The 3 Most SATISFYING Puzzles Ever!! 🤤

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    1. blue bird

      What was the third puzzle with the hearts? Is there a link to it? I don't know how to go to descriptions through Shorts

    2. Zacks Random Projects

      🤣🤣 How in the HELL are all the people in the comments section mistaking these objects with sharp ass corners for 'butt plugs' ?!! Lmao 🤣🤣


      How do I get it

    4. Armando Fernandez

      Where can I get me some of this puzzles?

    5. William Falkenstern

      How dose he make these look so easy

    6. WolfOps TTV

      That left on ain’t no puzzle

    7. i am so sorry i am so sorry

      My friend is a has those but they have tails. She says they're quite satisfying.

    8. Cedric. Gru

      The second one is 0 satasifying

    9. Cesar Soares


    10. A Car guy

      I thought he was boutta say but plugs

    11. BPECrazE

      Why is he breathing so hard 😂

    12. Naig Priscilla

      Is it just me or i found this puzzles stressful?

    13. HannibalKantter

      Women: "Wow men are so gross, all they talk about is sex" Also women in this video: "Haha I thought they were like the buttplugs I put up my ass every single day"

    14. lio deo

      I know we were thinking the same thing, that's why we are freinds

    15. Guimauve

      My first thought with each of these was: “oh it’s like those two-piece friendship charms or whatever they’re called” Tbh I’d totally get them just for that purpose lol

    16. tutoy gaming

      i like the first and third

    17. ElfxsieMxchi

      I think I lost baincells

    18. kenasia sheppard

      I want to buy the heart one, like all of em are cool 😎

    19. Rock girl

      "Once you line them up perfectly" *Heavy Breathing Intensifies* 😧😧

      1. cøsmic entity

        Did you just copy @dave akilang?

    20. Utubeisrunbyfags Utubeisrunbyfags

      I’m getting those

    21. Aphidgamer 246

      I’m glad we’re all thinking what I’m thinking

    22. Icy Jay777


    23. Unbox Combo

      Yeah, I want to buy those. Link please

      1. Rock girl

        they arent puzzles they are locks

    24. Y0ur.l0cal.Idi0t XX

      That drooling emoji is a little sus don’t ya think 🤡

    25. Aunty Quantastic

      "in one fluid motion"

    26. Roxanne Bermudez


    27. Imperial Rockstar

      I still comprehending that

    28. punk rock sailor moon

      The heart one would be like really cute for like two best friends

    29. Pointless Commentary

      Link to buy them please?

    30. -Cookiecatto-

      I actually have that second one. I solved it on the bus ride home from school.

    31. Nub Hed

      Him: *Casually solve the puzzle* Me: CONFUSION

    32. D K

      Great you just ruined it for all of us!

    33. Muzz Ch

      "that's a weird looking buttplugs" "... most satisfying puzzles" "oh... Sorry.."

      1. blue bird

        You *pervert.* surely, i was having no such thoughts! These were clearly puzzles and I can't see anything *butt* puzzles!

    34. OMAR AMIR

      Dude this is cool stuff thanks

    35. Abisai Laboy

      Anyone know whats the heart shaped called?

    36. shoplifter

      they arent puzzles they are locks

    37. Milad Isaac

      My brain committed suicide

    38. Leo Aguirre

      the IQ that this man has i can not compete

    39. Zmanbusta06 Vlogs

      Where did you buy those

    40. Tasnim Tabassum

      Glad I'm not the only one seeing plugs.

    41. Illy Pir

      Chris Ramsey in YT shorts is what I needed

    42. Corwin Taylor

      Me want

    43. Ghost Gamer 0990

      Does anyone know what these are called

    44. bradley gaming

      Where can i get the third one 😂

    45. Dave Akilang

      "Once you line them up perfectly" **Heavy Breathing Intensifies** 😧😧

    46. Sonja Rucker

      I lovve a good mind boggle👍👍

    47. Sadaat Furqan

      Where to get last one

    48. coochie man

      The triangles look suspiciously like butt plugs

    49. Daysi Little


    50. 1qotz

      Simply line em up Everybody: *no*

    51. Baumwurzelstamm / Katch Match

      Bro I had the Completely wrong idea bout that triangles

    52. Casey Robinson

      I thought that was a butt plug

    53. Кирило Мудроха

      They look like butt plugs.

    54. MemE GAmEr

      Oh...satis.f.** so what if you step on it...

    55. Cowboy Lobo solitario

      Devem ser de uma utilidade fantástica!

    56. Mel Enid


    57. ♡{1%}♡

      Let me see all the pieces apart then put it together I like it tho

    58. Jimin Park

      For me i think the more satisfying thing Is when an object do a sound not too loud like cutting a soap

    59. 한국인이다나는 완전히

      But plug

    60. Panica GT

      That was nice

    61. Gabnuggetboy

      Why did i think they were buttplugs

    62. I don't know yet ?

      Where can I find these? (I hope I can buy them in my country)

    63. Jo Jo

      What is up with that emoji u used in the tittle Ramsay-

    64. Kacper

      Where can i get this third one

    65. Skill Session

      Everyone thinking they were butt plugs man I just wanted to know how the hell half of you puzzle youtubers FIND THESE PUZZLES IVE LITERALLY NEVER HEARD OF

    66. Lorenzo Gateau

      Where can i get the last One?



    68. Someone

      I tried the second one, I now can’t get it back as it was LOL

    69. ash

      this dude out of nowhere: like this video! me, surprised: i- uh huh okay (fumbles for the like button)

    70. Master Robert


    71. Bukan sekedar MOTIVASI


    72. Derp Fox

      That's a cool way to hide those things in plain sight

    73. relser

      I want someone to make a video like this that plays out as follows: Guy: So as you can see we have a puzzle Puzzle: ☺️ Guy: So all you gotta do to solve is Puzzle: 🙃 Guy: Is uh…hang on just erm- Puzzle: 😈 Guy: Goddammit! *slams puzzle*

    74. Helen Chen

      RIP whoever designed the puzzles like buttplugs

    75. Nathan W.


    76. Karma

      Where do I buy the first one

    77. XLXH _

      I like the first one

    78. DJRexa

      I need to know where to buy the heart. Pleaseeeee!

    79. I have suicidal thoughts

      First was the best 👏👏

    80. Dylan Mock

      What’s the third puzzle called

    81. Elliot Robins

      I have the seccond one

    82. FI369✓

      Want to have it ;-;

    83. shiftyskelabones

      That heart one is a great gift for your partner! Just engrave one half with your name and the other with your partners. That would be so cute!

    84. Magalene Her

      Where I get the heart puzzle?

    85. Darkest Valkyrie

      I need to find the heart one. 😍

    86. spenny

      All those finger tattoos; is this the guy that did that Daft Punk 'Harder, Better, Faster' music video?

    87. Shumona Rahman

      Where do I get them?!

    88. Jayden Charlien

      Where can I buy the heart one

    89. H34D_455_ G0D  ✓

      what is the first one called i want one

    90. Milan Kluivers

      Stop my brain hurts

    91. Rounak Aryan


    92. noodles

      Where do you buy the first one

    93. The Jei & Jae TV

      Does someone know where I could buy those kind of puzzles? Pleasseee. Thankyouuu❤️

    94. Waffenwerfer


    95. Heather Province

      I love it

    96. william rose


    97. D-Goth 7o7

      I think resident evil needs to have more interesting puzzles such as these!

    98. M AR

      How to get and where to buy them!!! ???