Skier tackles opponent after finish line, a breakdown

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    1. Lem0nsquid

      russians are perpetually angry that theyve never been #1 throughout their entire history

    2. B Annoying

      I would like to see fights in curling!

    3. Dennis McNabb

      You are filling a gap that has been missed since the George Michael's Sports Machine. Though remember your just filling it. There is only one George Michael Sports Machine.

    4. Aditya Chandra

      wait, I thought the finnish dude was first and the russian dude was second

    5. Bob Trudy

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    6. Brother Joshua

      If you didn’t tune in, where were ya?

    7. Cock McBalls

      Russia knows better than to fk with Finland in the snow. . .but yea, more of the typical poor sportsmanship you see from most Russian athletes - or at least the ones who aren't banned for cheating.

    8. Hunter's Cheese

      Those guys were legitimately too tired to fight anymore than they did.

    9. Gregor Meisen

      That's why these guys are skiing instead of playing football or hockey or anything that involves actual confrontation. They just stand around after a dude tackled another dude.

    10. Randy Diets

      Russian Mob ski team doesn't play boy

    11. Alexis Trebexis

      Russian dude needs to admit “I am a giant sore loser. And am just mad cuz I lost.” Also, “I have no idea what it is to be an athlete, and I’m a huge douchebag.” If he could just say all that on Russian news, in front of his family who should be ashamed, that’d be great.

    12. michael garcia

      disgrace to sports and should be fined and ejected.

    13. Alejandro Martinez

      That friend of his was ready to go no questions asked. I like it.

    14. ugadawgs1990

      If you ain’t first, you’re last.

    15. Im Phanta

      They didnt come in first and second. They came second and third. Noone beats the norwegians at their own game.

    16. Donald Clément

      Sportman by Russian athlète are beautifull .

    17. Epic Galleries

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    18. Taco Stacks


    19. millicent squirrel hole

      Later afta' the race...ya' shoulda' seen what tha' winner Nordski bruh' did with tha' Rooski's sister, Svetlana...Hoo-boy... a real jotunheimen...

    20. Micah West

      Who thought a ski race would be worth watching. Thank you for culturing me.

    21. Tyson Sperling

      Either that guy is a really calm guy or he knew he deserved that.

    22. AdmiralTrevMan

      For those of you who don't know. This is cross country skiing. Tackling and fighting is allowed, as long as there are no face shots. Very similar to hockey fighting rules. I'm also completely lying.

    23. Mike Payne

      I gotta say this seems like a half hearted effort Jomboy. COME ON it’s rugby on skis, on snow, for 2nd in the world COME ONNNN!

    24. Misomaniac

      Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

    25. Sam Anderson

      It's the precision of a Jomboy breakdown that makes him a Badass, lol.

    26. Martin Davis

      Imagine that ? Europeans starting another world war .

    27. Chris Sherman

      Funniest part about this whole incident: they weren’t even racing for 1st

    28. Robert H

      If you know nothing about the sport then just say .....THAT'S RACIN !

    29. Odin Skugga

      Your looking at the fight for second place.... The Norwegians showered and went back to Oslo before those guys saw the finishing line.....hahaha Vikings for ever !!!

    30. Aidan Grant

      This is what I call no holds barred skiing

    31. enceladus

      The commentator sounds kind of arrogant, missing the facts here

    32. V Outsider


    33. Shane Cormier

      In soviet Russia, if second place kill first place he win.

    34. Junior1020 Harvey

      It was the guy In reds fault. He ran up the other guys backside and almost tripped him with his ski. What a punk

    35. Joanthony Almestica

      Hell yeah smash that fuck he knows what he did and hes not mad about it cause he won

    36. Carl Baumeister

      Spawns a new sport: Roller Derby on Skis!

    37. Martin Schwarz

      htey were racing for the next to last not second...

    38. Sebastian Avila

      This is interesting. Where have I seen this before in history.🤔

    39. 3DayWknd

      Straight alpha'd.

    40. Greg Knipe

      nordic skiers have reported physical bullying in races from Russian men and women racers for years. worse when they cheat with PHD's. shitty team spirit leads to shitty results overall. the Russian way. not all Russians cheat these days and many are great athletes without cheating. but this guy chose his lane for the final sprint, and no opponent has the obligation to give him all the room a skate skier needs to do full srides. elite level athletes have an obligation to control their temper tantrums and leave it to the judges, and 6 camera angles. karma is a bitch. they were racing for second place in this fiasco.

    41. Chris Jones

      This was for 2nd place. It showed the first place time at the very beginning of the video, and again at the end... 🤦‍♂️ Esit: oops, just noticed this has already been mentioned a ton lol

    42. Rob Kirgan

      You should do a breakdown on Fridtjof Tischendorf’s back flip off the knuckle in the 2020 x games!!

    43. Jay Kaye

      Russia attacking Finland? It worked so well the first time.

    44. Truman Martin

      If that was the nba he’d be fined 100k and suspended for the season

    45. tchevrier

      that. was actually a race for 2nd place , not first.

    46. Max Fredrick

      The guy in second was from Finland I thought

    47. blackelk7373

      a russian lost and couldnt handle it, sore losers, kinda like the cold war

    48. Mark Cavandish


    49. Jo Bu

      Country full of sore losers....

    50. Chris Booth

      Was that Trump?

    51. AndyPandy33

      All the Norwegians should be banned from competing for using steroids. This has been going on for very long time but the Norwegian lobby is too strong in winter sports.

    52. IRON60 BITCH

      Russia and the former Soviet union have made a career out of coming in second place

    53. IRON60 BITCH

      The front guy has the right of way that’s all you need to know

    54. Ginger VS Ginger

      Would’ve done the same thing

    55. steven ramrodd

      Self cancel

    56. Chris Stanley

      Awww, what’d I miss???

    57. Michael Phillips

      Is skiing not apart of WADA? I thought Russians got banned from competing under the Russian flag?

    58. Garret Emerso

      What did I miss?? Lol the most exciting thing EVER in our sport!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    59. Edward Ritacco

      Wingman of the year award 👏 I know it's early but that'll be hard to top in the ski world

    60. Trigger Warning

      It was dude in the reds fault that they bumped eachother. What a fucking chump.

    61. BiG JuiCe

      Lol lame sport but that was funny!😂

    62. ethics3

      The Russki is fortunate Sima Hayha wasn't camped out in the hills

    63. Ryan Kothrade

      Fuck communists 😂

    64. Lolly & Poppi

      Skier & Cyclist have a save bad blood.

    65. Bruce K

      It was the Russians - he should have been blasted for taking a cheap shot

    66. nlabanok

      Russian guy took all kinds of PEDs only to finish behind the clean Norwegian racer....hence the Russian roid rage at the end.

    67. TXcowb0y

      Russian team with poor sportsmanship? Well color me shocked...

    68. TheLanittaja47

      They were racing for 2nd and 3rd place. There are 3 lanes on the finish straight marked with blue markers (kinda look like tiny brushes). One must select their lane before the markings begin, and must not change the lane. The Finn had a right to choose his lane, since the Russian athlete was behind him. It may not have been a good sport move to come from the inside, drift wide and select the outside lane, but it's allowed and tactically a good move. The Russian should have realized this, slowed down a bit and choose the middle / inside lane. This of course would have eaten his momentum and likely resulted him being third. These tactical moves (overtaking/attacking and defensing) are quite rare in skiing, but very common in motor-sports. Oh, and the Russian team was disqualified, but Alexander Bolshunov didn't get a banned. As this didn't result in ban (only disqualification and warning) I don't know what would.

    69. ivanbogdaue

      If you watch the whole video, not the cut version edited to ridicule the Russian, you can se that every skier before and after them is taking the middle line. Only Finish guy is acting dumb and pushed the Russian against the wall.

    70. Matiaza

      Finnish men finishing 2nd? They must be on gear again 😄

    71. Hjortsater

      Ya as a Swede I of course saw this live.. and they showed Bolshunov trying to convince the judges with his poor English after the race. Poor dudes were stuck in a small room with a Russian giant fuming at them haha.

    72. Cambell Borrowman

      @1:20 you can see how bad this could’ve turned out, just look at his ankles

    73. ghost rider

      winter war 2.0 - the Russians need another lesson it sounds like.

    74. Alan Baskaev

      You didn't even understand that Norway already finished and the guy in blue is Finnish...

    75. J Greenseed

      Hug out out bros

    76. Sawjet

      Isn’t russia banned from all international sports now?

    77. Michael Gilbert

      He’s Russian, what do you expect

    78. BA

      Correction: It was Finland in 2nd and Russia in 3rd. Norway had already completed the race

    79. Chris Parrish

      I’ve been waiting so long for jomboy to analyze skiing.

    80. YieM 1331

      Jomboy I'm loving these non baseball breakdowns keep em coming !!!

    81. taylorID1

      If you ain’t rubbing, you ain’t racing.

    82. A Brit and his bike in Poland

      Russians, there is nothing more to say really!

    83. Jim Bates

      Russian guy gives up after the contact, Putin says: off to Siberia for hard labor!

    84. Harty 70

      Russa will allways comes to you.

    85. Voo Duu

      Typical Russian aggression.

    86. carl edwards

      NEUTRAL for that attack too

    87. Sirthomas96

      POV: you're reading 100 comments about how this was for 2nd place because people don't know how to freaking READ THE COMMENTS before inserting their own

    88. j2simpso

      At least the Russian skier Finnished what he started! 🤣

    89. chickey333

      Rubbin is racin...

    90. Coolkid

      FYI the Russian guy is the greatest skier in the world

    91. Erick Henderson

      In mother Russia finish line crosses you

    92. Blottskie

      A Russian attacking someone minding their own, where have we seen this before? lol

    93. Smack Smacker

      ooooo man ur reaching hard. ur good tho

    94. Jack Davis

      Anti-shoutouts to Finland. Your boy gets trucked and you just stand there and let another Russian shoo you away with skis to the chest? Trash.

    95. Frank Carlone

      How did the Russian judge score it?

    96. Naithí O'rea

      In Russia skiis ski you

    97. kypo

      the guy in blue is finish lmao

    98. Hugh Duganout

      So... the Finn finished ahead of the Russian who was also in a rush for second place finishes. Sounds like something that should have cherry cream and apricots baked to perfection by iron chef Dr. Zivago.

    99. andan04

      A stunt like that shoulda led to a much more violent altercation afterward

    100. Kv Sm

      Shouldn’t try to shove ur way in his place and get upset