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    1. Gabriel Kroni

      Jj is right it’s not gay, it’s touching urself with a few steps

    2. Lycan

      'is nobody gonna talk about how Vik got left out at the end?'# Literally EVERYONE is

    3. Marshmello Lite

      I kinda started to hate the sidemen for how they treat vik.

    4. your papi

      JJ is gayyyy

    5. U P

      Robotic wing FOR SCIENCE means nothing might happen. You cant just fly with wings

    6. Braden Allen

      Bruh if you can't read then your life is so much more difficult. For example : you can't drive, as you wont be able to read the road signs. Not being able to speak sucks, but atleast you can just use a text to speech bot or smth to talk.

    7. Eliot Beckman

      Ayo made me think that naruto coulda got some crazy slop from his clones

    8. Hargun Bhinder

      5:53: were living in a simulation that shit was synchronized lol jk don't belive in simulation theroy

    9. Tobias Fugl

      Tillykke Anna P

    10. Izuku Midoriya

      I'd go to 10 and warn the world of covid

    11. Elie Feghali

      Dogs will be able to hold a full convo

    12. purna rai

      When JJ said "thats your normal life" to simon at 4:01 I dont think he can say that.He has lied about his height many MANY times and he lies about he isnt a Simp...

    13. Psgamer Hydra

      Imagine getting attacked by a bear and you’re like: oi fuck off, and the bear is like: understandable have a great day ✌️

    14. Brodi Bourke

      My little brother already gets away with lying

    15. Charlotte

      Am I the only one who would chose to go back to 10 too?

    16. Harold Godwinson

      I'd go back to school for a week, I'd hate to be halfway in my life for a week

    17. Ian Miguel Raneses

      yo i thought jj's sweaty banana lmaoo

    18. KirstenMarie Official

      The toothpaste for a shower would foam up with water

    19. KirstenMarie Official

      With some of these questions theres ways round them for example double the hair or no hair.. I'd say no hair because I could take thicker/longer hair as my hair I'd really thick and heavy on my head anyway. But with no hair I would spend money to get microblading for eyebrows. False lash extensions for my eyes and wear wigs for my head

    20. KirstenMarie Official

      I would choose to read over speak because nowadays theres multiple ways to communicate without speech. Like everyone who is non verbal.


      Ethans hair always looks fresh

    22. Baby Yoda

      Wth reading texts and emails is mad important, contracts and forms???

    23. Ya Dad

      Nobody Toby: WHat If YOuR CloNE ToUchES KidS

    24. TheRedCourage

      Intro voice all the time? Markiplier!

    25. LSGamer

      When you go to Age 10, you are again gonna reach the age 50 anyways guys

    26. H3ARTY HEIL

      I wish I could do a "would you rather" with you lot. I'd own it 100%

    27. Jeremy Head

      Ethan just want to go back and see his dad

    28. Fatema Tahira

      I thought harry was going to go on can't speak

    29. Santi Nale

      Of course JJ chose Simon singing for him

    30. Good name

      Y’all mf not really watched any other vid or sum he just looks a bit quiet in this vid and if you look he’s smiling a lot just cause one vid aprenttly leave or he’s some how suffering y’all are stupid.

    31. Ahmad 14

      Harry and Tobi at 12:05. Mans down, mans down!!

    32. Ruaridh _

      i read the comments i saw people questioning about vikk because he looked sad. i’m just saying but nobody here knows what’s happening in his life. remember when ethan was suicidal and nobody knew

    33. NFobia

      These questions are fkn terrible.

    34. BobTheGamer

      Imagine vik with double eye brows This is just a joke

    35. ΞNTITY

      The last question is fucked if you think about it. If you select the speak every language option then you would be able to speak to animals as well because they also use their own language that they understand, but if you choose speak to animals, then you would also be able to speak to every single human because we originated from chimpanzees, which are animals so that technically makes us animals... right?

      1. Cat cha

        You're thinking too much just relax

      2. Cat cha


    36. Joel A


      1. Joel A


    37. Business Dog

      I thought the thumbnail said “JJ’s sweaty banana”

    38. Victor

      Vik didn't want to hug because of COVID. "No, we can't" Isn't "I don't want a group hug because I hate you guys." or something like that.

    39. faye scott


    40. DEADPØØL9

      Tbh if you can't read you can have problems with contracts anyone can fool you like anyone can say it's a insurance but it's actually your property documents 🤷🏻‍♂️

    41. Tao-Jade Smith

      If the turning 10 for a week happened I would ask Harry out lmfao

    42. Kìãrã_ Nights


    43. ruf ruf

      People acting like Vik was left out of the groep hug but he and Josh first were having none of it and then they wanted to be part of it. Then the group started making a joke of it by saying they turned us down. Josh almost had to crawl in it to get in. It was all just fun. Stop being such drama queens.

    44. TriGGered

      Jj is so fkn weird

    45. Ninja NaLone

      My argument is that if you can speak every language fluently, you learn the language of animals as well. Peace out.

      1. Cat cha

        They meant human language

    46. Tim Klower

      Can I just say... WHAT EVEN are these questions??

    47. Naomi Masia

      “Hot single male in your area”😭😭😂😂when Tobi said that it sent me

    48. YoutubeChannel

      0:45 I would pick speak as well. You can't read you're just dumb, you can't learn anything. It's like you haven't finished primary school or something. There are mute people and they survive just fine, not able to read, that's just stupid... I don't think they get it's not about not being able to read a book, it's not being able to distinguish words at all. That's sucks

    49. James Sucks

      tobi tries way to hard to be different

    50. シZ E R O

      2:48 just to say jj had drop kicked a baby

    51. Armand Rossouw

      When Guernsey and India come together, no one's safe

    52. yeet yeet

      The fact that they pick can't read is so stupid, like bro if u can't read how the hell r u gonna read comment sections n read instructions online, sure u could hire someone to read it out for u but cmon bro that's a waste of money, tobi is actually smart in picking can't speak

    53. loopy

      they hugged tobi but called him a weirdo in the beginning :’(

      1. Ella Rose Brackstone

        They’re just kidding

    54. Tai Bach


    55. Jay P

      so were just gonna ignore the fact that Harry coughed into his hand and Ethan just randomly decides to shake his hands 10 seconds later

    56. Erin

      y’all.. who knows if something happened in vikk’s personal life that effected him? you can’t just jump to “omg he’s thinking about leaving” chill ffs

    57. Emiliano Lopez

      jj- why would i wanna talk to a giraffe fam ... jj again seconds later: why’s your neck so long

    58. Ronin Correia

      The irony that the three nicest guys wanna be good at lying 🤣

    59. Memoona Intikhab

      2:48 like we sont know what u did IN THE BABY CARE VIDEO HARRY

    60. Hokkyoto

      How can JJ watch sub anime or read manga if he can't read?

    61. matthew baxter

      U can get audio for books

      1. Yoga Children

        Shut up

    62. DmhdVisuals

      Who’s here after the short 😭😂

    63. Itamar Yamin

      To speak every single language includes animals language

    64. Yoran De Norre

      Who came her from the short?

    65. Jj Mmm

      No, you cannot learn to speak every language in the world no matter when you start

    66. G0dgrave

      A clone is a different persona jj it's a copy of your cells but it's still a different person

    67. Paul West

      The way JJ celebrated the goal at 6:50 w his sound

    68. James Kong

      The xenophobic tenor observationally continue because hall contemporaneously decorate until a humorous saudi arabia. imported, entertaining voice

    69. Luke Bartek

      I was here.

    70. Isogun Elizabeth

      Y are u fucking treating my vik like this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    71. zach lin

      I would have jj to watch my kids because if someone broke into the house jj could protect them.

    72. uutsuyo

      these men are cracked if they think you can learn every language in the world fluently. there are 6,500 different language spoke to date. good luck learning that

    73. CK 25

      There are over 5,000 languages in the world. There’s no way “millions” can speak every language. I doubt even a single person could ever do that in their lifetime

      1. I'm lying

        Every significant language

    74. siva

      i mean ethan already looked like he had no eyebrows so i think he can pull off a "no hair" image..

    75. Paulo Simões

      Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of all of the Sidemen, but I'm tired of Toby always trying to be different...

    76. Amy Ortiz

      First one - I would rather not be able to speak than not be able to read because there are so many recourses available to mute people. Whether this be sign language, writing down on a piece of paper or in the notes app on your phone, texting, etc. For someone who cannot read, you may never read a book ever again. You can not write either, because in order to write, you must be able to read. The point they made about laughing at memes - you can’t. You won’t be able to READ the memes. They won’t be able to read their comments or twitch chat, when it comes to chat or donations. Won’t be able to read your child a bedtime story and many Many Jobs require the skill of reading. Also.. TEXT TO SPEECH!!

    77. GTA5_YT

      hello there people

    78. Kathleen Birrell

      Love Ethan, don’t get me wrong, but anyone notice his beard and his hair be different colours ? 😂❤️

    79. Aussie Cousins

      Tobi pisses me off

    80. Lewis Thomas

      Josh is gonna cheat life and rule the world Meanwhile Ethan just wants to ride his bike

    81. D Muncho

      You'd put on shindlers list😂😂

    82. TopTenVideos

    83. Zac Palfreeman

      Rob a bank lie and say it wasn’t you

    84. pp man

      bro clones would be actually godly u can dp someone AND SHE DONT CHEAT BRO OH MY GAWD

    85. G2

      jj is weird man.

    86. Badis Azouni

      ksi can u plaes stop talking about sex

      1. angel Pg3d

        He can do whatever he wants

    87. mixeduprants

      You could never, ever learn every language on Earth, and think of the ancient texts that haven’t been deciphered yet. Speak all languages easily.

    88. Aditya Arun

      stop bullying tobi

    89. George Clarke

      Would you rather speak every language or be a able to speak to animals?: You can speak to humans who don't speak the same language since you'd be able to speak to animals who even don't speak any sort of language.

    90. Crim86 Mattsome86

      For the monotone question just have a deep voice like corpse husband


      Instead of milk, Harry would give a child tequila

    92. Axsfy

    93. siobhan thomas

      these men are crazy id give anything to go back and be ten again for a week

    94. LeoAnimations

      The last question doesn't specify that it has to be a language currently spoken, so I'm assuming you can speak EVERY language, extinct or alien.

    95. SimplyFliqz

      if you always get away with lying, then no matter what you say people will always believe you - imagine how massively rich and famous you could get.

    96. Tomas Schvartzman

      7:32 literally no one thought about the ass hair. I don't want more of that shit

    97. Proplaysdave

      Ethan was looking a bit different in this

    98. LyonSpear

      U lot stop being sad for Vik not getting into the hug lmaoo u guys look into stuff too much, he didn't even want to be in it anyways.

    99. Adhyatma Capoor

      JJ:Its not gay when u have sex with urself.... Homelander:🦸‍♂️🧎‍♂️

    100. Lol123 Lol1

      “hey it’s time to wake up 😉” PLEASE BYE