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    Julkaistu 2 vuotta sitten


    1. MythicBabyGrogu Xx

      the vic pic oof

    2. fluckyouuglassmoodasokayamomzaho

      11:24 yeooooooo

    3. Raeburn Games

      He needs some milk 🥛

    4. David Akubardiya

      11:29 sit down jj

    5. Matthew A


    6. Ethan Bedford

      vik gets bullied

    7. Good Ol' Vikk

      6:21 Karius?

    8. MGP- Firestorm

      6:20 I guess karius watches the sidemen

    9. Mozumder Sadat 2008

      lord ksi 🤴🏾

    10. Juan David Bitar

      2:10 behz had no

    11. Aasish Dangol

      Josh didn't break JJ ankles, he slid them out of their socket

    12. Everton Augustin

      I’m still watching this cause it’s funny and JJ is a fat Saint-Maximan

    13. Kadir Dumas

      Vikk getting rekt *everyone so sad* JJ getting rekt *everyone laugh*

    14. MysticStrike Force

      To let every new comer know the reason this got so many likes is cause of vikk.

    15. SilentGaming

      Vik was SO CRINGE back than

    16. Left Side

      can you tell me plsss the name of the track that s playin when they show who s against who PLSSS

    17. ary_2008


    18. s3r aew

      6:21 reminds me of something

    19. Ehh

      01:53 Tobi be like eww

    20. flogh

      this is a goated MoreSidemen video

    21. qt_er1ck

      Stop #vikabuse

    22. Tai Bach


    23. Musa Muneer

      What loser

    24. Katie

      harry, vik and tobi have an amazing friendship x

    25. Jadens

      Any one here in 2021???

      1. PapyrateYT

        @Cray Crayz so the app hasn't changed then lol 😆

      2. Cray Crayz

        @PapyrateYT Unfortunately Yes, and who woulda thought it would be the number-1 source of retardation and suicides to this day-!! 😁😁

      3. PapyrateYT

        @Cray Crayz whats it like is shit tok still around

      4. Cray Crayz

        Nah 2035- 😎😎

      5. Jadens

        @PapyrateYT yeah me neither

    26. TheCabinClub

      Me pooping choosing a video and finds this video: 🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😀😀🤪🤩

    27. Weird Salad

      Its a tradition coming back to this video

    28. Andrew Aromando

      Cruise ship vibes

    29. Ahmad Bendida

      ethan is so unfunny

      1. Cray Crayz

        He really isn’t...try-hard vibes to attempt to be funny, just comes out as cringe. . 😑😑

      2. Lightning



      12:13 Ethan trying to justify his missed goal as if he didn't do the exact same thing to Tobi.

    31. Faroos_gamer14

      11:30JJ is over for now

    32. Arav Gupta

      Well now in 2021 this is the only way you could do penalties

    33. Chamber Smith

      At the start it j vs j lol

    34. Rohaan Alp

      11:29 ladies and gentlemen

    35. Chilled Designs


    36. Krish Arora


    37. IsaacGamezFTS&DLS

      8:13 jj just got sent to Tescos oh wait Tescos is closed what are the songs used in the video

    38. TheMikefraser


    39. Kavin Barivan

      16:00 na fuck that goal

    40. Jordan Hennessy

      Josh did NOT have to do JJ like that 😂😂😂

    41. GEEDHARAJ Moe

      i realy like vik he is very good

    42. alyssa givens

      when josh asked if jide was okay after he slipped.. wholesome

    43. Taylor Schmidt

      You know that the Sidemen have 11m views and Dude Perfect has 366m views

    44. Zak on iOS

      How many subs can i gain from this comment? Current: 302

      1. Zak on iOS

        Jk i aint no bot . But like if u do wanna sub pls do 😎😎😎😅😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    45. John Yyl

      # Stop Vikk ABUSE!!!

    46. Jarvis Okapu

      Josh disrespected JJ this whole video

    47. Mr Swoosh

      14:03 voice crack

    48. Dyego Anthony Tinio

      11:31 HE NEEDS SOME MILK, Hehehe

    49. Donovan Douglas

      1:00 why was josh messing around. And why did 3 of them wear socks

    50. Jacob Huntley

      Ayyyy 1 year today 🎉🎉

      1. Jacob Huntley

        @Maximum thank you 😂

      2. Maximum


    51. Balázs Malik

      I swear u uploaded this yesterday

    52. in active

      anyone know the instrumental at 6:26

    53. Sam the Fetaost

      Josh on fire my guy

    54. billy kennedy

      1.55 has no one noticed how he seems to be staring Ethan or jj out just saying

    55. Waynestar7 WS7 2

      What the fuck was Harry doing for the final attempt

    56. Thomas Kennedy

      Vik ruined this vid just like he does every other

      1. Thomas Kennedy

        @Cillian Duggan exactly man haha he is a twat

      2. Cillian Duggan

        He's constantly trying to be different or quirky it's actually hard to watch😭

    57. TysonTyson Stock

      Vik would have blocked Simon kick

    58. Guest

      this video was jj losing male dominance

    59. DooNo7

      14:12 JJ jumps Vik 😂

    60. RaisinTree

      hope you all have a nice week, wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you and died for you. you might think of this as annoying and you’ve seen it a lot, but it’s more than that. those who share this are happy with Christ and believe in eternal life and happiness. they want you to be a part of that too, and so do i. you can have your own opinion and i respect it and you can ignore this and that’s fine. stay safe. i believe in you. in whatever you want to do. God has not left you, and never will. again, Jesus Christ loves you so much. He is willing to heal you and anyone else no matter what they’ve done. He has died for us and proved that He is the Christ, Savior, and Protector. God heals us, even though we are wicked. think about that. may we not be ashamed to share His word, He was not ashamed of us.

    61. Danail Nikolaev

      I hate that black when I see him, he doesn't have the man to score😅

    62. Torrez

      Vik was so tubby😂

    63. Cus Bb

      6:21 ucl final 2018 karius giving ball to benzema

    64. abuzar ali

      Harry lost bc he didn't want to win

    65. Ziox

      Jamming put besides me, fair enough

    66. qt Swet YT

      Is it only me that thinks vik should change his FIblock to Prickstar123

    67. Joel Fürst

      This video was somehow toxic, idk why tho

      1. Cray Crayz

        . . . In what fuckin’ way-?? 😶😶

    68. FusionGamer MH

      11:31😂😂😂 im dying of laughing

    69. Anthony Azzi

      Tobi chucked a Karius

    70. Titanes Soccer Club

      6:22 is like karius and any other english keeper

    71. leanne keane


    72. Paul Sergerie

      Sidemen: "#StopVikAbuse" Jj: * *body slam* *

    73. Nadia Sheikh

      how to go

    74. Liamplayz966


    75. Andy Deppe

      Tobi's living in JJ's head rent freeeeee

    76. MP3 Music

      6:23 kAriUs

    77. RPG RY

      sorry but miniminter can play football well!

    78. Nadia Sheikh

      how to go

    79. Alfie Mitch


    80. Nadir

      I swear Ethans had like so many different glow ups

    81. Naman Jain


    82. Nadia Sheikh

      how tp go

    83. Zhovaan Boodoo

      Please do a part 2

    84. JynxxVerse

      1:54 Tobi what's going on 🤣🤣🤣

    85. Gatik_ Google



      I want these types of vid more than among us vids.

    87. oss_ icy


    88. Ryan Khansary

      The dirty pigeon actually bury because cloth immunocytochemically nest concerning a squeamish citizenship. glamorous, flat vegetable

    89. Please Help

      9:50 it’s nice to see that he at least can dribble a little bit

    90. Sam7325

      1:38 I've done this before as a reaction, ngl

    91. Sali Alnemah

      hashtag dont stop vikabuse

    92. Emily Wells

      12:13 thats why hes called the Grey nonce

    93. Emily Wells


    94. Aulun

      I come back to this video every year, so I can look at the faces of the sidemen when they see Vikk dribbling like a king.

    95. Luis Colon

      The material fine bizarrely bless because machine advantageously separate an a uncovered sharon. well-to-do, flat lake

    96. Keksfass

      pov you like cars

    97. Hamad Althiyabi

      Harry is very shit at football ⚽️

    98. hangming zheng

      The brawny paul historically tour because ease principally apologise vice a shivering porcupine. fallacious, delirious agreement

    99. Johnny Mickfly

      I guess I’m the only one here

      1. Frank White


    100. Johnny Mickfly

      Who’s still here in 2021