Swimming Between Two Continents, Debunked

Tom Scott

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    Silfra, in Þingvellir National Park in Iceland, is where the Eurasian and North American continental plates are dividing. It's a crack in the earth where you can snorkel or dive between the continents. Well, sort of. As ever, it's a bit more complicated than that.
    Þingvellir geology:
    Þingvellir history: www.thingvellir.is/en/history-nature/history/
    An interoduction to divergent plate boundaries: geology.com/nsta/divergent-plate-boundaries.shtml
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    1. Tom Scott

      I think this is the first time I've failed to film a piece to camera on-location! I did try, but it turns out it's really difficult to wear a microphone and a dry suit at the same time.

      1. Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!


      2. Leon Cook

        Can you make a video where you go to the furthest point in the world where you can see the longest (and go in to detail about the distance and why you can only see a limited amount of distance)

      3. Mc. Flappingbird

        It came out two weeks ago but this was a month ago?

      4. Cory Wagner

        TOM! Please do a video on METADATA and EVIDENCE COLLECTION (EDRM) before the US Election (it matter all over the world but matters in this case VERY MUCH!!!! Your content is part of the top tier on youtube!!!! Please have a look and consider this idea! All yours!

      5. JustFly

        Is it just me, or do you look exactly like the hedgehog from the new Ice age xD

    2. David Lovemore

      I gave up a very stressful job as a deep sea diver. I couldn't take the pressure.

    3. Inger Marie Jakobsen

      Geological strech marks 😀

    4. Rose Juliette

      The idea that the truth about reality is always more complex than can be explained in simple terms is something that I've carried with me for as long as I remember. Once you learn to accept that idea you can finally start learning critically instead of trivially. Interestingly the word trivial actually comes from describing a point where two roads meet. I find it particularly fitting since ascribing definition where there is none is exactly what this video is about only it isn't two roads meeting it is two tectonic plates. The meeting point of the two plates is trivial. The complicated understanding of how plates evade easy definition is much less so.

    5. Michal Kosakowski

      Great video as always, Tom. Have you tried those little anti fogging inserts for your GoPro? They only cost a few quid, work like magic, and if they get soggy from moisture, you just put them on the radiator for a while, and they're good to go again.

    6. Roger Szmodis

      You’re standing on future ocean floor. So I’d say is not on either continent.

    7. Adrienne Ladd

      all this is really saying is that there is a lot of stuff one can do between the two continents instead of only one thing. sounds good to me.

    8. Ahmet Vefa Koç

      You can find a similar situation in Istanbul. The Bosphorus divides the European and the Asian continent. You unfortunately can't walk across but you can swim, take one of the 3 bridges or a tunnel by car.

    9. Riley Carpenter


    10. Sum Chap

      I've watched loads of Toms videos and I still can't figure out if he's 30 or 60.

    11. Vedant Ganesh

      this guy is da goat

    12. italianbird videos

      I guess I thought that that's the way it worked anyway, so the video wasn't really informative to me.

    13. Vik Viktory

      There's so much to see in Iceland and im kinda disappointed that you couldn't see all the wonders. But i mean for you go over all of Icelands wonders you would have to buy a house here as a icelander my self i have never seen all of the wonders

    14. aresef

      Back when Virgin Festival was a thing here in Baltimore, the website suggested the breaststroke as the official stroke of Virgin Fest.

    15. Andrew Kriz

      No one: The little gremlins under my bed: Oi oi Oi oi Oi oi Oi oi Oi oi

    16. MrCombat

      Tom Scott is the kid at the sleepover who says “it’s tomorrow” after midnight

    17. Ophiolite

      Idk about the geology in that area, but if it's truly on a plate boundary, wouldn't the bridge at least got deformed? Whether its closing or moving away from each other.

    18. Uli Schmidt

      1:44 oh look a tourist, you can tell by the way they walk

    19. Leroy Jenkins

      That person bouncing across that bridge at 1.46 gave me a good laugh.

    20. Mark Pitts

      At 1:50, Tom clearly facing south, sun on face shadow behind, points east at America, and west at Europe... just sayin. I've been there, its a very cool place to visit.

    21. Lagu

      Island is the most beatiful and magical country. Cant change my mind.

    22. Lucky Joestar

      Japan, where I live, is also half on the Eurasian plate (where Osaka is) and half on the North American plate (where Tokyo is).

    23. AjarTadpole7202

      So you arent swimming between two continents, your swimming between one continent. I'd argue that's even better

    24. mathtone

      1:48 camera facing north?

    25. Cubium

      *swimming in the Atlantic Ocean* I'm swimming between two continents

    26. Ted Hanlon

      I know they wouldn't, but What if they moved

    27. The Viper

      Technically swimming in the Atlantic Ocean is swimming between continents.

      1. Miller Peshek

        Not really, the continental plates extend into the middle of the Atlantic

    28. Tommyvercetty GT

      So how long does it take to rip that bridge apart because of the two parts dividing?

    29. Joseph Sileo

      A long long time ago there was a volcano...

    30. Isabella ROBSON

      1:47 he’s just the main character

    31. domo konichiwa ver.5

      Human is really everywhere...😎

    32. WeldinMike27

      Iceland is very green and Greenland is very icy.

    33. Crimson406

      i am the 1,000,041st view and i am sad because nobody cares and nobody would care if i were the millionth

    34. Andrei Haragus

      So.. You debunked nothing.

    35. Duke Sandwich

      I live in Iceland and always found this confusing thanks for explaining

    36. Alanna Carlson

      You will never regret learning how to dive!

    37. CherryAnx

      I've literally dived in Silfra, and had no idea that this was a thing lmao - I had the great experince and no dreams crushed with this video, so all good :P

    38. starstrukk723

      Y'all got a lot of nerve getting made at Tom Scott in general

    39. Darcy Phillips

      Actually it’s 4 dimensional, you forgot to include time 😉

    40. Family Lopes

      So... it’s more like „clarified“ than „debunked“...

    41. Timothy c

      The Silfra dive is one of those "You should do this, but once you've done one or two dives in a day you can tick it off the bucket list and never do it again". The profile is VERY saw tooth (which is generally a bad thing for divers). The only good thing about that saw tooth profile is that it's generally quite shallow (in diving terms). If you're every going to dive silfra think of it as a drift dive and don't kick yourself forward, only to the sides or back. The current will carry you forward, kicking forward will only shorten your dive.

    42. Hunter Murphy

      (earthquake happens)

    43. Jonathan Bartles

      You could have made the analogy to a large cookie being slowly pulled apart. It doesn't always split down one crack

    44. JimmyJab

      This video made me thirsty for fresh glacial water

    45. MrMonsterLoki

      I am honestly surprised you are not a qualified driver

    46. Gondamar

      so you’re still in the area where the tectonic plates meet, it’s just not a 2d line through the ground that we think it is. tbh that sounds just as cool to me

    47. DEFEATED Yes, that Defeated, the 005 one

      "Or if you've propped up this bridge in a photo" People in the background pretending to be carrying the bridge for a photo "We're going to pretend we didn't hear that"

    48. Nozza

      Still magical, but this was something I'd not realised.

    49. lMagicalMerlin

      It's a large world after all

    50. ninkynank

      Þingvellir is amazing. I hope to go to iceland again at some point!

    51. klein648

      So, actually I love to compare the split of the tectonic plates to the situation, when you bite off of a biscuit. And Iceland is full of crumbs.

    52. Mohamad Mahmoud

      Tom: its 3° so I had to wear a dry suit Wim hof: hold my clothing

    53. Nathaniel Scott

      Me who jumps into the Atlantic 😎

    54. TechyBen

      "A few people got angry" cos they were lied to by someone else. :/

    55. Tom Spotley

      My main question after watching this video is. Any plans to get back with n University Challenge?


      If you go to the Middle East you could drive through three continents

    57. simplicitylost

      This video actually made me thirsty. That water looks so good for some reason.

    58. My Big Year

      That's a good msg to spread. I'm not being sarcastic

    59. Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher

      Technically, if you are swimming anywhere in the ocean, you are swimming between two continents

      1. Mr. Hat

        There's a difference between the continents and the continental plates.

      2. NooaJ

        you are not. continents continue on the sea floor.

    60. Percy Jackson

      But as Silfra is indeed the crack between the two continental plates.... what else is there to say? How can it NOT be LITERALLY between two continents? I don't quite get it..

      1. Percy Jackson

        @NooaJ ah ok thx

      2. NooaJ

        they sort of mix together around that area. Silfra is a random crack in that area among many.

    61. ed

      Nothing is really "debunked".. there are two tectonic plates and the bridge crosses the gap. The gap in between in filled with rubble or water. So not only technically correct.. but just: correct. A bit touristic form i agree, but still the real deal.

      1. ed

        @NooaJ and every crack end is connected to one of the two tectonic plates. The cause of the cracks.

      2. NooaJ

        they sort of mix together around that area. Silfra is a random crack in that area among many.

    62. CwistSilver

      How dare you!

    63. Gary Lessenger

      you should come to Palm Springs and walk between the two shelfs...much warmer

    64. Mary Jones

      I actually went to the bridge between continents! It was so cool to see the exact spot on video, aha - our whole school trip lined up, held hands, and stretched one side to the other! I still have the photo :D

    65. Olympia.WA

      I literally get goosebumps every time I watch a Tom Scott video. Learning about a subject or a place of interest can be incredibly thrilling. These videos make me awestruck.

    66. bsrcat1

      I was interested right up until you said the temperature of the water 😳. Nope 🤣

    67. Drugans Ltd

      This world is messier than most people think, that is so true

    68. Sóley Þórðardóttur

      This is why i always word it like this: " if i drive from my hometown of Akureyri, east for about four hours to Eigilstaðir, i'm taking a road trip from north america to europe" its more acourite while still leaving people that don't know this amusingly confuded

    69. The Enigmatic Haze

      Its all fun and games until someone finds a human shaped hole

    70. sinpo

      You would be a wonderful 60 minutes host.

    71. Simon Mischel

      It might be a matter of scale

    72. Albert Carrick

      Poor lad. Man's bolding

    73. peterianstaker1

      This is giving me some serious thalassophobia

    74. robert lastofname

      Living in this day and age water melting from the poles is carving out the land and water droplets rising out of the ground due to water tension

    75. flaetsbnort

      Now I really want to drink that water.

    76. Cameron Smiley

      Just a tip, licking the camera lens will help with the fogging. I think the saliva repels the water, sounds a bit weird but it works

    77. nethers_

      If youre swimming in silfra which continent would you be in?

    78. SparkyCola

      Well just take a walk over the countless brigdes separating Europe and Asia, there's no continental plates, or not at all of them, but they are true continental gaps anyway.

    79. Danny Symington

      I'm still confused, why aren't you between the two plates when swimming there?

    80. !?

      1:45 It’s a me mario!

    81. scroggsie1

      En echelon faulting just to make things more complicated. Geology rocks!

    82. Jackson Martin-Lyon

      Europe always wanted to get further away from America

    83. jim ewok

      it's sort of like when you pull a doughnut apart, this is the crumbs in between.

    84. Leon Cook

      Can you make a video where you go to the furthest point in the world where you can see the longest (and go in to detail about the distance and why you can only see a limited amount of distance)

    85. Limerence

      I stood right under that bridge. Its weird when I went Iceland. I was like 13 and now I keep seeing all my favourite youtubers going to Iceland after me and visiting the same places I did. Not that surprising. Iceland attracts a lot of tourists. If just seems to be happening a lot. Pewdiepie went to that whale museum years ago, OSP Blue went to that giant waterfall, and now Tom's touring Iceland.

    86. Skay

      schools need to start hiring people like tom

    87. David M. Johnston

      I don't know if I "liked" this video. But I sure appreciate the effort it took to make.

      1. David M. Johnston

        I'm saying this because it kind of makes me sad to know that the world is so messy that no bit of knowledge or science can hold up to infinite scrutiny or skepticism.

    88. Matthew Becket

      Rub your camera lens with baby soap and water it will stop fog

    89. sir henry motherfucker

      The weirdest Captain Disillusion video I’ve ever seen

    90. Sean Haggard

      All those people walking about, feeling a magical moment between two tectonic plates, Tom casually crushing their dreams to FIblock.

    91. Gunnar almighty

      i love how hes just chilling in my country

    92. mano Oxi


    93. Ruben Rodriguez


    94. The Inconsistent Park

      Your videos give me hope. What more can you ask for?

    95. David Gainsford

      Were you still wearing the same red t-shirt and grey hoodie under the dry suit ???🤔

      1. Mr. Hat

        Yes for under hoodie, but for the wetsuit idk

    96. Gacheru Mburu


    97. Mathematica Vlogs 2

      congrats on 3.14M subs!

    98. Bennett Gibson

      Hey Tom, would you ever go on a Joe Rogan Podcast? I feel you'd have so many stories to tell!

    99. AzureDragonOfNether

      "You need to be a qualified diver, to head down into the depths" /*Got an Advanced Open Water Diver license*/ Check. (Not joking at all)

    100. Andrew Qi