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    Merry Christmas! #SidemenSecretSanta2020
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    1. Mr Wavey

      You shouldn’t publicly sell dna 🧬 on social media coz some people mine us it for criminal actives

    2. Trippy Bhujel

      To all people who think Vik was left behind... Go and watch Christmas mukbang vik is so happy and cracks alot of jokes. Maybe Vik wasn't feeling well on this part of day

    3. Milkias Tsegay Demer


    4. roblox freak

      not fucking once did josh look at vik when opening his presents from vik all he did was laugh at ethan....josh be pissing me off man and how none of the others hardly hyped up the the gifts like the others got

    5. Darshan Nagarz

      Its so sad man the way they beahves with vik , If I was there instead of Vik, I would left the video.

    6. Dylan Mandalorian

      The amount of times Harry knocks over the star hahahaha Jesus

    7. Chishimba Chimanya

      did JJ actually try and back vikk, kinda wholesome

    8. Erica Rose

      Harry said yami yugi 😂😂😂

    9. Annabella Lukacs

      Is josh wearing a stranger things jumperrrrr

    10. kristerio games

      everyone:watches sidemen me:what is that girl doing in the backgound

    11. Tai Bach


    12. Tai Bach


    13. Tai Bach


    14. Carson Werby

      50 bucks a pound

    15. The mafia Gaming

      Ill buy his heat for £100,000

    16. Jacob Stewart

      Genuinely £300

    17. Millie Harris

      Why does Eathen seem like a dad towards Harry. He is literally the sweetest person 🥺

    18. Vishnu Pradeep

      28:01 bro so sad viks literally sleeping cos hes getting left out :((

    19. Jack Byram

      Harry Breaks The Light Withought Anyone Noticing at 12:58 😂

    20. Ella.894

      Everyone talking about Vik but honestly everyone seems kinda off- like they all seem a bit awkward and tense, like something happened before hand between them Or something

    21. NoDadDarrik

      If you get Josh for a present video its like a wild card, its either really good or really bad, no in between

    22. OGGIE 97

      Ethans kind of an asshole to vikk 😔😔

    23. Lottie Riley

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    24. Vault Spply

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    25. Lottie Riley

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    26. Conner Ellis

      I LOVE HOW HARRY CARNT SIT DOWN LOL 🤣🤣🤣😀😃😃😄😄😁😁😄😅😄😅😃🤣😀

    27. alyssa givens

      y'all are so fucking annoying, vik isn't being bullied

      1. wolvehampton wanderers18

        Ikr vik is pretty quiet in most videos, and then when he actually started talking a lot in videos like that running challenge one, those same people were telling vik to be quiet

    28. Kia Martin

      I like how after 3 months I haven’t seen anyone put a price for josh’s hair. Or did i miss it?

      1. MubinCZ

        I already bought it 😜

    29. BadTurtle9

      Pretty sure that pokeball is a weed jar

    30. Mollie Grant

      There's something really wholesome about this

    31. Jacob Kendall

      Spam 13:33

      1. MubinCZ


    32. Youwouldntcuminanavocado

      27:50 you can tell Simon went to a private school by the way he says donny 😂😂

    33. Zad hamzeh

      Everyone commenting that they feel bad for vik because he wasnt that involved you obviously havent been watching these guys for long. Been watching them since 2014 bro theyre great friends stop making assumptions bruh. The world has gone soft

    34. lily

      Poor vik

    35. Charlie Sheaf


    36. Hidden Yeti


    37. Anna

      I saw general levy live once was lit

    38. Anna

      The fat jokes are so old like being fat isn't funny it's normal and ok like this fatphobia can harm people and fuck them up

    39. KAMIKAZE

      !hug ethan should be a youtube bot command

    40. Dee DoubleU

      Tobi hanging on to his Apple juice like my nan hangs on to her bag tho 😂

    41. Dee DoubleU

      I love it when they buy each other stuff!

    42. iWIll OC

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    43. Christian Ahn

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    44. Brandon K69

      The energy is not the same I was looking foward 😿😿

    45. Estelle King

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    46. Grant Buena

      Talia at the back

    47. Tdubs Gaming

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    48. Dem ben Beg bR0z

      Shhhhh no witnesses

    49. masa

      ethan feels undercover racist to me lmao. such negative energy.

      1. wolvehampton wanderers18

        You've said that 3 times mate, also they were all quite drunk while recording this video

    50. masa

      Ethan is such negative energy fr. I watched him throughout the entire vid and the way he was even looking at vik was unsettling, and oh my god when he threw the ball at his face, he looked surprised and almost offended that vikk threw it back, and he disrespected him AGAIN by throwing it a second time and laughing while vikk minded his business opening his presents.

    51. masa

      Ethan is such negative energy fr.

    52. aiden sawchuk

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    53. Lolo Anderson

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    54. Nate litty Lit lit

      12:56 Harry is such a goof!😂

    55. zhofiirah

      I hate how im reading through the comments and its people being unhappy about vikk being ignored. I mean its good that we all notice it.. But how come most of the sidemen dont do anything to improve themselves in how they treat vikk tho? Or why dont vikk address this issue? Sidemen can say “its how we talk to vikk” or like “vikk dont say anything” or whatever the excuse is but.. We outsiders see it as mean and bullying 😓😓😓

    56. TriGGered

      Ethan thinks coz he lost weight that hes got some class now huh? Nah mate he will still be remembered as the fat old kid with no respect or elegance.

    57. maybechuck


    58. Nicky U

      They keep calling jj ungrateful but all his gifts are unfunny joke gifts they were shit

    59. Josh Binghit

      Idk if anyone saw, but in 29:22 the camera caught the corner of the painting and his tag was there so free shoutout

    60. gns3 soma

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    61. Julia Robinson

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    62. Kitana Kahn

      I feel so bad for vik they always ignore or leave him out of stuff I feel so bad for him I think the only one’s who really care for and appreciate vik is tobi and Harry respect to them they’re proper friends they include vik and makes him feel welcome so props to them

      1. Kal0 Oof-finity

        this kid doesn’t watch the sidemen and acts like nobody likes vikk in the sidemen 🤨

    63. nur afiq

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    64. Leanne

      The Jake Paul book 😂😂 I would of had me a little bonfire with that

    65. nightamo12 banana army best

      I would give ksi a berrus action figure a poster of dbz and a goku figure and a vegeta figure if I was josh

    66. Christine Lott

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    67. Being verified is not an achievement anymore

      Should of swapped tobi for Randolph, he's much more funnier and not annoying

    68. abigail beyersdoerfer

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    69. sausage legs

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    70. XTR_Phantom

      Just is actually not ungrateful y’all give him shit and say he is if he gets something good then he would say it’s good like the dragon ball monopoly.

    71. Luis Colon

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    72. GM Espinas

      So we're just gonna ignore the girl in the background

    73. yeet_ mati10

      8:30 look at harry

    74. Ashley Lex

      foil???? lmao

    75. OST

      .69 cents

    76. Hvgjj Gggh

      I’ll buy his hair for 1k

    77. XTR_Phantom

      i feel sad for Tobi he always is the kindest and he gives the best gifts and he just receives gift about Jesus and Christianity

    78. larisa Draghici

      At least Harry is happy this year.

    79. A

      Bruh why do they always ignore vik and take the piss out of him. Looks like they don’t even want him there 🥴


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    81. Who is Martian

      I watched the other ones a lot before knowing this video was a thing

    82. Lolo Anderson

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    83. Mattie Ceridono

      anyone else notice harry knocking over the star consistently

    84. BERLIN 77

      This was hilarious 😂

    85. Blair Ogden

      Christmas eve does not feel the same and also i can not wait for everyone to go back to normal and i can not wait to travel more after covid 19 sidemen should do 10,000 vs 100 dollar holiday

    86. Aondo Mark-israel

      They just troll JJ so hard, almost all videos

    87. Ozan Güvenç

      it is weird to watch people get presents

      1. el sheepo

        not if it's the Sidemen

    88. issac micah

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    89. Eli Williams

      JJ getting protective

    90. KysonHD

      29:20 as simon says Jamie Brindley his @ pops up bottom left corner lol

    91. Jay Strife

      Captain levi from attack on titan not general lol but that's nice that canvas

    92. Jay Strife

      Some of Harry's game's where good game's despite if jj had them for free or not anyway lol. Nioh 2 is a banger

    93. tvx gamer

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    94. Kieran Conroy

      $2000 for joshes beard hair

    95. Britney Hemmings

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    96. Ben Shw

      Ethan has had the biggest glow up 😳

      1. Cap Dani

        Still clapped

    97. FlareMaster141

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    98. Declan Cann

      Vik doesn't wanna be there

    99. Shadow assassin

      tobi "can you put this down plz" my thinking always outsourcing work to vik

    100. tool hack

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