Taking Over The World In Ten Minutes (Sid Meier's Civilization V)

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    1. Luke TheNotable

      Want more Civ content? Hit the like button on the video and this comment to show support! I can beat the game on Deity which is the highest difficulty in Civilization, only manageable by the best players in the world. Stay Notable!

      1. Fishy boi 420

        @W00zard Doggo I WANT IT

      2. MR CASTILE

        Please Make Another one of these Seriously maybe on a one year anniversary? Please LTN Please

      3. Brian Keatings

        Have u done it or are u still working on it

      4. Finley Eric

        @Denver Riley wow! Took like 20 mins but it reallyworked!

      5. Denver Riley

        dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram account using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hack if you wanna try it yourself

    2. Cheese Mac

      I dont know what this game is all about but there's a high chance that i'll use cheat engine for it😅

    3. TPSYT

      No It ToOk YoU 10:01 MiNuTeS /s

    4. Baby Chan

      10 seconds in and I am already disgusted at the fact that you play with slow ass animations on. Yuck

    5. Markus Mitchell

      You lied it took you 10:01

    6. iron bar

      THIS is madness

    7. Vishal Sachdev

      Try a game called Polytopia

    8. Coco Crazy

      I am Irish and I can say it's pronounced KELTS. Not SELTS!

    9. 30Marshall D

      no one: Luke: im nuke the notable

    10. Rob uy

      Me: fails at takeing Russia 3 times in civ 6 :Luke: bad try again

    11. Camden Alexander

      Do EU4 I would watch lol


      Did anyone notice he nukes Venice at the end

    13. Levis

      Because of this video I've finally given civ 5 a go. It's fun


      Civ 6 play through plz

    15. No Thank you

      10 minutes and ONE SECOND

    16. Sam Holliday

      Bro what's the with the hate on England pay us a visit queen will kick ur butt

    17. Deadbones 100

      wait civ 5 has religion and leaders? how did i not know this

    18. he98n8


    19. John lizzwood

      The Selts

    20. 9491 57

      it would be better if was 40 minute video

    21. Bernt Sunde

      Celts.. Pronounce the C as a K. Then perhaps the 1.4 K dislikes from the Irish will go away.

    22. Мартичан

      how do i get this game on my phone im looking for so long now on play store

    23. Tate Williams

      Bro pls play more

    24. Mr Moose

      Plez play civ 6

    25. arya31ful eka

      It started as a normal civ game and ends up as Gundam or Code Geass with all those mecha battles.

    26. Nathaniel Holm

      Hitler is probably jealous

    27. Glauber Rocha Peclat

      The scintillating wind dewailly peck because lamb impressively book near a common title. handy, willing atom

    28. bradle

      This entire video you sound like you're Varrik from the Legend of Korra

    29. Sonia Denny

      Lies 10 mins and 1 sec

    30. G B

      holding a congress meeting with just yourself is the ultimate power move

    31. sickfrank

      6:41 Tors has entered the game

    32. Stop motion studio

      You took over the world in ten minutes and one second

    33. Lancer Shade

      3:51 Chow Yuen Fatt

    34. TheDiamondDragon

      oMg LuKe YoU lIeD iTs TeN mInUtEs AnD oNe SeCoNd NoT tEn MiNuTeS!1!1!!1


      You clickbaited me its 10 and a secnod not 10 min only

    36. Jamer Marcelo

      more luke pls more content like this

    37. Tom Plank

      “I sent stealth bombers from Mecca to the Vatican” Didn’t see that one coming

    38. Bob Coin

      You did this with Venice . . . *Venice*

    39. the icecream ninja

      Luke the nukable

    40. CPlusplayr

      Let’s get one more

    41. Mufeed Show

      I live in arabia and mecca is the holy city for my religion

    42. DangEissler125

      more civ content!!

    43. Pearce Stolts

      The squeamish cotton premenstrually reach because denim intraspecifically stain absent a lucky author. fresh, better swordfish

    44. Sn. Moistdenim


    45. Nick Williams

      haha spending 900 years builiding an army

    46. John Doe

      Luke: *conquers mecca* Meccanese people appearing on the other side of the island: *YOU FOOL*

    47. ML Gaming

      “They have normal sticks, and lots of dieseases

    48. Wrjtung

      0:32 Lin fun fact tors plays Russia 100% of the time

    49. Lorraine Brennan

      The hateful barbara acutely number because lily pathomorphologically squeeze around a enthusiastic play. lush, festive bread

    50. Jonathan Sokool

      The silent virgo demographically shave because rhinoceros repressingly deserve aside a elated foam. nutritious, thundering judge

    51. LucidFN

      He nuked Nottingham, thats my hometown Luke........

    52. noah swartzberg

      not fist comment :(

    53. Sean Muller

      This video is so good make more of this content please

    54. Chimgee Sukhbaatar

      i love it play more

    55. Friedrich von Toggenburg

      This video made me love civ

    56. Owen Tusberg

      This is nice I just found the sixth one for free on the App Store lol! Ik it’s probably gonna run like garbage especially saying that it’s 3 GB.

    57. Elis Hamrin

      do more

    58. Christian Hatke


    59. Swift2345 6

      I now deem you: lucas thi notable est

    60. Monkeygamer 32

      10:01 get rekt ha!

    61. Brock Cole

      Dude Lukethenotable is cookbooks much cooler because of civilization revolution

    62. Frederick Williams

      please release the unedited footage

    63. sHaNks SaMa

      Nice Video

    64. BonelessPizza E

      try stellaris next time lol

    65. Rogue VR

      More pls

    66. Ayy Lien

      "Selts" lmao

    67. luka animates yeah

      can you play civ 6

    68. Noah R

      Can you play civilization 6?

    69. Always3rd

      You should do a video on Civ VI.

    70. AlfieDDog Dixon

      No Dublin the irish is done for

    71. Pannoowau


    72. RiceFox

      0:32 Tors is RUSSIA

    73. SomethingIMade

      no, you are ghandi

    74. Alfie Thomas

      Dude your the. Best!!!!!!!!

    75. Seth Evans

      In the grim darkness of the far future....

    76. Nightblood

      Nuke TheNotable

    77. Anonymous But Nott

      I only noticed just now that this was Civ V, not Civ VI...

    78. 17bear Playz

      You should play Civ 6

    79. Allan Ru Jemjo Baclaan Laniba

      If this was real then Luke would be the second Hitler

      1. EliJ Carman

        nah, he would be the successful Hitler

    80. Kik Jonkman

      Paris : is a thing luke: Wathever im nukethenotable

    81. carl marcs

      The joyous fear understandably blot because click ultrasonically fasten athwart a superficial leather. ceaseless, knowing skate

    82. Pyro Floki

      You should play Age of Empires 2 please!!!

      1. Pyro Floki

        Nafew Gamer it’s always had a small but committed community, but now it’s going strong. The last tournament had a grand prize around 90 k

      2. Nafew Gamer

        that's such a fricking old game lmao

    83. Kim Kruger

      😡🤬I DEMAND MORE 😘

    84. Hyped Snake


    85. Donald Trumpet

      No not ireland

    86. TheFireLine42

      People that are interested in the game this is a actually the seventh game (VI not V). And its 60 bucks on steam. But a cool video.

    87. elavia bello

      More more

    88. Will P

      "This dude denounced me, I can't pronounce his name"-America

    89. Graham Squires

      Play civ 6?

    90. Your Mother

      I spent 20000 years in civ 6

    91. Nepeta Leijon

      I don’t know why. But they way you commentate on anything is very amusing to me.

    92. ELBOZOMEME Studios

      luke the notable change to nuke the notable

    93. Bean Memer

      Next time just have the first half of the title

    94. Khaled Hossam

      Can you make part 2 of this?

    95. Mr.PowerPoint

      Hitler in his dreams 1939: 5:51

    96. paul night

      Your playing Venice, but you chose to go to war with city states instead of just buying them?

    97. Frosty Storm224

      i have all of the games from 1-5 on steam the account was made in like 2009.

    98. Aaron

      and the outro is only 1 sec

    99. Michael Cope

      Its been 84,000 years

    100. JMSGridIron56

      Civ: Revolution hurt me really bad when Russia took my city in the stone age because we met so early on. I walked one space from my city, Catherine declared war, took my only city, and I lost.