The Day the Dinosaurs Died - Minute by Minute

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    Peek into the past and learn about dinosaurs and other amazing creatures:

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    66 million years ago, maybe on a Tuesday afternoon, life was the same as it had been the day before or a thousand years before or pretty much a million years before. Things were good for our feathered dinosaur buddies. Until a tiny, tiny detail in the sky changed.

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      1. DaeAlex_

        i genuinely want everything off your shop i love it all!!

      2. .:Camper:.

        The Chicxulub asteroid dino extinction is just a theory, it isn't confirmed. I personally don't think an asteroid did that to the dinos.

      3. SlayneDaGreat

        You should make a video about declining sperm count and what it means for humanity. :)

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        Loved the vid.

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      "One of the greatest illusions of Life is continuity"

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      "Debris yeeted into space" lmao

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      Wasn't everything one big continent back then

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      Me: okay the people who helped me learn stand up Schools: *stands up* Me: NO My dad andkurzgesagt: hello there

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      i feel sad for the dinos

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      if only what kurzgesagt said in the beginning stayed like that.

    11. Hebe Gebes

      i dont think it was a asteroid

      1. TheAdvertisement

        Ok, why?

    12. Dustin Pham

      I feel like this is the first time that the era of dinosaurs was portrait as a good era.

    13. Gamerafighter76

      Interesting animation and explanation; did not expect you to use yeet so boldly in this. It’s crazy to think about all the rapid changes happening from a cataclysmic event like that.

    14. Lavínia Sousa

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      5:26 I never thought I would ever hear Yeet come from the narrator

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      That yeet was the most natural yeet ever

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      2:54 God casually spirit bombing dinosaurs.

    22. Thee Light Gaming

      Whatever rules the universe pulled a FFXIV 1.0 Calamity on earth

    23. ???

      Dinosaurs: *Exist* Asteroid: hmm today i'm going to destroy an ecosystem

    24. Trevor Raj

      It wasn’t a meteor, it was an artificial moon created by there lower ones who wanted to take over earth but to destroy the moon base we had to crash it on earth causing the extinction event. Of course, we survived, we always do, but you weren’t supposed to know that were you? All will be revealed soon my brothers and sisters

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    25. Phoenix Gamer

      So you’re practically saying our planet turned into Venus for around a month

      1. TheAdvertisement

        Venus was the exact opposite of that-

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      Love how professionally they said,” yeeted into space

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      so youre telling me, that a huge giant dino was murdered but not ants? huh

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      learned more in this than in all elementary school i had

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      I know what the asteroid was called, it was called thea

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      I wish this guy was my school teacher ngl

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      Dinosaur living in literal paradise* Asteroid:- and i took that personally

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      "If we're lucky, our journey will go on for a long, long time." Isn't the sun going to run out of hydrogen and destroy Earth in 6.5 billion years?

      1. Dylan_Not_Dillion :/

        bruh that’s long as hell

    55. Lulls Baby

      Tsunamis, drowning, radiation, volcanos, molten lava everywhere, hundred-degree fiery debris melting and burning all life, animals and plants and creatures all burned or suffocated to death. "But the worst has yet to come."

    56. Lulls Baby

      These animators deserve hundreds of thousands of dollars for this art! It's more interesting than the data.

    57. Astrid Phoenix

      “a lot of the debris yeeted into space” i never thought i would hear a science channel say the word yeet. i am now complete.

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    61. lil dreams

      I don't think we deserve to be here the dinosaurs would have treated the earth much better then we did I think we know to much or evolved to much yes I love that I get to live but if we keep on doing what were doing in the future there will be no life at all because we're throwing our trash in the water and palpitating the air if we want to fix it the everyone needs to fix it because there is a lot of us you will never make progress when half of the people are cleaning and the other half is just throwing trash everywhere so yes I don't think we shouldn't be alive but I still love my life and I hope you love your because life won't be forever goodnight or good morning bye.

      1. lil dreams

        @TheAdvertisement that is true I guess life always finds a way

      2. TheAdvertisement

        Well, we don't know if humans would have existed ift he extinction event never happened, and nothing really "deserved" it, they were just animals. However, given that this happened 65 million years ago, something as smart as humans probably would have evolved and took over anyways.

      3. lil dreams

        Please read the hole thing if you disagree or I'm just wrong please tell me I'm only 12 so I don't know it all but you don't have to sugar coat you words be as harsh as you need to be

    62. Elizapony

      Humans will die eventually, just as all things die. Whether it be from the rapid expansion of the Sun in five billion years, a freak asteroid, climate change, nuclear war, or the heat death of the universe. We won't last forever. No matter what we do, we are guaranteed to die

      1. TheAdvertisement

        Not necessarily. We aren't dinosaurs, we've been on the planet for a tiny fraction of the time they were and we've accomplished more. Progress is always possible.

    63. 30 วรกันต์ จันทร์แก้ว

      Hey do anyone know butterfly is from the dinosaur is so small so it can escape and it can fly fast

    64. CocohMC

      What's the software you use for animation documentaries.

    65. Duck Stein


    66. Tom

      While widely accepted, this explanation of the end of the dinosaurs is still a theory. I think it's important to make that clear, so that future scientists and peoples in general keep the open minded attitude necessary for our theories to evolve into better ones while our knowledge and understanding grow.

      1. TheAdvertisement

        I mean I think they made that clear

      2. Teotl Cipactli

        A theory in scientific terms, so it’s basically true since there is no other explanation, the “best” counters are the Volcanic activity in India wich was explained in this video as direct result from impact (wich is a “hypothesis” not a theory) or something simultaneous to the impact, in any case we know for sure the space rock did most of the damage with the impact itself and the winter that came after, just as gravity, celular theory and evolution are just “theories” that have enough evidence backing them up that it will only expand our knowledge on them, not disprove them

      3. Lulls Baby

        Of course it's a theory. Who in their right mind would think "Well, it must be true because somebody was there to write all this down." Right? Eh. You're right.

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      good video

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      And this was how Dino nuggies were made

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      the production value on these is ridiculous. there's a lot of these infotainment channels with lifeless stock animations....this isn't that.

    72. TheAdvertisement

      As humans we like to think we'll be around forever, or at least until the sun explodes, and that we're the permanent, "new" state of the world after the dinosaurs. We think that we're the norm. However the age of the dinosaurs lasted hundreds of millions of years longer than human have existed on this planet. We've been on this Earth for an insanely small amount of time compared to its age, and it's very possible something outside of our control could rip away our age.

    73. Ezzy

      Being in a VR simulation of this would be cool.

    74. The Blue One

      Imagine doing things as you normally do and looking at the sky and thinking "what a lovely day!!", then moments later you think hell could be better than this

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      Dinosaurs don't exist nonsense "evolution" and "science"

      1. TheAdvertisement

        @Joe Trash I'm not arguing with an obvious troll.

      2. Joe Trash

        @TheAdvertisement tell me if evolution exists, why didn't monkeys evolved to be human too?

      3. TheAdvertisement

        you're a bad troll

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      Why doe? This was like Earth’s Golden age but they get annihilated by a fuggin meteor like what are the chances of that?

      1. TheAdvertisement

        I mean it just happened, and I wouldn't call it a golden age.

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      the bird juggling with three balls in 9:20 - 9:32 is actually such an amazing detail and incredibly fitting to what the narrator is saying. the three balls symbolize the neutron, proton and electron while he is talking about how humankinds continuity is not a given.. reminds me of a song called "drei glänzende kugeln" by franz joseph degenhardt, which addresses the dangers of messing with nuclear power in a beautiful metaphor where neutron, proton and electron are billard balls. you should give it a listen and read into the meaning of the lyrics! it might be german but its awesome!

    90. Emmanuel Uson

      How do We Survive


      The meteor's name was meteoROAR

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      Damn rip dinos. The universe cursed you with possibly the most brutal and destructive end possible.

    93. Brit'tsh Bruv

      He looked at the moon and died rip.

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      Wait...I thought the first humans appeared about 4 million years ago, Lucy? Or we don't count them as humans because they aren't modern humans?

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