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    Get started on your 2021 reading list with REESE'S PIECES OF LITERATURE featuring books from Reese Witherspoon's book club picks!

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    1. Diana B

      I don't think Ken wants to be Co-Host. He is moving on with new Projects. Busy to with the Chase. I like the British version better.

    2. Frenite

      I got 1/5 correct

    3. Frenite

      Alan lives in my town

    4. Swiss Media Stuff


    5. Ben Stanley

      I hope the producers of Jeopardy! read the comments because it’s pretty obvious Ken is the fan favorite as the new host. After several weeks of this, he has proven to gotten very comfortable and more than adequate at doing the job. I’ll give the other interim hosts a shot, but I think it’s clear who we all want to take the mantle.

    6. Jerri Tanner

      I am NOT looking forward to seeing "journalists" guest hosting Jeopardy! In the decades that I've watched Jeopardy!, Alex was never political on the show or publicly. The daily half hour spent with Jeopardy! is a much needed respite from current affairs. Seeing "journalists" guest hosting our beloved show will be painful. I am looking forward to long time fans Mayim Bialik's & Aaron Roger's stints. She holds a PhD in neuroscience & he's done well as a Jeopardy! & Pyramid contestant. In the end, just bring back Ken, please!

      1. Jenniffer Demeusy

        Bring back KEN. Please !!!!!!!💝

    7. Cisium

      This guy should be the host.

    8. B Reagan

      Ken needs this role. Ken had a special bone with Ken, as well as America. Not Katie, not Dr. Plz for sure . Like them, but elsewhere. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💓😜 Love ya Alex. 💓💓💓🙏🏻

    9. TheEnlightenedNevadan

      In all honesty I'm done watching the show now for a while. Possibly even permanently excluding the TOC's and any other exciting tournament they end up throwing. Even excluding the "woke" factor, I still am not a fan of any of the upcoming guest hosts they've announced and I really do feel like it will get to a point when the show becomes more about the "celebrity" factor rather than the Game Show itself. And that's not exciting for someone like me. Regardless though, it was a great 2-year binge for me, watching all the way from James's amazing run until this moment. I was initially planning to stop after Alex either died or retired, but Ken did a fine job guest hosting even in spite of my own personal disdain for the man. For sure now though, I'm done for the foreseeable future. Thank you Alex for your many years of game show greatness!

    10. Joe Michigan

      We want Ken! Any random celebrity can read clues off of a note card, but what made Alex great was the game truly meant something to him. Ken is the same way, and I really hope he becomes the permanent host.

    11. Manling Huang

      We want to see Ken Jennings as the permanent host, he deserved the honour to host this great show.

    12. Chris Finch

      It was an honor to enjoy as much Ken Jennings as I needed to, as host. Thank you, for all that you’ve managed to do, in the past six weeks as one of the first few sets of guest-hosts of JEOPARDY!, Ken. All the best to you as a Mastermind, a Chaser, an author, and most importantly, a family man. Thank you, Ken, and Thank you, Alex.

    13. ken karwoski

      I REALLY want Ken Jennings to be THE PERMANENT host of Jeopardy!, he's THE BEST one!

      1. Jomarcenter-MJM

        Well even if the studio would offer him a job he might just declined.

    14. Rosalind R

      Love Ken hosting Final tonight was exciting

    15. revin hatol


    16. THETATO127

      Ah what a wonderfully fun name

      1. reikun86

        It’s adorable 🥰

    17. Indiana Tones