Sebastian Vettel funny moments


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    1. nirjon blur

      Sebastian as good as he is !

    2. FeRiTY

      "Komm mach weg, mach weg!" 😂

    3. AlexandrusMegus

      I love how every chick that's interviewing him is so obviously entranced. :D

    4. Taha YT614

      That kimi accent tho

    5. catch me flatlining

      23:39 that reaction between seb and ham was gold

    6. Eniqe

      Seb accurately represents the german honesty

    7. Dioramas & Scale Modelling

      Seb is great, such a character and down to earth

    8. BigChach567

      You never realize how much your favorites have aged until you watch the old clips. Sad lol

    9. Degea10 Unitedfan

      Ted kravitz..impartial😊😊ya sure

    10. Rafael Joseph

      I just watched 30 minutes of Vettel funny moments and it felt like 10

    11. Alan Jenkinson

      Fantastic clips, very well done

    12. Farhan Navas

      this is not enough.. we need a feature film

    13. Yi Zhou

      "What are you gonna do to change that today?" Seb: "Race?"

    14. Thomas Chevrier

      The senorita thing kills me 😅😅😅

    15. FiShYNiShY

      I love seb. He is by far my most favorite driver ever. He is talented and he has the best personality.

    16. alexandre dubois

      My favorite driver since Senna ..... I like this guy

    17. S M

      Nico Rosberg never had a sense for humor as this guy…

    18. i miss vine

      its double o seben time

    19. calci

      He’s so straightforward but also relaxed. I love how he is with Lewis and how he is with Kimi as well!

    20. Mega Jaxx

      you just have to love him... such a funny guy....very smart....very honest

    21. Siddharth Menon

      Seb is such a gem, it is so sad to see what Ferrari did to him in 2020. I’m sure everyone will agree that Seb will be back to his chirpy self with Aston Martin..

    22. sabi sovka

      Can u upload full video from interview @ 13:27?

    23. Brendan Fernandez

      Mercedes should sign him to a one year contract to give Russell some more time.

    24. Pelo 190e

      Ferrari, what did you do to this wonderful human?

    25. fred tetsu

      We need Seb to start winning again so we can see more interviews. He is even funnier than Kimi if thats even possible! COME ON SEB

    26. Wildschwein


    27. Maxi F


    28. AstonSimon

      Really nice video, Celeste :)

    29. Peter B. Parker

      They're still there!

    30. noiserrr

      ive never been a lewis fan but the way he looks at vettel at 1:40 onwards is pretty great. it's apparent he's above the back and forth he experienced with rosberg and probably envies the relationship seb had with kimi. and he also really seems to respect seb a lot, almost looking up to him at times. he's growing on me.

    31. Dave Unglaublich

      Pleas make a film about him

    32. Bernd Wigbers

      Seb and Lewis is the nicest bromance ever in F1 change my mind

    33. Jj Manning

      Sebastian Is definitely the most awesome dude on the grid!!

    34. Atharva Zodpe

      13:16 Isn't this all of us at some point in our lives

    35. Charlton White

      Is that Unreal Tournament Music at the end?

    36. Ashraf Othman

      they were to tall for mee 🤯 genius

    37. Ashraf Othman

      vettel : “i dont know nico and lewis trying to commit suicide “ im dead and im alive but serious im dead

    38. Simops

      Vettel and Hamilton are so cute together.

    39. Maleeha Khan

      he has a slight german accent, idk why but i was expecting a really thick german accent

    40. MrAli171

      Top bloke

    41. WOOF WOLF

      Seb gets in car and then realises what tyres he's got on...Intuition kicks in...amazing really...Luv Seb.

    42. rvb 2001

      leclerc is not funny he seems bitter.

    43. BList

      Who knew that Max and Sebastian were actually funny together I didn't know Max was funny with the older group I thought it was just his younger twitch friends

    44. BList

      I swear every clip I see with Nico rosberg he has to try to be in control somehow and if you get him (Tell a joke about him or something that makes the crowd happy at his expense) he gets so flustered it's hilarious

    45. Marie DBk

      13:25 ... 2021 after some years to Ferrari

    46. Ted Rossi

      Who was grabbing his arm when he was talking about the Russian women?

    47. Wil Bane

      Lewis and Seb are a great pair.

    48. Digby Wheeler

      “I’m impartial, I’m a journalist” hahahaha!!


      che cazzo fai= what fuck are you doing

    50. Dinesh Kumar

      Miss this Vettel

    51. Luca Previati

      "even Mussolini mad the buses run on time" *screams in gesture and late buses

    52. super blox racing

      18:00 LMAO

    53. Dominik Ternovan

      Seb's word: honestly Kimi's word: for sure

    54. Justin M.

      @6:58 who is Vettel talking to?

    55. lara

      I knew from the very start that his zodiac sign was cancer. Cancers just have a remarkable sense of humor and also, I adore how you can see it clearly in his eyes how passionate and pure he is.

    56. Nicolas Bocchino

      His Kimi impression is on point

    57. 部首


    58. Pixel

      I like how this video is half a hour long..

    59. eebrik

      Sebastian learnt 12 different languages just from doing pit interviews

    60. Zessi Zybala

      Blue flag blue flag blue flag

    61. Martti Hänninen

      He is so atypical german. Can do english and australian accents and is mad funny too.

    62. elson ramos

      The tame hot pivotally cough because kevin extracellularly transport underneath a ripe trumpet. onerous, uneven balinese

    63. Pulled Pork

      He hid his teeth haha

    64. Jose Sales

      Seb: Lewis is handsome Lewis: [visible joy]

    65. Kirk

      Apart from the obvious, lmao my sides.

    66. Rodrigo Moreira

      Bwoah, I love his imitation of Kimi

    67. Müsli_btw

      the fact that this video is nearly 30 minutes long says everything

    68. Marty McFLY 1985

      How will Seb go on when his teammates Father owns the team Traditionally Seb ignores team orders at Red Bull and Ferrari Will Seb dare ignore team orders when it's teammates dad running the team

    69. Anne Rud

      Vettel will always be amazing. Love his humor and his passion. He won four WTs so he will remain an amazing icon of F1. Looking forward to 2021. He should do some amazing racing. 2021 will be awesome.

    70. azah Yer

      hola al fin puedo ver esto, se ve grandioso espero que tengas un comienzo de año grato, ernesto jose viso espero que le des tu apoyo

    71. Hadi Pawar

      "I've got balls but none of them are crystal so we'll see" Is my new catchpharse.

    72. Fun Girl

      Imagine this great person had been booed for winning in the past...

      1. Fun Girl

        @Leclerc For me he was a hero, probably... I didn't even know he was hated that much cause I've been too young back then. 🤔

      2. Leclerc

        I remember the hate i got when i say im vettel fan in 2011

    73. Crison Borges

      Seb's reply after Hamilton's answer to the question @ 9:27 ..... Seb: "not much to remember because u don't have to pass that many people." Damn...😂😂😂😂😂

    74. Sarah Maalouly

      seb’s smile after he did the australian accent 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    75. Wavey Knife


    76. yung cash register

      Massive patience with all these stupid questions. I would not manage.

    77. richard asoso

      Vettel will be one cool buddy to hang out with

    78. Dalibor Zak

      Seb funny moments: 28 minutes Lewis funny moments: 0 seconds DaniRic funny moments: 7 years, 173 day, 15 hours and 7 minutes

    79. 43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava

      I don’t recognise this Seb after seeing him this year. He’s just so different.

    80. Samueli Aho

      What is that thing with Seb and the Dutch tv (and Max)?😂 Why couldn't Max and Seb be teammates? Two really good drivers that can take over 100% out of the performance of the car. Also, would love to see a duo like Seb and Lewis still on F1.

    81. Holman Nirgani

      The animated rugby sicily dare because print subjectively satisfy vice a accurate biology. snobbish, sudden noise

    82. Billy

      Seb had always been fun to have, great sense of humor but this year, he wasn’t even smiling. So sad to see him like this

    83. Pablo Herrero

      Loved how he was joking about the Baku situation, it's a shame he has to leave Ferrari this way, hopefully he'll do well in Aston Martin

    84. Konstanz

      This channel name should be Sebvet5am

    85. what will happen?

      I didnt know se🅱️ has a youtu🅱️e channel?

      1. Sebvet5sf

        He doesn’t

    86. Mahan Vahabzadeh

      Your spelling is funnier than sebs jokes

    87. Sophie Miller

      Rosberg.......the most uninteresting person in history of F1.

    88. Darkforce 2543

      Sebastian deserves s better team to race with next year CHANGE MY MIND

    89. wakar jaffri


    90. vrccb

      All of them must have the patience of a Saint to put up with the amount of crap from 'Journalists' I would have given a very different answer to the girl at the end. How rude she was.

    91. Mawile #303

      I think it's cute that lady called her goldish Berger and Alesi lol

    92. UnbornVII

      Seb and Max are fun and all but I imagine young Seb and Max would've killed each other on track 😂

    93. Chaitanya Ranade

      His assistant would have goose bumps

    94. Chaitanya Ranade

      He's lovely smile ❤️❤️❤️ is the best

    95. heart_of_angel

      German busses(trains) on time? Good joke

    96. RuiAlvez

      "Fair play surely not" lmao

    97. Juliana Ambrosio

      this video is basically sebastian vettel vs ziggo sports

    98. Ch M

      Seriously missing this Seb now...

    99. Davespow

      I can’t wait to see a happy Seb again next season

      1. Atish Ghosh

        @LFC 3 it did now 😂

      2. LFC 3

        this aged well

      3. Atish Ghosh

        True true, let's hope for the best

      4. Davespow

        @Atish Ghosh there’s plenty of the season left yet my friend, fingers crossed he finds a groove and gets his mojo back! Everyone benefits from having a happy Sebastian around 😄

      5. Atish Ghosh

        This didn't age well, my friend..

    100. Zenna Van Westen

      6:33 😂