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    Be in “La La Land” with this RYAN GOSLING MOVIE ROLES category.

    #RyanGosling #Jeopardy #LaLaLand #CrazyStupidLove

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    1. BobbyBoyGaming

      why do their brains waste space with this trivial information? I Will never know.

    2. Frenite

      I got them all wrong and never heard of a single one of those movies, nor this actor.

    3. Brad Pitt

      Forgot the answer to the last one - thought it might be “The Good Boys” 😂

    4. Jeff Y

      "What do you do?" "What is I Drive (2011)?"

    5. Zero_BS_Tolerance

      I hope Mike stays on as host.

      1. fransuke12

        This is what they say to Ken Jennings.

      2. Rose Donovan

        i wholly agree he is so enjoying to listen to he is the real host he gets my vote whole heartedly!!!

    6. Patrick Ellett

      Rip alex also thank you for including the unaired clues! that always bugs me

    7. landen 9k

      Thank you for including the rest of the category 🙏

    8. ken karwoski

      Can't make up my mind if I want Ken or Mike, both were pretty good!

    9. Matthias Lee 9th Channel

      Dear Alex Trebek

    10. Rosalind R

      Thanks, love jeopardy! Good host but Ken gets my vote

    11. VividNoah

      I heard a fat lady saying mind your own business? 😱🤢

    12. mostonxz studios

      R.I.P Alex Trebek. :(