TAKING OMAHA BEACH WITH A 1911 | Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

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    Thanks to Oculus for sponsoring this video. Today we storm Omaha beach! Get your own Quest 2 headset: ocul.us/RussianBadgerMOH
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    1. that guy

      “A little razzle dazzle should do ya some good Paterson” Paterson: “sir, Howard was just split in two by a flak 88”

      1. Stephan Gomez

        Shit that is a closed casket funeral sad and I doubt that most of the bodies weren’t recovered Rest In Peace bomber crews I salute you all wherever your bodies lie. And God bless your souls you brave SOBs

      2. CrasherWolf

        What are these things from like the Paterson fire a warning shot

      3. Rookiedoesytgaming 18


      4. that guy

        @impossibley possible “37 bottles of gamer sups later”

      5. impossibley possible

        Regular people with 45 : JoHN WicK M0dE EngAGed!!! Badge : *inhales 50 Jet and 25 super stims* "The time for words is over, it is only through the acts of God which will forgive these sinners." *Pistolwhips supossed "master race"*

    2. Victory

      My favorite game for a long time was Medal of Honor: Airborne.... I thought Medal of Honor was dead

    3. Militia98 Plays

      3:47 I laughed when you said OUI because I remembered your first TABG video. XD

    4. Claire Mccarroll

      2:32 hitler y r u burning jews? His response

    5. AlutaShade

      Pressure washer > tank

    6. British bruh bruh

      2:39 why is the uk third?

    7. SunsetBurst 8605

      So grandpa what did you do after liberated Omaha Beach 14:37

    8. Camel0116

      “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle”

    9. Colton Daniel

      Well we'll well aint that just the fastest draw this side a New Hanover

    10. Sean Clark

      B 17

    11. Eisenwolf_89

      Wtf your German is kinda good

    12. SomePersonIn TheBackground

      German soilders in Omaha Beach:We have every heavy weapon known to man *Russianbadger gets to the beach gets loaded with 547,879 bullets catches nades and purges countless german soldiers with a 1911 and Pencils* German soilders: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    13. Eclipse3131

      Still the worst Medal of Honor I’ll admit purely because it’s vr (if it isn’t vr only I’ll correct this comment) only and to me that’s a bad business move

    14. jorge victor

      As an owner of a 30.30. Lever action IRL I agree with this video

    15. Fletcher Horn

      No way this man didn't draw a penis on that chalk board

    16. Jonathan DuMont

      Walther is absolutely better than Luger in almost every model and off shoot rando weird ass thing they tried. That said: shooting Luger 9mm is the most fun pea shooter toy gun feeling bullshit ever

    17. M p

      Pls play megalovina on the piano next time

    18. James Puckett

      10:35 my dad when I don’t hold the light in the right spot

    19. allah snackbar

      why does your hands not have any arms tho?

    20. Sze Hoong

      The efficient robert lilly increase because drop annually bow aside a ready kick. striped, white size

    21. Cursed juice Cursed

      Imagine if badger just played fortunate son “TIMELINES WILL FIX THEM SELVES”

    22. Rukia Kuchiki

      ther the french stream snipers

    23. Marc Belon

      You pronounce sabotage "sabo-todge" and I can't get over it. 1:45

    24. Komrade Kowalski

      what do you animate with?

    25. Safety Switch

      holy shit, that german was GUD

    26. Hoang Quynh Phuong

      The lively cushion internationally frame because octave tinctorially care within a bent jelly. magical, delicious lunchroom

    27. Show Man5

      Someone in my warpath clan has the thumbnail as their profile pic

    28. Reaper

      Ay your German ain't terrible at all, wtf?

    29. Death 786


    30. MegaGothrocker

      Your German pronunciation is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    31. Hat Man

      Im just imagining an absolute psychopath laughing his ass off across omaha beach taking potshots with his 1911

    32. Hat Man

      Actually, I remember accounts of sherman gunners snapshotting and pink misting wehrmacht troops with an armor piercing round if they had a panzerfaust in hand (like one of the dudes here in the game). It's fucked up, but if a guy its about to fire a panzerfaust at your tank, I dont think you much care what you kill him with, just so long as it's done as fast as possible, and as assuredly as possible.

    33. Sway

      Just cause you built different, it doesnt mean you built right.

    34. I Break Things

      Roads in the future “Get out the way I’m a season pass holder “ “I have right of way”

    35. BladeLigerV

      I cannot get over that it looks like a PS2 game.

    36. Cezar Daniel Alexandru

      This shit is omega level fun

    37. Karma

      Those buddies of yours are witty. Good stuff

    38. coffee4turtles

      You've seen TheRussianBadger Now Get Ready For TheSovietSeal

    39. Stephan Gomez

      Also when two of your 4 engines are missing their three bladed propellers, are on fire, shot to hell, busted, and you see and hear the warning lights and your oil gauge, fuel gauge, altimeter, airspeed, and other important modules begin to drop rapidly that isn’t good sign that is your sign to get your ass and everyone else’s off that b-17 because as tough as the planes are they have to be lucky to get back and I doubt a B-17 can shrug off that

    40. Tavin Stith

      God I love freedom

    41. SilverTalon007

      Bruh that's not a B-29. That's a *B-17* >:L

    42. Redvapor90

      imagine using full auto. This post was made by lever action gang,

    43. Ivonne Kus

      Im just gonna ignore the fact That you can speak German as good as me and german is my nativ language

    44. Ethan Templeman

      Game: "is he a high ranking German","worse he's french,a collaborator". Badger:"why y'all spitting inside"

    45. DioStreamsYT

      just got my quest 2 thanks to watching this vid. and this comment was sent on it. heyo from the meta-verse!

    46. Soviet Boy

      World war 2 helm scream........nice

    47. Rhys May

      I wanna seen the dual it out in bioshock 2

    48. stuckonaslide

      if you like this game, you should try pavlov vr.

    49. Zackman2011

      At least Zero Caliber does not have stealth missions I’m cool with that game

    50. Topsnek

      Chadger got me to get the quest 2 out of spite of my friend telling me it's bad despite him not owning it

    51. Bear Drawings

      You should play rainbow again

    52. J E

      A hotter take than Walther>Luger: The wrong side won.

    53. Kody Haake


    54. Sagewynn Games

      Pressue washers hurt if you stick your finger in front of the gun. Source: Clipped a finger on one of them a few years ago. It hurt.

    55. spasian 75

      10:39 made me laugh so much

    56. Legate Lanius

      Oui oui oui oui oui oui oui oui oui oui oui oui oui oui

    57. Mandich Titty Smitty Of Cameltoe


    58. Ruben Saldana

      This reminds me of nano's video I like both videos

    59. Linda Underling

      "How does she have time to pit on all this" Ah yes. The French and war



    61. Adam Bayliss

      O U I

    62. Damion Soriano

      Rangers lead the way

    63. Crimson_Days

      Eins, zwei, drei, vier mean 1, 2, 3, 4 Keine munition mehr means no more ammunition Was means what Wirklich means really Wie trauig means so sad

      1. Slappa

        Der Russische Dachs means The Russian Badger

    64. Maks Uzbrojony

      The video broke it can still play but it's just a black screen.

    65. DR Steven

      0:29 Says his dreaming will firing a a gun. That's America in a nutshell.

    66. Pollux_id

      ..Atom Bomb Baby, loaded with power Radioactive as a TV tower! A nuclear fission in her soul, Loves with electronic control!

    67. Chaz Werner

      1:50 guy: is that a torpedo russian badger: ye- BOOM

    68. Caleb Dean

      Listening to badger laugh makes me so happy

    69. Staton

      i agree with your hot takesbut the hipower is better than the 1911

    70. Hunter Stroup

      Me: clicks on Medal of Honor vid The ad: WARPATH FIGHT DESTROY CONQUER

    71. G00SE Duck

      You have a problem, have you tried blowing it up? School

    72. Kelsey Madison

      The fearful fearless mayonnaise feasibly grin because bankbook selectively zoom near a afraid bit. demonic, lame mustard

    73. ßruh

      "I'm no pilot, but..." - Pilot of B-17 Flying Fortress, 1944, colorized

    74. Noob Master

      You look like ace ventra

    75. XxDark BossxX

      Badger: Is a pencil a weapon? John Wick: *Y E S*

    76. Solid _fire93

      man it’s been a long time since i watched badger videos, like since bad company 2 videos !!

    77. Джейм Орк

      Меня явно обманывают.

    78. The Dude

      torpedos are better than stealth but only if they have suppressors on them

    79. Just Monika

      As a German i gotta say Badger speaking almost perfect German out of nowhere is really funny and impressive at the same time

    80. Kathye Harber

      Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight. My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me. O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me." there is the bible verse the belltower sniper says, your welcome badger

    81. Ein_Sturkopf

      I love ur German I always love because I‘m actually German lol

    82. Loonyzombie

      "B-29" BITCH IT A B-17

    83. Damned Bersagliere

      Name: TheRussianBadger Speaks: German Is Canadian. Goes “Oui”. Praises America. *MR.WORLDWIDE!*

    84. 5h4d0W W4tch3R

      Hell yes that drawing is creepy

    85. skyfire 05

      "oculus quest 2" Oh hey that's the vr headset I have

    86. Ricky Raaccoon

      The comically large spoon is in payday 2

    87. Moonlightshadow910

      wait was 10:36 always censored

    88. Breaddoge

      You are so American

    89. Shuggy19 games

      I can tell he plays fallout 76 lol

    90. 4-4 Алтан-Эрдэнэ.Э

      Pro tip use your right hand to reload and hold it with your right hand stupid

    91. Dragongod6789

      there is now a comically large spoon in payday 2

    92. Nestor Rivera


    93. Doom Sentinel281


    94. the aiming bot

      "whoever is in charge of patches irl" i think thats called the Geneva conventions

    95. steve Jones

      ‘dont use the rocket launcher on infantry they said’ sir thier is a fucking panzer on the horsion

    96. Diggs DK


    97. Kodak Jay

      13:16 he sounded like a French person

    98. my memes are trash

      wait isnt the oss from spy kids

    99. Gary Hammer

      Watch John wick last night and the pencil caught me remembering that line

    100. Jacob Smith

      Is a grenade as a club an effective weapon