THE CRUSH BOYS REUNITED! Plus NEW CRUSH GIRL?! (OTB Open Practice Round W/Team Uplay Disc Golf)

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    1. Christopher Bowman

      24:28 is that Kevin Jones?

    2. Christopher Bowman

      12:10 hahaha

    3. Klassky17 KingKlassky

      kinda crazy this came out a day before my towns course had it's grand opening for the first nine holes .

    4. Jason Hixon

      I'm too scared of the geese at our park (Ann Morrison Park in Boise). Like flying dinosaurs with bad attitudes. Especially if they have babies around. I've been chased more than once.

    5. Bonehead Cycler

      Any idea when discmania will be making more of the original line discs? There haven't been any P2s, MD, FD, or PDs available for a LONG time.

    6. Aaron Feinberg

      ELLA! So rad to see her crush out there.

    7. Sean Ludeman

      If you haven’t tried Zoe Andyke’s disc the Sphinx, do yourself a favor and order one! They are amazing

    8. Laquisha Jones

      good to see Zoe after hearing her voice so much on commentary

    9. Patrik

      Finland mentioned, 🇫🇮torilla tavataan🇫🇮

    10. Kent A

      It's sunny and around 90 degrees. Wear the black shirt.

    11. agetori77

      Looks like the putters worked! :) And congrats Simon on your return. Way inside top 20! :)

    12. Andrew Kaemingk

      Hey man good win the other day! Idk If you’ve ever played beersbee but It’s an awesome yard game you gotta try it

    13. Henrik Fransas

      I love the t-shirt Colten has! (at 32:18)!! #savejarva #SaveJärva #RäddaJärva

    14. Kosmon Parran

      wondering why Eagle is not listed to play in the Santa Cruz masters cup???

    15. Hannes Bolmstedt

      "I don't think you can get it to the water..." - Eagle with foreshadowing on hole 17

    16. Jackson Palmer

      “So hopefully I’ll putt pretty well here” Aighty then

    17. Dennis stoneman

      DK, Zoe, and Ella! Let's Go PNW!!!!

    18. Jonathan Buchter

      Eagle throwing a MD3 438 feet on a low line really?

    19. HDTV Guys

      From Chaz and the boys at Badlands Park (Denver Metro) GREAT victory at OTB Eagle. Arguably the Worlds #1 player at this time.

    20. Laker L

      Hi Eagle! while you are in California you guys should come play Auburn regional park! its a super fun course and I would love to meet you and Simon!

    21. GalacticConquerer

      We need more Zoe!

    22. mrromantimothy

      From what I can see and this is only my opinion Simon needs to stay on his back foot longer, it all starts from your back foot for the first 90° and shift your hips and your weight to your front foot for the last 90 degrees in your backhand. When you throw off your front leg your hips and shoulders get out in front,and it's all arm instead of your body

    23. C Johnson

      Here for quality goose content. Shred it (again) today, Eagle.

    24. FaithfulMC

      If Ella plays tour, no pro stands a chance

    25. James Wentworth

      Ella’s form is very reminiscent of Nate Sexton’s. Ultimate background is strong

      1. doktarr

        She's a baller in ultimate; no surprise she's a baller in DG as well.

    26. The Koop

      23:14 that vein tho

    27. Harry Teevee

      Those are canadian Cobra-chicken.. find Ozzie man

    28. aklevin

      "And you have Thomas Gilbert's brethren floating on the water" ROFL omg Eagle. As a fellow Canadian, I disown these feathered a-holes.

      1. Perry Tilgner

        "If you got a problem with Canada gooses then you got a problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate."

    29. Josh Warner

      DK " thats how you lose a disc"

    30. Bloodnafski

      Zoe commentates on the FPOs' tournaments if you watch on GK pro. She is always positive and its a good time for those of you interested!

    31. aklevin

      Zoe seems like an awesome person that I'd want to practice and play every round with!

    32. Comegetsome Eatingguts

      2:42. check this out. foot crosses the line. .. lol

    33. Joni Jantunen

      Save Järva

    34. Josh Eastwold

      Colten's outfit is absolute fire. Infinite swagger.

    35. James Bone

      Hot round after day 1! Lets go Eagle Mcmayhem!

    36. Methodical

      Commenting helps the algorithm

    37. fister123

      12:35 finnish summer? rofl that would be like a record here. Finnish summer is like 19c

      1. JJ79

        Finnish summer is short and not so much snow ;)

    38. Oudepoude

      12:23 :DDDD im from Finland

    39. Justin TheBasket

      Eagle + Simon + Ella = Crush Crew

      1. aklevin

        I like it. Or Crushmania?

    40. allwalk2

      Ummmm....Where's Thomas?

    41. Brett Miller

      Do you think we will ever see a tournament where manufacturers assemble a 4 player team to go head to head with other teams in a scramble or some other format?

      1. aklevin

        Cool idea! Maybe for a fun event pre-season akin to the all-star weekend. Maybe doubles or mixed doubles? (Paige/McBeth vs Cat/Dickerson vs Hokom/Conrad vs Ohn/Ricky etc... lol seeing these names together like this is also making me think of a C2 putting contest Paige/McBeth vs Ohn/Ricky - that'd be nuts)

      2. Brett Miller

        @Jamessr23 I'm saying a team of the manufacturers best pros

      3. Jamessr23

        I’d rather see bigger purses for the pros so they stay on your. Watching players with less skill than the pros aren’t worth watching. I can go play a round myself and see it live

    42. TheJohaba

      17:52 that's some good meme material

    43. Nicky Charles

      This was an awesome vid! Fully awesome.

      1. Nicky Charles

        That slowmo montage got me motivated.

    44. Vegan Northener

      Simons video - 13 min, Eagles video - 35 min! Thanks for giving us a longer video, and best of luck to you! This course really seems to favor your game.

      1. timlanigironu

        They're not competing on video length, some people like more condensed videos just like some people like lighter videos.

    45. aaron kasper

      sorry eagle but damn simon is back

    46. Tafsern

      The amount of commercials makes this just hard to watch with joy.

    47. aaron kasper

      simone I LOVE you are back

    48. James Fries

      Ummm, dont ya think Kyle Klein is more of a crush boy than dustin? Kid can crush!

    49. Jamessr23

      I miss the Simon Eagle only days

    50. Gabe Lamm

      Great seeing crush boys back together. Side note, I need to get ahold of Eagle’s spotify playlist.

    51. leo Wikberg

      Why 10 ads??!!!!!

    52. A_chefs_life

      As a swede i have to say i LOVE Coltens shirt in the end

    53. glennmarlon

      Zoe is so much fun. Always smiling and positive 😄

    54. Rave HD

      So clutch of Calvin to get Simon on his channel =)

    55. BringMeThyPizza

      Swenson is such a fun course to play!

    56. OutAndAbout

      Eagle is a goose now?

    57. Isivaa Sanaru

      Save Järva

    58. Kevin Williamson

      Shout out to eat camera man Johnny football

    59. Disc Blaster

      I am gods gift to dg

    60. reptile Z

      Among the best in the world play thier game. We enjoy.

    61. dustman

      Good peeps

    62. Ulrich Von Stomp

      I'm sorry ya'll but you just got nuthin without fox pee on this one! :P I did kinda expect Thomas Gilbert to appear at some point in a fox costume....The footage, content and music was Awesome though! Much Respect!

    63. Priestialitÿ

      It must be baby goose time here in Cali...I've had to brake hard twice to let some goose families cross the road! Goose lives matter!

    64. RyanR1278

      This course is beautiful, I would have to say hole 13 would be top 3 best holes

    65. 1andonlyMiro

      12:08 🤣🤣🤣

    66. Naiksuuu

      Suomi mainittu, torille!

    67. Anthony Falasco

      Am I the only one thinking Ella is headed for lead card?

      1. aklevin

        She made it at the last tournament, so wouldn't surprise me! Then again, she'll have a few more FPO crushers to compete with this weekend than last. Would be fun to watch her again tho for sure.

      2. Tafsern

        Is water wet?

    68. Chris Preperato

      *actually goes and watches Ella Hansen ultimate videos* You guys have dramatically undersold her, she is an ultimate frisbee nightmare...a handler with the confidence of a cutter, a marker who knows the second she picks up a disc on a turnover that its one point the other direction...someone is gonna call foot fault and she's gonna stare deep into their eyes and say "contest"

      1. aklevin

        @Tank _F3 The disc flies differently and this helps big time :)

      2. Tank _F3

        The side arm shots from ultimate players is unreal. They have such finesse on that shot. It makes no sense. But it's fantastic to watch

    69. Thomas McKinnon

      The water carry par three was epic . Hopefully Eagle gets it 3 out of 3 rounds . Good luck

    70. Bumbelbee

      Great first round! Keep it up 2round

    71. Lawrence Thomas

      Ella is definitely going to crush. Welcome back simon! Great slowmo montage.

    72. brian6speed

      A guy playing in girls division is not cool at all.

      1. Jeremy Boyd

        I figured we could count on one of the typical trolls to make a comment like this

    73. C.A.D.

      Calvin's vlogs just keep getting better. Ella is absolutely a crush girl

    74. Cong Bui

      That girl is throwing like a female version of simon. FPO is in trouble.

    75. Klinton Pippert

      Love seeing some of the Oregon disc golf scene out there on the vlog!!!!

    76. Ethan Castelazo

      That goose noise at 15:00. Beautiful

      1. Perry Tilgner

        and at 15:25

    77. Mike Jones

      Iv been waiting 💪🏼❤️💪🏼

    78. Barrett Penegor

      How can we not compare her and Brodie? Both started last January, both top players in ultimate and both made lead card for the first time at Goat Hill last week. To me they are the same

      1. Hans - KRC4267

        Unlike Brodie, Ella is actually entertaining to watch on the disc golf course. Brodie is good, but he's just so grating to listen to.

    79. Noah Rollins

      So nice of Calvin to let Eagle pretend this was his vlog

      1. Chris Parker

        @Jim Whitaker Music salty with a lil bit of flava flav!!

      2. Jim Whitaker Music

        Chris Parker Are you aware of the inside joke behind Noah’s comment...or are you just super salty for no reason? 🤣

      3. Chris Parker

        So nice of FIblock to give you the option to comment like it matters...

      4. Bray LaFave


      5. Ethan Peterson

        Lmao I came here looking for this comment

    80. jesse brown

      Was that Kevin Jones throwing that yellow disc to Simon at around 24:40?

      1. jesse brown

        @Juusto hence the 'around' hahaha I was too lazy to go back and check the exact time 🙈

      2. Juusto

        Check that time stamp. It's so wrong. More like 24:28

    81. Two Crows

      🤣😂😂😭. Ok so I'm the guy that gave Simon the Asia open PD and that's just silly. I throw 400 or so on a good rip and I can't get that thing past about 275. To see Simon throw it straight and even get some turn out of it blows my mind! You young guns really are giants among men. Welcome back Simon and best wishes to all.

      1. aklevin

        @Earl Thomas I have money! Where can I pay?!?!? I'd even take his LH throwing form - it's probably still farther than my dominant arm...

      2. Two Crows

        @Earl Thomas yeah if I could only be 23 again. I think at this point even if I could manage to get that much rotation and power my arm would probably fly off😂

      3. Earl Thomas

        @Two Crows's not about buying more's about figuring out how you can buy Eagle's form.

      4. Tank _F3

        I cant tell you how many videos Ive watched with anyone of the pro's doing ridiculous things with disc I bag. The easiest way to explain the difference, is any pro's ability to put enough spin/torque on the disc. We all want to do it, but even Simon, one of the best to ever play, playing it safe and he can still do some ridiculous shots

      5. Two Crows

        @Adam Schroeder Yeah I think the average player that watches these videos believes these guys have these magical perfect discs that must fly better than the ones they get. Lol, no folks they just throw waaaaay faster than you.

    82. casey hendrick

      It hurts me to see Eagle talking about putters none of us can get ☹

      1. Luke Nguyen

        At least they aren’t brand new discs that go for 400 on the secondary market.

      2. JTNugget

        I hear ya. I had to buy some second hand recently. Thankfully the guy was really nice and charged me much less than current ebay prices.

    83. Male Nurse

      Suomi mainittu. Torille!

      1. diapatu

        @Santtu Lohtander 12:25

      2. Santtu Lohtander

        Missä kohtaa

      3. diapatu


    84. Michael Burton

      So glad simon is playing it safe. I know its killing him inside not throwing deep but he will get back to bombing again. Everyone knows he can do it. Its inspiring seeing him stay controlled.

    85. Adam Bosley

      Eagle rockin the Thought Space Athletics jersey. Once they get more discs in their stable could we see Eagle finally dump trash Discmania and pick up some of that amazing plastic TSA puts out?

      1. Tim Forrest

        @Jake Iverson He smoked as much as the TSA stamp designers...😂😂😂

      2. Jake Iverson

        Dude how much did you smoke before that comment

    86. Disc_Golf_Wisco

      YES..... The CRUSH boys are BACK 💪🏽🥏⛓ Welcome crush cousin 😂🤣 and crush girl. 👧🏽👍🏽 Edit: Reunited and it FEELS so good. 🤙🏽

    87. Thomas A.

      Deja Vu

    88. Fishing with Alex Saeteurn

      Trying to see how you torched first round 😂

      1. Disc Blaster

        He played in the morning with less wind

      2. Fishing with Alex Saeteurn

        @Adam Bosley yea. I’m excited to follow their card in person for round 2 tmrw. Beast lead card

      3. Adam Bosley

        Haven't seen it but gonna guess his sick roller game is keeping him at the top..... for now

      4. The Disc Golf Shinobi


    89. Jeff Adkins

      Let’s gooooooo

    90. Tomahawk Disc Golf Channel

      First! Let’s go!