Rights You Didn't Know You Had (and Probably Don't Want)

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    Sometimes the law taketh, sometimes the law giveth. Unfortunately.
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    1. LegalEagle

      👮‍♂️ How will you exercise your rights? 🚀 LIMITED: Get CuriosityStream AND Nebula for 41% OFF! legaleagle.link/curiositystream

      1. Josh Kreiser

        I'm in pa and can't find this drinking exemption starting to wonder if this is true

      2. kissmyass Google

        LAWS ARE RESTRICTIONS AND CONTRACTS BETWEEN PARTIES. if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around to hear it but you, did it make a sound? Or if I killed someone in the woods and no one else is there to report was there a crime? Did law stop me no did the law allow me no... Law is a contract that restricts freedom.

      3. Jim S

        @ian gomez you can still run for governor of kansas

      4. Jim S

        i think im gonna run for governor of Kansas, lol

      5. Wasteland Drifter

        I suddenly want to exercise my right to travel, particularly to the states of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma.

    2. Sabier

      Amogus 📕

    3. Old Fogey

      My state allows kids to drink but people who have alcoholism in their family are four times more likely to develop problems so its best to keep the drinking age high!

    4. Rievious Retrograde

      Hmmm... I want to make a video but how do I get their attention early in the video... oh yeah I'll talk about boobs

    5. MCM

      Proxy marriage --- Fonzie stood in for Richie because he couldn't get home from the Army on Happy Days!!!

    6. Steven Schwartzhoff

      Is an unconsummated proxy marriage enullable on that basis? And can a marriage be consummated by proxy?

    7. Kevin Millin

      Nebula Free as long as you are customer of Curiosity Stream; and they are giving 41% discount which saves $12/per year.... then the line ‘and after that you’ll get 26% off... after what... oh you mean after your first year the discount applied within your agreement ends.. so not really a discount

    8. Adam Teeple

      *shows Alexander Hamilton *says $100

    9. Lolli

      but when it comes to drinking, theres something special about massachusetts. gulps nervously in mass resident

    10. Nathan Swinno

      Is there a Australian verson of Legal Eagle?

    11. Lee Banning

      There is no such thing as freedom/ So would turning a coin into jewelry be a crime?

    12. Jenrose

      Fun fact: when this came up in Eugene, Oregon because some girls were going topless downtown in the heat of summer, the city council declined to make an ordinance on the grounds that they did not want to make a law that could in any way be construed as justification for anyone to harass breastfeeding parents. There has not been an epidemic of toplessness since, but our breastfeeding success rates are some of the highest in the country.

    13. Ice Cold

      Y'know... weird question... I have "the right to remain in silence"... isn't that rather dumb? it's like saying I have the right to breathe, right?. In fact, do I "have the right to breathe"?

    14. Oliver Smalley

      The Zone of Death seems like it should be something more badass than 50 sq. miles of forest.

    15. SeraphsWitness

      Imagine fighting for the right for women to go topless, and then thinking you're doing *women* a favor. So distanced from reality.

    16. ThatUnfunGuy

      What if I've been married for years, gotten multiple children, but then learn that my wife married me on a dare. Then I would have a case for annulment, right?

    17. Kirk Callender

      I can't find the NH law that lets minors drink. Title XIII RSA 179:10. "Except as provided in RSA 179:23, any person under the age of 21 years who has in his or her possession any liquor or alcoholic beverage, or who is intoxicated by consumption of an alcoholic beverage, shall be guilty of a violation and shall be fined a minimum of $300..." and RSA179:23 only pertains to possession in relation to employment i.e. bartender, cashier, server.. Could you point me to the RSA you found for the video? Thanks in advance!!

    18. Ciel Milstrey

      Air Bud sequel set in Kansas, anyone? (Or maybe a Toto-type dog...)

    19. Alex Derby

      thats a 10 . ben franklin is on the hundo

    20. lame channel boring

      I may not understand a single word he said cause of my dumb mind but at least I felt smart and I was interested.

    21. buudy

      Let’s talk about murder

    22. Aleksei Corleone

      If I send a friend to marry my fiancee in my stead, does he have to kiss her?

    23. Jeigh Neither

      Toplessness is legal in NYC too.

    24. Swampfire

      I’m not a lawyer or lawmaker or anything, but I believe Georgia has the same drinking law. Parents can provide alcohol to their child weeb if it’s under their supervision

    25. Miles Johnson O'Dowd

      Legal Eagle: "get your mind out of the gutter" Me: NEVER

    26. Lars Sveen

      My brothers used to tear dollar bills in half in the 70's and early 80's to use as 50 cents.

    27. John S

      Pretty sure you can drink with parental/spousal consent in Wisconsin as well.

    28. Math Rick

      I heard that if you have the identification numbers on the dollar bill and bank has to replace that bill for you even if that is all you have left of said bill Is this true or not?

    29. Matthew Litteral

      Well guess I know where my political career will begin

    30. BrandonDavis259

      There are more things to marriage then love

    31. Nobody Important

      Isn't the Montana portion of Yellowstone a death zone also?

    32. Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein

      The area in which I live is inundated with illegals. Kris Kobach really didn't do enough on the immigration front.

    33. Lord Salty

      Can you stop hating on the northeast pls

    34. Daniel Godfrey

      In 2016 they d is a recount found more votes for trump then they stopped.

    35. James Bond

      "hey buddy, can you go marry my wife today? I gotta go to the DMV..."

    36. Samuel Lawrence

      Fun fact, in Britain it is perfectly legal to give a child - no necessarily one in your family - alcohol from the age of 5, it is only illegal to SELL a person who is underage alcohol. Even in pubs, it is permitted to serve a minor of around 16 alcohol.

    37. Samuel Lawrence

      So, in theory, I - a British student, who has never been to any part of the US, let alone Kansas - could be elected as a governor in that state? Interesting.

    38. Jacob Begley

      I like this guy. He’s funny and he knows weird stuff.

    39. Michael DeSanta

      *Objection:* If you maintain the right to _"kick people out because you don't like what they're saying",_ then you're not a "platform", you're a publisher and should be held legally liable for all the content that you allow to be published.

    40. Soopapoo

      No rule that says the dog can’t run for governor of Kansas!

    41. Ch0ppah

      "Men can't control themselves, so let's limit what women can do" is such a perfect way to describe a lot of the attitudes behind gendered legislation that punishes women for men being not good.

    42. Benjamin Campbell

      no joke, a dog would probably a better politician than most humans lmao

    43. Robert St.Pierre

      I mean you kinda want every right you can get otherwise people will just take away tights until your in chains 4life

    44. tharivol123

      *Lists states where you can legally drink underage* Wisconsin, not on list: "Am I a joke to you?"

    45. Jude Thaddeus

      Him: « Don’t mix beer and wine ever » Me: (as I am finishing up a bottle of Yellow Tail pink moscato AFTER I had three bottles of beer) wait a minute!!!!!!! That’s a thing?

    46. Lord Moonowl

      well if your dog is running for governor ill vote for the doge

    47. Lord Moonowl

      that sounds wrong on lots of different level 6:08

    48. Luis Hall

      skip straight to your third marriage was my high history teachers moto. the others was keeps staking the bodies. they might be high enough. war vet. exccetterra

    49. J. Paul Walker

      Hi, I'm a Kansan and I just wanna say we all hate Kobach

    50. apsitively

      Ahahaha. that sounds like my marriage, but we managed to avoid needing lawyers

    51. Caddoko

      10:24 sounded like bong shapoopoo and I felt my blood pressure rise...

    52. SapphireFlame

      Funny enough, the association between nudity and sexuality is entirely self-fulfilling. US culture teaches that nudity is inherently sexual, therefore it becomes so, _as a direct result._ Some European cultures, however, do _not_ teach this association, and as a result the association does _not_ come to be. More specifically relevant, I think it was Japan where someone said that American men are like babies, commenting on our interest in breasts.

    53. Jay Krizpy

      If I would've been able to drink as a kid I prolly would've never wanted to drink again cuz the hangover would've killed the fun for me but when ur older u don't hate getting sick the way u did wen a kid, I'm not saying you hate it anyway sir anymore I'm just saying it's not the same and when your kids and get sick it would have been enough for me at least to a cut me off to drinking

    54. RÉMINO

      Never been in the US. Still watch, though. It’s like drama but in legalese.

    55. PapaSpoon

      More legal knowledge ill randomly bring up one day and ponder on the seeming ignorance of governments

    56. redwolfcanisrufus

      Thanks for the murder advice! I can think of a few people that deserve it 😈 should be obvious I'm joking

    57. Vomn

      I'm happy women don't have to wear shirts. very happy :)

    58. Diego Uy

      2:56 I knew about Proxy Marriages! Ha! You thought I didn't know

    59. Haley M

      Women going topless is a trigger for me, as some of these men have bigger boobs than me. 😂

    60. Alex Graboyes

      Funnily enough drinking alcohol underage has (at least one) medical benefit too. When I was 17 I had a kidney stone, as anyone who’s ever had a beer go right through them could tell you, alcohol can get your kidneys in gear, and the ER doc who took my ultrasound said he “couldn’t tell [my dad] what to do, but if I got into a beer or two, [he] should look the other way”

    61. Carole Christmas

      A proxy wedding would be PERFECT for COVID

    62. Carole Christmas

      In Connecticut you can drink at the age of 18 at a restaurant as long as your parents are there. (They don’t usually ID as long as your with someone who is much older)

    63. MrPhiltri

      Soo you can get a drink under 21, unless you marry?

    64. Dante Gray

      BRB, going to become the first topless governor of my state

    65. nate levinson

      The versed turtle etiologically wait because debtor cosmetically branch against a ripe ruth. wicked, shy paperback

    66. Mr. Karden

      In Wisconsin I think you can drink at 14 if an adult buys it for you

    67. Mr. Karden

      I too recognize the entire Delmarva peninsula as Greater Delaware.

    68. Mr. Karden

      so weird that Utah's one that lets you go topless

    69. Marshal Dunnik

      In Canada, you have a Charter right to a trial in either official language - notwithstanding your ability to understand it.

    70. Patrick Morris

      Feels crazy that im used to seeing double proxy marriages.

    71. jackthequestionable

      LegalEagel cites Ballotpedia. College: you can't cite that. F

    72. Panda Master

      Is it bad that I would vote for Stella

    73. Tomas Alvarez

      When he said "feel free to draw a beard on Alexander Hamilton" I was offended by that lol

    74. chaos control

      Ah yes, the right to get stuck in the "washing machine" is reserved to step sis

    75. Giffard Salerno

      The long-term linda intringuingly fry because buzzard happily rinse to a labored alcohol. red, hushed scorpio

    76. Courier 6

      0:16 is that Bruce Greene on the right there?

    77. Docta Osiris

      Oh yeah, because I completely forgot that the USA is the only country on the planet, silly me 🙄

      1. Docta Osiris

        @Randomizer HD you too 😊👍🏻

      2. Randomizer HD

        @Docta Osiris Understandable have a great day

      3. Docta Osiris

        @Randomizer HD I know he's American, I just like pointing out that this is FIblock, where not all viewers are from the same country and it needs pointing out to Americans who I think genuinely believe that the USA is the only country on the planet and is the be all and end all of society, I hate to break it to you guys but your country sucks! 🤣

      4. Randomizer HD

        Dude is probably american He probably knows more about American laws than other laws from other countries

    78. Logan Leighton

      I hate the Sox

    79. Aidan MacDonald

      I’m Canadian can I run for governor of Kansas?

    80. Deven Hull

      5:17 ah yes, Delaware

    81. XxDrJewxX

      I know more about the laws of America than those of my own country.

    82. robotfencer

      objection, his name is willard, not william

    83. Samuel Barber

      So a dog from Zimbabwe could run for Governor of Kansas

    84. Shep

      “Oh so we just letting anyone become Kansas governor”

    85. Mireille Lebeau

      I'm moving to Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, NewMexico, Kansas, Oklahoma.

    86. Sowhiteithurts

      The Simpsons clip at 8:05 doesn't make sense. Republicans didn't exist until 1854.

    87. Partly Cloudy

      Really?! Utah? Of all states, allows women to walk around topless? That is not something I would have pegged my home state to do. Funky

    88. Samuel Wacaster

      Man I cant drink under age in Idaho, but I can sure murder someone

    89. Deathnotefan97

      IIRC a women can legally go topless in public in Texas as well (or fully naked, men as well), as long as nobody claims to he offended by aforementioned nudity I’m like 90% sure thats the actual law here, you can be nude but you can’t offend people with your nudity, its super weird

    90. MSG685

      I used to draw a Z over the G in god with a thin sharpie.

    91. Matthew Sann

      You forgot to mention Wisconsin when talking about states where parents can legally give their children alcohol.

    92. Justin

      So cool. Your saying that I, a 27 year old Canadian with no political experience besides Grade 7 Class President, could run for Governor of Kansas. See you in 2022.

    93. Vinnie G

      If I see a lady walk around without a brah or shirt you can bet I stop what I'm doing and I'm looking lol

    94. Vinnie G

      ''Please consult with your attorney'' Am I supposed to have one then?

    95. klownfreak88

      Dear god, I’ve worked in Yellowstone before and I wish I had known this back then. Few of my coworkers need to go

    96. John Warner

      Objection! Your map did not highlight the state of Delaware but eastern Maryland and Virginia instead.

    97. Aditya Kumar

      Said just before my head went in to gutter.

    98. Hamilton Fan Girl

      "You don't even have to be human to run for Governor in Kansas." Me: So, I guess all that's left now is for Dorthy to register Toto to run in 2022 (or whenever their next election year is)

    99. Keyona Smith


    100. The amateur biologist

      As a Montana resident I was not surprised just disciplined.