Signing FULL Team of the Year In FIFA 21 Career Mode!

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    ►In this FIFA 21 Career Mode video I try and sign the full Team of the Year with no mods or cheats. Will I be able to bring in all 11 of the Team of the Year players? Subscribe for more FIFA 21 Volta, FIFA 21 Career Mode, and FIFA 21 Ultimate Team content!

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    1. Mubarak Babatunde

      Logic in swap deals In fifa 21 swap deals are disgustingly bad inter offered 83 million plus bonaventure for martial at 85 overall they take top value of swapped player and add to the money they are willing to give its stupid but if you want to swap out a player they take their value and add it by the amount the player would be in top value now that is the biggest bs logic to swaps i have ever seen

    2. .StanleyM.

      In the backround i have the same. Ball the 2014 europe brazil ball

    3. LTK

      Anyone else notice how Bford predicted the 2020 champions league final and the score accept it's the other way round Edit @30:19

    4. Bradleybrad Gaming omg

      :15 58 the manager looks like messi without a beard

    5. lively chats

      bford thinks the psg players are valued at like $200,000,000

    6. optic bladez.

      lancer talking about neymar: " im being serious hes the best player in the weeeerrrld. Nah what you laughin for im bein seeerious. We dont do ifs buts and maybes we do absolutes."

    7. Vestation

      I mean..why would you trade a LW for a ST if you´re shy a ST afterwards

    8. Bakar Bah

      Guardiloa is dumb

    9. PAOKDAB

      17:11 you didn't say gueye, you said gay🤣🤣🤣🤣

    10. Kilian Houtmeyers

      13:43 best club in Belgium my friend

    11. Zeemo Football Edits

      How is this vid 40 mins long😂

    12. AddictedToSound

      Lewandowski is better than Neymar

    13. Lusanda Khuzwayo

      this guy undervalues his player when selling 😭

    14. Loggers vids

      Who’s watching this after Ramos actually joined PSG

    15. Lost_aCoconut

      Not hate but Bford: Yes we got Messi’s Boots for half a Billion. Yesss!

    16. Puja Bajaj

      Thats not even the full team of team of the year

    17. AxF PuReBEN

      Ramos actually went to PSG bford a time traveler 😳

    18. Ádám Lázár

      Why you wan't Messi wen he is not in the team of the year

    19. ZERO XR 76

      Do the career of R9

    20. Andrew Dooney

      Yo what country our you from I do not know that accent

    21. Liana Orza


    22. Andre Silva

      Pov: bford predict Sérgio ramos to psg

      1. Andre Silva

        @EIHA we know

      2. EIHA

        No he didnt he was in the shortlist cuz of TOTY -_-

    23. Veljko Veljko

      Someone realised that there's 13 players cuz they added neymar and Messi

    24. Team Yoshi Forever

      Bford you were stuiped as there are ratings

    25. olaoluwa martins-ozigbo

      What the hell ronaldo

    26. Adri TheGamer

      you forgot messi

      1. 24hrz

        He’s not in toty

    27. Spiderjowen

      He play’s on Xbox

    28. KhalidPlays

      now Ramos is at PSG irl!

      1. BurnedCandle

        That’s what I thought

    29. Nyanator :3

      He dude, good Video:) pls learn how to pronounce the names, u r butchering the hard

    30. kaustav nath

      everyone knows neymer is worthless

    31. Sven Haremaker

      Idrissa Gay

    32. Sketchy

      mans said leipzig hasn’t got money😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Shraze_Vexx

      Honestly some times I think jake BARFord is high in his videos

    34. Shraze_Vexx

      Geddon barford

    35. Kia Phoenix

      Idea-1 player from every club in the premier league 2021-2022

    36. Adam Shields

      This was epic my man!!!

    37. Muhammad Adly Fauzan Syam

      This team is not toty but tots

    38. Clue


    39. Isaac Sanchez

      You can add money to your budget all you have to do is where it says financial take over press it and move your left joy stick right or left. You can add up to $500,000,000.

    40. Ned Harrison

      Nice vid my guy

    41. Benscott7 !!!

      If we’re being real Messi and Ronaldo shouldn’t be toty if we’re basing it on skill this year people Like Haaland over Ronaldo or Werner over Messi

    42. joris besselink

      wheres messi?

    43. beirangai khithie

      i feel so bad for neymar,no one want it🤣🤣

    44. lol

      3rd season psg invincible :)

    45. grace ryan

      More MU Players

    46. Ruben Darter

      Him complaining about no offers for neymar while he blocked offers

    47. Will Macca

      I'm sorry but this guy knows next to nothing about football and career mode.

    48. Owethu Nxumalo

      Dude Ramos is like 36 m

    49. Andrew Glenn

      My man is just sitting at 99 overall 😂

    50. Mason Mc hugh

      How do u collect the jersey sells and stuff? because it seems u have a lot of money

      1. Mason Mc hugh

        And im new

    51. pierce tan

      2:53 Bford:Maybe we should have gone with city cause they have so many players that we can sell. Me:Sorry what u said is a big mistake I also tried that with no mods extra money or anything and it doesn’t work.

      1. pierce tan

        Their reserves are so bad and their squad is what u can literally sell

    52. Immersion scarz

      dont nget why vvd got it he hasnt even played this year wehat a joke

    53. Harry M

      "Why do they value bruno so high?" If your 86 rated 27 year old is 110 million, Bruno is at least 150 million

    54. sulaiman gamer


    55. Stewart Grindlay

      34:10 such slang word from the British Isles

    56. Fred Prudames

      Team of the year

    57. Fred Prudames

      How did van dijk get a team of the season he’s done nothing this season

      1. Fred Prudames

        In it

    58. The Game Bois

      3:48 man can tell the future


      You spoke I just love it bro ❤💙💜💖💗💘❤💙💜💖💗

    60. MoTheExpert

      Starts Xavi Simons over Peraira Me: visible confusion

    61. Hashir Khan

      Is the financial takeover option unlimited tries or once to use forever. Like if i use it once with barca career mode but then delete the save and want to play with Man Utd, will i be able to use it again or not? Its Unlimited or Limited tries for different teams career?

    62. Gamer Guy31

      How did van djk make it when he was injured for half of the year I need answers

    63. LoKa _30

      after this video: Messi and Neymar become toty! LoOLLoOoOLoo

    64. Harry Biggs

      “I’m so done with klopp” 😂😂

    65. Edo Flies xx

      Bro why do you always want more

    66. ඞ

      Bford: Leipzig probably don't have much money Also Bford: *asks Club Brugge for $100.000.000*

    67. Abdul Rehman

      Is he saying simons ots siimons


      When u told icardi is swap for messi. And when u told icardi worth than messi. I felt in this planet people moon than sun. Lel wht to do 💔

    69. Grahame Hill

      This guy knows nothing about football

    70. debanjan kakati

      He is not in the toty bro

    71. debanjan kakati

      Why only messi u are speaking of

    72. Diekios

      Sergio Ramos over Messi?


      Thanks for a 40 min

    74. Vincent Arisa

      BFordLancer48: I swear to God if you add like 90 mil to this... Pep Guardiola: Brace yourselves.

    75. Samba e o mehor Golzi Braga

      Why would you sell Marquinhos? Marquinhos is so good!

    76. Mr Beast

      I did it to it took me 2 seasons

    77. TEMPEST


    78. Amanda Jolly

      Video idea: LaLiga TOTS VS Premier league TOTS

    79. yak pro 9000

      whos here when messi made team of the year

    80. Ben King

      psg has neymar and mbappe

    81. Amanda Jolly

      ...LW Mbappe ST Lewandowski RW Messi CDM Kimmich CM De Bruyne and Fernandes CB Van Dijk and idk RB Alexander -Arnold LB Davies GK Ter-Stegen Thank You

    82. Amanda Jolly

      Next TOTY should be...

    83. Fox Inc.

      12:52 ehhhhhhh its pretty well known Barca are not in a good position and are in debt and even sold Suarez to reduce the money on wages the same with Vidal

    84. Haseeb K

      Am I the only one who thought that he should of not gave herrera before because he could’ve swap deal

    85. ligmadig

      Messi isn't in this team cause he is sponsoring pes 21

    86. Kevin Cooke


      1. Kevin Cooke

        ShxhjxI like it it’s so bad there was litter of the Man United pitch

      2. Kevin Cooke


      3. Kevin Cooke

        DGI SD hdix

    87. Marcus gamer

      Get o black

    88. Keryn Jeffs

      I can’t do it

    89. Ryan Dickinson

      and then messi enters at the end of toty

    90. 0_Alpal_0

      You never got messi 🤔

    91. sznBoogie XD

      Messi cant carry his team against TOTY lmao tf

    92. alex 21

      15:22 they have 19 billion

    93. Heather Stathopoulos

      messi is stupid

    94. Rayaan Rana

      bruh i was so mad when he didn't sell kimpembe, his value was like 44 mil they were offering 58 mill


      Ronaldo lol

    96. Omar Ragab

      I have them all

    97. Haris Hassapis

      Ea didn’t choose the fifa players did

    98. Holding wood party fence box cleared throw

      You can buy Ramos for 30 million come on

    99. Tom Steward

      Neymar better than lewandowski 😂😂😂

    100. WilliamC34

      I love how it was Club Brugge offering for Verratti 😂😂😂