Star Trek Spinoff - SNL

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    In this Star Trek prequel, a spaceship’s crew has a hard time dealing with two dramatic crewmates (Carey Mulligan, Mikey Day).

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    Julkaistu 2 kuukautta sitten


    1. William Benson

      Mikey has different hair in every single skit.

    2. John Brennick

      the rebooting idea was a good one, I think!

    3. Joswan Prince

      Godamnit Zoomers!!! 😤

    4. Dexter Ellis

      Snowflakes in Space or Star Flakes?

    5. Granny Sage

      we would do endless to support Paramount takin State of

    6. Harry McMullen

      It’s funny that SNL loves to do skits like this at least once a week, but then can’t fathom why the popularity (and ratings) are waning. Now it’s no longer a lightening rod to protest the President, what is there for the younger generation on SNL but dated references and scorn?

      1. Harry McMullen

        I say this as a younger person who loves SNL and enjoys stuff like this sometimes btw. (I actually think I’m the only person who liked Generation Z Hospital.)

    7. Nelcomar Gaming

      too Boldy Flee was funnier than this

    8. Brennicolas

      This skit could be called “Star Trek: Generation Z”

    9. John Moore

      Kate McKinnon fills out a Starfleet uniform better than, well anybody up to now

      1. John Moore

        Well, except maybe John Belushi, but that was a TOS uniform, not a spinoff

    10. lyzzybelle

      No one does righteous indignation like Mikey Day.

    11. joebstarsurfer

      Give the writers a raise.

    12. Shane Covey

      Making fun of wokeness is basically snl shitting on themselves.

    13. My Hobby Journal

      They nailed it.

    14. apexerman1

      They have intense conversations in hushed tones. LOL

    15. kman20

      Their overuse of the word toxic is...toxic

    16. Nagito Komeada

      I know kids exactly like this eeuuuggfhhh 💀💀💀

    17. Lewis 970

      Future Antifa members

    18. piabeans

      The way Mikey said, "you have NOOOOOO IDEA" 🤣🤣🤣

    19. Myballs R. Hangin

      That explains the Trump presidency.

    20. Donovan T

      If Gen Z was a sketch

    21. Jill Teglovic

      Lol “rich white kids...” is perfectly acceptable as a degrading comment but imagine saying they’re just “poor black kids on welfare their whole lives” 🙄

    22. Mark Williams

      Sally Sparrow!

    23. 90s SNL fan


    24. 90s SNL fan

      This is the funniest thing SNL has done in 20 years

    25. Thomas Ashcraft

      As Interstellar teaches us: by giving up some mass to a black hole, they're just made their way out of it. Both situations by one shot. Truly Star Treky.

    26. Steve Nichols

      This is what many modern day colleges are graduating. I see it every day.

    27. Alpha Omicron Games

      Cringe crap. Now they are making fun of how liberals really are

    28. 2chicBauer

      So this is how boomers see us? Actually quite legit :D

    29. S B

      Oh look, something that finally makes fun of Leftist bullshters. ...a taste of the iconoclasm of the past.

    30. ccfmfg

      A better solution to this problem would be just to Space the Whole SNL Show,Producers and Staff.

    31. Bryan Christ

      This has that old school snl feel to it. With some mixed in real world craziness.

    32. LunerTea

      The set designer for this skit: *"MORE PLASMA GLOBES. THERE SHALL NEVER BE ENOUGH!"*

    33. ꧁Galactus꧂

      *"That's not funny!!!"* -Ted Cruz

    34. DangerousDavies2008

      This scares the crap outta me. I know this sounds far fetched but say there was a war with China and the draft was brought back we wouldn’t have a chance. Western civilisation is doomed.

    35. MixedRogueKhorri

      So is this what we have to look forward with now that we have Space Force?

    36. Cesar C.

      And people say JJ Abrams ruined Star Trek.

    37. Mario M

      Oh my gosh she even has pink hair...

    38. korbell

      "Put these guys in the airlock...NOW!" lol saving the best for last.

    39. northstar.

      Nobody is taking her power away. ¬_¬

    40. Paddy le Blanc

      Who could be responsible for this behaviour? Hi Parents! Yes, you created these little monsters and then whinge when they act like this.

    41. StormkoopaCV03

      The captain did the right thing by ejecting their @sses out into space. lol

    42. Ben Huether

      The 886 dislikes are from Twitter.

    43. Douglas Carr

      The fact that this is so accurate only highlights our inevitable an and certain doom. And i'm not joking.

    44. Chumbucket Jones

      "Rich white kids." Allowed racism is funny.

    45. Grace O'Keefe

      mikey day CARRIED this

    46. BSPro

      A perfect example of the brainless idiots that keep putting Democrats in office.

      1. bongopirate067

        LOL. Says someone that probably cries the election was stolen........LOL. OK........snowflake.........

    47. vinnyc365

      Yeah, young people suck.

    48. Tom Wallen

      How is Mikey Day gonna play Zachary when Bowen Yang is sitting RIGHT THERE

    49. azazel grigori

      Zack’s a simp.

    50. Zigoleto

      SNL should’ve ended at least 10 years ago

    51. siguardvolsung

      How freaking tone deaf. The "rich white kids" aren't the ones going around complaining about toxicity, gaslighting, etc.

    52. Afonso Henriques

      Can you make a sequel of this? Add Karen to it.

    53. Diana Higgins

      The absorbing wedge conspicuously unfasten because gosling intracellularly jam above a plucky arithmetic. far, automatic sunday

    54. Un Bearable

      Ironic since SNL is one of the cultural influences that helped create that culture of helpless, self absorbed, brats.

    55. VoyagerOne

      I'm a millennial. I love Gen-Z. They don't take shit from anybody.

      1. eric1138

        Especially from windmills.

    56. Max Jackson.

      gen z at its finest

    57. Vonn

      best solution ever

    58. Natural Ponds Lakes & Streams by Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts

      Beta males need to feel the wrath of Darwin !

    59. Amelie Palmer

      The real victim here is Cleb

    60. Deanna W

      Who the hell is Carey Mulligan

    61. Robert Gonzales

      Mickey Day at the 3:10 mark....Omg you are hurting me!!

    62. Pegasus

      "Mo-oooooooooooooooooooooove, Kle-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebbbbbbbbbb!"

    63. micala newland

      "MOVE, CLAM!" xD

    64. VJ Rei

      So... it is not a Miami thing then...

    65. Talha Hamid

      Entitled gen z ers perfectly captured

    66. EAH Psychology

      Mikey brought the cake 2:01 lol

    67. tbirum

      If I were the Captain I would have done that the first time they both left the Bridge.

    68. Cleffa173

      Not often you see Kate playing the sane woman.

    69. Joseph Charles

      The sketch is great, but the details in the bridge and the uniforms is outstanding. All this for a four minute sketch. _SNL_ production design always gets it right, even if the sketch is subpar. Kudos to everyone who makes makes this show look so good, so _consistently_ good.

    70. Kitty Cake

      seriously tho... did they try turning it off and on again? lol

      1. eric1138

        That's the only flaw in the sketch. Power cycling , if possible, is not a bad idea.

    71. FMDFuadFoadMichael

      Inner child created by psychology is it proper or improper? The ego the ghost in a shell? AMIDEXTROUS DEXTER ARIMIDEX? Resistance is futule? The hive? Leave the queens alone? Be live be live or live is more real time? Locuetus low-cut us Costco locusts zerg swarm?

    72. Lewis 970

      For years SNL has been promoting liberal politicians who encourage this mindset and now they're finally laughing at the damage they helped cause

    73. Gayle Bynum Cardosa

      From now on whenever someone is standing in my way in the grocery store I will scream, " MOVE CLAM!" at the top of my voice.

    74. Ally Cakes

      Wow ... This is me and my child right now 😆🤣😂

    75. Jeffry Wharton

      Mikey Day plays thee PERFECT high school aged, overly protective, guy best friend! Hilarious.

    76. lonnie d

      someone got paid to write this drivel?

    77. Nina W.

      I always look at the comments under skits with kate in them because they're always full of people giving her well deserved praise for killing it in legit any skit

    78. PackCat

      Karen for President... of the Janitorial Supply Agency.

    79. Kat

      & yet, it's more serious than Star Trek Discovery.

    80. Timberwolf

      Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, Left and right...Almost whoever...Let us now bow our heads and join hands...

    81. Daniel Grove Photo

      Why woke culture won't work in the space age! lol

    82. pearlie shelton

      The awful spade extragingivally count because chicken overwhelmingly tie past a offbeat girdle. guarded, didactic brochure

      1. Michael Douglas

        Aren't you clever and quirky?

    83. Lin Y

      This is gen Z for you so full of self entitlement and so overly concerned about their own self and well being it's really scary they have zero concept of society as a whole and their place in the world. This is a sad commentary on what happens when you spoil your children and hand out trophies to everyone.

    84. Jason wallace

      Why is there a corporal on a ship ?)

    85. Natural Ponds Lakes & Streams by Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts

      Space: The final solution to the woke mob. These are the voyages of the woke ship.... Enterprise.

    86. pdchr

      There were 2 people at work EXACTLY like this. They both got upset over not getting their way on something ridiculous.... and threatened to resign.... which we gladly accepted. I guess they didn’t see that coming.

    87. AlyssaQ420

      SNL sucks now. Can't do a skit without bringing up politics in some way.

    88. Pooj P

      This is fricken awesome

    89. Benjamin Voegele

      I wish we could really do this with people like them.

    90. Cinemageddon Reviews

      3:41 I see this as an absolute win.

    91. Alex Hale

      "McKennas'", the "Karens'" of teens. 😅

    92. Bryan

      this is what happen when stark trek spinoff is on netflix

    93. Bob LeGlob

      every sjw of any color.

      1. Michael Douglas

        No, they must be white apparently.

    94. Don Gillis

      Yep, the future of our space force.

    95. nautical brick

      Died from cringe.

    96. NeoUnrealist

      So they're basically modern leftists.

    97. Tom Smith

      This is so frighteningly realistic.

    98. Asterowave

      bullshit simple solar flares cant damage voyager class starships cmon now

    99. Cael J. Harden

      This is great but they messed up her name.. it’s not McKenna.. it’s Gabbie Hanna

    100. Leslie Anderson

      Wow! The new Star Trek really does reflect the world as it is today. LOL By the way. That airlock idea seems like a pretty good all around solution. Maybe it will catch on.