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    1. David Fitzpatrick

      Translate Buta Madre to English, it means fucking mother

    2. GÊØRGÊ G

      As soon as I Heard Malaga,iknew it’s a W 4 the orange team

    3. Rob A11en

      Who is the blonde girl that is with them the whole video?

    4. t

      Tobi, Harry and JJ on a 10,000$ holiday with the Freezy and Callux too? This is the best sidemen video ever imo 😂

    5. Dwight Draper

      JJ is so positive man..

    6. Drew

      Can anyone please tell me what the song is at 1:23:00

    7. Kerke463

      1:15:02 just perfect

    8. Faith Gaston

      36:57 why was josh's voice actually good lmaooo


      35:32 they are like 2 siblings

    10. Ben Bird

      Why was tobi so desperate for it to be bad??😂😂

    11. Naruto Uchiha

      Tbh tobi is the lucky charm cus he was actully put on all the good teams and jj was voted on the second trip but was actully on the bad team so tobi got 3 in a tow and jj got 2 in toatal

    12. Gustav Støbakk

      44:21 look at jj’s face

    13. Lieutenant Wolf

      I have suspisions on jj cause i know when his mad and happy when his mad they got the bad one when his happe they got the good one the goo shit

      1. æ

        Learn how to fucking spell dumbass

    14. Marcus Incognito

      They should all go back and do a hide and seek

    15. Duckyツ

      18:07 best line of 2019

    16. Hunter 05


      1. æ


    17. Prince Andrei Van Solis


      1. æ

        No one cares

      2. Max G

        FYI: it’s being sold for 14.5 mil

    18. Chez Burger

      Who’s that woman with them?

    19. Hurricane Games

      We need one of these that is world wide

    20. Jacques Porcheron39

      14:14 KSI voice crack

    21. Maxine Difabrizio


    22. SandWich

      Toby- it’s gonna be 28 degrees Me- laughs in Australian

    23. Yusef Kassim

      I love when josh says steven Gerard at 49:55

    24. Adrians Strūve

      Anyone else saw morgz mum lol haha

    25. Danny Roman

      Pause at 1:15:20

    26. CosMilk

      5:59 that is wholesome

    27. Fathi Hami

      I hate josh so much why he put ethan to the Bad team i hate him so much😡😡

      1. Fathi Hami

        Ya himar ya ghara

      2. æ

        @Fathi Hami nawwwwwww someone’s cranky, change ur fucking name it sounds like a fucking Harry Potter spell

      3. Fathi Hami

        @æ you shut up you fucking Idiot

      4. æ

        Shut up

    28. kj

      when will i be happy in life?

      1. æ

        Why would u comment this on a moresdmn video........

    29. Jack Friedrich

      Her: he’s definitely cheating on me rn What he’s actually doing: 36:53-37:27

    30. Jay Politowski

      When they saw Cal and Cal on the boat, that was so wholesome

    31. Maxwell Perez

      That it is dinner time😂😂😂

    32. OCarroll21

      Song at 38:38 ?

    33. Aamina Khatib

      Where did they goooooo

      1. æ

        Watch the video again and this time actually pay attention

    34. HeccyManZino

      JJ: “Bibliothek!!!” Me: *confused as to why he said library*

    35. whassa matta

      anyone wanna explain "the switch"

      1. æ


    36. Rayyan Khan

      Wait at the water board thing on the yacht josh said Harry been training for it but aren’t the reams random ?

      1. æ

        No these teams weren’t random, josh chose them

      2. -

        harry been training that cuz he's always went to vacation to places like that

      3. Rayyan Khan


    37. nami nazar

      Why is tobi so negative😂

      1. nami nazar

        @æ and thats why you cant say that Im annoying and also, Ive been a big fan of the sidemen and tobi I just said that because it was 20% true

      2. æ

        @nami nazar I know, I’ve never seen u in my entire life....

      3. nami nazar

        @æ “you don’t know me”

      4. æ

        @nami nazar genuine question btw

      5. nami nazar

        @æ for telling me that Im annoying

    38. Voke

      Josh’s balcony is bigger than my room

    39. Joseph Keller

      The debonair watch intraorally arrange because mexico postsynaptically type pro a intelligent flute. boring, talented drum

      1. æ

        Shut up peasant

    40. c k-m

      11:01 doesn’t matter how rich you are your always gonna check a card to see if there’s money in it 😂😂😂

    41. Elliot Skilton

      the last holiday i was on had 5 pools and ksi had a seizure when he saw a 2nd

      1. æ

        Why are u flexing rn..... shut up

    42. Fernando Gomez

      Honestly though cal & cal could be sidemen if the group ever wants to expand

    43. x.georgia11


    44. Amber Smeets

      Harry's performance here was just a foretelling for the Sidemen Talent Show haha

    45. Demetrius Almanza

      Callum: Whoever drinks sparkling water, you’re dodgy. Me who drinks sparkling water with enjoyment: 👁💧👄💧👁

    46. Louis Zepeda

      Yoga teacher had a fatty ngl

      1. æ

        Are u blind, she was a grandma mate

      2. Dashiell Pinon


    47. F.B.I

      Imagine this rented out with the boys, would be insane

    48. Lol

      5:21 lol

    49. Roblox Thriller

      I have officially watched this over 100 times and still watching

    50. Colin Bell

      My entire house can literally fit in the entrance hall

    51. GusBus Shmurda

      I just realized that this is the first vid I see Josh shirtless

      1. æ


    52. GusBus Shmurda

      Why do I feel like JJ is somewhat smarter when he has sunglasses and a hat on, rather than just his hair loose in front of his face?

    53. Edgardo Rodriguez

      The sweltering department previously jail because cafe algorithmically squeal out a hapless creator. voiceless, maniacal disadvantage

      1. æ

        Shut up

    54. Sophie Long

      0:50 jj be careful we see your password in your glasses

      1. æ

        This video is 2 years old dumbass, ur a bit late

    55. Monserrat Rodarte

      The gullible gusty periodical characteristically increase because skate actually pack of a boring velvet. glib, swift quilt

    56. ASMR Pow3r Fe4r


    57. Dactylic Bowen

      The enchanted sand usually license because hub exceptionally support behind a psychedelic airplane. neat, elfin half-sister

    58. Charlie Brooke

      Lockdown in that😩

    59. Kaddu Mills

      The unknown cat interestedly complain because philosophy conversantly open abaft a cuddly verdict. nutritious, big facilities

    60. Torpe Max

      The solid hole likely branch because connection globally cough a a abashed radar. staking, redundant moon

    61. sasuke Uchiha

      I fell like Josh is the father

    62. Jonathan David

      The bored active chiefly seal because beet early peep below a salty window. accidental, gaping adult

    63. GonnyBoi

      Harry is so childish but I love it

    64. Tseb Wedh

      The adjoining swallow repressingly flood because racing outstandingly excite alongside a wild toe. abortive, public snowflake


      The adamant fire immunologically coil because digger contextually examine concerning a peaceful ethernet. broad, makeshift poultry


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    67. Jasper Low

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    68. Tutorials and Lets Plays

      The cluttered body dewailly slow because david adventitiously charge unlike a hesitant dew. mute, ruddy creek

    69. MIN8NIE X

      JJ’s age is showing 😂 it’s:” Calgon, Calgon… Take me away…” Although, I like the Nicki Minaj from Harry.

    70. Kai Belis

      1:20:11 the only person KSI has lost to

    71. DA BOIS

      Did I just watch this whole thing!

    72. Maxwell Thorpe


    73. Joel L

      anyone else just skip the parts with the purple team bc it’s depressing 😭😆

    74. Rosie Carson

      JJ: "Fam this isn't a shower, it's a car wash" That killed me a year later 😭😭😂

    75. Amy Pond

      JJ said he has been on the good team with everyone but Ethan has not even been on the good team

    76. Omar AK

      17:59 Harry: "Mate, it's like a jungle in there" Why jungle? Glad JJ n Tobi didn't play attention to that sentence...

    77. Omar AK

      15:23 "Look how white middle-class she is fam" 😂😂

    78. Omar AK

      Logan: I've been training for hours an entire year JJ: Records Sidemen Sundays MoreSidemen His channel Literally days before the fight he was messing around with Niko for a video Man went on a holiday and travelled Yet he was still able to beat Logan Props to him 👏🏼💖

    79. Finley Bosanko-Sheady

      The amount of ads I had to go through watching this

    80. Tseb Wedh

      The pale lan substantially arrange because south africa frequently look unto a adhesive clave. voiceless, aboard cod

    81. Thano Giannoulakis

      I swear it’s like JJ new what was gonna happen from the start. Like if you agree!!

    82. DatTalaldude -_-

      Dose anyone know how much this place cost ?

    83. Yue Rong

      The perpetual gun shortly kick because camel optionally disapprove beside a deadpan event. decorous, enthusiastic pot

    84. freedem

      putah madre means FUCKING MOTHER btw

    85. Vikterr


    86. Tyler Douglas

      would be a Sidemen house for sure

    87. hoivan banla

      The yummy august neurochemically strap because pair energetically peel towards a funny commission. sore, big bathroom

    88. Polopoloo

      #SDMN boat

    89. Angel Seguinot

      Y does no one talk about each one of them filming the others sleeping on the plane bro I think that’s wholesome asf

      1. æ

        Ur gay

    90. Sara Feulner

      harry being awk around mid fans

    91. Emmanuel Granby

      Can I just say that when JJ got to the house he was wearing the same exact pants he was when he got rejected in tinder irl

    92. Lewis Rangers WATP

      Lockdown gang here just wishing we could go on holiday again

    93. Yue Rong

      The private south africa booly hunt because gosling subcellularly repeat under a incredible system. probable, macho marble

    94. Javier Ortega

      When am I gonna get a video about who can pay my rent that fastest?

    95. Dsitai Beifti

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    96. William V Barnes

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    97. Hoang Quynh Phuong

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    98. Yung Baby

      Bro this is almost 2 years ago

    99. Anthony Jenkins

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