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    A teen (Kate McKinnon) tries to impress their study buddy (Carey Mulligan) during a study session.
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    1. Whalium


    2. Protoman Zero

      "One species of jelly fish is immortal"

    3. Finland phillion

      Who else had Drake&Josh deja vu when seeing the split screen

    4. Elliott Enriquez

      Someone on the SNL team has a nephew that this character is 100% based on.

    5. sonju

      I want that kakegurui poster in the background 😍😍😍😩

    6. Cha Cha Real Smooth

      Hold up.... is that the house from shark boy and lava girl?

    7. Dan

      Seems like SNL is going full throttle on women playing boy characters. Very Shakespearean. But I haven't seen any guys playing women in the last few years. Is there a reason?

    8. Autumn L'Chaleureux

      Cool Queer Lessons💖

    9. Patrick Stephens

      me and my friend actually talk like this

    10. Phoebe Scarborough

      Aidy as a preteen mama's boy is perfection 😂

    11. NE8675309

      Fan Theory: Josh and Jason are in love.

    12. Elise Riley

      tell me how kate legit looks like a guy i went to high school with

    13. Rachel Jean

      funniest shit ever!!!!

    14. andromeda


    15. Jibble


    16. Chaka Whyte

      Why does this resonate soo much

    17. claireee babieee

      The costumes are so accurate I’m weeping

    18. Carter

      They sound like Nicolas Cage

    19. Saner

      Kate NAILED this one!!🤣 she’s becoming in love with me😂

    20. Chesterson Jack

      This is frighteningly accurate… and I do mean frightening. So many awkward boys trying to make a move on me or thinking we were on a date just because I was nice to them. It made me so uncomfortable. I just wished in school I could be nice to people without them making it weird. (Edit: I feel I should add before I get any replies, I’m not saying this to brag like *”all these boys liked me”* in fact no one I asked out in high school ever said yes. I was not popular by many metrics. I was a “weird kid” myself so I was nice to other weird kids because I know how it felt. I think they were so starved for kindness that they just crushed on the first girl that was nice to them. It was really uncomfortable though when a kid wouldn’t stop telling me how pretty and smart I am when I just wanted to have a normal conversation.)

    21. Abner Adán Millán Cobas

      This was so boring

    22. M2Kay

      Damn, Carey takes herself too seriously 😳 its kinda uncomfortable

    23. Oddturnal

      i was this nerd at one point

    24. RassTheKing

      "She is holding my hand." "Who is?" "The girl." "Well, we're out of my league."

    25. inuterogoddess

      Do you feel the gecko is in danger?

    26. za ch

      these two should be a movie

    27. Alices Remedy

      My favorite SNL skit of all time! I've never been able to rewatch a skit as much as this one. It's like a vitamin of humor, so-cute!, adorable, and creativity all rolled into one. So well balanced. Sometimes I've needed it daily, Definitely weekly since it came out.

    28. Petar Trajkovski

      you people need to vaccinate ASAP, 5 times to be sure

    29. Bernard Isosceles

      Kate McKinnon dressed like that looks like a young Bill Gates

    30. lolkayleen

      “MY GOOD MAN” WHY WAS THAT SO ACCURATE aidy’s everything is so accurate here

    31. Shara Adams

      Perfect high school boy

    32. Sarah Iliff McGill

      May be how I fell in love with my husband. Jelly fish facts are underrated.

    33. Katrina Sammons

      Aidy is so beautiful, even in this wtf

    34. Vincent Hoesl

      Ah, the kids of 2016 are killing each other, but, this.

    35. RobinVariety

      So the character uses they them pronouns, meaning that maybe the character is nonbinary or an umbrella term, or trans maybe

    36. Brooklyn d

      Let's see I have 100 napkins, my inhaler and a pair of rhinestone ea6i was gonna give the choir teacher😂😭

    37. Ljohn 24

      Is that young jack Harlow?😂😂😂

    38. elephantmousewhale

      Rodger that. Paint the picture.

    39. Brenna The cat lover

      I legit thought of Drake and Josh when the 2 screens with Jason and Josh appeared 😂😂

    40. A K

      What an excellent sketch 👍😆 SNL has done a brilliant job on these recent skits.

    41. Amalia Rysman

      Why is there kakegurui art in the background of the beginning

    42. DreamingCatStudio

      So smart and funny!

    43. Olive Brown was the 1k like

      simply put, I am afraid

    44. Father Finger


    45. namrego

      These are brilliant suggestions, I wish I had known these things when I was a teenager!

    46. Rebecca Linville

      Finally some talented acting on SNL! Kate and Aidy if you are reading this I love you and I'm sorry that the show has not been utilizing your talents as much as they should. You guys and Keenan are the best people left on the show, without you SNL would probably go bankrupt!

    47. summerlavender17

      I DOFF MY CAP!

    48. AaronKredible

      Aidy Bryant is totally channeling her Ted Cruz in this 😂

    49. Cassieosaurus _

      I don’t remember this scene in Stranger Things

    50. Akuma

      Really makes me miss the days when SNL was funny.

    51. Darion Club

      Not funny. Cute though.

    52. Mark Senn

      Best skit since the Zillow one!

    53. Ben Brazaski

      This 5 minute sketch is better than all of Chad......

    54. Creepy Crawley

      this so real it hurts

    55. zen

      did I hear "your tortoise questions were very ascute" or am I imagining things

    56. Roxy Hart

      It's sketches like this that confirm I am 100% pansexual

    57. Sinan Karagöz

      Kyle and Beck would've been better for this sketch

    58. Chris O'

      this needs to be a recurring sketch! love these two characters lmao

    59. Renee

      Please please. This is hilarious.

    60. Brandon Radcliff

      stopped by

    61. Claire Bee

      It might be because I’m a lez but why would I totally date nerd Kate

    62. hibiscus

      this is hands down my favorite SNL sketch in a while i love it SO MUCH

    63. Sean Dockery

      Loll! I love how he has an android

    64. Woland Photography

      I Love Miss Carey since i Saw her in a Driver

    65. Moxie Mike

      SNL SUCKS.

      1. Gracie i Am a Cheeto

        Thanks for your opinion Mike!

    66. M A R I N A

      Funnier than I expected and.. AWWWW!!!!

    67. Grady Long

      That’s Jack Harlow before he was famous

    68. Derek G


    69. Roger Herzler

      How did they get this recording of Justin Bieber’s first study date?

    70. redrum41987

      Your tortoise questions were very astute.

    71. Primary Antagonist

      The only thing missing is Kate saying m'lady just before kissing her.

    72. W W

      You can tell who reads the teleprompter and who doesn't.

    73. LeoLawliet

      This was very well acted.

    74. BrightAwake

      Oh my god Josh is soooo many boys I knew in marching band

    75. William Jones

      That was very clever

    76. frenchi zack

      why is there kakegure in the back???

    77. Dhanya Sayaki

      Is there a kakeguiri poster in the background?

    78. robertantonvlogs

      What a great love story!

    79. Esther Kwon

      That was so pure 😍

    80. Sara is a Larrie 1291

      So many middle school vibes 😂

    81. sojo hendrix

      this is a '"chad" skit and a good one.

    82. lhj276

      I feel like this is what was going on behind the scenes when I dated a guy with asperberger's syndrome who was really really into paleontology.

    83. Mojito Raphael Davé

      Ofcourse the Inhaler. OF COURSE. Us asthmatics get pooped on all day.

    84. LadyKatKai

      Aidy crushes it every single time!!!

    85. Truman Black

      What really needs to happen is that we need to have Jesse Eisenberg play Kate's character with Kate

    86. willt

      I thought she was gonna murder him at the end, like in Promising Young Woman.

    87. Rich Chappell

      that was honestly adorable.

    88. Griffin O'Connor

      Okay but Josh and Jason need to be recurring characters

    89. tori2dles

      I love when Kate & Aidy do these types of characters. I hope you make it an ongoing sketch. Reminds me a little of the Rudolph and Dratch era @Wake up Wakefield” sketches. Of course, Rudolph played a gal (Megan) while Dratch played the twitter-pated Sheldon (whom I loved) and McKinnon and Bryant play two pre-pubescent nerdy boys. I think it’s the sweetness, innocence, awkwardness and bits of grand formality Aidy does which hails back to Dratch’s Sheldon but still manages to remain original. Super cute, SNL. Well done!

    90. Aozotra

      Wow Jack harlow is good

    91. pdchr

      I’ve never seen this… Who is the host of the show?

    92. skywhopper13

      Is that Junie from SpyKids?

    93. Lynda Mcdonald

      This was a great one! Kate makes a great nerdy boy character

    94. Gargiirl _

      I had a crush on these types of boys exclusivley in middle school.

    95. Freya


    96. friendly emo

      well i'm an adult but i'm definitely still that friend on the phone sometimes

    97. JJ Kern

      you GOTTA consult the boys


      Damn, I needed a Jason in middle school.

    99. donkc5

      Salute to a Great Wingman! 😊👍🏼

    100. Jay Bonn

      That is.. Carey mulligan