Simulating Green Beard Altruism


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    1. Primer

      Lots of comments relate to racism, so I think it's worth discussing that a little. Racism in humans is a very complex phenomenon that can't be simply traced to genes. To be honest, I don't think I really understand racism, but I'm confident saying a full understanding would take inputs from biology, psychology, sociology, and history, perhaps more. But as the video explains, the green beard phenomenon is very brittle and rarely shows up in nature, so it's not an explanation, and certainly not a justification for something as complex as racism. Thanks for reading, and be kind to each other. :)

      1. Benjamin Fu

        gta v

      2. Benjamin Fu

        ims so cinge

      3. Benjamin Fu

        We gottem folks, gg

      4. Benjamin Fu

        I think this is enough replies

      5. Benjamin Fu


    2. Noah Gassler

      so basically, it pays to virtue-signal and not risk yourself for anyone

    3. Definitely Not A Dimension Guide

      “Not gonna lie guys, that red dude is kinda sus-“ *”Wait where did he and Green go?”*

    4. SpeakMouthWords

      Wait I thought this video was about Tomar

    5. The Yellow

      hey Tomar, it's you

    6. Rae

      If you want to code for altruism in humans, make it possible for two creatures to work together simultaneously (thereby knocking the predator out for a generation and both surviving) and have two offspring per person if they both work together.

    7. greg thomas

      This video proves the Earth is flat.

    8. Csaba Banki

      If this had any logic or relation to real-life scenarios then it could be used as data for genetics. This way, it is just an entertaining video.

    9. burned head

      Btw this isn't an altruism simulation it's a racism simulation. Just replace "green beard" with white, or jewish...

    10. Undead_Inside

      Look Tomar it's YOU!

    11. Spook Sam

      10:19 RED IS SUS

    12. Krzysztof Kozłowski

      Why is my brain like "It definitely says simulating bird autism"

    13. CaptainKalus

      I think something these simulations miss out on is that it takes 2 to reproduce, and that often you want to help someone who is just as strong as you

    14. Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein

      In real life, the imposters have big hooked noses, tiny hats, and names that end in -berg or -stein.

    15. Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein

      Racism is good, actually.

    16. Migue Calabria

      Ey can you simulate what could happend in a zombie apocalypse? With the panic and that stuff? You are the boss

    17. Patrick Ribeiro Edelman

      You guys don't understand how much Primer loves and cares about his fans And that's why this is pinned

    18. Filip H

      whats the program you are using?

    19. Throw Away

      I want a green beard blob plushie

    20. Tom Rea

      So this is how tribalism evolved?

    21. TheModer8ter

      John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

    22. most likely a person

      Were are these next videos you always talk about?

    23. MaynardByron

      you litterally made my day

    24. PanGalaxy

      Joshua Tomar simulator

    25. 제규형

      The ideas of Altruism has always intrigued me and the way you explained them through genes was quite interesting and believable as well. Thanks for posting this video and I hope to see more content from you! Cheers!

    26. Anon Jo

      my heart goes out to the altruistic green beards with imposter syndrome

    27. Jean Dunham

      I think that a cowardly one getting warned should have a chance of becoming altruistic

    28. Kiran Loon

      When my blob see a pretattor Blob:RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    29. Zeek Everest

      I'd have liked to see the regular altruism with the 50% chance of sacrifice, but with the cowardice also having a change to get eaten when it runs (say, 10 or 25%)

    30. Bunk's Revenge

      I would love to see you run this sim again, but with one change: cowards can learn altruism and altruists can be cowardly (from learning behaviour by way of repeated observation) If a blob sees cowardly or altruistic behaviour more than once, there is a 50/50 chance that their behaviour flips. Then it would be cool to see this ran further with 'only yellows can learn' or 'only blues can learn' as variants. Cool vid - thanks :)

    31. Panos k

      *a m o g u s*

    32. DeltaVortex

      he is god in this reality

    33. A Fez

      I feel if they didn't reproduce asexually the altruism gene would become better.

    34. cutekittenlady

      I can't pretend to be either a geneticist or a sociologist but this really feels more like a social simulation than a genetic one. Like, I know the dude said it was super simplified since there's an insane amount of factors going into this stuff, but it still feels like ignoring those other factors and how observed behaviors affect later actions create the implication that altruism isn't a survival trait even though we know it still exists in people and therefore kinda *has* to have been in some way successful. At least if you connect things like altruism to genetics. Course all of that is just to say that, depending on the environmental factors, removing all the "altruistic" traits from a population could potentially lead to extinction in the long run since "every man (or in this case blob) to himself" is a survival trait that doesn't tend to last super long in a lot of social structures.

    35. Linus Sievers

      0:09 my brain: COMMUISISM

    36. Socksy _

      Not to mention the short timespan of humans. If the blobs have kids every day, then the 60 day trials are like... 60 generations of people, right? What were our ideas on altruism 60 generations ago IRL? You went up to like 300 days in some trials, which must be on the brink of the invention of the wheel for humans, right?

    37. Chris

      its not altuism, this is just racism?

    38. Enchanternick

      Can you do a simulation of people in traffic. One are calm drivers that stick to 1 lane and will let others in front when they want. The others are fast drivers that switch to the faster lane and will never let anyone ahead. See what happens to the flow. I'd love to see it happen

      1. EnigmaGaming

        This is a great idea.

    39. David Hilsee

      10:13 I really hope that was intentional

    40. Pelle Rosell Olesen

      Fun with simulation - thanks!

    41. Most Awesome Flyer

      No beard blob: your only saving other green beards! Green beard blob: yes

    42. Martin Wood

      The predators are part of the ecosystem too. The more blobs they eat, the more they will survive to reproduce, so there will be fewer blobs to go around, so the predators will be less well fed, so they will survive to reproduce less effectively etc. And don't forget about the trees!

    43. Kiran Loon

      I tought the impostor get voted out

    44. Jérome Kerviel

      I think it is better to think of early humans (like hunter gatherers) in small groups and study the survival rate of these entire group, and not as in this simulation, the relative rate of kind of people in a large city. Then if the predator is more aggressive than in the simulation, egoist behavior could lead entire egoist groups to exctinction very fast! Altruism is strictly better with the parameters used in the simulation (even, like, 99% death rate for altruists when they ring the alarm), so we should see altruistic groups go extinct less often. Since early humans looked for mates a bit inside, a bit outside the tribe, the altruistic gene would spread quickly (and even altruistic groups would grow in size).

    45. Gregory Selck

      This is really to simple of a model to demonstate anything other than a game.

    46. Jaxon Stocker

      Tomar? Is that you?

    47. Addison Brendtro

      Am I the only one who thought he was going to be talking about somebody's beard?

    48. Patricio Silva

      One thing you can add is that altruism may be contagious, for example an impostor or a coward could have a 20% chance becoming altruistic after being saved, maybe that could be a solution even though i think that stops being a "genetic point of view" 😅

    49. It’s Ya boi

      Isn’t this just tribalism

    50. J Vorhees

      Look Tomar that's you.

    51. Dmytro Parkhomenko

      7:09 Green beards did nothing to drive covards to extinction. Covards did it to themselves. Green beards only helped their kind to survive.

    52. Dungeon Dogs

      As one notable behavioural scientist once said, and I loosely quote, "Characterizing behaviour is like finding the area of a rectangle. You have to have two parameters, height and width. As the area of a rectangle, behaviour is characterized by genes and the environment. The more you focus on one thing the effect of the other will fade away and your results will be completely wrong." I see you have only considered genes in this simulation. Therefore, I'm not taking this simulation as a valid argument of how altruism works. P.S: Don't get me wrong. I've been a huge fan of your work for a long time. And will continue to be so.

    53. Gira

      "Look tomar, it's you."

    54. Traves Cot Burger

      10:19 SUS RED SUS SUSSY

    55. Cinderheart MLP

      Tribalism simulator.

    56. bob potter

      I'm disappointed there are no comments about Deep Rock Galactic

    57. recca12

      This video blew up, I wonder if the numbers are fudged

    58. Popilishis

      look tomar its you!

    59. Albert Wesker

      Survival isn’t cowardice lol, what a human thing to be degrading towards those who want to survive. I’m all about being altruistic, but calling it cowardice adds bias to your experiment imo. Should of called it “self preservation”.

    60. romain duquesne

      In this video, we don't really test biological aspects but rather behavioural ones. As a consequence, it would be interesting when looking about behaviour or morality to stop calling theses genes but "traits", taught by the parent. Regarding transmission, parents raise their children (as in real life) hence transmitting their traits. This could lead to events called "change of behaviour". For example, a coward saved by an altruist (sucker or green beard) would become altruist after recognising the value of such gesture. On the other hand a "sucker" could become a green beard if it had the chance to save another soul. In this later case, the community recognises the quality of this person. We could add so much complexity to any of these simulations, it is amazing what you are doing thank you. End note: it would be important to change the vocabulary as young people also tend to watch your amazing vids in order not to confuse them between what is biological (fixed over the entire duration of your life) and what's behavioural (things learnt that can be unlearnt)

    61. AngadSEO

      Primer it's been a whole month now when are we getting a new video

    62. weckar

      I notice the old video on altruism has been removed? I am so confused.

    63. Chaosvolt

      Models two (cowardly vs altruistic blobs, 50% chance of death if altruism triggers) and three (cowardly vs altruistic blobs, 10% chance of death if altruism triggers) appear to have the results they have due to a MAJOR procedural flaw: no mention is made of whether cowardly blobs can fail to escape predators. The observer can only assume that cowardly blobs will always escape predation, making their survival inevitable. That concern aside, I personally suspect that the simplistic coward/altruist model could have been more successful in an environment with a higher proportion of hazardous trees to safe trees. My reasoning is that the effectiveness of a warning call increases the more blobs are warned off by it. There is still the risk that the cycle will just repeat until the altruists have yelled themselves to death until there's not enough altruists visiting the same tree to benefit from this effect, and the additional risk that a high enough predator population might decimate all of the blobs outright, but it is feasible that the simplified model might achieve equilibrium under some circumstances. Though in practice, even if cowardly blobs can fail to run away, there's also the flaw that there's no elaboration concerning how effective warning calls are relative to cowardly behavior. Can the warning call fail to alert blobs? Will the chance of a cowardly blob attempting to flee be affected by the presence of a warning call, and if so by how much? EDIT: The green beard sim has the same flaws, and relies on the assumption that the cowardly blobs will completely ignore warning calls, so I'm just straight calling bullshit on the utility of this simulation.

    64. Uhbliviun

      bruh did you just unwittingly make a mathematical case against homogeneity and for ethnostates? nice

    65. M H

      Question: Would you accept Romanian Dubs subs?

    66. Lisioketchum Gamer

      Red blob sUs

    67. a. s.

      Coding for in-group bias works.

    68. chaosincarna

      Decency is a weakness. Got it.

    69. samdog166

      What’s the real estate market like there?

    70. Dickweasle Assmaster

      "The cowardice gene will be yellaw" Subtle, but a good one.

    71. Skogi B

      "The first to go are the suckers. They help, but no one helps them" Can't believe this man literally simulated white people

    72. zept0

      they are always gonna die but they will die on different times

    73. Suicidaltourtise

      ok i watched the fucking video youtube now please get out pf my reccomeneded

    74. Bradly Huffman

      It would be really neat to see a variable on this that adds in a chance for blobs that were saved by altruism to gain the trait. Kind of a chance to develop morals.

    75. Ciarán Bowie

      Hey look, it's Tomar

    76. Brooks Pearson

      What do you use to make these dude?

    77. h3artonfire

      Loved the video. Would be cool to see as simulation where once cowards were saved by an altruist, they had some % chance to act in an altruistic way themselves.

    78. Leo A

      look tomar it's you

    79. Z-MK Gaming

      I love these videos so much, I wish this was a game, I could just plug in the criteria and just watch it go.

    80. Emutester

      look Tomar its you.

    81. Johnny Steen

      Now imagine if those impostors were altruistic towards each other but not the true beards, whereas the true beards were altruistic toward both. They'd have the beards support and they'd have control over every institution in the country. It would be a massacre.

    82. john young

      So Altruism can be boiled down to simple Game Theory enforced by Natural Selection. So much for divine morality....

    83. McG

      4:30 What happens when two altruism blobs at the same tree yelling to warn each other? Do they each have 10% death chance or just one of them do?

    84. Krzysztof Pławski

      Maybe the danger of a predator should vary in scale and people should be altruistic if they are in low danger and cowardly if the threat is high?

    85. River O.

      It's interesting to see the effect in a closed system, but I always imagined the selection being on a more macro level, groups being more successful as a whole when altruism propagates in the community, selecting indirectly. Surprised there wasn't a head to head in that regard, altruistic village VS. cowardly.

    86. Some fat guy

      what is the musoc called in 1:05

    87. Dalton Baker

      I feel like the actions of groups should have a chance of changing members of other groups into their own type. For example, if a coward is saved by a altruist, there should be a small chance that the coward is converted into an altruist. Or if a altruist witnesses a coward saving their own skin, there should be a small chance that they turn into a coward. Your algorithm doesn't take into account the interactions and ever changing nature of individuals.

    88. Crimson Camellia

      its tomar

    89. Miguel Gudino

      *population gets halved* "so this ecosystem is *mostly* stable"

    90. Clank4Prez

      I’m a little confused. When there are two Alleles at a tree, which one gets priority? 50/50 chance?

    91. ninjabieber

      imagine if my teacher could be like him and atually be entertaining while teaching? maybe i would have pay attention more in class than spit out stupid ass biology vocab on a paper. I love biology its very intresting but my teacher made me hate it

    92. Bhume

      What about if 50% of the time the True Beards noticed an imposter and left them to die?

    93. jrodificator1

      In the original test I think there was a bias against cowardice since there was a chance for the target blob to escape under the altruism type.

    94. The Nfl Dude

      Why is this guy not verified?

    95. Eric Walsh

      Mabey the model doesn't take into account the fact people would realise your not altruistic and stop helping you over time, might be an interesting parameter to add

    96. Visorian null

      And yet when i suggest that people should only help helpful people i'm somehow worse than someone who is outright selfish.

    97. TheDuckBoy

      10:19 sus

    98. David Birkes

      What about a chance to become altruistic every time they are saved

    99. Flame_Imagination

      I just wanted to see a green beard on a blue among us character..

    100. Vincent stuestøl

      Can't altruism show up in individuals at random?