SCRUB: Starship SN15 Test Flight Scrubbed

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    SpaceX is performing a test flight of Starship SN15. The prototype will aim to be the first Starship vehicle to softly land during a high altitude flight test. Like the previous Starship prototypes, SN15 is expected to fly to approximately 10 kilometers.

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    1. aola wili


    2. yuoop noke


    3. El Nino

      This just popped up may 4th thought it meant today's flight damn you FIblock for giving me heart attack

    4. طه حسين

      The legs of the vehicle are very short

      1. yuoop noke

        That thumbnail looks like a rocket a ten-year-old built for the first time

    5. John Adams

      Doubt takeoff will break windows with superheavy. However, if superheavy and starsho[ blows up after fueling it will destory the windows. We have proof from the Russians/USSR that windows will break up to 6 miles away from a large rocketing rudding. Only woth full load, if it ruds during landing of either two there isnt enough fuel to break them.

      1. aola wili

        That thumbnail looks like a rocket a ten-year-old built for the first time

    6. mikea hiooi

      3:39:30 for everyone ....

    7. James Hewitt

      i didn't waste a second of my day.

    8. GonzoVevo

      Why is there always that one bird?

    9. Naufal Azka


    10. Tok

      Никуда они не летают))))

      1. mikea hiooi

        and nobody's talking about the secret kekw in the link...

    11. Vincent Nacon

      4 hours of.... nothing. Good thing I wasn't up to watch this live. XD

    12. Randall Stephens

      50 to 100 tons of fuel that don’t sound like the new green deal to me but hey I could be wrong I haven’t read it ?

    13. Randall Stephens

      I wonder what the total cost after it’s all said and done whether it goes up or it goes down or whatever it’s going is it really worth the cost I don’t know our taxes paid for most of it would be my guess correct me if I’m wrong and do you think it’s worth the cost waiting for your post be nice I have been.

    14. Christopher Harrison


    15. T-Virus Terrance

      Hello, Humans. Do you eat food that’s past its expiration date if it still smells and looks fine? TERRANCE OUT

    16. SoleSoul

      SpaceX so active I forgot anything else existed

    17. Truth Holder

      I could do without the toxic poop commercials. What a farce. Yes, poop is a fact of life. But, this SpaceX stuff is cool.

    18. Waker of Winds

      Dagummit y'all are on trending!!

    19. Funny Fack

      That thumbnail looks like a rocket a ten-year-old built for the first time

    20. Kscott McCauslin

      the most expensive fireworks in the world right here.

    21. Alex B

      Who gives a damn. Elon is a boy that got lucky with PayPal and now don't even spend time with his kids. #TeamJeff

    22. Hans

      Wow rank 26 on trending! Congrats NSF Team!

    23. Jeff Barron

      Those ship look like something out of a 1950 sci fic movie

      1. Ted Schreier


    24. saschaurmel

      and nobody's talking about the secret kekw in the link...

    25. Martin Stensvehagen

      Does this community have a discord?

    26. Gar Gantuan


    27. Terry Jackson

      2:04:36 the moment you came for

    28. PixelStacker

      With the snappy nature of those static fires, I believe this will be the one to land. 100%!

      1. liams trash content

        @haze yes and I did see the full footage

      2. Haze

        @liams trash content do you dare to ride the sn 10 then?, if it still exist.

      3. Haze

        @liams trash content didn't you watch the full footage?

      4. Haze

        @liams trash content it "was".

      5. liams trash content

        Sn10 landed

    29. Skyaik Kaik

      click bait, i thought they finally build a actual starship like you see in halo or any other movie or games....

    30. saimul Haque


    31. Satguy 141

      Well you can forget about any flight on Saturday thunderstorm, flash flood warnings.

    32. Adrian Smith

      I still believe that the craft should re-enter and then controlled flight,no different to the shuttle,and then energy at lower speed to perform the VLO characteristic for landing.dead dropping a weight then trying to reduce speed is hard.the sugar gliders,Australian animal,uses a principal to glide,an air break is used when you fly,so I just wish Elon would just give it a go.also,the position of arrow drops with the "warhead" leading the shaft through flight,so why wouldn't the same principal apply to the craft trying to land in a vertical position?

      1. Steve Acho

        I've wondered that myself.

    33. CichyYT

      You knew the scrub sn15 nice pr

    34. ryszard kieliszewski

      Mam nadzieję że nie będzie więcej dziwnych płomieni przy lądowaniu. Dla mnie po obejrzeniu 11tki to był czysty SABOTAŻ!!!

    35. Weird Science 911

      Because it was going to explode, for sure.

    36. magnetmannenbannanen

      i had a feeling it was not going to land and it did not.

      1. Steve Acho

        It didn't blow up, either.

    37. Marcel Gerber

      Elon, are we EVER going to Mars, Jupiter,Uranus?.........👀😬🤦🏼‍♂️😎😆😉🔥🍺

    38. robbie ranson

      1 eternity later

    39. Julio Baigorria

      Lunch the day savaday?

    40. PhuketBungalow Info

      03:41:20 Did they manage to post the times in UTC or just in USAmerican time and we can choose if Eastern, Westcoast or MidUS TimeZone? :/ But hey, since the USA is the WORLD i guess its just the local Boca Chica time and we can count ourselfs :D :D

    41. Devhuti Matte

      I got many theories now Eg more than everything Universe theory Black hole

      1. Devhuti Matte

        Well didn’t wanna hurt any other teachers feeling But brother Elon and I can have a mutual understanding rn without actually talking

      2. Devhuti Matte

        Got things wanna know if we are right

    42. Александр Боклан

      П Е Д И К И!

    43. Mike Kearney

      Scrub the whole program.

      1. Mike Kearney

        @Lensflare Deviant Why can’t you disagree civilly? I’ve made no attacks on you. All your vitriol does is stop an exchange of ideas.

      2. Lensflare Deviant

        @Mike Kearney You don't need to go faster than light to reach another planet, just to go to other solar systems. You're making a fool of yourself. The sad part is I suspect you don't have the capacity to understand.. or much of anything.

      3. Mike Kearney

        @Lensflare Deviant Sure there are. The fact that it’s impossible to travel faster than light is a physics proof.

      4. Lensflare Deviant

        @Mike Kearney Because it stems from the belief that it's an easy problem to solve and that the small amount of money being spent on this will somehow make the difference with the billions being poured into welfare now. There are no laws of physics that prohibit long space travel. All you've done is prove I was 100% right. You have a very simple understanding of how the world works.

      5. Mike Kearney

        @Lensflare Deviant Simply take care of the people of this planed instead of firing toys at a rock 90 million miles away. How’s that nonsensical? They call it science FICTION for a reason. You must know that the laws of physics prohibit any long space travel. Even sending astronauts to the nearest planet would be a death sentence.

    44. Vincent Nguyen

      Still foggy... It 's jinxed already...

    45. Dinger Ling

      Rapid reusable. Point to point earth travel faster than traditional airplanes. If anyone is interested I have a secret robe that makes you invisible and allows you to fly, I will sell it for a mere 250k (the price of a house!!).

    46. Andrew Williams

      Explosion got scrubbed!

    47. teehbobbbbyyy

      Oh well

    48. Михаил Набожный

      Is it can of beer landing?

    49. RobertA105

      carbon capture prize? Yeah, this is an old trick practiced by firms who have no idea how to achieve something. They pretend to have a contest with a prize for the community to contribute ideas. Except that the firms keep all the good ideas that have merit for themselves, taking ownership away from the people who came up with the idea, for a poultry prize. That assumes someone actually comes up with a brilliant idea, which they never do. Elon did the same with the hyperloop where he conned University students to try to come up with an idea to make the ridiculous proposal of hyperloop more practical. Which they didn't. There's a serious amount of gullibility going around these days.

      1. Lensflare Deviant

        Really? Which other firms have done this? How is asking students for idea's conning them?

    50. Daniel Ramsey

      Need a perfect clear day for this event.

      1. Anna L. Vajda

        Yeah well people expect there never to be a problem which is unrealistic. It's rocket science for Gods sake.

      2. Jake Rosendahl

        @Dinger Ling Why does it have to be an issue that caused a scrub? It's most likely just weather, we haven't had a single issue in preliminary testing yet and that's new

      3. John Eagle

        @Dinger Ling why is it looking grim? These are prototypes. Did you want a finished product day one?

      4. Dinger Ling

        I thought the point was rapid reusability? Looking grim.

      5. John Eagle

        That was my thoughts. Pretty much a brand new series with all of the supposed improvements and upgrades.

    51. Phillip Mulligan

      Better scrubbed than a needless sacrifice. The aerospace engineering gods are only appeased when you learn something from your mistakes and you don't repeat them.

    52. Paul Smith

      gosh, make the aerodynamics of the wing same quality as the nosecone! It gives vibrations and inaccurate landing for sure on low speeds

    53. Fernando Vega

      Why!? Why the Rocket isn't in burn?

    54. Joey Bando

      every time FFA says go , it’s cloudy .. can’t trust them -_-

    55. Coaching For Today

      Let's see if Elon can put his big boy pants on and refrain from tweeting about crypto this weekend while he waits to see his latest rocket blow up. You never know whether Thomas Edison or P.T. Barnum is going to show up.

      1. Lensflare Deviant

        Now now zero. We know you hate your betters, but try and not be blatantly stupid about it.

    56. David Roberts

      Hi guys shame that Happening if the i near boccheca let’s hope not David ❤️🇬🇧👍🚀

    57. kotaro kojima

      thats good wait for good sunny day

    58. hsbvt

      Update on when the next attempt will be? Just got out of work and missed the scrub announcement.

      1. kworkshop

        Tomorrow. It's happening :D

      2. John Woodley

        Possibly monday

    59. 24VBMWPower


    60. wengsky TV

      The high altitude time

    61. J024

      I knew it.

      1. Lensflare Deviant

        I suspected. The forecast yesterday was not encouraging.

    62. Starbuck Avon

      So what happened this time?

      1. Starbuck Avon

        @Lensflare Deviant thank you!

      2. Lensflare Deviant


    63. Seth Jansson

      With the snappy nature of those static fires, I believe this will be the one to land.

      1. Andrew Flower

        @Seth Jansson just depends if it's one or many pieces ;)

      2. John Eagle

        I hope so with all of the improvements supposedly done. I just don't want to see any unnecessary fire in the engine bay. Every time that has happened we get a failure. Coincidence? Maybe but I don't think anything but thrust should be there.

      3. Seth Jansson

        @BoZo McDooozy But they do recover it, one way or another.

      4. BoZo McDooozy

        @Seth Jansson Let's say "recovered" is the goal.

      5. Seth Jansson

        @BoZo McDooozy There's a fine line between landing and crash landing.

    64. davetileguy

      Elon will succeed, be patient !!

    65. Mike Herman

      I predicted a launch NET May when it rolled to the pad. Raptors are too new to expect timely launches.

      1. Lensflare Deviant

        @Mike Herman True, but to blame all the delays on the Raptors is simplistic.

      2. Jake Rosendahl

        @Mike Herman It's not had any equipment issues though. Any delays were just that, delays. Can be from late arrival of equipment, prioritizing other things, and approval to fly

      3. Mike Herman

        @Lensflare Deviant Yes, because earlier launch weather windows were missed for non-weather issues.

      4. Lensflare Deviant

        Except the issue was weather.

    66. carlos lozano

      Why does the starship look so primative..looks like 1950s russian space tech lol

      1. Jake Rosendahl

        @Julián Castro Not likely to be painted. It's looking like thermal blankets around the whole thing and heat tiles on the "bottom".

      2. Julián Castro

        @mathias veratoro are they planning on painting them? they look just fine like that imo

      3. Lensflare Deviant

        Because they are use once test articles and they expect failures. The idea is to get it working, then refine.

      4. mathias veratoro

        prototypes so far are not painted or fully heat tiled.

    67. Road Cone


    68. DigikidForever

      Meh no worries. It will crash again another day. Rockets suck. Spaceplanes are the real future.

      1. Jake Rosendahl

        Space Planes can have use in limited cases. Low payload, low altitude. They're not capable of being a workhorse for payloads and definitely not heavy lift, not even Electron capability. They're cool, but they're not replacing all of space flight anytime soon

      2. Arcturus

        We had 30 years of spaceplanes, look at the progress we've made. 14 dead astronauts, no moon base, and we are stuck in low earth orbit.

      3. Arcturus

        You spit on the 14 disintegrated corpses of Challenger and Colombia by saying spaceplanes are actually feasible to use to get anywhere.

      4. DR

        If you actually think that spaceplanes are the way to go you should probably not get a rocket engineer.

      5. Hemiacetal

        @Lensflare Deviant I think a space plane could be used to reach a space station in the Earth's orbit that will have a Starship docked to it.

    69. Fernando Vega

      Aquí gastando mis datos en la espera 🤫


        Jajajaja yo pensé que había explotado

      2. Fernando Vega

        @Gabriel R 0.0? Qué pasó, por qué nos dejan sin vuelo?

      3. Gabriel R

        Y te quedaste con las ganas de verlo volar

    70. Pushkaraj Dongre

      Are we there yet?

      1. Abso 45 fly

        bruh wdym

    71. James Packer

      NOOOOO!!!!! I was SOOO looking forward to another pretty fireball. Musk has got that part down pat!

    72. adrian howard

      Well 💩

    73. Grimbles

      All Starships come with a mandatory scrub. Standard procedure don't worry.

    74. Sailing Taranto

      I'll be seeking out the Flip n Burn burger bar when I'm ever in town :-)

    75. Darth Onian

      Is there any post processing technique that could be used for SN11 to look through the fog ?

      1. Max Klein

        @DanR I was going to link that, very interesting read!

      2. Karl Tiedt

        ​@James Packer by all means, link us to the thermal camera live stream... The question was clearly about the live stream everyone watched that was *not* thermal though, so the only numbnuts here appears to be the one not understanding the question.

      3. DanR

        @James Packer It's complicated about the _type_ of fog. For some types, it's no better than visible light. f l i r (d o t) c a / discover / rd-science / can-thermal-imaging-see-through-fog-and-rain

      4. James Packer

        It's called a thermal camera numbnuts

      5. Karl Tiedt

        Recorded video only includes visible data so if it's not visible not much you can do about it. Not like you can switch to thermal views after the fact like some TV shows love to do 😉

    76. wengsky TV

      What is the time of flight

    77. Bhern Emiel


    78. Jowey de la Nota

      The amount of issues they have launching these ships is going to kill their marketable plans. The ship make take you from point A to point B in 30 minutes but having to wait 3-6-12-24-48 hrs kills the point.

      1. Carl Johan

        @Jake Rosendahl Not sure if you replied to the correct person my dude, as you pretty much made my argument here.

      2. Jake Rosendahl

        @Carl Johan Did the falcon have great reusability at first? The success rate was bad for a while, then turnaround times were slow, recovery weather was sensitive with an abundance of caution. They've fixed all that over time, it ain't gonna be absolutely perfect on a prototype no less, this is completely not a fair assessment when it's a TEST and they don't know it's weather capabilities yet or have full reliability and they aren't going to push that until they have the basics down. Imo it's hard to say that starship is "very much intended" for point to point passenger. Like I said, it was an extremely early concept that doesn't actually make any sense. Nobody will pay for it because it's expensive in propellant alone and the launch constraints make it impractical.

      3. Carl Johan

        @Jowey de la Nota Literally everyone says "it's impossible" and they do it anyway. How many times does this pattern need to repeat before people stop saying the same thing? And the current (incomplete) version of starship is OBVIOUSLY not reliable enough for human travel, because it's incomplete. The first airplane to ever fly wasn't suited for daily flights across half the world either, and now we got thousands of planes carrying hundreds of people every single day. And there was a time when human flight was impossible. If something is physically possible to do, it's doable with enough effort. Star lifting is physically possible and achievable in a far future despite being impossible for us to do right now. You are focusing on walls while everyone at SpaceX are focusing on finding ways to climb over the walls, hence why they keep achieving things that everyone else constantly says they can't achieve. This is why saying "it will never work" is downright naive at this point. And what the actual fuck kind of logic is "listing what Space X has been able to accomplish so far is not a scientifical fact"? Yes, it is a fact, because they've done it and it works.

      4. Carl Johan

        @Jake Rosendahl It's not being focused on right now, but it very much is one of the intended goals.

      5. Jake Rosendahl

        @Jowey de la Nota "plans" as in marketing materials from years ago never mentioned again or even recently. Seems pretty dropped to me. It was probably thought as a funding method before starlink, and they probably gave it some thought and realized the design does not support this use practically. Costs way too much, has to launch far away from populations, not much demand for that fast of travel, etc

    79. Interstellar

      damn it

    80. Sanjay Ravindran


    81. loctite222ms

      No explosion today then .

    82. Adam

      I was looking forward to watching this when I woke up now I have to wait again

    83. Rachhanon Sam

      welp i guess its tomorrow

      1. Chace Crowell

        @Kaizen I would think that they're gonna do everything they can to launch Monday since Elon has to be in NYC for SNL rehearsals Tues-Sat

      2. Kaizen

        It's Monday now

      3. Chace Crowell

        They don't like weekends because of beach access

    84. Rachhanon Sam

      WHY ELON... WHY

      1. Atiyeh Stark

        Do one tenth of what he did then talk

      2. Sfs Jakey

        Poor weather, possible lighting probably more better to scrub then explode mid flight

    85. Max Klein

      Scrub news at 3:39:30

      1. Luke Parsons

        No all heroes wear capes

    86. Joshua Diamond

      Apparently there is a power outage on South Padre Island. That might be reason for the scrub.

      1. Lensflare Deviant

        @Morten Vajhøj Indeed. What is the capacity vs the demand?

      2. Lelentos

        Starship hops over there to provide power from the onboard tesla powerpacks

      3. Morten Vajhøj

        @Lensflare Deviant yeah they do but its not enough

      4. Lensflare Deviant

        I thought they had their own solar farm.

    87. fxnimatedits

      3:39:30 for everyone ....

    88. Crooked Angle

      Well isn’t this just great...

    89. fxnimatedits

      Why didnt it launch??

      1. Dinger Ling

        @anthony ferrante a prototype doesn't change the weather. When you are traveling hours out by boat to willingly fly on a giant bomb only for it to be delayed by a week.

      2. anthony ferrante

        @Dinger Ling its a prototype lad

      3. Dinger Ling

        Because the rocket they plan on reusing over and over to travel point to point on earth and land on the dusty planet of Mars in just 3 years isn't very safe or reliable.

      4. adrian howard

        It fouled a spark plug

      5. anthony ferrante


    90. B N

      3:39:30 it was at this moment we know.....

      1. Lyri Metacurl

        ... that they had fooked up?

      2. AG Solar Power


      3. Dean

        Thanks ! the hero we need

      4. Chance Barker


      5. Don Quixote

        Thanks for that.

    91. fxnimatedits

      Better luck Next Time !

    92. TimePro

      What a bummer. I even did my math's test first thing just so I can watch the launch. Lets hope for Monday!

      1. Tony Wadkins

        @davetileguy It's what Americans call maths, mathematics.

      2. Three Random Words

        New Math says 2+2=5 🤡 👎🏻

      3. John Eagle

        @davetileguy silence you space denying flat earther. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

      4. TimePro

        @Crasy Fingers Indeed they do. Its part of the deal when SpaceX was first making their presence in Boca Chica for them not to do road closures on weekends.

      5. Crasy Fingers

        do they only attempt launches on week days?

    93. Liam Robins

      Averaging 3-4 uploads a day over the past 7 days, Keep the videos and streams coming

    94. RYAN STOW

      First just refreshed the page after the stream stopped

    95. justSTORMツ

      Why wasn't it launched

      1. Ezra Starkey

        The road closure was cancelled due to poor weather.

      2. TimePro

        The road closure was suddenly pulled.

      3. Sodium Chloride

        Weather probably

      4. Liam Robins

        It broke

    96. TheDrunkUncle

      womp womp.

    97. Jack Whitlock

      Godspeed SN15

    98. Vortifyne

      Better luck next time!