reclaiming power : Dancing with the Devil

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    “You really find out who’s there for you when the world falls out from under your feet.”
    Demi goes to rehab and begins her road to recovery, but with bumps along the way. As she returns to the stage for the first time since her overdose, she needs to find balance in her life.

    SAMHSA Hotline for individuals and family members facing mental health and/or substance use disorders
    1-800-662-HELP (4357)
    TTY: 1-800-487-4889

    National Sexual Assault Hotline
    1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

    Or if you need immediate support, please reach out to your local crisis text line:
    USA: Text HOME to 741741
    UK: Text SHOUT to 85258
    Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741

    For mental health education and resources go to Hope for the Day at

    Learn how to save lives at
    Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
    Director: Michael D. Ratner
    Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger
    Listen to Demi Lovato’s new song, “Dancing With The Devil”:
    Pre-order Demi Lovato’s new album ‘Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over’

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    1. Rafico Henk

      Ok......haber .....creo que todo tiene su limite.....e visto tu cara y tu rostro....esto me hizo ver. .....que ya......vasta............ no cabe decir tu edad...........


      Neden türkçe altyazı yok ?


      Hani turkiyeyi seviyodun sen

    4. Lilliana Jane

      Yes the Herion Addict is so powerful... for overdosing and wake up to do more drugs. Yup, so strong. I mean I like Demi Lovato, but lets take a reality check

    5. Abbie Howard

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    6. Jessica Siwek

      I hope you survive!

    7. New Account

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    8. Rose 2024

      The fact that paparazzi still overwhelmed her and invaded her privacy while going through something so personal is absolutely horrible. Just because she’s a celebrity and is occasionally vulnerable doesn’t mean it’s okay for them to invade her personal space during something like this.

    9. Melissa Desrochers

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    11. Mel Adonner

      I can feel the "I am tried of opening my mouth, so here is the tea"

    12. Mel Adonner

      Dani must have been really mad and terrified at the same time

    13. Lita Monroy

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    14. Mean Greene

      I'm so glad she is okay. I'm glad the truth is there from different people. So many don't realize that the ones u love have to deal with the fall out too. I love u for pulling urself out and showing everyone the truth. Praying for u and everyone who deals with addiction

    15. 平野愛実

      The moaning pocket gergely wink because gosling promisingly rock upon a mute bubble. tangy, stormy ounce

    16. Sheri Rettew

      So much love for Demi using her voice and platform to share her experience with abuse and addiction and hope. She is a role model if there ever was one - relapse and all. The recovery journey is lifelong and there are going to be relapses, but as long as your heart is beating, there is always hope. Big love!

    17. Maicah Allise

      Did she replace her whole team? It looks like she fired everyone except her security I wonder why

    18. rachel

      oh oh gosh

    19. Nabiilah Bun

      Demi lived to be able to clear things that was stuck on everyone who were innocent in this matter. Hope you are doing well Demi.

    20. Santino Camutti2

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    21. J

      she kinda looks like Demi Moore to if she ate part of her.

    22. Esmeralda Martinez

      Don’t be shy who was he

    23. Jonathan Thor

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    24. Rafaella Ferreira


    25. Sandra Arnold

      Who cares

    26. Alexandra Reyes

      cute and cool!

    27. beingbeckeroni

      I read a comment on the Grammy’s performance vid that was like, “If Demi hadn’t made it, this would’ve been her legacy song, the last song she recorded before she died... so glad she didn’t, she has so much more to do...” and I got such chills. She says it foreshadowed her OD... insane that it’s foreshadowing her rock bottom but not death or escaping death...

    28. Ker Loz

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    31. frog_ man09

      i could name him but.... nah

    32. Ada Souffront

      I love the absolute honesty of her sister when they asked her if she has ever thought of giving up on Demi. It's only human!

    33. Alice A

      "I didn't really get the help that I needed," says an entailed spoiled brat who has a whole team on her paycheck to just take care of her cause she can't adjusting and take care of herself.

    34. Edith Jennings

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    35. Stacy Nelson

      What these hos whining about now sheesh🧐🧐🧐

    36. Elsa Tan

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    37. franken stein

      I'd party with her

    38. Nicole Alice

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    39. Ana Delia Aguirre Hernandez


    40. Vpatra M

      I dont know why the heck this keeps on popping up in my recommendations. I've no clue who is this drug user nor am i interested in her sob stories.

    41. Mo Laabid


    42. Iram Muzaffar

      have to say it, 18:10, the 18 month hiatus brought back memories oops

    43. Alexcia Cyrene

      Love you Demi

    44. Bunny Lacy

      I can’t understand at all why they blamed Anna. Like how did that even become a rumor?? Poor girl :(

    45. mike kim

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    47. Andrea the Music Owl

      Would really like to know who did that to her....

    48. Ker Loz

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    49. Sandra Nel

      I am going to believe this woman is going to get better from here on out only because she is very open and honest for the first time in probably her whole life about her feelings and thoughts and when you do that nothing and nobody can take that from you. Only upward from here on out🙏👆

    50. Global Goods

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    51. kita everett

      you are a beautiful soul i so empathize with your struggles loving peace through all eternities.

    52. Card Mechanic

      Big deal, get over it. Move on.

    53. ramon d

      WHO CARES?????? Think about it...

    54. patrick king

      Poor me im a millionaires . Bla bla bla .

    55. cosmin vintila

      nobody put the drugs in her hands , nobody force fed her the whole fridge , nobody poured down her throat the wine and whiskeys amd whatever else ... she did everything by herself and now she is playing the whole i'm a victim game

    56. Amy Padilla

      Why she didn't tell her parents about the rape? I mean this person took advantage of her, he needed to be stopped.

    57. De Borah

      That Scooter person saying "we knew we needed to manage her because she needed a friend". Nobody you pay is your friend. She still seems to be surrounded by sycophants leeching off of her. I guess deep inside she knows that and that's why she's using, too.

    58. C Eh

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    59. LifeAsDaisy

      I am convinced the person that took advantage of her and her virginity is Brandon mychal smith. As he was not at the webcam reunion of sonny with a Chance/so random.

    60. bowen voowy

      How are you a grown up and don't know your ice cream by now??? That's unacceptable...

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    63. Anthony James

      oink oink

    64. Kam jjam

      I hope that Disney star gets exposed. It’s what he deserves

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    66. 신영미

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    67. Sarah Newman

      I love how people who don't even know Demi personally are sending death threats to people about what SHE did to herself. So happy I'm not famous, people are insane.

    68. Yolanda Triana Cardozo

      Hello Demi, you are wonderful, I remember you when we watched your movies with my son. thank you for not depriving the world of your presence and beautiful voice. Blessings!

    69. john la

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    70. Alayna Brown

      Yall in the comments saying it was the Jonas Brothers... have you all learned nothing about false accusations? Don't accuse people who you don't know anything about! You missed the entire point of why she won't even say anything!

    71. Alayna Brown

      Just truly goes to show you that no matter how much money, power and people you have around you to help you and support you doesn't matter if you DON'T want to be sober. Sober date 4/10/2020 DROP YOUR DATES IN THE COMMENTS! Let's show them we do recover. 💗

    72. New Account

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    73. The Shining Umbreon


    74. Ingrid Marjorie

      Scooter Braun? I try to understand Demi but I really don't. WTF?!

    75. Mikey Magee

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    76. SC Gardner

      In response to queen club . I seethe suffering in every one on the street asking for money and knowing those fellow addicts would buy drugs or alcohol rather than food . When I have a few extra dollars i stop and offer to buy them a meal , but only if I pay a cashier to assure they nourish their bodies with food . I refuse to be an enabler , my only desire is to lift them up and in that moment they have met someone who has no ulterior motive , only love and compassion for them . Bless you ,Steve.

    77. 4beta8

      Has she ever looked into the fact that the drug addiction may be genetically linked? It's not as easy as stopping and starting if that's the case for her. I honestly feel, just by watching her body language, that this is not a closed chapter when it comes to drug use. She needs major healing, even a year in Africa doing something different from what she's accustomed to might be healing for her.

    78. Theresa Rodriguez

      she's a fool

    79. SC Gardner

      Dear Dani , you are a positive and powerful friend and influence in your friend Demi's life . Stay strong for yourself and your friend because that is at the core of the human , spiritual magnificent person you are . Bless you ! With deep respect , Steve.

    80. Cenovia Mendoza

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    82. Bethany Tollon

      I hope one day your ready to expose these rapists for the closure !

    83. Dick Cheese


      1. Sarah Cheever

        Maybe this documentary isn't for the addicts but the people who have loved ones addicted.. it's educational. Not everyone is a bitter p.o.s. like you.

    84. Feminist Arts

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    87. Amandine Mmt

      She is a present from life and her grammy performance made me so emotional

    88. stay b

      I love you demi

    89. hannah harris

      I love you so much Demi, you something to look up to without even trying.

    90. lily mccue

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    91. Crystal Clear

      Addiction is a disease and should treated as one its always with you the stigma needs to stop 🛑

    92. Violetta: My Story


    93. edidiong albert

      Girl....i feel you😢

    94. Anijg Ligg

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    97. Nate Koo

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    98. rebecca Cobarrubias

      Demi is such a beautiful woman and she can actually sing not like some of the other chicks that can NOT sing Dimi has such a lovely voice I THINK SHE IS FABULOUS!!!....Demi please keep your head up keep moving forward you do have people that do not even know you personally, but we love you! so keep moving forward girl you have so many people behind you hopping nothing but the best for you, you inspire so many young girls!!!! they look up to you! all the stuff that has happened is now in the passed and you must keep moving forward!!!