Swampletics: The Movie (#32)


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    Ultimate Ironman Mode is a game mode where you cannot use the banks of RuneScape.
    This is actual Old School Runescape! A Re-boot of a 2007 save file of the game, released in February of 2013. We all started fresh, and the game has been getting weekly updates with a dedicated dev team ever since.

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    1. Settled

      Thrilled to have a movie poster released alongside this, it just felt too right. 25% off for the first 3 days, 15% off after that. Check it out :) displate.com/_settled/displates?art=5fb85b56a6d6b

      1. G

        @Free Refund Jus Give It Up Already.. @Free Refund... Ffs Man. You Still Enjoying Hating On Peoples Videos.. I Feel Sorry For You, You Can Tell You Really Need This From You Voice. If That Isnt A Tryhard Voice..

      2. Shawn Crislip

        How long will the poster be available to buy??? I need it. And i dont get paid for another 2 weeks. Hopefully it will be for sale for a good while.

      3. Gearhead

        first off got that dope poster second u say it wouldnt be right to ask the community again to help with crossbow but last time there was a gain in searching for it cause you where buying lucky imps with gold just seems like a business transaction to me

      4. Rocky

        Dear Settled....if you have not done so yet, please do a Karamja only UIM with the goal of a fire/lava cape. I've tried watching others, but you are the GOAT and the way you tell the story of your journey is what keeps me watching. Thanks and keep going bro!

      5. Ham cheese

        Definitely buying one this week

    2. Tcars

      🙌 👏

    3. JLane

      I'm not crying, you're crying...

    4. Mr Australia

      I watched this whole vid, such great commentary and content, i was hooked!! :D

    5. Jenaf 37

      Epic as fuck!

    6. Kojuma

      how the hell did you get me to stay here for the whole movie? this shit is pure gold. i will never complain about having to do shit in this game again.

    7. Pie


    8. random

      How did you lose everything???

    9. More LuckyBunz

      44:26 I literally did not think that was possible 😳

    10. patstar67

      I am only watching this now, this content is so good. Couldn’t like the video even more

    11. Felrin Kirla

      Hello you magic feather you

    12. TIG RAN


    13. Hwoarangg

      subscribed, you beautiful bastard.

    14. RiceFromHell

      did you delete your discord i cant find anymore links to it

    15. Zig

      This means a lot to me. Idk why but I cried tears of joy at the end of this. This is everything that LIFE throws at us. And to get back up and find new ways to tackle things, with friends and family by your side; to commit to something and never back down. To show weakness in hard times, but bounce back and come 10 times harder. To me, right now in my life, I needed this boost. This gave me that bit of energy to keep on battling. You're a legend!

    16. pugness

      How epic would have been if he got full guthans in that chest!

    17. chera chera

      just flex your youtuber power and be like give me my shit back

    18. BigFef

      fucking quad item chest from barrows ???????????????

    19. Komatic

      I hope you are feeling all the love heading your way this video was incredible quite possibly one of the greatest runescape videos series on youtube please never stop making creating content ive never been so invested thank you Settled

    20. GameGlitcher

      56 gp WOOOOOOOOOO

    21. Travis Ayyee


    22. Peppa Pig

      Can't believe it's been two years , i started uni when you started, and now I'm in jonna graduate

    23. Pe Pe

      44:20 everybody had that exact reaction. Lol awesome!

    24. Segma

      I never thought id tear up for a runescape video, your like no other

    25. Argoth Games

      1/3300 < 1/3800???

    26. Valter Fallenius

      Best video yet. Best video on FIblock i think

    27. Cytosine

      I know I'm late to the party, but I just want to commend you for everything you've done. Not just in game, but in production quality as well. I doubt many who are watching notice the fine amount of detail you put into these videos. Honestly, I have no idea how you completed your in game achievements as well as give us something so substantial to watch. You worked extremely hard in front of and behind the camera. It's insane. I just don't know how else to say it. You are one of the most talented people I've ever had the pleasure to watch. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for the series. Regardless of what happens in ToB, you've accomplished something many of us could only ever dream to. Congratulations.


      Can someone please make a osrs mini game series, rules be like you have to get the best items of each mini game. I wanna see someone grind out the best gear of castle wars haha.

    29. mav0mav0

      Nearing the end of an era :(

    30. Spencer Cochran

      Swampy boi is the boi

    31. Spencer Cochran

      w00t w00t baby!!

    32. 00100111

      i actually started to cry at 1:00:00 1 hour. was the perfect place for that

    33. A Nak

      So long as you don't give up, it's not over. It honestly really doesn't matter if you play runescape or not, this series is fucking incredible, and you can apply this kind of passion and patience and perseverance to literally anything in life that you devote yourself to.

    34. Jhonatan Velez M

      wow an amaizing move that's a great job.

    35. DakAttack

      Man this was a rollercoaster.. Finally gets Nasturtium grown, me and my lizard brain: "Awesome! Wait why did he need all of those watermelons again?"

    36. Quest Giver

      i got emotional

    37. Jarred McMerrick

      Chill out with the ads man

    38. Sam Evans

      Incredible, so well done and genuinely cried at the end. Your an inspiration dude, can’t wait to see the ending!

    39. Joe Bert

      What a tremendous fete of strength and tenacity. Just awesome!

    40. Majicks Productions

      14:22 "gotta spend melons to make melons." So true

    41. sk84lafs

      I see those books propping up the Displate...

    42. Meme

      Hey idk why my comment was removed I wasnt being mean :(

      1. Meme

        I should add that the comment just said I was happy the younger gen are doing so well in OSRS when finding out settled age. Shit he has way more drive then I.

    43. Carson

      An absolute masterpiece.

    44. Goose

      This man’s sheer perseverance is what makes this series. It’s what makes Old School RuneScape

    45. Coal

      I’ve never wanted to cry tears of joy for one man with extreme fortitude... mad respect

    46. SENDPIEtp


    47. Benjamin Fowler

      Well goddamn

    48. erik klimisch

      your friend is awesome

    49. Tyler Weston

      I don’t think I can ever complain about a grind in RuneScape again after watching this series

    50. Kiaökra

      lmfao the empire business

    51. MatterB

      The pies >:)

    52. Nathan Harrington

      Settled, you have been a MASSIVE inspiration for the type of play I look forward to in RS...it really has been a privilage to watch such an amazing content creator and to see your account grow from that very first tile that was stepped on into Morytania!

    53. Adam R Fisher

      That's 10,000 more melons the I've ever had in my face

    54. Joel Sulc

      This made me so happy. You're an inspiration dude, well done

    55. alexander stewart

      yo are you and framed dating?

    56. Boston Nate

      Anyone else remember when fashionscape mattered???

    57. Boston Nate

      Wouldn’t it be a lot faster to just kill Guthans? Yea you don’t get the alchs but you will only get Guthan pieces and save some time killing the other brothers

    58. Jacob Bell

      Pretty incredible how you can make such a moving video. Please dont ever quit

    59. X 3 R 0

      Been here since day 1 of swampletics. This series will go down in RS history

    60. QuillsCodes

      LOL omg, i skipped this video because i thought it was just a "here is all of the vids in 1 vid, vid", TIME TO WATCH

    61. RpgWillie

      any other grown ass men cry during this video?

    62. Richie Witkowski

      What don't kill ya make ya more strong! I know you did die, but your motivation didn't, and this is what id tell people THE COMEBACK OF THE CENTURY

    63. Alth

      10/10 except for the cringe nasally friend speech

    64. Richie Witkowski


    65. Shining Darkness

      Now all the non-stream watchers can know the joy of melon

    66. rayssa cade meu trabalho de artes

      I've watched this channel for 2 years now and I've Never played oldschool runescape

    67. 6Twisted

      45:16 I hope to experience this level of happiness one day.

    68. Crow

      This video came out while I was taking a huge break from osrs but dang I think this video reminded me why I love RuneScape

    69. Polaroids

      Best scaper. Ever

    70. scuffed vegeta

      nice job

    71. NATE17BALLIN

      you really are a legitimate Legendary player and RS creator

    72. NATE17BALLIN

      Ahhh this was so goood

    73. Randell.Haynes

      This seriosuly gave me the motivation to play my iron again. Thank you so much for this and the time spent

    74. Jarne Vm

      "Get back into that castle and i'm gonna help find you some imps!" Why was that so heartwarming? Lmao

    75. Patrick Jones

      Well ima fucking order the biggest poster right now! Honestly so goddamn moved by this i almost started crying you bastard. Much love settled i wish you the best rng for ToB caveH

    76. Jason T

      how did i never know about melon slices...

    77. Lachlan Gatti

      What a story, so many parallels in what you have learnt and achieved throughout the journey, that relate to real life and the journey of being human, and more personally, my journey of growing up and learning to become a man. There is a deeper narrative behind all of these videos. It's never just a grind, it's a fight to hold on to hope, and never surrendering or giving up. I remember watching your first videos come through back in 2018. So much of life has changed in that short time already. Truly amazing to be a part of this. There's gonna be a lot of fruit from this series Settled. Keep your chin up. Be proud of what you have achieved. Thank you

    78. hokio W

      I'm not an OSRS player, but I do like the videos that everyone posts, specially challenges that you're doing or slayer drop locked.. But Jagex really did put Dampe in the game. Shout out to all of my OOT fans and speed runners. Keep up the good work.

    79. Vinnie G

      that quadruple barrows chest made me shit myself

    80. Matheus DeCastro


    81. Alex Brunner

      Let's play never have I ever, I'll start. Never have I ever fell for such an amazing ad as your displate. I fucking want it so bad to remind me to keep trying to be a streamer but so many horrible financial decisions has made me broke. Please keep it on the store for a long time so one day I can get it

    82. Ae Sky

      Took me a while but I’m caught up and can’t wait to watch the final episode of your adventure to the tob. Gl you’ll need it

    83. Sell Africa

      this was beautiful

    84. Mark Anthony

      Couldn’t he have just killed guthan only everytime and looted the chest that way if he got a roll it would only be a guthan piece?

    85. Daniel

      deadass teared up after finally finishing this after watching for 4 days

    86. Turner Around

      This video made my Oscar Meyer Weiner go boom boom.

    87. Cole Edwards

      I want the large print displate so bad but I can't afford it 😫

    88. Mike Hunt

      ive watched this about 3 times from start to finish . i fkn love it

    89. Garret Lux

      The term “pog” & “poggers” is so. Mad. Cringe.

    90. Garret Lux

      My guy. When I say I was in tears when I seen the “watermelon empire”😂

    91. John A Andrew

      I'm still waiting on my free iron battleaxe, nothing else matters

    92. justin snider

      Think i played Runescape once for like 5 minutes about 20 years ago, but ill be damned i enjoyed the hell out of watching this content. Not sure why but i did.

    93. Penguinz13989

      i appreciate the effort but this felt sort of contrived. what was cool about the series at first is it really felt off the cuff and live, like we were there. The scene and narration sequences are getting formulaic. Cheers

      1. Settled

        Appreciate the feedback, no worries :)

    94. Patch

      Fuck you're amazing

    95. AnotherSoul Just


    96. Decheronos

      Ive watched this like 5 times in the last two weeks, didnt even realize how recent this was. This is a masterclass on the best attitude you can have in life and how to be a super transparent and genuine content creator. Awesome work, man, not that you need me to tell you, lol.

    97. TheXbillkidy

      Absolute legend man... gave me tears to my eyes! The commitment and the amazing editing it all just makes it an emotional rollercoaster for me

    98. Matthew Norwood

      I didn't realize at first that the ending pep talk was immediately after death. Damn. Hits different when i did.

    99. Matthew Norwood

      I missed this upload how?

    100. Mathew Brendemuehl

      If the last two minutes and thirty-eight seconds didn't bring a tear to your eye, I can only recommend that you start at episode #1. See you in #33 good sir. Nothing but love. :)