THE FANBASE WAR (Sidemen Among Us)

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    1. Brandon Garcia

      Tommy funny bro

    2. willberry_

      if i see any tommy hate comments i will genuinely hurt someone- /j

    3. Aiden_YT

      Behz calls JJ an idiot but in reality Ethan is the idiot tbh.

    4. Mehtaab Khan

      why is it that british ppl hate americans?

    5. Shehirah Powell


    6. Leo Br07

      23:38 I see KSI has a picture of Tommy’s mum in his wallet...


      They did tubbo dirty 😂

    8. Michael Braimah

      KSI:Who do u support Tommy:Wayne Rooney

    9. BASTY

      6:13 😂😂😂😂


      Why tommy did you vote for your best frd against vikkstar??? Why

      1. Dominic Wijegunawardena

        if you watch tommyinnit he thinks vikkstar123 is jesus

    11. Hannah wall

      Tommy: KSI how tall are you???? KIS: 5'11 Me thinking as a 12 year old being 5'2 and a 1/2 Me thinking my 15 year old cousin being 5'11 I think something is wrong here???!!!!!????!!

    12. Wondervar V

      What do we think of Tottenham shit what do we think of shit Tottenham WE HATE TOTTENHAM WE HATE TOTTENHAM ( I’m a united fan)

    13. Bear 4001

      Meanwhile in the shadow realm

    14. Porky55

      Is there something wrong with tommy or am I the only one that hates him

      1. EXOBOT3000

        @ebony black He’s the only one.

      2. JAKE FD123

        @ebony black no he's the only one

      3. ebony black

        @EXOBOT3000 Nope he's not alone

      4. EXOBOT3000

        You’re the only one

    15. a plat rat


    16. slytherclawedits

      Did no one notice harry singing at 8:54

    17. Bentley Dums

      I think it is funny how today they didn’t make fun of how big jj’s forehead is

    18. zi lah

      tubbo you suck- ksi tubbo simply says nothing U LEAVE TUBBO ALONE RN KSI- wilbur defending his honor is halarious

    19. Cameron Mcphail

      i dont understand how tom guy is funny?

    20. Ndalo Nqentsu

      KSI and Tommy I like both of you but today I like Tommy I'm sad.

    21. Ndalo Nqentsu


    22. Ndalo Nqentsu

      I wnt to see more 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    23. Lauretta Nwosu

      You know what fudge you harry mate go Liverpool

      1. JAKE FD123

        Hahahahahhahhahahah 3-1 hahaha😂😂😂😂

    24. Symbol Hunterz

      I absouletly love this. Thank you guys for making this. I would love to play with yall like this. Big brain playing with the biggest brains

    25. Rainer Adriand

      The moment that i realize vikk is the balancer of the group

    26. Elijah Carter

      Miniminter: Calls someone a bich. Rest of Sidemen: WHOOOOOAAAAA!!! Tommyinnit: Calls someone a bich. Everyone: laughing.

    27. Elijah Carter

      "Where were you doing tasks?" Tommy: Answers, 'Medbay' like a question.

    28. Brad Fear

      Tommy innit fans are so annoying and sensitive!!!!!! Why can’t they just go away???

      1. Brad Fear

        @EXOBOT3000 thank you

      2. EXOBOT3000

        I watch TommyInnit and I have to agree. The fanbase is shit.

      3. Brad Fear

        @ezaan zayaan Tommy innit fans are also very defensive and yes you are annoying and idc how many people bully me for this because I’m not a sensitive little kid like u . I’m speaking the truth, tommyinnit fans are annoying and sensitive

      4. ezaan zayaan

        i myself is a tommyinnit fan. and im not annoying but the point is u are. Fun tip: dont comment more of these or u will get bullied by all of these people and will regret it even the sidemen fans will start saying shit about u if u do more of these

    29. mary riggins

      The soggy radish ophthalmoscopically film because biplane mostly race along a complete nail. draconian, bustling poet

    30. It’s Me


    31. Henry JACKSON

      great vid lads

    32. Sam Pryde

      The editing in this video is amazing

    33. Isobel Lyall

      4:53 “omg he’s dead? NOO” *twinkle of death noise*

    34. Itz_Vlad

      I like how Harry and Ethan just scream *LESTER SCOREED OHHHH*

    35. shashanka adhikari

      1 month has passed

    36. Age ForMe

      It’s been a month


      poor tubbo lol

    38. Sean X Playz

    39. Mi Mo

      Ok but wtf happened to soot house

    40. Nicola Van Staden

      Never take on minecrafters it will go down hill very quickly

    41. LordV72

      23:37 what do you notice

    42. abdalla mahmoud

      "whos that phiza minecraft"

      1. Mr me

        @abdalla mahmoud ok cool lol

      2. abdalla mahmoud


      3. abdalla mahmoud

        @Mr me i was just queting? [cant spell] jj cause he said it wierd

      4. Mr me

        He is a very epic Minecraft FIblockr freinds with Wilbur soot Tommy innit and tubbo

    43. All of That

      Their personalities in amung us Tommy: Clears Vik Tubbo: is actully good at the game Wilber: just tries to flip tommy over

    44. Nathan William

      Watched this so many times need more of these

    45. Ujjval Ojha

      Am i the only who absolutely hates tommy he is trying so hard to be w2s

    46. TheKnown One

      da fuk they still play this game>???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    47. Rabbi boom boom 123

      Tommy is so jarring

      1. JAKE FD123

        @Rabbi boom boom 123 that's the point

      2. Rabbi boom boom 123

        @JAKE FD123 that’s what u said too me though

      3. JAKE FD123

        @Rabbi boom boom 123 there we go! I was waiting for this #funny joke. And you called me a kid 😂

      4. Rabbi boom boom 123

        @JAKE FD123 didn’t ask

      5. JAKE FD123

        @Rabbi boom boom 123 I'm not trying to be the next big ytber

    48. Lewis Bundy

      Jesus tommy and tubbo are soo fucking loud and think there so fucking smart

      1. JAKE FD123

        No one asked

      2. Livy Biji

        Tubbo isn't even loud and tommy comedy is shouting

    49. Hamza Ezzat

      I seriously cant be the only one that knows that ksi and tommy are joking yet get so mad and defensive at ksi when he sais anything about tommy and just completely lose it when he talks about philza minecraft .

      1. It’s Me


    50. PurplePete

      So many salty Tommyshitit fans

    51. Vent

      4:23 Jj be violating 😂😂

    52. Sam G

      Ksi: who do you support? Tommy: WaYnE rOoNeY 😂😂😂

    53. When The

      Ngl Tommy would be funny in the SM

    54. Adam Abbada

      In my opinion Tommy is weird guy ngl

    55. Danielle Louw

      The amount of people shitting on the mcyt in the comments really dont know that tommy looks up to the sidemen and is a fan of vik

    56. Crypticfn

      What do we think about tothanham s**t

    57. Gaming Mario Unbox

      “LET TUBBO SPEAK!!!!” -Ethan 2021

    58. Shumayl Ahmed

      iam unsubscribing from tomminnit

      1. ezaan zayaan

        go ahead who even asked u to subscribe

      2. It’s Me


    59. CyBeRz SkY

      the sidemen should do a april fool's joke and the joke is tommy join the sidemen

    60. Oliver Williams

      i hope tommy and ksi fight ksi would win soooooooo easliy

      1. Oliver Williams

        @BigboiGorden wrong

      2. ezaan zayaan

        @BigboiGorden true and the fight isnt gonna happen since tommy is underaged for it

      3. BigboiGorden

        No tommy would drop "the blog" about ksi

    61. mr avocado

      Watching the full thing on Tommy’s stream, josh was so nice the whole time. He’s like the person that sits with you when you don’t know anyone in class

    62. Tøby Rogers

      Tommy’s gonna beat KSI in his arsenal game

    63. Dudu Bajelidze

      Its time tommy!

    64. Dudu Bajelidze

      Ksi needed years for 21+10 mil subs and tommy got 7 mil in 6 months😂

      1. Joe

        Because he leeches off of his successful friends

    65. damjan mihajlovic

      Lmao tobi's nose is so big lolllllllllll😆

    66. Natai Campbell Year 8

      loool some nooobs

    67. Callum Green


    68. Isobel Collett

      wilbur is just on a rant about jj being mean to tubbo in the background for TIME

    69. WIZEツ

      23:38 bottom of wallet


      Nah mahn like you guys just csnt compare sidemen to them like sidemen are absolute legends forever

    71. Charlotte

      20:30 did not age well

    72. Liam Price

      6:00 I like how Tommy thinks it’s dream🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. Nicole Xoxo

      13:17 tommy or toby? is a little bitch

      1. Nicole Xoxo

        nvm i think it was tommy

    74. Andrie Josol

      There not even focusing in the game hahahaha

    75. Flikk Infinity

      Ksi: do you even support anyone Tommy: Wayne Rooney Me: dying

    76. Hamish Taylor

      Tommyinit isn’t funny. Honestly just cringe and chasing clout

      1. Your Local Lyricist

        Hate to be like a parent but “if you don’t have anything nice to say fuck the hell off” Wait that’s not how the saying goes but it works w this 😁

      2. you’ve yee’d your last haw


    77. Malik Abdi

      Poor Harold

    78. Tila Likes Bepis

      I thought they were joking about the editors making Tommy look bad. But what the actual fuck... Are they fucking doing. I’m pretty sure this qualifies as slander or deformation

    79. Elytra Catburger

      you son of a - well then. well then.

    80. Pernille Jensen

      i love that tommy is playing able sisters in the background

    81. Ven

      Ksi = Beerus, because he's fierce and strong Tommy = Naruto, because he's talk no jutsu

    82. Com Mentor

      You call these teenagers your "fanbase"? I personally think they have better content than the Sidemen now. Sidemen are just getting cringier than usual.

    83. Xanda

      They need to play proximity mode

    84. Masked Vin

      I love both sides and it is actually over the line for insulting Ph1lza like that

    85. not me

      Tubbos actual name is toby

    86. Mark Lowe

      Imagine clicking on this to watch among us

    87. Harrison Coleman

      New title and thumbnail 🧐

    88. omer Baig


    89. mia morgan

      is it bad that the most exciting part of this video was me realising zerka is wearing a chidish hoodie? loool

    90. Sad-Bros Play

      Tub too smart

    91. Kenzie Grace

      Tubbo really popped off in the first round


      Tommy is so irritating. Every round he's just insulting KSI. Getting boring!

      1. D4RKDESTROYER93

        I never said he actually hates them. I just said I find him annoying and unoriginal

      2. Danielle Louw

        He actually loves the sidemen and is a big fan of them

      3. Your Local Lyricist

        Chill bruh most people find it funny

      4. you’ve yee’d your last haw

        it’s literally a joke

      5. Ryan G

        Its not that deep

    93. Diamond Armor

      This is so chaotic Wtf lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    94. ARX Infinite

      Who even are those other people tho really

      1. typxcal

        @ARX Infinite oh yeah ofc that's your opinion, perfectly fine! these three are like a few of my favorite ccs (content creators) at the moment, esp tommy, so i mean it sucks that some people generalize others that don't necessarily like creators like wilbur, tommy, tubbo, etc. as "old" kind of the same way that some also generalize people that DO enjoy these creators to all be "below the age of 13" which is also pretty ":/" but yeah anyways sorry for rambling on it's 3am here lmao. basically a tl;dr: i completely respect your opinion and yeah, sucks to hear people calling you old for finding these creators cringe.

      2. ARX Infinite

        @typxcal ik who they are and generally wanna top myself you may like/think they are ok. But they are bare annoying and cringeworthy. (Also I’ve been called “old” by Ppl because I don’t think they are “entertaining” I literally just turned 17)

      3. typxcal

        uhh if you're genuinely asking... wilbur soot is a musician, youtuber and streamer :) not entirely sure if he classifies himself as a minecraft youtuber/streamer since he does variety, but he is very known in the minecraft community! tommyinnit is a 16 y/o (17 in a week) minecraft youtuber who is very big among the minecraft community. he's also one of the top streamers on twitch, usually at #1 every time he streams with 200k live viewers on average usually. tubbo is a 17 y/o minecraft streamer who also opens up to variety quite often. he is as well very known among the minecraft community

    95. ARX Infinite

      Most annoying people are in this video

      1. ARX Infinite

        @Chungle Bung what??? 😂😂😂 your the biggest child I’ve ever seen stfu

      2. Chungle Bung

        @ARX Infinite well you aren’t in it are you

      3. ARX Infinite

        @Chungle Bung yes good English

      4. Chungle Bung

        No you aren’t

    96. noscopefuzion

      Sidemen among us with The two Tgf boys and S-X is needed

    97. heyitsmelol

      why's no one talking about the middle of the video when they are just talking about random crap 13:44

    98. Emma Hewer

      23:32 Toby and Toby are the impostors

    99. Emma Hewer

      Tubbo tommy wilbur and vikk were defending phil the most 😢

    100. Yeet Yippy

      Motherinnit is the best :(