him trying to get out?

    69. A_n_d_y_H

      So far 3 episode done for me. Really feeling for Bottas. The team didn't even celebrate his win at all and rather went to protest for Hamilton's infringement that was admittedly wrong, penalty already served, and still ended with a double podium anyway. The team basically told Bottas to shut the f up and no body cares about you. .

      1. Diana Maioru

        @A_n_d_y_H Thanks to you too, have a good one! :)

      2. A_n_d_y_H

        Fair enough. Thanks for the chat. :-)

      3. Diana Maioru

        @A_n_d_y_H Apologies for not making my comments clear enough and causing confusion. 😅 I’m defending Mercedes not because I think they care, not at all. I’m doing so because too many are bashing them based on speculation and that’s just not right, as such a successful team deserves respect. (Not directed at you btw) I’m saying that Bottas wasn’t actually alone or sad and there’s no point in feeling sad for him because of it. That’s why I contradicted your original comment. The second part is that Mercedes are the fairest team on the grid, which I agree is a bold statement perhaps. DTS does not show this well at all- it’s on purpose so that they can create a bit of drama. Irl you mentioned Rosberg and Bottas being clear number 2 drivers, which I disagree with. I’m disagreeing, because both Rosberg and Bottas were/are allowed to race Lewis in 98-99% of the time they were/are in the team. It’s frustrating that people still haven’t let go of the TWO times EVER that team orders happened. Rosberg in 2016 and Bottas in 2018. DTS also makes it seem as if it’s a regular occurring thing- when it’s actually not. Memes of “Valtteri, this is James” haven’t helped either. While McLaren now is a fair team also, Mercedes have been much more stable in their approach to racing and in the *long term* team/driver lineup. The antithesis of this is Eg. RedBull, notoriously have had massive instability in driver lineup to the point that people joke the second seat is ‘cursed.’ As a result there is a big argument for the motion that RB is an example of an unfair team. Mercedes meanwhile have had long term contracts with all their drivers through the years- this loyalty is part of their winning formula and doubles as a show of fairness to their drivers. I say that it shows fairness because even if say a driver does badly in a year, the team has loyalty and support for them to recover and perform again. How do this relate to them being as fair or fairer than McLaren? Well simply that the amount of driver changes entering and leaving McLaren (focus on the _leaving_ part here), means that the drivers in the team leaving McLaren either don’t have the confidence that the team can provide a good chance at winning/good position (good car, engineers, strategies etc) or that they feel unfavored in the team- which is a sign of unequal/unfair driver treatment within the team. Now I’m not saying that the latter is the only reason why some McLaren drivers left- but it’s one of the options for sure. Recently McLaren has been a very fair, good team, thanks to Zak Brown- but in the past definitely not so. I’m basing this fairness debate over the long term in case it’s not clear. So long term- Mercedes wins. Short term- McLaren and Mercedes tie, but advantage to McLaren at the moment due to driver reset. (So the team need time to get used to RIC and he obviously needs priority to settle in well with the team, not enough time has passed to show true team chemistry) I’m sorry for dragging this conversation so long, but it’s interesting to me. Thank you for the chat, and I’m going to leave it at that. Peace out. ✌️ (I’ll respond to your reply but that’s it from me!)

      4. A_n_d_y_H

        I had acknowledged that it could be how Netflix cut and edited their film, but the presentation from the show is that Bottas' felt the need to look out for himself in the team because being a number 2 or a wingman hurts. The show made it that Bottas felt alone in the team where he needed to keep the qualifying strategy of aiming for P3 at Sochi to himself. After the race, I didn't say Mercedes was unfair towards him. I just said that the team seems to see it was more important to argue a case with the steward for an infringement that is already admitted, a penalty already given and served and both of their cars still ended up on podium anyway, so what was the point of arguing. Their priority seems to be defending Hamilton first and then supporting Bottas second. And if how Netflix portraited this sequence of events is actually how it really went down, then I feel sad for Bottas, which was my original point. I don't get why people like yourself feel the need to defend the team, which is ironic because the team does not need your defending. They won 7 straight championships, so they do whatever they do very well, regardless of whether they have favored Hamilton as number 1 driver or not. Again, I didn't spin anything, perhaps the show did, but neither you or I would really know for sure. I am just a viewer feeling sad for Bottas who apparently feeling alone, at least in that race in Russia last year. But check your facts though, Mercedes has always seen Bottas and even Rosberg in the past as number 2 drivers. More than once they made the two of them let Hamilton through or asked them to stay behind Hamiton. You cannot objectively say they are the fairest team on the grid towards its drivers. McLaren is better in the last 2 decades in this regard, where Alonso and Button both were allowed to race Hamilton, and Norris v Sainz last year. Merc is better than Red bull and Ferrari, sure.

      5. Diana Maioru

        @A_n_d_y_H That section was filmed after the podium celebration and before the party. So of course the engineers were missing- they were getting ready and dressed up! Like, I don’t get why people like yourself are trying to spin the story as if Mercedes team are the bad guys when clearly it’s a fictional narrative. Of all the teams on the grid, Mercedes has the most equal treatment of their drivers. Their policy is that of the driver in front gets priority during the race in order to ensure the success of the team, but there is a no blame policy for anyone in the team if something goes wrong. And it has been very stable directive for many years. And while it seems like Bottas is getting the shorter stick, that’s because he’s usually the driver behind in most cases. It’s not because they want to hurt Valtteri on purpose or anything like that, it’s because of how the team works to ensure success.

    70. Saksham Singhi

      bottASS aldASS I'll see myself out

      1. TSG 23

        Valtteri ButtAss

    71. cornman25

      Valtteri ButtAss

    72. hermit

      I'm here broke af, don't have Netflix and watching small videos bout it

      1. HKF1

        It's popcorn time 🍿

      2. hermit

        @peekabooicancu my friend told me that he'll rent me his Netflix

      3. peekabooicancu

        Free trial my dude

      4. Atharva Lele


    73. Raghav Vishwanath

      How much higher did you guys have to keep Aldas's chair to have everyone at the same height?😂

    74. Zaphod

      I feel like Red Bull need to ditch Horner. He just comes across as some 'yes' man fangirl of Max than he does a team principal. Always more worried about other teams instead of looking towards his own. He's a great personality, but I think Red Bull has found success in spite of him, not because of him.

      1. Sheraad190

        @HKF1I agree with you! McLaren restricted Newey. In red bull he gets all the freedom to do what he loves to do!

      2. HKF1

        @Sheraad190 Sure, but Newey wouldnt move from a big team like McLaren to a new team like RB if he didnt saw it had a direction and goals he had, and he wouldnt had stayed for this long if he wasnt happy with how things are run, he famously left Williams cuz he was unhappy after they let Hill go.

      3. Sheraad190

        @HKF1 Coulthard brought Newey

      4. HKF1

        Wrong, Horner is the team principal, how that team has evolved since the start is because of him, he is the one that hires the personal he is the one that gives direction to the team, he is the one that brought Newey onboard, and kept him when other teams lost him, make no mistake Red Bull success is directly tied to Christian.

    75. Outlawkuma

      Can’t stand the strolls 🖕

      1. Bruno Alves

        Same here, too much Strolls this season, who the hell wants to see Lance Stroll surfing?

    76. Hugo Diaz Garcia

      Congratulations for promoting Formula 1 drive to Survive in order to get more F1´s funs around the world!!!

      1. PhoenixGT3

        I really don’t like the falsification that Netflix use, it’s been there since the first series and now people are becoming more aware of it.

    77. kai burke

      As if no one turned there car round to try to help romain grojsean if I was in f1 I would of reacted and spun my car round rushing to romain despite thinking about the race

      1. kai burke

        ONYOURSIX TV ah I didn’t know that thanks for telling me


        Its actually against the rules - you do not stop. You will likely cause a secondary accident.

      3. Zaphod

        There was a flaming ball of fire. The drivers have no training or equipment whatsoever. There is a reason there are safety marshals and the Safety Car on track. A driver jumping in to a heap of flames would do more bad than good.

      4. Soft Deez

        Your not to smart are you? Even if a driver turned there car round and rushed to Romain’s aid what could they do? Romain would be better off getting out on his own then someone else risking there life and just getting in the way of Romain.

    78. Leo Arevalo

      Some people think it's fake:aka william storey

    79. Tyler Evans

      Albon complaining about hard tires while he had softs on his car Vettel screaming in Austria with the audio from Austin 2019 Great Netflix

      1. GloomGaiGar

        To the casual fan, that really doesn't matter

      2. Niklas Stenhall

        Didn’t they portray a split between lando and sainz too? I think they put the “what is he doing? He pushed me off track” from lando as if he said it towards sainz (which he didn’t if i remember correctly).

      3. - Emilien-

        @Sheraad190 its not really mistakes more than to keep it bouncing for new fans but yeah it did bother me as well

      4. Sheraad190

        Abu Dhabi episode Ocon finishing in P9. Shows him celebrating P2 in sakhir...... Many many other mistakes.

      5. NYSXD

        the audio was from brazil 2019*

    80. GoogleHomeboi

      Stiner is the mc of drive to survive

    81. Reima Vuori

      Being in the middle of the woods with an axe is completely Normal in Finland. Trust me, i know

      1. Sara Franzén

        @QuinnyFM yeah!!!!

      2. QuinnyFM

        @Sara Franzén I think all nordic countries are like this. Very secluded. We're all cut from the same cloth

      3. QuinnyFM

        @Sandra lots of tree chopping

      4. Sara Franzén

        In sweden too lol

      5. Sandra

        You need the axe for the sauna. Although those two spoke an awful lot. 😳

    82. Mohammed Rehan Nagauri

      Gasly's win isn't there..??.. tht should have been the most emotional one.. going to watch tomorrow..

      1. GloomGaiGar

        It is.

      2. Arturius

        @Deliberation ya I can understand that circumstance creating more just not a gasley fan

      3. Deliberation

        @Arturius I mean they both were amazing but gasly was much more emotional. His best friend throughout his life had died at that track racing the year before. And he had just been dropped from redbull.

      4. Arturius

        I have to disagree...Sergio's last place to P1 was the most amazing

      5. Sandra

        I thought it was the best one. The contrast with the flowers for Antoine and the win. It was nicely done.

    83. Haydon Gullis

      Finally a video in person 🥰 who else is excited for what the 3 of us create in the future?

      1. Niklas

        Wohoo definitely

    84. Toasted' Nugget_'

      Why wasnt there the turkey gp

      1. Daniel Sorescu

        Would of been confusing for non f1 fans

      2. Naazmul Hussain

        Apparently the netflix crew didn't go to the races that weren't in originally in the turkey, imola etc.

    85. sean mcmanus

      wow tommo left his flat for once

      1. Verena Radonich

        @Its Allan so weird to see him in another environment LOL

      2. Its Allan

        @Tommo Hi Tommo!

      3. Tommo

        Shock I know

    86. Karan Singh

      Christian Horner provided so much spice into this season.

      1. CauseThisIsThriller

        @Dimitri Jensk Horner is my favorite team principle. He's the reason why I root for Red Bull

      2. khotsoxx

        He really made Mercedes feel the heat

      3. dciracer99

        @Dimitri Jensk I love him

      4. MartinOfficial1

        @Dimitri Jensk i love him but not in the gay way you know what im saying

      5. Oki Doki

        Don’t forget Haas and Strol

    87. Joshua Walker

      Got de 69th like lol

    88. Joe Bailey

      2 people first...and its 2021.

    89. John Warren

      Get a partner that looks at you the way Aldas looks at Tommo and Haydon.

      1. Allen Biju Simon

        Its at 69 likes should I like it?

      2. GoogleHomeboi

        @Mattia sBinotto 🅱️?

      3. Arami

        @Mattia sBinotto Excuse me, I'll have you know "F1" is copyrighted.

      4. Pi_za82

        @Mattia sBinotto hi spinnoto

      5. Pi_za82


    90. ItS lEwIs HaMiLtOn, ChAmPiOn Of ThE wOrLd

      Get in there lewis

    91. Owen Armitage


    92. Jasper Drewery