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FaZe Rug

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    Just wanted to voice my thoughts! All respect to PewDiePie.
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    1. FaZe Rug

      Hope you guys understand! No hate towards anyone, let's keep spreading a positive message :)

      1. Brandonnn


      2. Sebastian Perez

        then stop cutting out the parts that aren't bad

      3. Patrick Brophy

        i love you rug . i hate pewdiepie

      4. antvibeRblx

        @Lonely Spider ➊ beg for likes

      5. Josh Goes Bananas

        That’s good I can’t believe your not mad at them cause the6 were making fun


      I wonder how pewdiepie become the most handsome man. is it for appearance only? you should also look for the character because he don't deserve it. I haven't watch any videos of pewdiepie because his content is not interesting not like Rug. He don't know how to give back to the followers such a hypocrite.

    3. MaRz Briszl

      This video was so frustrating

    4. JustMe

      Of course you disagree, you’re the one doing it. And you’re not “giving back” you’re just buying subs. The money you spend on those consoles are just pocket change for you.

    5. Ayden Avelar

      I feel so bad for rug he looks so hurt😥

    6. Gippp Hippo

      i like faze rug and pewds but i hate dharman

    7. Mr Welch's

      I'm just so positive no cap man

    8. RT_ HQ

      What kind of headphones do you have

    9. Renjutsu Gaming

      Atleast your audience Is more than his.....for example...he has 100M subs You have like 19M he has 1.6M views per video and you have 2M per video

      1. Cuyler David

        Not really.

    10. Melaf .-.

      Honestly I don’t know what’s the hype about PewDiePie he is just a really rude creator but he is super sweet with corpse husband and Mr beast and many many more but I don’t know why he’s like this with you rug honestly there’s no problem with giveaways don’t take any of his words to your head

      1. Acer_ 1109

        Nah hes funny lol

    11. AAA Title

      Faze rug : tries to be relatable and nice in vid Outro: Lambo I got shitty lambo

    12. AAA Title

      He avoids all the questions

    13. AAA Title

      6:45 you are not sending the ps5s and it’s annoying anyways

    14. AAA Title

      5:25 I can’t believe you have the same skin thickness and iq of your viewers whitch is 3 year olds

    15. AAA Title

      Where is the hate comments?

    16. Mantra514

      PewDiePie is so cringy. He was clearly bullying and taking a wonderful video with an amazing message, twisting it and making fun of it. Why do people like his stuff, I'll never know. Keep up the good work Rug.

    17. Angelo Caballero


    18. Patricia Uch

      Yo, can we like chill in the comments People are cursing people out left and right It just makes everyone from pewd's, faze rugs, Dharman's, mr.beast's fan base look toxic Like seriously people chill out It sucks because I already know im probably gonna have my notifications full of hate and toxicity But I see no comments on mentioning this so I wanted to do it

    19. FiredRBLX

      imagine cutting out the giveaway part

    20. Gaming with Siblings

      The guy keeps pausing it not you Brian pew something

    21. Inventors

      Wow he’s such a dick head

    22. Hanzw Fha

      I know why hes mad prob because alot of them are scams and they just trick little kids but if its real i have no problem with it

    23. Jordan

      Lowkey I never met someone who won a giveaway. Are they really real or are they scams?

      1. Patricia Uch

        Tbh, I dont think they're real most of the time Because there's so many comments A little 8 year old could say they want a ps5 and then they choose the 8 year old, and then ask for their info or something

    24. Bully Garfield

      i mean the thing is that the “shy” kid started to have good things in his life when he started to be “less shy” and start streaming

    25. Ro21

      6:42 what PewDiePie finds annyoing is the fact that people ask for subs to enter a give away not the fact that people are doing the give, just to let you know

    26. Aparna Santhosh

      I am not shy but I appreciate Dhar Mann and my self

    27. Samir Hussain

      Pewdiepie have 100 million subscribers still rug has almost more views then him

      1. Patricia Uch

        Pretty sure 27 billion is more than 4 billion views but ok

    28. Yaseen Kallayi

      The only positive message dharmann spreads is not to be cringe..

    29. RobyIordy 28

      Pewdiepie rn:$**t

    30. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Very very cool 😎

    31. jocy

      Ok pewdiepies videos are of him reacting and you content can be anything nobody’s telling him why are you making reaction videos 24/7 but your personality is giving to your fans because your grateful for what u have!

      1. Patricia Uch


    32. Jonica Torrente

      Pewdiepie more like poo poo pie

    33. SparkEagle 2005

      WTF u posted the video again.

    34. MJching23

      That PewDiePie video is the only video I hate about PewDiePie

    35. MJching23

      Why PewDiePie do this?

    36. Mirza Danish Baig

      I look how sad faze rug is

    37. Dynamite I

      Faze rug pewdiepie is just showing off because he has more subs than you but you are still successful

    38. Arbër Kun

      I mean pewds said facts

    39. SushiMooshy

      pewdiepies a joke bro rug is much better than that bum

    40. Fatima Rashid

      I just noticed Rugs eyes they r beautiful. One thing I luv about him is that he is very positive,innocent, and a kind person. love u faze rug ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤huge fan

    41. Ryu Numchon

      I think you are too serious, bro. This is surely two friends having fun. If you gonna nit pick, just focus on their core message and critism.

    42. haiden ingalls

      I hate pewds now ):

    43. Daemy Aguilar

      Faze rug way better

    44. Jeremy Garcia


    45. Wetcouchie69-_-

      Idk why pewdiepie saying anything that nigga ugly 🤣🤣

    46. Lewis Carlyle

      Man up

    47. Gabrielle Christie

      This dude is golden now all the little kids and teens and grown ass adults can stop commenting mean things on felix's video i honestly thought his video was funny but for some reason people are getting overly sensitivity then world war 3 breaks out and who doesnt have a horse has a weapons and who doesnt have weapons or horse's are they waving their arms in the air like whyyyyy

    48. ScPe Matrix

      2:08 but that’s not what you said, you said it’s a super power implying it’s better to be shy and will improve you.

    49. Christina Protic

      Great video Faze Rug. I loved your collab and the positive message.😊👍🏻

    50. JT - 03GR 856032 Hickory Wood PS

      Yo. Why.

    51. whipper snapper

      Sometimes with sincerity is not the best way to respond to something

    52. Mohtashim S.

      Still super cringe tho

    53. Monkey Froy

      To be honest that shy video was ultimate cringe 😂😂😂 wack too😂

    54. Strats alex

      Wanna know whats a scam pewdiepie he got 100mil cuz of sub bot

      1. Cuyler David

        Not really a scam.

    55. SnDraws23

      L imagine having to explain and l AVE stuff out

    56. Mahirr!

      i like u, one real fan is better than all (;

    57. Krystal Arredondo

      PewDiePie is mean

    58. Alegra Vezjak Fluksi

      It was hilarious to watch this guy trying to pretend he's not butt hurt over the realistic comments they made

    59. Sienna Guraya

      It’s ok man don’t worry about him!🥺

    60. Vaibhav Girish

      @pewdiepie don’t be an asshole

    61. Lyricson g

      4:55 honestly, i feel like he's being a lil too serious about pewds video, pewds most probably didnt mean to offend anyone or start a beef with him or anything, he was just tryna have fun reacting, faze should just relax n keep that in mind, cuz i kinda feel bad for him, he seems very offended on the inside.

    62. Lyricson g

      2:02 lol, pewds was talking about how an introvert wouldnt wear such a shirt which seemed a little extroverted, he didnt say anything bad or even just anything about being introverted yet, so im thinking he might be a lil defensive there, but i get what he's saying

    63. SamSam

      7:05 don't say that and then cut the part where he talks about Mrbeast

    64. Panda Troll

      Pewdiepie is right in saying Rug is the face of Faze tho🤣

    65. Siddhi Surve

      Rug is the best fuck the rest!

    66. glxssy_evelyne

      I feel like Pewdiepie is kinda rude

    67. chokochoki

      yes it's normal to be shy but it's definitely not a superpower, I'm shy and that shit holds me back from taking opportunities and I regret my decisions. sorry but the video had poor delivery of the message you're trying to convey oof

    68. talon Thurston is a baller

      That was pretty cringe

    69. Lil Savage

      Faze rug I agree with every thingHe said not you faze rug shut up

    70. Ada Agreste

      5:26 "I think pewdiepie might hate me" Bro chill out, Pewds doesn't hate you. You don't have to take anything personal, pewds is actually a very nice guy. He doesn't think you don't have feelings, he knows it better than anyone, because he had a lot of people critizing him and a lot of controversies Also it's incredible how you cut out all the scenes when pewds was explaining. Nah, you have to mantain the main parts

      1. classic pewds

        pewds video wasnt negative, he reacted to it, never once did he say he didnt like it. rug reacting to it makes him seem like hes a bad person as hes striking against pewdiepie for only reacting to a video.

    71. Ada Agreste

      13:50 Pewds: That's pretty good!! Fazerug: They are trying to say we are spreading a false message.

    72. Antonio Horincar

      I don't think he has a problem with you. I mean pewdiepie is always like that and has to keep saying things or sometimes clowning someone to keep the video and the watcher going. Because y'know it would be boring if he would've just stared at the screen and had nothing to say.

    73. Força Barça

      If being shy was a superpower i would be glad not to have it bruh

    74. Pixadragon

      Don't take it personally PewDiePie just jokes a lot

    75. Pixadragon

      It's just 2 guys having fun reacting to a vid🤣

      1. chokochoki

        exactly, I don't know why kids are being pressed about it 😂

      2. Fatima Mohamed

        Thats not how reacting supposed to be like wth is wrong with them

    76. Sabiq Hilmi

      Faze rug is type of guy who want to win over cyber bully on twitter but at the same time try to cancel the guy who bully him that actually make joke for the nowadays are too soft jeez.

    77. Sydney P

      Thanks for those inspiring words :)

    78. iiQuicKz

      But y’all also have to remember pewdiepie is a comedian he always makes fun of other people it’s his type of content

    79. Gabe

      How does money go a charity stop bullying? Not trynna sound negative towards it, just curious how the charity uses money to stop bullying?

    80. WeWantMoreBala

      My respect for pewdiepie after this 📉

      1. Cuyler David

        @WeWantMoreBala Faze Rug cuts all the constructive criticism that Pewds made.

      2. WeWantMoreBala

        @chokochoki sorry didnt mean to disrespect your stupid dad

      3. chokochoki

        no one cares lol

    81. KARIIM Ghadab

      Me problem of the give aways is that how do you know if they sub your channel and giving them what if they live very far and how can you tell them how Stop scrolling now Grr you are making me very mad You fight me OK? You are defending me A You have won God mode Ending: Sub too dhar Mann and Faze rug😊

    82. Josephine Calabrese

      He’s just jelly of you rug xxxx

      1. Josephine Calabrese

        You’re awesome 💖

    83. daniel fernandez

      this is like a chain dhar mann reacted to his vid rug reacted to dhar mann's vid pewdiepie reacted to dhar mann's vid

    84. Sonika Sharma

      Wait he saw that vid

    85. foggier

      gonna search for pews comment

    86. B.A.D. Buckets all day


    87. B.A.D. Buckets all day

      All respect to pewds, but I just don’t think he gets it🐐

    88. ketztrel

      POV: You went down in the comments to see if PewDiePie commented

    89. AadilPlayz

      Bro....... PewDiePie's video is like 30 minutes long, and you edited out the most important and logical parts of it, and kept jokes which you thought were hurting you. I watch your videos, and I like them, but don't make videos like this where you're trying to defend yourself and not seeing the bigger picture. PewDiePie's a legend, and the best individual FIblock channel on the platform. And the great thing is, he didn't do giveaways. I haven't seen any. Yeah he cusses. Yeah he makes jokes that sometimes hurt. But if you're going to just take a harmless joke as an insult, then you clearly weren't made for FIblock. He gives away for charity, 100,000 and more dollars. I didn't see you giving away anything for charity. Mr Beast is great because he doesn't do giveaways. He instead helps people by buying houses, giving away money, saving the environment, and most of all, making people laugh and happy. So I'm sorry, but you should know that there's a reason that people love PewDiePie and Mr. Beast so much. Edit: Also, Mr. Beast doesn't hold a contest everytime he gives away money. Matter of fact, he gives away money to random people, and he doesn't do it in every video like you said. And wait, did he just fucking skip a big chunk of PewDiePie's video where he and the brother were having logical arguments??? Not cool man.

    90. The Person Who Makes Number 2,s Of Songs

      He’s rude

    91. just danso family

      PewDiePie is so evil He even have horns

    92. RobyCuh

      i’d knock his old ass out for you rug

    93. Micro Boy

      Faze rug couldn't resist the truth...

    94. wdw

      Like me I I wanted to do FIblock because I was doing tick tock but FIblock just didn't work out so yeah

    95. GhostYT

      dude reacting to a reaction video

    96. Mary Felipe

      Y’all saying “He was brave and opened up” Many people who are famous got famous From being shy and being humble. Not all people change by fame. Some people are still shy and humble. I’m shy at the start with people, I always open up when I feel safe. Most shy people open up.

      1. chokochoki

        yes that is true, but a big factor of their success is from overcoming their shyness, trust me it's not a superpower, it literally held me back from taking opportunities cause I'm to nervous too lol

      2. AadilPlayz

        Bro, we're trying to say that yes, everyone is shy. But can you remain shy forever?? No. You have to cope with it, and become brave. You have to be social. You have to throw away your shyness or try to overcome it. Yes, people are still shy now. But they try to overcome it, not make it a "superpower" as his video says.

    97. Morris Woleng

      Rug.....its fine....they r just jealous ...people talk bad when they r jealous aginst u....n m also a pewdiepie fan too....giveaway helps too...but he still dont know still...

      1. AadilPlayz

        It was a harmless joke. Matter of fact, I found out about this video because of PewDiePie. And it got popular because of PewDiePie. And also, have you watched the full video?? It's like, 30 minutes long. And he has some pretty good arguments for what he's saying. Also, PewDiePie doesn't need to be jealous, seeing where he's at now. He at 110 million subscribers, and Faze Rug??? 20 million. They're very far away if you ask me.

    98. Braedon_22

      He sees your potential that’s why he hates

      1. AadilPlayz

        He doesn't need to. He's at a 110 million. He's got everything. He's made every content. He has his own show on FIblock. He isn't jealous. He's bringing me and other people back to reality, which I couldn't see in Dhar Mann's video.

    99. jason brown

      Good stuff Rug keep doing you and completely understand your message